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You planting flowers this spring, if so tell me about it!


Guess I am now. I'll look up some locally indigenous flowers. Monarch butterflies are in danger, and some local flora attracts them. I did it in elementary school and it was really nice to see them come.


I've planted 2 sunflowers from seed which are going pretty steadily, haven't bloomed yet though. Last year I sprouted a few carnations in a pot and they're just now flowering.


>having a garden

ok bougie


Don't let porky ruin the idea of growing a plant anon!


No. I only grow stuff I can eat.


Based op here is also planting sunflowers this spring im im the mid Atlantic am I good to start?


fraid I can't really help you there, I'm in Australia


I plant them in pots.


You don't need to own shit to plant shit nigga


Try out violets then! Or maybe some delicious Calendula? Campanulas are edible as well.


Got a potted hyacinth a little while ago from a florist, a little bulb in a pot that bloomed. Pink flowers, real pretty. I'll save the bulb when it's leaves and flowers all die back. It should be good for many years if well cared for.

Probably gonna look into getting some native shrubs and things.

I have a bunch of saplings of various trees I want to turn into bonsai, just in a load of random pots and a lot of them need repotting. I'll trim and prune some of them to give them a neat looking style.

Also have an orchid I saved off the clearance rack years ago for 4 bucks, about to flower again in the windowsil.

This is going beyond just flowers but what the hell lets just have a genereal gardening thread now.

I intend to start a load of tomato seedlings indoors under some grow lights. I have a very small garden where I live but there's room for about 5-6 tomato plants and I usually plant stuff in between them too. Carrots, radishes, greens, etc.

Still winter but I sure as fuck am looking forward to spring. I live for gardening, I'd do it all day if I didn't have work.


Guys I don't wanna waste alot of money on potting soil, is digging up a bunch from my yard a bad idea?



Yeah kinda. Ordinary garden soil tends to be more dense than potting soil, which is made to drain better so pots don't stay waterlogged for too long after watering. Potting soil is lighter and less dense than garden soil, and you generally will get healthier potted plants with it. It's not just a porky scam trying to sell you dirt when you can dig it up out of your backyard, it's legitimately a different mixture.

Garden soil is generally loam, clay,and sand mixed together. The ratio varies with your location of course.

Potting soil is usually some combination of peat moss or coco fiber, compost, and perlite (heat treated volcanic rock, those little white flecks, these are to improve drainage) Often it also has fertilizer included, either as slow release pellets, or as compost for organic potting soils.

Garden soil in pots won't kill your plants though. Far from it. Dirt is dirt, and if you want to be frugal while still getting some of the benefit of potting soil you could cut it with a bit of garden soil to make it last longer.

If you've ever had issues with soil borne plant diseases in your garden, it's probably best t avoid using the garden soil at all in potting mixtures. That's another advantage of potting soil. It's often been sterilized by heating it up to kill off pests.


Cutting my coke soil with the potting soil is the plan. Do you know more about this heating sterilisation process? Could I do it in a home environment.


not him, but usually putting soil into black garbage bags and exposing them to direct sun for a few hours is considered an easy and safe way to kill pests.


Anons saving me from a google search


File: 1608525658893.jpg ( 989.53 KB , 2064x2112 , carnation.jpg )

here's the most lefty-themed of my carnations


What kind of plants can keep animals away? Especially amphibians and reptiles?


Got poison oak all over my body and face clearing land in a think thorny area. Id it for a trees and shade favoring flower garden.


I'd like to do this but I don't even know what plants are native to my area.


Some flowering plants are edible (fruits come from flowers), and lots of flowers will attract pollinators for any fruiting plants you have.


File: 1608525703322.png ( 535.12 KB , 511x2475 , Rapunzel.png )

Does anyone know the "language" of flowers and flower arrangements? I don't remember much about it, but it sounds intriguing.

Also if I remember correctly certain flowers are used for different kinds of medical toxins/poisons used by people in the past (such as Belladona).

Pic related


Depending on where you are you may have a government department that catalogs that information.


Plastic flowers in like offices and what not are the most soulless things in existence

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