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File: 1608525994837.png ( 646.02 KB , 2400x1200 , Flag Map of the World.png )


Post your own or others maps in this thread. Statistical and imaginary maps are welcome.


File: 1608525995023.png ( 7.15 MB , 8000x7949 , bf51fd7f9850739d066c10dda3….png )



File: 1608525996198.jpg ( 144.22 KB , 920x738 , 1bef3745edf928e7e0a8060158….jpg )

>the cursed neolib wet dream world map is posted first


File: 1608525996461.jpg ( 1.89 MB , 5000x2523 , c62fb718c3482ceb7c126a87e4….jpg )

How's this?


File: 1608525996699.jpg ( 1.87 MB , 2502x2984 , 1523111354082.jpg )



File: 1608525997796-0.png ( 166.46 KB , 3380x2232 , What if Rosa was not kill?.png )

File: 1608525997796-1.png ( 1.59 MB , 6300x3095 , zewi3rszk3041.png )

File: 1608525997796-2.jpg ( 521.01 KB , 1080x1342 , m2tt7v89ltz31.jpg )

Better but as a eurofag I dislike straight borders.
Sahel looks very divided in terms of language compared to the rest of Africa. No surprise that there is so much unrest there


What is this first map? Lmao at France and Germany, also why do Luxembourg and Monaco still exist?


A map on if the communists were successful in overtrowing Germany around 1918-1919. Red countries are socialist states, and the blue countries are in a conservative, anti communist block.
France annexed southern Rheinland during the turmoil in Germany, with Southern Germany declearing its own independence from the communists. This later inspired revolutions in Netherlands, Sweden, Ireland, Austria and Norway.
Luxembourg and Monaco would simply be ignored by greater powers since this is on a small time frame like 10 years post 1919. France would care more about expanding its borders into Germany before communists would take it than Luxembourg, which is just easy to influence as France.
Eventually, France would become very anti-communist as it is seen as something German and later they allied Mussolini I guess


Does the 'registered firearms' map exist for other continents too, or better a world map?


File: 1608525999854-0.png ( 606.8 KB , 2754x1398 , TeachEnglishDegreeRequirem….png )

File: 1608525999854-1.jpg ( 795.3 KB , 750x1763 , Argentina2019.jpg )

File: 1608525999854-2.png ( 587.18 KB , 2500x1957 , Revision3.png )

1st map is whether you're legally required to have a bachelor's degree to teach English in any given country.
If it seems an oddly specific map, I made it because it's the easiest way to emigrate out of the first world for native English speakers.
That's why there's lots of scumbag sexpats making videos about how 'easy' the Chinese women are on youtube.
In my case it's not about sexpattery, but rather getting the fuck out of the US if it comes to it.
The map is not fully accurate to the necessary realities of the English teaching market in any given country, it's just the raw legal requirements.
It's also not 100 percent accurate.

2nd map is 2019 Argentine elections,
blue is Peronist socdem gang; yellow is the party of taking IMF loans.
Peronists are sort of /ourguy/ gang, but Peronism is also insane and transcendent beyond any standard political distinctions (sort of).

3rd is the greatest shitpost I've ever made.


Why would South Germany Declare Independence, after all wasn’t Bavaria pretty red? >>5973
>Fist Map
Shouldn’t Belize South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria be blue?
>Second Map
Who’s the pink?


File: 1608526000327-0.png ( 173.46 KB , 909x708 , 909px-Wahl_zur_Nationalver….png )

File: 1608526000327-1.png ( 173.58 KB , 900x713 , 900px-Reichstagswahl_1920.….png )

File: 1608526000327-2.png ( 685.11 KB , 2754x1397 , 2754px-World_map_of_civili….png )

Bavaria was more conservative compared to the north. Note that there were uprisings all over Germany 1918-1923 like Saxony, Elsass, Bremen, Ruhr, Hamburg and Berlin as well, so in this timeline the capitalist consolidated in Bavaria and Swabia after workers took over large parts of northern Germany.
There is this map on Wikipedia (3rd image), idk why France is so different compared to the other image


>idk why France is so different compared to the other image
French regions aren’t shown because France is centralized to an autistic degree.


Place like Kenya and Nigeria where English is official but still a more marginal language of upper and 'middle' classes still do need english teachers and I believe that applies for SA as well.
Belize while a former english colony is mostly only english speaking on the coast and inland is more spanish speaking so idk.
In any case, I was able to find requirements for these things when looking them up;
there's probably private companies that set up shit like American english teaching international schools in these places in some capacity and while demand is likely small people get work at them.

As for the pink in the Arg map, it's a peronist alliance that is either marginally more or less left wing than the regular peronists in blue.


>Place like Kenya and Nigeria where English is official but still a more marginal language of upper and 'middle' classes still do need english teachers and I believe that applies for SA as well.
In rural areas yes, but in the big cities isn’t English a lengua franca between different ethnic groups that all have their own language?


Well they still typically want native speakers to teach a proper and official dialect of English as that's what's preferred for international business.
The fact that these countries do in fact have such a large proportion of people who speak English properly means the market is somewhat smaller for outlanders than a place like Cambodia, but it does still exist.
Also oftentimes the English teaching market in the third world is so scummy that More Whiter==Better Teacher.


