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"Our hands pass down the skills of the last generation to the next"
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Let's have a fun little family tree thread /hobby/You can whip one of these up in MSpaint in about ten minutesI'd like to see what all of yours look like


I don't feel like making one because my family didn't have a nationality, they just kind of sprang up from the ooze of Louisiana around the same time white people colonized the Americas and also happened to be white.


>>747Ask your parents. If they don't know, Ancestry is your best friend. If that also doesn't work. then i don't knoiw dude you're a fucking phatom


>>749>Ancestry Not him. What is that?


File: 1608525488701.png ( 1021.13 KB , 1600x956 , fffffffffffffff.png )



>>759Bush, is that you?


>>761your a big guy


>>759Do you glow in the dark?


File: 1608525489096.png ( 150.15 KB , 557x438 , snap.png )

Please post your genealogy guys. It's very interesting information and something you should spend your time thinking about instead of reading books or anything like that.


>>764this is /hooby/ faggot not /leftypol/




File: 1608525723264.png ( 545.47 KB , 1600x956 , familytree.png )



A service to find out how much of a mutt you are.


File: 1608525725270.png ( 571 KB , 1600x956 , tree.png )

Eh why not


oof, hope you get a red flag like your parents someday


It's weird burgers knowing so few about their families and even their grandparents. I could tell you anything about my great-grandparents and cousins and cousins of my parents and so much family lore


File: 1671681819121.png ( 597.63 KB , 1600x956 , MyFamilyTree.png )

I think it's more aboot selective amnesia.


it's because most burgers are ghouls and that leads to most of them hating their families and having no curiosity about them or caring to remember shit about them


Maybe that's because the fascistic tyrants from that family unit you, @ birth, were hopelessly assigned to, are literal fucking undeads who after decades of abuse, mental torture, physical punishments and constant devaluing of your existence in general despite even all of the trying to prove your selfless loyalty to them totally deserve the ticket to the fucking communally owned auschwitz where they would be dismantled "alive" (since these fucks don't even live in any sense of the word) into spare parts for the pig food? And even this prize is in no way deserved by these black holes of human existence?

inb4 that one brainraped to death conservacuck:
>huuuuuuuuuh!1 how dare you not to luv ur saint sacred mommydaddymatripatriarchs you fukcin gawdles wæstern leebrul????!

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