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File: 1608525650907.png (51.54 KB, 562x335, Autonomous-Car-3.png)


4chan /o/tists have been saying the n word too much for my liking, so how about an all things Aut/o/ thread?

I'll start.
As much as I like the dream of Full Automated Gay Space Communism, I still really like my car and the roar of an ICE. I don't really know how to reconcile the two concepts. I just want to vroom br/o/s. ;_;


its not like communism is gonna take your car away. a robust public transportation system will just make driving unnecessary, thereby reducing traffic overall and letting you have a better driving-for-pleasure experience. imagine 3am traffic at 3pm


my concern is more that internal combustion engines will be made obsolete or outright outlawed.
My fear is that driving yourself will be seen as weird like clip related


I do also feel some passing affection for cars and such things, but don't you think a car's natural habitat is on the racetrack, or in rural areas, where there's nothing to slow it down but the terrain? Building these high performance machines and then confining them to traffic seems pointless to me.


>internal combustion engines will be made obsolete
If its obsolete it isn't really needed. It's not like in capitalism where 'obsolete' tech is phased out for expensive and more unwieldy (but profitable) new shit.
Driving yourself will still be needed for the foreseeable future until we reach Star Trek levels of development.


Active sensors on cars are a stupid idea. If every car is emitting EM then that will fuck with the sensors and no car will get good sensor readings. Passive sensors with good enough machine vision is needed.


Car driving should be a hobby and not a way of actual transportation like cycling is today.
Even though I hate cars, I still have fond memories of my grandpa’s old Lada (which unfortunately got let out to rust). Such a reliable car.


>cycling is not an actual means of transportation


>but don't you think a car's natural habitat is on the racetrack, or in rural areas, where there's nothing to slow it down but the terrain
Actually no. The natural habitat of a car is the city at night.


I never say it’s not. But it should not be the main one.


File: 1608525656392-0.jpg (663.38 KB, 1280x853, Retro_1972-74_Dino_246_GTS….jpg)

File: 1608525656392-1.jpg (763.85 KB, 1920x1440, 83c04879a5b3b6a7bc62f496d2….jpg)

File: 1608525656392-2.jpg (960.11 KB, 2048x1152, 2048x1152_720968_[www.ArtF….jpg)

Post your favorite cars


File: 1608525656581-0.jpg (1.09 MB, 1892x793, TownCar1stGen.jpg)

File: 1608525656581-1.jpg (84.05 KB, 832x468, TownCarInterior.jpg)

Ever since I seen the first gen town car I've just liked the look of them.
And I've heard nothing but good things about how well they work.

Though if any yinz could offer some advice.
My friend's brother has one of these that's been sitting derelict in southwesternmost corner of Pennsylvania for 8 years.
It's been under a garage all that time, which is good, but it's not gone untouched by nature.
The glovebox of the car has some sort of animal's nest in it which spooked me.
Would it be worth the risk of getting it fully detailed, then doing some basic touchups?
It was fully functional when it got put away; I'm just concerned that something substantial's gone awry in that time.

Oh the dude also wants a few hundred for this vehicle he never would have otherwise done anything with and doesn't care about.
Which kind of skeeves me, but I guess that's how it goes.


>its not like communism is gonna take your car away.
Yeah it is. Ecological communism is going to ban most personal vehicles and replace them with excellent public transport and bicycles and shit.


>Ecological communism
Feel nice it's something unexistant and that will never exist.


the only kind of communism that's ever going to happen is the ecological kind.


File: 1608525834053.jpg (106.78 KB, 1400x764, 01a5672a8c76145967df0eeb2d….jpg)

Anarchist arent gona like this one:
Czechoslovakian V8 Police car


I think a better analogy is horses, both for the historical phasing out that occurred (and mostly just because horses suck - with ice you're just gonna not be able to get new cars so you'd be stuck with aging classics, which I have absolutely no problem with). And then whenever anyone does go out with their horses they're off racing or going on trails, which I also have absolutely no problem with.

Id also imagine as ice becomes more and more rare people with also stop giving a fuck about noise, safety, and even pollution, although that would probably be very far out.


