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File: 1608525890456.png ( 32.4 KB , 753x663 , g8.png )


Hey all, I was curious at to what you guys think about the SCP Foundation shared universe.


File: 1608525890596.png ( 22.64 KB , 128x114 , 677641494500474900.png )

>Radlibs take over and start doing retarded radlib shit like changing the logo to a rainbow flag
>Anon trademarks the logo and threatens the web staff

Havent been following what happened after that but that was a giggle


I haven't taken them seriously since the furries took over, but I liked the Soviet SCP entries which were awesome.


It was a nice idea but like everything I think it has gotten a bit 'overripe' with growth/exposure, it's not really an exciting niche thing with new ideas like it was way back when, nowadays it would be hard to come up with an SCP that wasn't derivative of something else on there, silly as it might seem I think all the good ones have probably already been written.

Some of the games are fun but I dislike how they all rely on the 'jumpscare' factor, SCP thrives more on the slightly more psychological horror IMO, but I guess it's hard to make a game based around that.

I really like the 'MTF' spawn theme from that one game though, works perfect for going on a blackops kill squad mission at night in the rain where you'll probably all die.



The rpc one is better.


LMAOOO which one of you wrote this?


LOL what the fuck


File: 1608525896111.jpg ( 7.37 KB , 240x212 , 1424018310030-0.jpg )

>An entity8 with the head of a black Cane Corso9 enters the front doors of Site-346. It is shirtless and has no visible armor or wards. Several members on guard duty attempt to neutralize the entity. The bullets disintegrate on impact and do not penetrate. Using a sheathed sword, it is able to incapacitate the guards.

kek it even has furries teleportng behind you



Which one of you wrote this?


File: 1608525897594.png ( 240.81 KB , 600x600 , cd4.png )

kek, even the gusano in the discussion page seems to like it


Damn that shit was kino and deserving of some kind of Hugo award or something.
The Reagan SCP is among my favs http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-1981


i would guess those would be pretty anti communist no?


I really like the lefty GOIs


File: 1608525899587.png ( 132.13 KB , 1176x796 , 24ae52839d710b531a833300e0….png )

From the riot thread over at /leftypol/

SCP 5612
Object class: safe
Containment procedures: SCP 5612 is to be kept inside his cell and fed 3 times a day. A smartphone with access only allowing Facebook, Twitter and 8kun must be present at all times. In order to prevent civilian deaths from SCP 5612's anomalous effect it is connected to a Foundation made bot network to keep it occupied and away from living users, however live interaction with users of 8kun is allowed. Any attempts to engage SCP 5612 in political discussion is strictly prohibited.

Description: SCP 5612 is a middle-aged white American named (redacted), or "Benny". Anomalous properties include super-human ability to "post" and "destroy libtards". The following presents it self through typing various online messages while engaging in discussion with differently politically minded people. These posses the properties of Berryman-Langford Memetic Kill Agent, that is, posses the ability to kill those susceptible.
SCP 5612 was first brought to the Foundations care after a series of deaths were tracked back to the victims sighting of SCP 5612's Twitter posts.


kek based


LOL… though honestly antifa FB pages are dumber than shit.


File: 1608525905065-0.jpg ( 53.41 KB , 630x630 , SCP.jpg )

File: 1608525905065-1.jpg ( 117.86 KB , 720x359 , marxist araneus.jpg )

The Russian SCP site, run by Gene R is
Also Soviet SCP GRU http://www.scp-wiki.net/gru-p-hub
One of the most plausible SCPs is
It essentially is a spooked auto-nuclear launch system i.e a Dead Hand Nuclear launch system. It's also linked to http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-1178

Another interesting Rus one in how it links to IRL lore is http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-2617

Two favorite soviet ones are
(because they're giant fucking submarines)

These ones are cool soviet SCPs too
http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-1745 (It's A Hind D!)
http://archive.vn/C3ZgM A magic T-55
http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-1499 Its like the whole Upside Down in Stranger Things

4078 is obviously penned by a /pol/ shill is http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-4078
On the other hand 1011 is obviousy penned by a comrade http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-1011

This is an attempt at a Socialist SCP http://www.scp-wiki.net/forum/t-12003563/soviet-anomalous-communism

I remember that shit… honestly SCP went down the drain ever since it stopped cataloging IRL SCP images and just began making shit up from scratch


File: 1608525917385.png ( 748.21 KB , 1355x1399 , WptMYRE.png )

So what's up with SCPs and lewding them?


