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Does someone want to show some class solidarity by linking plans to an ultra ultra light (under 1000 lbs) tear drop like trailer for one person? All I have is a toyota camry like compact car and it can't tow more than that. I was thinking the interior would be like a capsule from a japanese capsule hotel except with a cassette toilet, sink, and some sort of propane powered mini fridge, stove, and mini oven. I would also like to hook up electricity from an rv park

I am poor but live with my parents so I can afford to spend a little bit of money. I make 35k. I was looking at completely open utility trailers yard workers use and thinking i could build it on that, if that sounds reasonable. i dont expect anything more than a 4x5' space i could cozy up in in some sort of state park for electricity so I could remote work and still stay afloat.


Why don't you sell your car and buy a van, using the money to convert that instead? There's a bunch of videos of people doing this on tiktok and YouTube if you search for something like 'van life'.



the thing is that the car is very reliable. i dont want to take my chances with a van. it is the most reliable car i have ever had and I do not want to get rid of it. I was thinking if I used foam and fiberglass to make the body I could save a ton of weight. That way I can add weight in other ways. this thing has never had an accident, never had a break down because i actively get it maintained and it has always been maintained. I dont want to lose it for a van that breaks down constantly


i would also use a wood frame


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Fair enough, Toyotas are great cars tbh.
I have just had a look online and this is the closest I could find to a community for what you're looking for:

Judging by the OP you could be looking for something bigger than this though. Someone posted picrel on that subreddit and I can see the appeal.


tanks m8 i r8 8/8

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