File: 1608525841231.jpg (162.79 KB, 1200x800, 71e22bc0fc8c2f6131cbeb3295….jpg)

Pretty sure Czechoslovakia completes the proof started with the lada niva and uaz 452 that communism and cars go together like bread and butter.

Less industrialized countries will produce simple easy to repair rock solid vehicles much better than capitalism can manage, while more heavily industrialized countries will produce fun rear engine sport coupes that aren't for bourgeois scum, and will also build lots of race tracks and dominate at rallying (the best motorsport).


File: 1608525841341-0.jpeg (81.11 KB, 700x497, image-asset (1).jpeg)

File: 1608525841341-1.jpeg (58.79 KB, 700x499, image-asset (2).jpeg)

Meet NAMI-0290, an attempt from NAMI in USSR, some of the countries top engineers, to build a fully communist rally car (all components designed/built by communists). Early prototypes were very successful, but as it was nearing completion the Soviet Union fell and the project was defunded, and then one of the lead engineers committed suicide and the rest of the team decided it was over and chopped the car into bits to move on.


File: 1608525841702-0.jpg (221.39 KB, 1535x1063, 1.jpg)

File: 1608525841702-1.jpg (131.63 KB, 1024x700, 2.jpg)

File: 1608525841702-2.jpg (223.91 KB, 997x652, 3.JPG)

Yeah, Škoda wanted to make very high quality cars all the time. The first pic was supposed to be sporty version of peoples car with engine in front rather than back (but with rear-drive). They were supposed to make 100.000 cars. But politburo defunct the project :(

But, there were still small shops like Metalex wich took parts from big factories and created sports cars for rallying, racing etc. The second pic is the car that was developed in 1980s but was released in 1990s. That car used V8 engine of those Tatras >>4509 wich were used as highway patrol and transport of important people. Also last 3rd pic is that V8 engine.

Sometimes I wish the planned economy was a little bit more relaxed. There was always a potential. Now Tatra just makes trucks and isnt even Czech anymore….


File: 1608525841912-0.jpg (2.48 MB, 3648x2736, SkodaPrototyp720OP1_(2).JPG)

File: 1608525841912-1.jpg (121.34 KB, 1024x768, 48152844297_2f6ba11061_b.jpg)

File: 1608525841912-2.jpg (199.23 KB, 1024x683, 33431713141_3659d66226_b.jpg)

Here is a little bit prettier trim model of that first car (škoda 720).

Also look at this wagon version.
It almost look like western car




Petit bourgeoisie hobby.


>OP thinks losers who post on marxist message boards can afford a car
I love this place.


I don't need to afford shit
my dad bought me a car because he needs to harbor his money somewhere

I don't even drive this shit because it's full of proprietary software that spies on your every move

only retards use cars in cities anyway
I bought myself an old Mitsubishi Lancer with dog piss stains when I lived in the countryside and it was miles better than this spyware infested over-engineered bullshit expensive piece of shit


File: 1671675042895.jpg (198.88 KB, 786x685, Zhiguli.jpg)

>my grandpa’s old Lada
What model is it? The old Soviet-built VAZ 2106 used to be a symbol of rural Russian poverty, but in the last five years it has become highly sought-after by mechanics and amature racers. See, its small size, its rear wheel drive train, and its infamous "magic brakes" have made it the premier drift racing car in the world today. Drift racers love to tune the old things up and fling them sideways down courses. No shit, those things are worth a bundle now.


That is the fucking truth. Old cars are better. I envy the folks who still have Toyota Corollas from the 90s. Those things are goddamned indestructable.


literally don't care at all how people get around as long as it's carbon neutral and as long as there's an option to have a bit of privacy. i will say though that i find urbanist guys who blow their stacks at cars and car infrastructure to be annoying as fuck. i have never seen people speak so fervently and authoritatively on shit that either doesn't matter at all or else is completely subjective.

here's a compromise between car guys and urbanist guys: public trains with private compartments


>its not like communism is gonna take your car away.
You kidding me, seems like every tankie froths at the mouth at the idea of banning cars and having complete control over where proles can go on public transportation.
Bunch of eco fash.


sorry, petty bourg, no cars in cities for U


>Poor people don't drive cars.
t. comfy middle class larper.


