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/i/ - Invasion and Raid

We do a little trolling
Tor Only

Password (For file deletion.)

/i/ now has a matrix room! Hosted on our own server. https://talk.leftychan.net/#/room/#Leftypol:matrix.org follow this link and you can create an account and be vetted and invited.

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Another right wing lounge board, it's a little too easy to troll. It's primarily the /tv/ board from 8kun made into it's own image board. It's a little slow but still active.

Their /pol/ board is /dup/ for president trump: https://tvch.moe/dup/index.html

Their /b/ board is /dunk/ after the dunkachino meme: https://tvch.moe/dunk/index.html

Works on tor and clearnet browsers.


Do they have an onion?


Unfortunately no, but Tor still works.


Ah I gotcha.


>unique IPs: 1
Trying really hard to give those spergs a reason to fuck with our site eh OP?


File: 1633195779677.jpg ( 183.2 KB , 863x641 , 2123213.jpg )





Hey guys, i regularly visit this site. AMA


Are you a leftist or rightist?


I'm a socialist, they're big fans of "The Sopranos" but they are well informed about cinema so simply mocking the show won't under their skin.
If you can find pointed criticism about the show, like how many of the conversations in the show sound like Reddit threads.


That will make them mad


Also while /dup/ is filled with your classic insecure /pol/yps/, /tv/ is not.
You're not going to believe me but /tv/ really does have some entertainment industry insiders that frequent it. They regularly correctly predict Hollywood gossip before it happens. I don't think anyone on there is Spielberg-teir, but definitely some current and retired Hollywood middle management type writers, producers, and laborers. They mostly come across as veterans to me, since they can demonstrate some pretty impressive and deep knowledge of the entertainment industry.
Their racism and anti-communism is more of the blue blood variety where the inferiority of blacks, jews and socialism is just assumed. So they don't go on racists and anti-red screeds every 30 mins like a normal /pol/yp would. Things like the "le /pol/ face" meme aren't going to get to them and indeed I've seen them ignore such bait regularly, or even make genuinely funny self effacing jokes about it.
You're going to have to observe /tv/ for awhile if you want to successfully troll them.


we are on to you shits. go ahead and ban this, your site stinks


The raid was unsuccessful but it hardly seems to matter because they're going full paranoid over it. It's like they're raiding themselves about the raid lol.


Join the matrix so we can coordinate better.
What are they doing? lol


File: 1633652241028.jpg ( 49.75 KB , 538x194 , 213123212.jpg )


This very thread has become ammunition for them to call out anyone that don't like.


Gaslighting appears to be a very powerful tactic.


Boy I sure do love communism now


Based welcome.


Can you guys leave us alone now please. If you were concerned, the dup board is not "for president trump". Thank you.


"the raid" was at most 7 obvious communist posts, it was basically non-existent, the anons here have been leaving you guys alone since recently.


File: 1633809397384.jpg ( 79.14 KB , 724x1024 , 1633145187822-0.jpg )



Ok, you first


the daily raids seem to be a success so far


Spamming child being raped is so epic bacon dude


we all know you wish it was child pr0n, /tv/ transhumanist


Literal projection


Hello we're are the proobs?


File: 1634210215715.png ( 69.5 KB , 231x325 , feels nothing man.png )

>kvch accuses us of being mentally ill
>admits to having dedicated folders for gore
its like they have to project their transhumanism onto us


I'm not sure if it's wise to ask this question, but what is a "proob"


spurdo spelling of "proof"
look up spurdo, its good time


File: 1634214452609.png ( 7.93 KB , 800x800 , propellerface.png )

now i get it, spurdo is the propeller face meme, i didn't know that it had dedicated spelling


check spicscord



Unique IPs: 17

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