That SCP that hypnotizes you into believing you are fucking your waifu is Kino af


What SCP is that?




how are the soviet SCP's? are there not a lot of boomer tier anti communist messages in them?


See >>5153
That's all the Soviet stuff I could find.


do they have pro or anti commie messages? how based are they?


Depends on the post, most of them are neutral as far as I can understand.


>do they have pro or anti commie messages?


Meh, the whole shitshow surrounding the "changing" to the SCP logo was fucking stupid


File: 1608525980942.png ( 190.57 KB , 1000x1002 , 1592973075827.png )

No it wasnt

It showed the fact that none of the original imageboard guardians were left


The fact that there was large amounts of protest to this shows otherwise.


have you guys played Control, the Remedy game? it's my favorite game of last year

also where did this "paranormal government agency" trope originated? I remember this cartoon I watched as a kid that had it, Martin Mystery, but surely the trope is older than that


There's the canine skull SCPs that get lewded alot, someone needs to make an Animal Crossing Dog meme with that


Reminder: Stop lewding the eldritch monsters


Fuck you! If I want to fuck a dog skull I will do it!


File: 1608526004026-0.jpg ( 1008.48 KB , 2335x1895 , GT1593892358415.jpg )

File: 1608526004026-1.jpg ( 647.03 KB , 2335x1895 , GT1593892390988.jpg )

Just a /GET/-fag coming through


Like liquid shit


Trips confirm; stop lewding beasts


File: 1608526116636-0.jpg ( 80.37 KB , 786x1017 , SCP 118 realistic scary.jpg )

File: 1608526116636-1.jpg ( 162.83 KB , 1440x720 , aomi mayuri scp-118.jpg )

File: 1608526116636-2.png ( 3.38 MB , 3013x3180 , SCP-18 fondle.png )

A Frog SCP I liked. Seems like Froppy has competition… in the Gay frogs department >>>/anime/1882

SCP 811 only releases the flesh melting liquid from it's hands and feet; a mucus that rapidly decomposes any organic matter it comes into contact with. "Non-organic biohazard suits" are recommended. So, I'm guessing that if you can grab yourself a non-organic condom, it would help. However it wouldn't be the full SCP-811 experience… So you do you. But if you wore gloves you could hold hands.

Also reminder to archive the pages because they change fairly often


File: 1608526117415.png ( 148.01 KB , 1306x1245 , cutethulhu.png )

What disappoints me about the current state of SCP is that 90% of it is completely fictional. Like back when this started it was usually based on strange images and urban myths that were embellished. Now its just whatever weird shit someone makes up, even without an image, and a bunch of it was taken by furries too.

This is why I prefer /x/ shit and urban myths for material to compile. Things like the Chupacabra or the Mothman or the Slender Man or the Kuchisake-Onna or even Cthulhu is a lot more compelling since there are limitations for their indexes. In lieu of that I suggest we expand this thread to include urban myths as well as SCP.

Even things like link-related are good stuff for a creepy thread
jump-scare incoming http://comic.naver.com/webtoon/detail.nhn?titleId=350217


File: 1608526118192-0.jpg ( 212.57 KB , 1400x1400 , Momo orig.jpg )

File: 1608526118192-1.jpg ( 1.13 MB , 1433x1337 , Momo hee.jpg )

File: 1608526118192-2.png ( 473.59 KB , 973x1160 , Momo V.png )

Am I the only one who thinks the Momo creepypasta ought to be a SCP?

The original statue has been destroyed unfortunately, though for a good reason.


File: 1608526118473-0.jpg ( 201.77 KB , 1000x707 , Kuchisake Onna it.jpg )

File: 1608526118473-1.png ( 1.17 MB , 1461x1200 , kuchisake onna.png )

File: 1608526118473-2.jpg ( 339.07 KB , 1440x960 , Urban Jap Legends.jpg )

Speaking of the Kuchisake-Onna pic 1 is a good It-like representation of her. Caption 2 is a more nice representation.



Japan is full of such urban legends (which make up many of their modern youkai, pic 3 related.


