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do you watch sports?


>>265Only waterpolo since I like watching naked men swim after yellow ball. Also women volleyball cuz muh dik


>>268Are you turned on by the men too?


>>270Nah, just used to play waterpolo for 9 years so it still peaks my interest to watch the matches.


I prefer American Football.


>>272Tried watching a few games, why is it so fucking slow. They barely do shit, every few seconds they stop and rearrange.Hollywood really did their best at showing of how fast and active the sport is.


>>272I don't normally watch football, but I'm actually sort of interested in following the college season this year. Go blue.>>268WTA actually acted as a gateway for me to get into tennis as a sport because 'muh thighs'. I find myself watching the men's game more often now. Fed and Nadal are peak performance and it's fun to play. Following your dick can lead to good places apparently.


>>274>Fed and Nadal>Not Novak "The Dick" Đokovićsmh comrade On another note, both my father and two of my three uncles, my godfather, one aunt and for a time even my mother, used to play volleyball semi-professionally and traveled through Yugoslavia and out for smalltime games.Unlike them, I have a stocky frame so took waterpolo since it was the only real contact sport we have (didn't think about handball much)


here's a cool video about the nflpa(nfl players' union) strike during 1987. are the eagles /ourguys/?https://youtu.be/ZymSrDfLhW8


File: 1608525420686.jpg ( 48.17 KB , 640x277 , nami-apel-1-autohis.ru.min.jpg )

I enjoy watching motorsports in person, especially rallying. Pic related, a tragic casualty of the fall of the soviet union.


>>28324 hours of le mans is one of my favourite times of year.


File: 1608525420835.jpg ( 334.73 KB , 922x1200 , Order Sol being metal as f….jpg )

Starcraft Brood War, Guilty Gear XX, and Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 tournaments occasionally.


afl gang


I watch a lot of sports and I lurk /sp/. I really like sports and that people can be united with sports but I do acknowledge that /sp/ is what happens when reactionaries get a way to channel their beliefs.I still love shit posting during games, races, and other events.Yes, I'm American, fat and watch the NFL. But I generally watch the game for the actual game. I enjoy the plays, formations, game situation, etc. I like watching players that can take over a game because they are beyond the expectations of what people think they can do. On the same level, I actually find it fascinating how when too much is put onto one player's plate. Whether the player is great or absolutely terrible.Sports are really interesting and breaking down what exactly is going on.


>>320what happened to 4chan /sp/ is a fucking war crime. It used to be fun and now it is this. Only generals and shit threads are left.


>>322It happened so long ago before so many things brought upon 4chan's downfall into normalcy.Basically. Soccer Manager threads and few other niche threads had generals because they were nice and organized. Then all of a sudden, mods wanted us to start making generals for everything.We won the first few battles because old /sp/ couldn't be tamed. Then I left for a while and came back. I saw that we had eventually lost. This was honestly the beginning of the end. /sp/ honestly does a great job of putting /pol/ posters in their place but /pol/ is an infestation.It sucks and tripfags on there ruin everything.Trip codes will never be used for their original purpose.


I watch some tennis and Burgerball but as a young adult male I'd rather be in the sport than spectating.


I watch hockey and Premier League soccer, albeit very infrequently.


>>88I think moot insisting /sp/ shouldn't be "/b/ with sports" and that boards should be on-topic really killed the potential and influence that /sp/ could've had on 4chan. Now, it's just [s4s] and /pol/ faggots claiming the throne that /b/ once had.>>90Some sports are just better as a player than a spectator, especially baseball.


>NBA, NHL, and MLB cancelled.
>March Madness cancelled.
This has been a pretty bad day for sports, to be honest.


Well i really like football aka the sport of the workers of the world , i love learning about the culture of the clubs
Premier League: Watford, man.u
Spain:well no big fun, Osasuna cause i did a career mode with them
Every communist club in Cyprus
I am from Greece,well i tend to watch my local club
That's all




>do esports count?
If chess and driving a car in a circle counts as "sports", I guess so.


Literally retarded


You use a foot to play football. Also more of the world plays football and many refer to it as foot+ball in their own language.


File: 1608525667825.png ( 312.58 KB , 474x385 , B0NT8_-CcAANWhm.png )

>It's called football because the ball is a foot long.

Why can't we just call it something like Gridiron or Armorball?


American football and association football aren't the only types of 'football' in the world. There is rugby football, Australian football and Gaelic football too. Football was just a catch all term for any sport where you kick a ball to score a goal. It is also only due to rules changing and the introduction of forward passes that American football is a touchdown dominated game and not the godforsaken limbo of fighting for field position to kick for a point that it was in the early college days.


