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Drop the DOXX of horrible land lords who have harrased and miss treated you. NYPA you must provide proof they are owners and not just your ex you are trying to get revenge on.


>miss treated you.
>you must provide proof


you first


Well yeah. Guilty until proven innocent. It shouldn't be hard to prove they own property.


Ok. He's not a land lord but a horrible boss. So horrible infact that he actually fires people for asking for a leave of absence to see their dying mothers. His name is Rodger he's the manager of a company called blue ribbon here where I live.
He's from chili and anti-communist and anti union as hell. Grew up under the dictatorship and blames communism on that.

I don't have his address, but, here's the info to blue ribbon: Maybe give them a call and let them know how you feel.

Address: 2322 16th Ave, Lewiston, ID 83501, United States

Phone: +1 208 743 5521


File: 1631898720933.gif (564.42 KB, 800x430, r04.gif)

Holy Jewish nigger Lasalle


wtf based glowuyghur


You guys asked, lol. Not everyone is a glow uyghur. The dude is a horrific boss.


called him a few times between 3 and 5am over the past few weeks. yw


proofs or gtfo


Haha, nice. Thanks friend. I fucking hate those faggots.

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