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Saw this cool video of a rapier vs a longsword. It looks like the rapier was a better weapon. So much more range and speed.


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Well, range is a huge advantage in a fight. Fighting a spear is tough if you only have a sword. You will be in the danger zone before they do. They will be able to make feints and thrusts before your sword is even able to hurt them. Covering yourself and getting past their point is key to survival.

It is important though to realise that the spearman can still shorten the spear or use the back end. Therefore to disable/hamper the usage of the spear after getting past the point is equally important, whether by binding and angling the spear away with your blade, gripping the shaft or even simply rushing in to whack/grapple 'em before they could retreat or pull back their point. Likely you'd do more than one those at the same time.

>better weapon

I wouldn't go that far. The user's proficiency is more relevant. In any case, "better weapon" requires context. Range? Against armour? Single combat or multiple opponents? Battlefield or everyday carry? The last one especially is important to consider when discussing weapons. It's why people carried bucklers rather than shields, swords rather than spears, staves or walking sticks rather than edged polearms. Both rapiers and longswords were certainly carried in battlefields though.


A rapier would typically be nimbler than a longsword, thanks to its point of balance being at the guard/handle. I think "speed" is too vague a word. A sword is only as fast as the hand that moves it. A longsword is held with both. Its movements can be more powerful and just as fast with good body mechanics. Moreover, the longsword would have more leverage in a crossing/bind thanks to its greater mass, mass distribution and being held in two hands. However, you can see how rapidly the rapier changes lines and angles to both parry and strike.

Nick's group mostly does late 18th-19th century british military swordsmanship (sabre, basket-hilt sword, cutlass, spadroon, etc.). These are also interesting:

Come by the HEMA thread if you're interested! >>3859



Best swordfight put on screen, change my mind




>change my mind
Why would I?
Besides The duelists, you're correct.




Alongside The Duellists, yes Rob Roy has excellent swordfighting. Though the European and Soviet films based on the Three Musketeers have excellent fencing scenes.


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>HEMA instructor
>17 minutes
I gotta agree on that first one. Only thing I've seen of the witcher but Geralt moves really well despite the reverse grip.

Really like this one too. Like Dave said, "spinning" becomes an actual thing against multiple opponents. That said, most of the twirling came from the guards when they're closing in or retreating. There's grappling, punching, kicking, enhanced spatial awareness (loljedi) along with solid blows and parries.

The highlight is definitely on Ben dealing with multiple guards. Gripping and using one's weapon to defend himself while parrying and striking at the other two. There's just something about his saber and how he handles it that I find appealing. The way he keeps his point on line @ 1:27 is sexy.


Is that motherfuckind David "I cannot stop sucking Thibault's langmesser shaped dick" Rawlings?


I don't get it when people say "real sword fighting wouldn't look good". I don't think anyone's advocating for 100% realism. I'm sure boxing in movies and irl look different too. Perhaps it's different for the uninformed, but historical swordplay looks better every way. Hell, some exchanges in sparring can be as theatrical as cinema all while being technically sound.

Since exaggerating or slowing bladework even with good technique for safety and the viewers' benefit is already a given, the next best aim would be to give "masters" or "experts" good and distinct forms when moving and fighting. Body language is part of acting, no?

Have a gander at Robert and his opponents:

And if you want fancy shit, the masters have it too: https://youtu.be/0dnGNJvoNeQ

Or you can be fancy in a sensible way:


Rapiers are almost useless against fully armoured opponents whereas with a sword you can halfsword against an fully armoured opponent hence rapiers only became popular after the the introduction of firearms caused the decline of full plate armour

Hollywood is actually not interested in History, but only a semblance of Historical accurary hence why there are so many inaccuracies in films. They just dont give a f*ck

Heres an anecdote



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Reposting some contributions


>Rapiers are almost useless against fully armoured opponents
Most opponents do not have full plate armor with chainmail underarmor. Even then, a rapier has the precision to strike through something like a visor hole.



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