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Anyone still browse 4chan? Anyone still post there with flair? Not encouraging brigading or anything, but it's kinda funny. I'll reply to something with a relativity benign comment and they'll get triggered really easy.


Pretty much still post on /co/ with a not outwardly commie opinions. Storytiming and laughing at autistic late capitalist consoomerism there is still good fun.


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I browse /a/ and other entertainment related crap. Honestly, I'm starting to hate it but I feel too attached to the place to just leave. /a/ in particular is so fucking bad. The catalogue is flooded with garbage. Always the same things over and over again like a broken record. It's maddening. I feel like a battered housewife. Wish there was a better place for anime related stuff.


>Wish there was a better place for anime related stuff.
Sites are either dead or full of the worst type of normalfags who only discuss the most popular shounen and actually pay for anime.


Can't argue with that. R*ddit is crap for anything, those random forums are all either dead and/or no-fun-allowed zones. Other image boards are mostly dead or dominated by lunatics.


I don't go on 4chan anymore except for certain p*** threads on /b/

I do however go on hispachan and replace the "o" or "a" at the end of Spanish words that refer to people with "e"
example amigos / amigas would change to amiges
it pisses them off so much


>R*ddit is crap for anything
I seek out the chans not necessarily for the specific content (though I'm HERE-here for that reason) but because plebbit memes suck. The upvote system is the main culprit. They just upvote anything mildly amusing and it gets to the top. If a meme is reposted on an image board that means it resonated with enough people. But plebbit memes are not memes.


/mu/ is unusable at this point. Just /pol/posting and coom-posting. And the jannies fucking blow.


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Yeah, I'm still on 4chan. …/mlp/…


You played Equestria at War my man? It's pretty good


I have a bit, actually. That and Kaiserreich are what got me to actually try HoI4. I'm complete shit at GSGs but it's still good, ideological fun fucking around as some of the commie breakaways.


This is what I’m talking about. Most of them are just so brainwashed it’s pathetic seeing them repeating npc argument to npc argument.


File: 1608525676272.png ( 304.89 KB , 400x2000 , genie.png )

Still shitpost on /v/ even though I stopped playing vidya a while ago. Still have nostalgia for when I was fourteen and began shitposting.
Been posting /co/ even though I can count the number of comics I've read in my life on one hand; it has decent animation discussion and the easiest place to find comrades if you can weed out the liberals.
/toy/ has some of the most down-to-earth anons on the site. Just nice people.
The board that got me into 4chan was /tg/ because I wanted to work on my writing, but it got me into 40k. Working on Custodians during the quarantine.
When I want to be a fag, I go to /cm/.
I want to like /his/ because they have some really smart people, but most communism talk is shut down quickly. Best threads are about medieval history; I'll always love that stuff.
I want /sp/ to do something besides soccer.
I want /po/ to have more than one post a week.
And /tv/ made me a strasserist for a while. Probably the worst board on the site.


Still post on /his/ sometimes /lit/ and /asp/

But yeah there's a population seemingly present on all boards who gets triggered completely by anything

For instance, even saying you like a woman author is akin to being a full blown commie/sjw to them. They literally think anything that isn't full-on klan is hardcore leftist.

the sad thing is that they post as if this is the 4chan hegemony and it's natural to be a stormtard there.


It's been a while, but I always liked posting on /n/.
And I don't know about now, but there was at least some anti-Capitalist thought on /n/ before.
Kind of a given being that Capitalism forces cagie cagie on everyone and cucks trains, bikes, et cetera from being meaningful forms of transit.



I had a good friend help me to be better at it, overall it just takes practice and googling anything you don't understand though &lt3


File: 1608525709894.jpg ( 21.61 KB , 400x400 , 14557856241797492.jpg )

Used to browse /vr/, /tg/, /x/ and occasionally /v/. Nowadays I just check /vr/ every other week for a rush of nostalgia and that is it.

