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File: 1702189733253.jpg ( 197.18 KB , 959x640 , Burshtyn Prometheus.jpg )


What kinda style is this? Cubism? Not typical of your boring ass ctrl+c/ctrl+v socrealist mural.


File: 1702191651436-0.jpg ( 187.41 KB , 800x1142 , Aleksandra_Ekster_-_Kavale….jpg )

File: 1702191651436-1.jpg ( 605.48 KB , 1024x1442 , Blue_on_Tin_(Rozanova,_191….jpg )

File: 1702191651436-3.jpg ( 814.2 KB , 1280x1735 , Mystical_Images_of_War_-_1….jpg )

Maybe it's Cubo-Futurism? Get kinda familiar vibe.


File: 1702191942017-0.jpg ( 193.12 KB , 1024x1536 , Goncharova,_Natalya._Const….jpg )

File: 1702191942017-3.jpg ( 648 KB , 1280x1666 , Woodcutter.jpg )

I guess the architect somehow managed to sneak in the old russian revolutionary abstract art into the decaying socially rigid late soviet union.

Water always finds a way.


Some of those are really nice, thanks for posting

I think you are not giving the Soviets enough credit

the range of artistic expression in the Soviet union was if anything much broader than in the west.
In the soviet union you could do pretty much anything as long as it didn't criticize the government too much. In the west art was rather constrained by commercial pressures.


File: 1702235987024.jpg ( 98.91 KB , 1200x800 , Roses-for-Stalinoid.jpg )

>Some of those are really nice, thanks for posting
You're welcome. They all were banned by your vanguardist ruling class after post-revolutionary stabilization btw.

>I think you are not giving the Soviets enough credit

Nah, I give it all the credit for being a censorshit failed state.

>the range of artistic expression in the Soviet union was if anything much broader than in the west.

Lmao, yea buddy. Especially in the 30s, when the new class society was in the process of establishing itself on the new economic basis. There was so much artistic expression that all the avant-garde artists got either imprisoned, killed, exiled or bullied into submission into adhering to new fucking ugly stalinoid neoclassicism that was taking shape at the time.

You know who else liked neoclassicism and hated "degenerate" abstract art? Fascists lol. And Napoleon (you literally can't make this shit up with Trot comparing Stalinoid to Napoleon before the new soviet imperial neoclassical style was even in the project lol).

And don't even let me start on fucking socrealism. I hate that fucking abomination with a passion. No wonder that it blossomed in RES societies with a highly pronounced personality cult (Stalinoid SU, Romania, NK). And in ALL RES societies there was ALWAYS pressure on the artist to adhere to the fucking stillborn codified socrealism style IN EVERY ART FORM, with the only exception maybe being the first years of Khruschev's thaw (up to the moment when he personally closed abstract art gallery in Moscow which signified a new wave of repressions on artistic expression).

Would you just look at this wonderful picture? Doesn't it just make you wanna throw up lol? True proletarian art style, as dead as their fucking revolutionary enthusiasm lol!

TLDR: You don't know shit. Don't talk to me. I know orders of magnitude more about RES societies than you will ever know. Piss off.


Oh yes, and also Czechoslovakia didn't give a shit about that socrealist bullshit. And we know what happened to it lol. It even allowed some nudity *GASP* in its art. Susloid would've fucking had a stroke lol.


>I give it all the credit
No, there is an interview with George Lucas where he said that Soviet Film makers had a lot more artistic freedom than him.

>Stalin did mandatory Socialist Realism in the 30s

They told artists that they had to make art that most of the peasants and workers liked.
Today artists have to make the stuff that art-patrons like.
The Soviet system used direct violence to enforce compliance, while today compliance is enforced via structural violence.

Over time the Soviet system became less strict and personal liberties expanded. You can't say this about our system anymore, personal liberties are shrinking. If you look at the USSR from a temporal perspective, it was improving, that's why it doesn't look like this dark place you make it out to be.


>Not Cuban


You can still paint any style

No one is obligated to buy it

It would be nice if the left weren't chronic liars


File: 1702317445572-0.jpg ( 181.73 KB , 1000x667 , Iracus and cosmonauts.jpg )

File: 1702317445572-1.jpg ( 286.49 KB , 1400x933 , mosaic.jpg )

File: 1702317445572-2.jpg ( 270.72 KB , 735x1102 , mosaic2.jpg )

They did some pretty interesting stuff with their murals after they have thrown Stalin's corpse out of the mausoleum tbh.