I love hockey, and I'm bummed that it has been "suspended".


I really like MMA.


Sometimes. Mostly big tourneys though


You mean American Rugby


I really like footbaill (soccer for the burgers) and obscure shit like biathlon.


1. Football. I like Schalke 04 (Germany) and the AS Rome (Italy).

2. Snooker. Yes I know it's imperialist origins but damn I just love that game. Favourite players are Mark Selby, Ken Doherty and Marco Fu.


Tackleball is a better name


F1, baseball and football(with the feet)


American Football isn't really my kind of thing. Football (soccer) was good, and basketball is fun to watch sometimes, but really I just prefer to play it instead. Badminton and Tennis are fun but a lot of the players can be cunts for some obscure reason. I unironically think that after the USSR fell sports quality around the world has fallen; Russian soccer teams are a fucking disgrace, Russin basketball teams are nonexistant. etc. etc.

A unique sport I enjoy is figure skating. You can talk shit about them all you like, but at the end of the day 90% of people won't be able to even begin to replicate those moves without dedicated practice.


File: 1608525951517.jpg ( 55.36 KB , 338x476 , rizin11_new.jpg )

If I knew how to pirate RIZIN events and get English language commentary over them I probably would, I like MMA but UFC and Bellator are just so fucking shit I can't be bothered to keep up with them


I watch American football.


The best alternative is to watch all the individual fights of an event on youtube but you won't get English commentary.


Its more fun to play them than to watch.


Anyone watching the nfl playoffs this year besides me?


quake and dota tournaments


no but if i would i'd watch basketball, seems like a fun sport to watch and play


File: 1610942138884.jpeg ( 82.39 KB , 1024x577 , pendles.jpeg )



File: 1610944323755-0.webm ( 1.94 MB , 768x432 , 1597385143532.webm )

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File: 1610944323755-4.webm ( 1.71 MB , 1280x720 , 1598117665976.webm )



Yeah, go Bills


Guilty Gear XX tournaments and Starcraft: Brood War back in the day.


I want to get into futbol to cheer for saint pauli, but I wasn't raised playing sports and now I don't like them :(


hoping for Buffalo too after they crushed my Ravens


At this point, I just want any team that's not the Buccaneers or Packers to win.

The Tom Brady narrative can fuck off and I'm obligated to shit on the Packers as a fan of their division rival.


I watch Starcraft 2 tournaments. Does that count?


No, only Brood War.


File: 1611470865559.webm ( 2.4 MB , 320x240 , 1611468885467.webm )



Check out Livorno in Italy. Livorno was the Place the Italian Communist Party was founded and to this day the ultras are diehard Communists


I generally prefer to play than watch, but whatever. Volleyball is kinda my thing and Soccer at some point. I like watching Basketball sometimes, but the Politics surrounding the NBA are just insufferable


File: 1611526104240.webm ( 6 MB , 960x540 , 1611468506674.webm )

better video


Thought this was gay porn at first.


File: 1611643603250.jpg ( 74.8 KB , 836x489 , enough of this dude.jpg )

>Super Bowl LV
>Brady vs. Mahomes


I've been marathoning the early seasons of the Ultimate Fighter, then I watched UFC 257 holy shit has that promotion gone downhill


lol that's a lot less gay than a normal MMA match


Name a single better runner besides Ichiro
I'll wait




Opening ceremony happened earlier today (with video game background music lmao). I didn't pay much attention to it, it looked boring as fuck.

Before that, there were various events, like archery, football (Mexico vs. France, 4-1 lol), rowing, baseball/softball, and shooting.
Here's the schedule:

I think I'll watch some of the events, I like watching sports after all.

Of course, there's been protests outside of the venue, of people opposing the Olympics (there have been for a while, in fact), apparently because of the coronavirus outbreak potential and because, obviously, the funds could've gone towards fighting the pandemic.
More footage:
Footage from June:


Still waiting


They don't call him "ゴキロー" for nothing.


