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/i/ - Invasion and Raid

We do a little trolling
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/i/ now has a matrix room! Hosted on our own server. https://talk.leftychan.net/#/room/#Leftypol:matrix.org follow this link and you can create an account and be vetted and invited.

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What sites do you think we could extend an olive branch too? I know the concept of a webring was floating around for a long time. Maybe we can reach out to other communities and leftist communities and try and establish a webring with now that we are free from the org? maybe something like dismantle.capital?


We should raid reddit subs like back in the day. The result is that the based ones join us (if we do it right and principally) and the lib mods embarrass the sub for the rest of em / exposes them.


And with this >>419 I mean like the big leftist ones.


dismantle.capital is cool af, why haven't I heard of this before? Is it brand new?


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nigga You say you getting money but uygha ion know ya


kill all niggers


I'll list a few non retarded leftist spaces off the top of my head
dismantle.capital as based anon>>422 mentioned
Unofficial Leftypol fbi.gov (ye I know fbi.gov is a botnet surveillance application with transhumanists all over but ULP has some decent users who can make a fine addition to leftychad.net, some have even used leftypol since 2016)

As >>420 said we can raid leftist subreddits and rake in based users and make the radlibs cry, we should def put this plan into motion


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Why so salty?


That mod really should get ssl cert for bunkerchan.live. I mean, it's perfectly fine to visit if you know what you are getting yourself into.




Can some one explain to me how tf to get the damn captcha system working for the onion? It's so overly complicated and insane I can't get it to work, ever.


Go here http://3uruyn3iu4vqpbo2mx2s2qatourvgtzpadzlvdxo5trxe6zldp5tjcyd.onion/noCookieCaptcha.js get the code and solve the captcha with it. You may need to wait a little


Yeah, i mean, i do that but it just makes me wait so long i give up lmao


stupidpolers have a backup in stupidpol.gay in case reddit bans them,i know a lot of people wouldnt want us associate with them but there's that




The hell is this?


>troon shit
.orge fags all over again. Don't say I didn't warn you.


Yeah reading their current posts makes me think theyre the same over-sensitive types that we just got rid of. No thanks.


pretty much. but i dont want them to ally with ogres so if they keep posting there i will call them out every time.

based bros


>but i dont want them to ally with ogres
Why not? Let them keep the troons. It will probably just make them implode even faster.

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