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Since the right got kicked from reddit, twitter, etc where do they converge currently and in large numbers?
ITT: anons post modern far/aut-right, american liberterian, nazi or free speech platforms that have active use and we discuss their strengths and weaknesses in viability of ra/i/ding said platform.


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I'm sure there are tons of fbi.govs floating around still.
Probably i would said a good 30 - 40% of the fediverse: Mastadon, etc etc are right wing as fuck. Their servers would be easy targets


File: 1630718798730.png ( 188.91 KB , 1200x698 , 2204883997.png )

I dont really mean a space within the structure of established platform like a reddit sub or a fbi.gov room. I mean the clones they made. GAB(?) is all I know but i know nothing of it. Sorry for being unclear.


Nah your good. Seriously check out Mastadon. There's a ton of instances that are right wing floating around out there.


>the right got kicked from reddit, twitter, etc
go back lib


File: 1630722352117.png ( 138.73 KB , 393x260 , ClipboardImage.png )

This was going to be a personally proecet but what the hell:
I made this to help fuck with some of these sites once we actively check some out, this particular list is for groups of actual wytnat and nazi presenting posters, i decided to make the lists small and targeted:
Nazi/WytPowa Password List [mutatable]:
Full and evolving document is at with some notes: https://cryptpad.fr/pad/#/3/pad/edit/a7586c332fb3399e1e95f5ed0a53aef8/
Thanks anons in advance for adding to it. I dont follow the right online so much.
If you don' like it feel free to fuck off and minimize the thread, cuntflaps.


Lol i didn't realize leftcom was such a faggot.


Have you had success with this or ripped it from a nazi database, I mean I don't go around making histmatftw my password…


I mean troll those literal faggots if that's you're thing but playing the right vs. left game is old hat and if you actually care about abolishing class society you should be focusing on the libs who represent the nascent dominant ideology of the 21st century bourgeoisie instead of incels clinging to outphased muh tradition who are already at their last gasp and doomed to the dustbin of history.
There's a FAGGOT under your bed watch out before they deny the validity of your postmodern identity


>c-h-u-d = faggot
lame wordfilter


>create /i/ board
>only /i/ board on the interwebz
>dont use it for actual /i/ stuff
>use it for political activism trash
hmm this reminds me of…


tbh making a raid board is fucking pathetic and stupid considering the amount of users here. The only thing it could accomplish is inviting counter-raids that would make leftychan unusable and probably destroy it at this early stage.


File: 1630727559964-0.png ( 51.69 KB , 598x237 , ClipboardImage.png )

File: 1630727559964-1.jpeg ( 8.11 KB , 259x194 , halturner-1.jpeg )

>Have you had success with this or ripped it from a nazi database, I mean I don't go around making histmatftw my password…
I suspect I will be, there will be lots of variations with those words as the document says and I aim to target all accounts I can scrape with a nazi or WN reference in the name or subscribed to those channels/users/etc.
Think of it like reverse password spraying, instead of having a ton of passwords you have a short amount of fairly basic passwords (mainly blocks of 10? I haven't refined this yet) and input that against a very large list of scrape usernames.
No guarantees of course but never under estimate peoples insecurity and sloppiness.
And yes, this kind of 'reverse password-spraying' with related phrase and words to the wider target group has got me access to far more sensitive and security conscious places in the past.

/meta/ or feedback thread.
Both can collide, retard. nazis are lulzcows. Pic related.


no vallhalla, thor, odin, RAHOWA, helicopter…you have to expand and diversify. Don't forget literally password123 and its variations as well as the long list of birthday dates and dog names, with their 1337 variants… nazis don't even use slogans for passwords.
Cryptpad link don't even work bro or i would add you some terms just for the lulz. There are a lot of old stormfront+related pw dumps that you could scrape as well even on wikileaks.


>There are a lot of old stormfront+related pw dumps that you could scrape as well even on wikileaks
Thanks. I'll grab those and sort foremost common used. L337ing, etc will be done when mutated but point is to keep list small as you can check accounts very very quickly.

This is all cart before horse and its only one idea I'm working on if we findcraidable spaces. we first need to discover and consider far right sites. Do they not have their own raddle.me? A video streaming service? There was before a lot of nazi streamers who got booted from YT and Twich.


T. pol


File: 1630733975707.png ( 36.07 KB , 200x200 , ClipboardImage.png )

Looking in to Gab.com.It's basically pol-twitter.
There is a lot of users seemingly, lots of Qfags which could be hilarious.
It has some kind of API which may be very useful and that as I now have an account to play with I'll attempt to see how it can be used for megalulz. Here are some links to that:
https://github.com/miscavage/gab.com - An easy to use Node.js wrapper for the Gab.com API with no dependencies.
https://github.com/search?q=%22gab.com%22 All sorts of related things.


File: 1630755551895.jpg ( 42.13 KB , 425x599 , MoralfagsZ.jpg )

/i/ in any form never was poltical.
Politics or activism in /i/ have always caused the death of it.
>we aur onynmyous we forgit forfave nevar
It is pretty sad to see that /i/nsurgents are completely missing from the internet, you guys will see how you die. It is supposed to happen like that always.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST - stop derailing the thread)


We should raid Rumble.com and it's comment sections.


Are you fucking stupid or are u just derailing?
You can choose to pretend we are not political if you like but were on leftypol. Retard.
For all your sperging tou refuse to address that the right consistently are the funniest people to wind up, with as mentioned the funniest classic raids literally being of these types.
I thought I'd be nice and properly explain to you now please repay in kind and go the fuck back, faggit.
Can you explain this site to me, anon? Looks like a pretty vanilla youtube clone with benign normie things. What's interesting about it?



We should nuke them weekly


It's full of boomers and raiding will lead to many TrueCapitalistRadio tier meltdowns.


What site is it?




Whst are the lulziest groupnof creators or a five users there, anon.


How is this political? How would raiding some literally who board help us attain primary socialist goal of abolishing private, property, age of consent and white privelege?


File: 1630860568085.jpeg ( 17.44 KB , 474x266 , download.jpeg )

Because pissing off right wingers is god damn funny. It's much in the same vein as smashing a window for agitprop. Say what you want but it works. Riot porn is part of why im a leftist today.


>Say what you want but it works.
> Riot porn is part of why im a leftist today.
So you became a leftist because you want to overthrow the US government?


Isn't the whole point of being a leftist to over throw the USG? lol.


They don't allow TOR and a bunch of VPNs are banned, they are 4chan-lite even in that.


But how would you accomplish that by posting on some literally who website?
How exactly do you think you will achieve your goal of overthrowing United States Government?


CC is the same way. Really this begs the question: How do we even go about raiding places like this? We might have to go back to the drawing board on raids and raids aren't what they used to be 10 or even 5 years ago.


>Epik, host of 8chan, TheDonald, Gab, Parler, The Daily Stormer, Oathkeeper website and the Proudboy has been hacked, the domain information has been released. Anonymous has claimed responsibility for the hack. The hack seems to be legitimate and people have started releasing data.
If we get some Usr;Email;Pswd info dumped we could use it to cause more damage and pivot and invade other spaces for example.
Is anyone keeing eyes on these releases and checked out the dumps yet?


I haven't actually seen the dumps. Post them and I will comb through them.


How do you accomplish anything? One step at a time.


Thanks for a nothing answer.

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