Im gonna improve your shitpost map ;)


I welcome the effort


File: 1608526001743.png ( 393.79 KB , 800x533 , Megaregions.png )

I find this map interesting as shows the centers of power within the United States. If the US were to ever Balkanize, the emerging states would likely be centered around these megaregions instead of being based on current state borders.


File: 1608526003049-0.png ( 853.92 KB , 940x705 , ameriga.png )

File: 1608526003049-1.png ( 1.52 MB , 1055x823 , espanna.png )

Been diggin through the years of meme crust that've built up on me cell and fount some goldies from /int/


File: 1608526006078.png ( 1.22 MB , 4972x3380 , USSRworldfixed.png )

Never fear. Here's a synthesized version of the two global USSR maps from that same thread.


File: 1608526006618.png ( 475.32 KB , 4972x2515 , 2023map.png )

I was also the anon who made the map for that one story game thread on /leftypol/. Seems to have died, though.




Anyone know how to do Oceanographic mapping> (besides use basic fucking depth measurements)


File: 1608526065876.png ( 334.65 KB , 800x800 , 800px-NATO_vs._Warsaw_(194….png )

>Be the Bolsheviks
>Fight a brutal civil war with every major power intervening to stop you
>Win the Civil War
>Country is devastated
>Implement NEP
>Scissors crisis
>Lenin dies
>Elect Stalin
>Begin to massive industrialization and collectivization
>bad harvests and kulak resistance
>Trotsky becoming a pain in the ass and splitting the international left
>Trouble in the far east with Japanese imperialists
>Major power in central europe lets to power an austrian painter who's entire ideology is based on anti communism
>Industrialization and collectivization begins to pay off
>Trotskyites begin several plots within the party to commit treason and engage in terrorism
>Accelerate the 5 year plans and militarize the Union
>Germany remilitarizes the Rhineland
>Brits and Frenchies do nothing
>Poland and Germany make a pact
>Spanish Civil War begins
>Support Republicans
>Brits and Frenchies do nothing
>Japanese invade China
>Germans annex Austria
>Brits and Frenchies do nothing
>Propose anti fascist coalition against Germany
>Brit and France reject it
>Germans annex Sudetenland and Memel
>Brits sign an agreement with the Hitlerites
>Germans betray it and take the rest of Czechoslovakia
>Brits and French finally have enough
>Germans invade Poland
>Japanese invade Mongolia
>Decide to bide for time and limit German influence in East Europe by signing temporary non-aggression pact with the krauts
>BTFO Japs at Khalkin Gol
>Move in to liberate Western Ukraine and Belarus
>build up and prepare for war
>move borders west
>Icepick Trotsky but the damage is done and the left is split just like Trotsky's skull
>Germans attack 2 years earlier then expected
>desperate defense
>total war
>finally win the war
>23 million dead
>devastated eastern europe + Soviet Union
>Cold war with the world's primary superpower undamaged by WW2
How under these conditions were the Soviets even expected to win a political, economic and scientific Cold War?

>communist parties win elections in France and Italy post WW2, take power and NATO and the EEC either never form or are very weak, USSR gets more advanced technologies from Western Europe to rebuild
>KPA crushes the Pusan pocket in 1950 before the US intervenes, DPRK unites Korea
>Greece goes red as a result of more support from the socialist states
>Turkey and Iran become socialist or left leaning republics due to the USSR offering help for development and independence
>warm water ports for the Soviet navy
>Soviet influence in Africa spreads much faster, Arab union forms, Israel is crushed
>As a result of a socialist France, all of Indochina goes socialist early on
>Salazar regime collapses earlier on due to greater Soviet support for insurgencies in Africa
>Spain is isolated, republicans rise up again and Red Army sends support, Francoism collapses
>Britain stuck in 1970s style turmoil, unions are much stronger, withdraws from most overseas colonies and cannot add much, left wing Labour government comes to power and quits NATO
>Benelux and West Germany are left alone in Europe
>USA engulfed in civil unrest, borderline insurgency in black majority areas
>USSR and China never split, can focus all their forces on undermining imperialism
>NATO collapses in the early 1990s, GDR unites Germany, USA collapses into a civil war


File: 1608526118005.png ( 172.38 KB , 1876x615 , the new National Endowment….png )

Saw this and sort of thought it was relevant


They make this garbage: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_Fragile_States_Index

All maps from such NGO's are so one-sided because they all exist to say “US allies good commies bad”


File: 1608526760919.png ( 67.73 KB , 718x349 , Screenshot_2020-11-02 List….png )

List of operators of the Mig-29, most advanced soviet fighter plane produced. Blue is current operators, red former operators.


>1st pic
I've heard about those Pornhub statistic maps, but never saw it myself. Could you link the most recent one? Kinda curious about what is my country fapping to.




File: 1608526768108-0.jpg ( 771.51 KB , 1223x1309 , Arda_in_First_Age.jpg )

File: 1608526768108-1.jpg ( 508.19 KB , 1539x1636 , Arda_in_Second_Age.jpg )

File: 1608526768108-2.jpg ( 444.25 KB , 1539x1636 , Arda_in_Third_Age.jpg )

You never specified Earth.
Thank god for pornhub for helping us map out the degenerates.


Some retardness in Europe

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