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The need to spread our ideologies to the largest currently existing board is something that has been postulated for many years in this community. There has been back and forth over it for years, but, I find it a worth while endeavor.
This thread will be for the extended trolling, posting, and propagandizing of 4chan.org/pol/ and ideas generally pertaining to that:

1. Make at least one post per day

2. Always combat the autism that you find on that place.

3. Find gems and post them here for the lulz.

4. ??????

5. Profit!


6. Spam BBB

7.Spam Sissy hypno

8. Promote Rumble.com


Kek, Got any copy pastas I could use?


fuck that, spam gore if anything. it makes no sense to spam a pool of shit, its going to be buried in milliseconds and have no impact. spam something more original


ive been rangebanned since forever, and I dont have a vpn to bypass the 4chan gold paywall


How does the pass system work? Could multiple people use one pass?




Some one teach me how to do crypto and I'll fucking buy one. I had one a long time ago before they axed card payments.


File: 1630780815396.jpg (15.6 KB, 420x280, 1619827977824.jpg)

>Becoming a literal bunkercuck to own the poltards epic style
I shiggy doggy

Hobby boards are great for entryism because you can always blame corporations for making shit products.


ok reuben


This is a based idea. The thing to do is to cause as much rage as is possible, we want them to come to here or to .org, remember to post the things that will cause them the most cognitive dissonance and therefore anger, possible. Make sure to name drop the board as you do.


and remember /pol/, if you are reporting this to your fellow jewish niggers then that means that the plan is working KEK COPE AND SNEED AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH


It really is interesting it works no matter how you think about it. Even if they cry they are so dumb they will land on the org, so.


they dont even know .net exists kek the fucking state of them


this site is dead isnt it


Post something other than complaining about it being slow and make it alive then faggot.

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