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Just don't talk about gun control
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under no pretext




and now the thread is dead. 10/10


we need more users


Is this really from TPUSA?


should've been merged with the other thread imo


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jannoids gonna jann


>not building your own range in your backyard


Wheres a good cheap place to buy premade guns. I dont know how to assemble them and all that.


Flea markets, gun shows, wherever locally. You can also get from gunbroker and get them shipped to someone with a FFL.


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AK-47 BTFO'd


>t. Infofaggots show
Reddit, you need to return there.


>No arguments, just bitching.


Bullpup is the superior firearm layout.


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>you need to argue with my transhumanist uighur video!
never shot one is it any good? Heard somewhere the added mechanism turns the triggers to mush but it might just be fuddlore.


File: 1642766938222.jpg ( 56.47 KB , 315x475 , missfire.jpg )

>AK-47 BTFO'd
only in the fictional world of propaganda

In reality the Ak-47 was a extremely reliable, effective and low cost weapon, while the m16 was expensive garbage that that got many American soldiers in the Vietnam war killed. It was so bad that books were written about it.

Here is an interesting story about how weapons procurement fucked it up


It's fuddore. Bullpup triggers tend to not be as crisp as non-bullpup triggers, but you'll only notice or care if you're a turbodork who thinks he's the navy seal copypasta.

A big part of the reputation for mushy triggers is that most bullpups have been European in origin, and they don't delude themselves into thinking their aim is bad because the trigger isn't perfect.


>I'm right, REEEEEEEEE
very compelling argument.


The video explains why the M-16 was unreliable in the beginning. They said that it was self cleaning.
And they're totally right about the M-16 being easier to build. AK-47's used to be cheap as chips all the way into the 2000's and now they can go for more than brand new M-16 and they're mostly cannibalized Soviet made parts.
For instance practically no one makes a hammer forged trunnion or has the ability to, while any ding dong can mill aluminum.
Even AK diehards will admit that the M-16 is more ergonomic.


The M-16 self cleaning bit was a lie and there is a AK variant that you can build with hand tools and sheet metal. But basically, your argument is that after decades of tinkering with the design the M-16 finally can compete with a soviet gun from the 40s or 50s or when ever it was released. WOW. People around the half century mark thought that we would be using laser guns or be done with war altogether. Doesn't the US military use M4 carbine since the mid nineties and more recently the m27 anyway ?


>No dude, the M-16 is bettet in every respect to the AK except for knocking someone on their ass. Even the Soviets tried to make their own M-16 with the AK-74.


I'm glad to see you're finally coming around to reason.


Where's the lie?


I have an east german AKM but I think the stock furniture is ugly as hell. Would it be cringe if I replaced it?








realize that you want to use the weapons you can easily get ammunition to


It wasn't after decades of tinkering. The M16 and eventually the M4 were superior rifles as soon as they decided to actually build it to the original spec and chrome the chamber and bore as one piece as well as issue cleaning kits. The M16 and its variants are successful for that reason. They are more modular, more precise, and lighter than almost any rifle out there. They are deadly out to 500m, and with the right optics can make hits to that extent. The AR pattern family of rifles is what every westerner should have. There is nothing better, not even the M5 is combat proven, and it's also basically not available. The AK variant in the west is just LARP and it's a vastly outdated design that is no longer relevant.


Which modern rifle has the best muzzle break?


I absolutely love how light they are and how they have almost no kick at all. They are such easy rifles to carry and shoot.


Friend, do not use a muzzle brake if you are going to use it for a potential combat rifle. It creates flash that will kill your natural night vision and will have large amounts of dust signature when prone. Use a flash hider or a suppressor. I highly recommend the JP Enterprises flash hider. It's much cheaper than the competition and is second to none in flash reduction.


I would like to add that the standard flash hider is compatible with some very good suppressors and offers more than adequate flash suppression. The bonus is that it's free if you buy a complete rifle and only around $5 if you have to replace some other obnoxious option. Do not go for the hybrids like BCM gunfighter comp or all these other half-solutions. They're tacticool garbage.


Every modern combat rifle has some sort of muzzle brake, it's clearly more useful to have one than to not have one at all.


File: 1674898752131.png ( 242.75 KB , 376x641 , d8bf094e10967388cf5133144e….png )

I want to get a shotgun for home defense.
The only issue is I have never shot a shotgun before and I am scared of shooting one frankly.
What shotgun should I buy? I want something cheap and short. People told me CZ is shit but it's so cheap I don't see what the big deal is with price. Metal is metal right?


Buy something that has cheap and reliable ammunition, so that you can afford to do a lot of practice shooting.
The effectiveness/safety of a firearm is
90% operator skill
9% not jamming/overheating
1% the rest of the gun

Don't get a short barrel shotgun tho, that will have more spray, and you might end up shooting something you didn't intent to. Also don't discharge a firearm inside your house, statistically speaking you're more likely to wound a friend or family member than anything else. People who break into houses are not trying to challenge you to a dual, they will just fuck off if they see you, and go for a house that's easier to rob instead. And don't point it at somebody unless you decided to shoot. The movies lie, it's not a tool that makes people compliant and do what you demand, people will either freeze, run away or attack you.

I can't tell you anything about what brand or model to buy because i don't know shit about that, but consider buying one second hand from a gun-nut, that's likely even cheaper than a budget-model. Consider it a training rifle, where you find out what matters to you.


No they don't. Neither the M4, nor the upcoming M5 have that. Same goes for the G36 and so on. The M5 even has a suppressor, and the USMC has been experimenting with equipping all Marines with suppressors for a while now. Brakes aren't that useful. If you want to look at other countries, the Howa Type 20 has also replaced their compensator for a flash hider.


Not all metal is metal, and while a shotgun is a viable weapon, it may not always be the best choice. You do still have to aim, so don't fall for the "just aim in their general direction" meme. Even with shorter barrels, you have to true, even at close range. Have you thought about a pistol with a light? This is a very good choice, the same of a pistol-caliber carbine with said light. I highly recommend you get a good light for your weapon. Target identification is very important.


I don't know how much home defense a shotgun provides. Really, I can hardly imagine a context in which it would be more useful than a 9mil. Now, they are great fun for target shooting. Shooting clay pigeons is a relaxing way to spend a day.

Honestly, no legal gun is useful for home defense. Legal guns are best regarded as toys.


File: 1674939298603.png ( 18.7 KB , 112x101 , wutsky.png )

>Neither the M4, nor the upcoming M5 have that. Same goes for the G36 and so on.
You trying to tell me this isn't a muzzle brake?


File: 1674939334959.png ( 68.96 KB , 400x312 , wotsky.png )



Exactly, you're looking at flash hiders. Brakes vent gas to compensate for recoil. The devices you are posting try to create vortices to burn off excess powder without a flash.


Buck shot will not travel through walls. A 9mm round risks flying through your wall and killing innocent civilians.


You should assume anything that comes out of the barrel of a firearm will travel through walls. Buckshot will absolutely do that.


Yeah but it will do it less than a slug.


Relevant video.


Huh, I learned something today.


Yep, just as I suspected.

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