Goodbye… Homerun…


accidental sage


No, even watching live looks stupid, like play it yourself uygha


File: 1633014889517.png ( 274.23 KB , 698x993 , gaddafi whip.png )

>Sport is either private, like the prayer which one performs alone inside a closed room, or public, performed collectively in open places, like the prayer which is practised corporately in places of worship. The first type of sport concerns the individuals themselves, while the second type is of concern to all people. It must be practised by all and should not be left to anyone else to practise on their behalf. It is unreasonable for crowds to enter places of worship just to view a person or a group of people praying without taking part. It is equally unreasonable for crowds to enter playgrounds and arenas to watch a player of a team without participating themselves.
>Sport is like praying, eating, and the feelings of coolness and warmth. It is unlikely that crowds will enter a restaurant just to look at a person or a group of people eat. It is also unlikely that they will let a person or a group or people enjoy warmth or ventilation on their behalf. It is equally illogical for the society to allow an individual or a team to monopolize sports while the society as a whole pays the costs of such a monopoly for the exclusive benefit of one person or team. In the same way, people should not allow an individual or a group, whether it is a party, class, sect, tribe or parliament, to replace them in deciding their destiny and in defining their needs.
>Private sport is of concern only to those who practise it on their own and at their own expense. Public sport is a public need and the people cannot be either democratically or physically represented by others in its practice. Physically, the representative cannot transmit to others how his body and morale benefit from sport. Democratically, no individual or team has the right to monopolize sport, power, wealth or arms for themselves. Sporting clubs represent the basic organization of traditional sport in the world today. They retain all expenditure and public facilities allocated to sport in every state. These institutions are social monopolistic agencies like all dictatorial political instruments which monopolize authority, economic instruments which monopolize wealth, and traditional military instruments which monopolize arms. As the era of the masses does away with the instruments monopolizing power, wealth and arms, it will, inevitably, destroy the monopoly of social activity in such areas as sports, horsemanship, and so forth. The masses who queue to vote for a candidate to represent them in deciding their destiny act on the impossible assumption that this person will represent them and embody, on their behalf, their dignity, sovereignty and point of view. However, those masses who are robbed of their will and dignity are reduced to mere spectators, watching another person performing what they should naturally be doing themselves.
>The same holds true of the crowds who, because of ignorance, fail to practise sport by and for themselves. They are fooled by monopolistic instruments which endeavour to stupefy them and divert them to indulging in laughter and applause instead. Sport, as a social activity, must be for the masses, just as power, wealth and arms should be in the hands of the people.
>Public sport is for all the masses. It is right of all people for their health and recreational benefit. It is mere stupidity to leave its benefits to certain individuals and teams who monopolize these while the masses provide the facilities and pay the expenses for the establishment of public sports. The thousands who crowd stadiums to view, applaud and laugh are foolish people who have failed to carry out the activity themselves. They line up lethargically in the stands of the sports grounds, and applaud those heroes who wrest from them the initiative, dominate the field and control the sport and, in so doing, exploit the facilities that the masses provide. Originally, the public grandstands were designed to demarcate the masses from the playing fields and grounds; to prevent the masses from having access to the playing fields. When the masses march and play sport in the centre of playing fields and open spaces, stadiums will be vacant and become redundant. This will take place when the masses become aware of the fact; that sport is a public activity which must be practised rather than watched. This is more reasonable as an alternative than the present costum of a helpless apathetic majority that merely watches.
>Grandstands will disappear because no one will be there to occupy them. Those who are unable to perform the roles of heroism in life, who are ignorant of the events of history; who fall short of envisaging the future, and who are not serious enough in their own lives, are the trivial people who fill the seats of the theatres and cinemas to watch the events of life in order to learn their course. They are like pupils who occupy school desks because they are uneducated and also initially illiterate.
>Those who direct the course of life for themselves have no need to watch life working through actors on the stage or in the cinema. Horsemen who hold the reins of their horses likewise have no seat in the grandstands at the race course. If every person has a horse, no one will be there to watch and applaud. The sitting spectators are only those who are too helpless to perform this kind of activity because they are not horsemen.
>Bedouin peoples show no interest in theatres and shows be cause they are very serious and industrious. As they have created a serious life, they ridicule acting. Bedouin societies also do not watch performers, but perform games and take part in joyful ceremonies because they naturally recognize the need for these activities and practise them spontaneously.
>Boxing and wrestling are evidence that mankind has not rid itself of all savage behaviour. Inevitably it will come to an end when humanity ascends the ladder of civilization. Human sacrifice and pistol duels were familiar practices in previous stages of human evolution. However, those savage practices came to an end years ago. People now laugh at themselves and regret such acts. This will be the fate of boxing and wrestling after tens or hundreds of years. The more the people become civilized and sophisticated, the more they are able to ward off both the performance and the encouragement of these practices.

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