File: 1702318354472-0.jpg ( 121.34 KB , 1024x682 , cell1.jpg )

File: 1702318354472-1.jpg ( 144.79 KB , 560x841 , cell2.jpg )

File: 1702318354472-2.jpg ( 122.08 KB , 544x817 , cell3.jpg )

Life of a Cell.


File: 1702318691163-0.jpeg ( 205.34 KB , 1024x671 , healing1.jpeg )

File: 1702318691163-1.jpeg ( 202 KB , 1024x768 , healing2.jpeg )

File: 1702318691163-2.jpg ( 241.7 KB , 700x465 , healing3.jpg )

Healing of a Man.


File: 1702319356333-0.jpg ( 416.21 KB , 1400x933 , conquest1.jpg )

File: 1702319356333-1.jpg ( 687.37 KB , 1500x1000 , conquest2.jpg )

The Conquest of Atom. Tries to portray scientists as proletarians.


File: 1702319907794.jpg ( 246.2 KB , 900x809 , Military Mural.jpg )

Mural in an abandoned military base.


>You can still paint any style
And the operative word is "still" ?
Are you expecting them to lock paint-styles behind a copy-monopoly-paywall next ?

>No one is obligated to buy it

The Soviets didn't stop anybody from doing hobby art either. And it's a bullshit argument to say you can do anything you want but unless you do what i say, you can't have any of the necessary resources.

>It would be nice if the left weren't chronic liars

It's not a lie to reject cold-war-propaganda narratives, you're just projecting.

The commercial funnel aspect of art-production under neoliberal capitalism resulted in restricting the range of expression that could be materially realized, more than in the Soviet System. The Soviets had a broader spectrum for art production.

Just imagine an artist who makes an art peace depicting something like a Zionist eating a Palestinian child. Lets assume it resonates with people and generates a certain degree of fame and recognition. Do you think that artists would have unmolested free-expression rights, or would this get shut down ? Be honest. It's not a freedom if you can't use it to annoy powerful people without them being able to retaliate.


File: 1702321164903-0.jpg ( 131.23 KB , 602x401 , abstract2.jpg )

File: 1702321164903-1.jpg ( 171.42 KB , 960x645 , abstract3.jpg )

File: 1702321164903-2.jpg ( 213.28 KB , 670x446 , abstract4.jpg )

File: 1702321164903-3.jpg ( 117.53 KB , 1080x720 , anstract1.jpg )

Some pretty abstract too.


File: 1702324536480-0.jpg ( 97.87 KB , 683x1024 , mobius1.jpg )

File: 1702324536480-1.jpg ( 158.07 KB , 1024x683 , mobius2.jpg )

The Ear (Mobius strip).


File: 1702325306279.jpg ( 1.05 MB , 2592x1944 , women.jpg )

Women through the ages?


File: 1702325707133.jpg ( 236.35 KB , 1080x720 , fire.jpg )



File: 1702327553187.jpg ( 178.79 KB , 1080x720 , Medical-Centre.jpg )

Woman in Renaissance style?


File: 1702329373342-0.jpg ( 269.18 KB , 1024x599 , relay race.jpg )

File: 1702329373342-1.jpg ( 367.61 KB , 1128x1436 , msc1.jpg )

File: 1702329373342-2.jpg ( 1.41 MB , 2720x3640 , msc2.jpg )

Obviously plenty of on-the-nose stuff.


File: 1702329782068-0.jpg ( 353.53 KB , 750x500 , lenin1.jpg )

File: 1702329782068-1.jpg ( 1.13 MB , 2816x2304 , lenin2.jpg )

File: 1702329782068-2.jpg ( 382.04 KB , 1080x720 , lenin3.jpg )

And many-many Lenins.


File: 1702329988281.jpg ( 319.24 KB , 750x500 , msc3.jpg )

Dunno what's going on here.


File: 1702330023992.jpg ( 218.35 KB , 900x900 , benis.jpg )



File: 1702330707259.jpg ( 203.91 KB , 1024x683 , Battle on the Ice.jpg )

Interestingly by the end you could see more blatantly nationalist inspired themes like in Stalin times.


File: 1702341874057.jpg ( 343.91 KB , 1903x801 , CREATION-OF-ADAM-167383431….jpg )

>God is replaced by a w*man
Feminist propaganda.


File: 1703020176511.png ( 216.41 KB , 1280x1096 , The death or art.png )

That's the corporate art of the east.

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