File: 1678785647518-0.jpg (228.79 KB, 1024x683, 4956353820_21ff481ac2_b.jpg)

File: 1678785647518-1.jpg (451.41 KB, 1280x960, 18256383520_19d54df75a_o-2….jpg)

postin' some cars

there are many north korea cars you can find at https://nkrecognition.proboards.com/ (if you register)

and some at imcdb


>be communist
>the decadent first world kind
>i.e., a dysfunctional loser who's skinny and broke - or at best some fattie techbro with manboobs and a neckbeard
>not the based kind, i.e., a well-to-do patriotic bureacratic in an ascendent country like China
>those people aren't real communists, according to me

>look around at my life

>zero accomplishments
>'I know,' i think
>I should tell other people how they should live
>Believe I'm a moral authority and deep, original thinker
>'i just am, ok!'
>nobody listens
>can't figure out why
>cope and blame 'bourgeois media' despite the fact it agrees with me 90% of the time


Trains with private compartments are nice. However cars won't go away entirely tho, they'll remain for regions with low population density.


t. some dorks opinion
>And an opinion conveniently in line with the globohomo elite


>aspires to be a bugman and am asocial weirdo at the same time
Lofty ideals, Comrade


File: 1678790789430.jpg (73.39 KB, 670x379, GQNM02082017BUSCRASH_tnb_2….jpg)

sometimes they run provincial/rural bus (sometimes offroad)

it isn't very nice but can be okay actually

work too far from home should have its own organized transport (like its here or used to be)

they would have their own bus/route for workers (even some shops have that)

optionally if you want you can go by car
and some really unaccessable places have special vechicles with drivers (but is usually army or some researchers)


Calm your tits, nobody wants to be stuck in a traffic jam.
If you want to rescue car-mobility figure out a way to fix road congestion, simple as.

>sometimes they run provincial/rural bus (sometimes offroad)
If population density is low that means you might only get 1 or 2 buses per day, that's not good enough.

You can fix a lot of transport problems by putting work-places and the living-spaces close together, however for towns in the middle of nowhere people are probably going to continue using cars.


I actually sympathize with anti-car positions. But as much as I hate cars, I hate the ability of elite interests to exercise all encompassing control under the guise of the greater good.


>But as much as I hate cars, I hate the ability of elite interests to exercise all encompassing control under the guise of the greater good.

I see you haven't been paying attention about what the car industry is doing lately. They won't let you have control over your car. They have put spyware into the car computers that betray your privacy. And they have started putting malicious features into cars that will eventually grant the car company remote-control access that can take over your car to the point it might just refuse to do your bidding or drive off on it's own entirely. You might have payed for a car but you're not going to own it.

If you care about having control over your life, cars aren't interesting anymore.
Car producers have lost it, if you want to own a car you need to have the facilities to either maintain an old-timer or extensively modify a new car. Like rip out most of the factory default electronics/computers and replace them. That requires serious car-enthusiast level commitment.


It was pretty obviously moving in that direction a decade or two ago. I would never buy a car made after '01 or so.


It might get better in about 10 years or so.
That's when the current EVs will have worn out their battery-packs.
The Car industry won't make replacement battery packs for those, because that's less profitable than selling entirely new cars.
Those "Low-battery EVs" will become worthless, and they'll become super-cheap on the second hand market.
That will make it worth refurbishing these by putting in new 3rd-party battery packs, with 3rd party power-controllers.
Refurb-EVs will loose all the fancy features like driver assist and so on, and they won't have crazy acceleration anymore, because 10 year old cars only warrant the most rudimentary possible refurbishment parts.
But there's a reasonably good chance that they won't have any user-betrayal-features either.


File: 1678810585995.jpg (304.25 KB, 1280x720, electric-delorean-website.jpg)

you can just put an electric drive to an old car (they're sold as kits b t w)

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