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Basically I want to buy a new phone. What's the best type to buy, one that won't spy on me and steal my information, something that's cheap, but has good quality. Something that isn't an android.I hear Huaweii is linked to China or something, so is that any good?


>something that isn't an androidSo… iphone?


>>682>>>>700 dollarsokay, is their a privacy focused flip phone?


>>680I'm not a aware of any opensource dumbphones for sale comrade. Even with a opensource dumbphone you're going to have tracking through triangulation/multilateration of cell tower signals. If you need a phone I'd suggest crafting your own Arduino phone, this way you can be certain that your phone won't be able to be converted into a listening device remotely as perhaps all phones are. On short notice there is doubtfully much difference between commonly sold models in terms of privacy.https://www.instructables.com/id/ArduinoPhone-20-an-Open-Source-Mobile-Phone-Based-/http://alumni.media.mit.edu/~mellis/cellphone/(I'm avoiding posting here for my own productivity so I won't necessarily respond to further replies.)


You could get a dumb phone and keep it in a Faraday bag when you don't want to be tracked. You won't be able to receive calls with it in the bag and the feds can still hear/read your conversations. That's the only cheap option I'm aware of. The open source smart phone options likely protect actual conversations assuming you are doing them online with encryption.


The old shitty Nokia phones that everybody keeps making memes off. Try those


Are you aware that the Deutsche Fussball Bund was West German?


>technology that won't spy on you in the year of our lord 2020

maybe try carrier pigeon instead


the birds work for the bourgeoisie


>one that won't spy on me and steal my information
There isnt one


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I read that in a teen fiction book once.

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