File: 1608526118721-0.gif ( 1.87 MB , 540x756 , long nek clap.gif )

File: 1608526118721-1.gif ( 345.67 KB , 500x750 , spooky booty haunted house.gif )

File: 1608526118721-2.gif ( 656.48 KB , 500x750 , fapping at the speed of sm….gif )

derek hetrick does a lot of weird creepy shit.


File: 1608526201901-0.png ( 2.27 MB , 2936x3812 , futa SCP trap rail.png )

File: 1608526201901-1.jpg ( 854.29 KB , 1333x2000 , 55a04dc91aa47da59c9a1e82dc….jpg )

File: 1608526201901-2.png ( 4.58 MB , 3031x2618 , d875ef389bc953c3e4fe2faad6….png )

The artist is keadonger /GET/-fag. Does a lot of SCP lewds, particularly SCP-1471.
Pic 1 is a caption

Another SCP drawer is unusualmatias (pic 2 and 3)


File: 1608526202921.jpg ( 298.77 KB , 769x1024 , SCP o49.jpg )

So stuff like scp-049 essentially


She had nice tits for a spooky mom bird.


I know right?!


It's interesting that SCP threads just about died on 4chan soon after this thread was posted.


File: 1608526598749-0.jpg ( 697.02 KB , 1992x2216 , malocoom.jpg )

File: 1608526598749-1.jpg ( 693.41 KB , 1992x2216 , malocom.jpg )

File: 1608526598749-2.jpg ( 713.11 KB , 1992x2216 , maloc00m.jpg )

——— Story section ———
>A PING to remember https://pastebin.com/8yzzR50R By FuggerNugget

>incident 682/D https://pastebin.com/pde0u45g By Baseline

>segador https://pastebin.com/kjTb8xqq By Hammered Anon

>Z0RR.a https://pastebin.com/AmrTS3bA By Nohbdi

>More 'quality' fiction:

- https://pastebin.com/7JkAWhrf
- https://pastebin.com/e3xGpS1b
- https://pastebin.com/fy1vDMJL

——— Archive and Booru section ———
- The Thread That Started It All: https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/6583255/
- Booru: https://scptrash.booru.org/index.php


>spoilers failed for pic 2 and 3.


Are you using an alternate /x/ or something? The one I have access too is a right-wing shithole with no new stories.


I mean at the moment I haven't been on /x/ in 6 months so shit might have gone downhill by now. But last time I was there I had fun.


Scp-5242010 “the banana man"

Object class:Euclid

Special containment procedures-a sheet must always be placed over scp-5242010 at all times.

Description:scp-5242010 is a painting of a beach with palm trees. It is said that who ever looks at the painting sees a man with bulging eyes, a big smile and bananas appear and will continue to see him wherever they look at, basically making them insane.

Scp-5242010-2 “the birds"

Object class:Euclid

Special containment procedures:a sheet must always be placed over scp-5242010 at all times.

Description:scp-5242010-2 is a cage full of fake birds of many colors, like scp-5242010-1 it is said that whoever looks at the cage of fake birds all of the bird’s head is replaced with a human head with bulging eyes and instead of a smile the birds have a large frown, the birds sing a catchy song by the band “TallyHall" called “banana man" explaining why scp-5242010-1 is holding bananas
Some birds sing more than others, in total their is five birds, there is three main birds that sing more than the others, the colors of the birds are silver,blue,red,yellow, and green, the main singing birds are the yellow bird, the red bird and the blue bird.

Scp-5242010 was found in a alley next to a dumpster and trash, as of right now their is no cure to Scp-5242010’s effects, who ever is affected by Scp-5242010-2’s song is to be kept in a patted room and closely monitored.

video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yModCU1OVHY


Is there a SCP that can bring about nuclear annihilation so we can start our posadist revolution?


Lots of them are really destructive, but on a tangential note: check out 3003.


File: 1608792652242.png ( 15.09 KB , 409x509 , scp-040-jp.png )





File: 1627285086439.webm ( 2.89 MB , 640x800 , 1568599884823.webm )

The supernatural black lady that a bunch of anons made writefaggotry for a few threads ago. Pic related
Original thread for those curious


>TFW hasshaku-sama is murderous Momdom fetish


Oh you mean SCP-2662, he seems like a chill guy.




I am looking for the app for a highly classified mission… to long of a story to explain just need any info on the app in general will help…

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