>/x/ has completely turned into a /pol/ colony that only talks about pizzagate and other burger conspiracy theories, if you are like me and frequented it for spooky stories it's no longer the place for you

The russian imageboard 2ch actually segregated its spooky board into /sn/ for creepy things, /mag/ for magic larping and /zog/ for conspiracy theories. /x/ badly needed that a couple years ago but there's nothing that can be done anymore
>/tg/ has been on a downward spiral for a while, but at this point it's just 50/50 hornyposting and /pol/ bait. Not worth browsing anymore.
I used to think removing quests was a good thing but now I'm rethinking it, it seems that turned off a lot of creative posters
>/v/ is pretty self-explanatory
>even /vr/, being a niche hobby board suffered pretty badly, it's deader than ever before and full of stupid children, /pol/fag "culture" leaks there too from time to time

The worst part for me though is that 4chan shit leaks everywhere, even to foreign websites. At this point 2ch is unusable either outside of niche boards, it used to be pretty good and even better than 4chan at points, now it's overrun by cargo cultist children who think that acting like 4chan /pol/acks makes them cool. So even on 2ch you can't go anywhere without running into someone who gets triggered by absolutely everything and starts ranting about SJWs and jews. And if you call them out on it they'll say you're a newfag and it's imageboard culture, even though you've been using imageboards since before /pol/ or internet SJWs even existed. It's like an actual unironic cancer that spreads everywhere. But the sad reality is that there is simply no place for an imageboard oldfag to go anymore, everything has been politicized and turned into shit, and smaller boards have ceased to exist.


>if you are like me and frequented it for spooky stories it's no longer the place for you
yeah, no joke all that kind of user generated content has moved to places like reddit. but mention this and you get a revised history about how 4chan was always this shit and only leftist cucks say it was possible to post apolitically.


File: 1608525710065.webm ( 575.72 KB , 640x356 , 1358e3b051fe1c77aee84ae63….webm )

>there is simply no place for an imageboard oldfag to go anymore
I stopped going on 4chan in 2016 and never really frequented anything else so I'm over it by now. But goddamn it is a sad state of affairs imageboards are in.


File: 1608525791883.jpg ( 176.93 KB , 570x422 , senlumeme2.jpg )

I haven't visited 4chan in months and I haven't been a regular in years. The hobby boards are great for gathering recommendations, tools, sources, downloads, translations, and so on and so on, but after you've gotten what you were looking for, I don't see the point in going back there, except maybe to discuss some of your favorite media once or twice, because then it's all the same opinions over and over.

Last time I was a regular I took part in a couple of /trash/ generals (comfier and bloggier than their original incarnations in their respective boards, contains cancer and the native furries/ERPers won't mess with your threads, but non-native generals are exceptionally prone to raids and spamming by individual schizos and trolls due to /trash/'s nature, which can spoil the experience and ruin a community beyond repair).

Every two months or so I go on /adv/ to vent about some trivial shit nobody even reads. I don't feel the need to visit any of the hobby boards (or the site) at all anymore because it's exhausting and reading a bunch of threads about cartoons or anime or games I'm not even consuming is pointless, threads that have barely any discussion other than anti-SJW or e-celeb bait and porn/loli/waifuposting (mostly /v/ and /co/). The visible clash between newfags and bitter oldfags only makes things worse (which I find amusing tbh).

Plus, I just hate how every subset of users within each big board feels superior to one another, like a hierarchy; in /a/ for example, there's shonen fans at the bottom, and within this group there are fans of different shonen series, the worst and most unapologetic probably being the DBZ autists. Then there's moe fans, "MANime" fags, hipsters, etc. Most of the /a/ userbase is incredibly elitist but lack any self-awareness; in reality they're all garbage who want everyone to have fun only according to their own standard, which is "everything is shit", so nobody must enjoy anything. And this is supposed to be the "best" out of the boards I've mentioned.

Everyone hates each other in the biggest boards and that naturally gets tiring after years of only visiting that site.

>I do however go on hispachan and replace the "o" or "a" at the end of Spanish words that refer to people with "e"
example amigos / amigas would change to amiges
kek, based although the unironic forced use of the gender neutral "e" or "x" as in "latinx" still makes me cringe. Hmm, maybe you should try using the "x" next time and see what happens.


> Always the same things over and over again like a broken record.
I've noticed it on other boards too. It all becomes so boring.

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