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5th Edition: Real succdem hour edition

Discuss anything on Southeast Asian politics. Elections, open orgs, Myanmar breaking apart or just random shit. There’r still dozens of us… hopefully!

Matrix room: https://matrix.to/#/!YeYeuZuLSYkegWssey:matrix.org?via=matrix.org

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Some general info to start off the thread. Plus to reduce the chance of making random threads asking for Vietnews.
>Trong’s on building socialism in Vietnam
>main party theory magazine
>party politics news


why cant Indochina federalize for god's sakes


This video! LMAO but who is this guy?


File: 1626199891696-0.png ( 327.45 KB , 597x692 , NuBS.PNG )

Tell anyone that says Singapore is cool that everyone cool has already left Singapore. Really makes you think…


Not if those pajeets commies ascended.


Cambodia never got over their /pol/ pot irredentist period. Lots of Khmer I talk to unironically think that pot did the right thing trying to rebuild the great Khmer empire but he took it too far. Laos currently still trusts their party on a path of partnership with both China and Vietnam without siding with anyone. Plus from the start Vietnam and HCM set out a path for complete ideological independence which kinda hugely hampered any attempt at federalization.


File: 1626225754948.png ( 49.94 KB , 645x973 , 1622836488857.png )

>lmao they're all maoists, who gives?

>no maoist will ever win a revolution.


Singapore has no resources -> Shut the fuck up
I swear people overseas even the people seem to think this country's success came from nothing. What people tend to forget and ignore is we were literally created precisely because of our prime location. Draw a line in seaes from the Suez to Panama. If you noticed you have to past by Singapore, congratulations you were thinking just like Raffles. Singapore has the busiest port in the whole world because of our location. I had to have foreigners tell me that their coastlines almost never had ships because mine is constantly saturated by them as they are queuing up for the port. Our port is the reason why most of the population are Chinese, as Singapore is the port of call for many migrants that are looking for work. Mines will eventually hollow out, oil fields will eventually dry up, but our port is the one resource that will never dry up, at least until the ice caps melts.

Singapore is a bastion of free market capitalism -> Shut the fuck up
How can a country that basically owns its own airline, media companies and transport services, most of the land, build and own the houses most of its citizens live in be considered a symbol of free market capitalism? Even our National Trade Union Congress does own multiple cooperatives, the most notable one being the biggest supermarket chain in the island.

Singapore is dominated by Asian values->Maybe
While those shilling the Asian values are just coping and seething from the criticism from liberals, East Asian culture is rather distinct from the West in many ways. However the people still shilling this shit in 10s to 20s in order to deter the liberals are almost always westernized Christians and arabized Muslims. That isn't to say the Buddhists and Hinduists are suddenly for liberal's shit like LGBTQ rights, but are more ambivalent or on the fence about it in a recent survey

Singapore is fascist-> Maybe
Singapore is genuinely founded on tripartitism, with our own NTUC affirming its status as cooperative to Captial rather than confrontational. Look if you think that the Nordic succdems' tripartitism makes them fascist then sure so are we.

Free feel to tell me any impressions of Singapore and I will do my best to tell if it is close to the truth or not.


Would you say that ,as a gross oversimplification of course ,that the countries in mainland SEA have been more impacted by the indian civilization compared to the chineze with the exception of vietnam ?


File: 1626293981959.jpg ( 11.99 KB , 225x255 , 13b3218c3908c975d67265e212….jpg )

You have to ask the natives of the region since I am part of the regional Chinese minority >.>


You are gonna have to be more specific about what is a 'pro-democracy movement'. 40% did not vote against PAP last year because they were 'pro-democracy' but for a slew of reasons.


How have things been going in Indonesia? I know a lot of anons were posting about the radicalization of their labor movement recently, has the worker's movement grown in the wake of Covid neoliberalism?


Im just saying its better to have a nationalized capitalist economy than the washington census forced down your country's throat and common foli bearing the cost


File: 1626308255058.jpg ( 74.82 KB , 676x680 , singapore funky place.jpg )



reminiscent of when Parliament discussed the legality of bartop dancing back in 2003
>If you want to dance on a bar top, some of us will fall off the bar top. Some people will die as a result of liberalising bar top dancing… a young girl with a short skirt dancing on it may attract some insults from some other men, the boyfriend will start fighting and some people will die
>t. Vivian Balakrishnan


A more recent case is this guy who lives in a landed property and put up some artifacts and statue outside his house. IIRC people like his stuff and was interviewed too. But had to be clamped down by the government due to this violation of congesting the side walk. What a joke, following the letter of the law over the spirit. Could have been a lowkey museum.




How do you do, fellow dengbros?


File: 1626420710205.jpg ( 409.86 KB , 720x1298 , Screenshot_2021-07-16-14-1….jpg )

Dengoids silenced dis shithole


File: 1626425591129.jpeg ( 86.89 KB , 900x720 , DA14B1F7-C585-49B5-843B-3….jpeg )

It’s so cursed that the Golkar - the same shell party made for the sole purpose of orchestrating sham elections for Suharto under the new order, are now ardent shills for China. The fact that makes it even more hilarious is that the PDI-P is somehow a “center-left” party in Indonesia.
>pic related
Have Tsien Long started on having a successor or is that still behind close doors?


iirc Heng Swee Keat was tapped as successor, but they waffled on that recently, supposedly due to Lee wanting to steer the ship outta the pandemic or somesuch reason. As I understand there isn't a clear successor right now, with lots of speculation around three possible picks


>The fact that makes it even more hilarious is that the PDI-P is somehow a “center-left” party in Indonesia.
<It isn't. Left wing of neoliberalism, of course.


File: 1626438661976-0.jpg ( 341.26 KB , 720x1500 , Screenshot_2021-07-16-19-2….jpg )

File: 1626438661976-1.jpg ( 499.95 KB , 720x2011 , Screenshot_2021-07-16-19-2….jpg )

File: 1626438661976-2.jpg ( 406.28 KB , 720x1982 , Screenshot_2021-07-16-19-2….jpg )

Even PDIP leader shilling for dengbros

For a note, there's no remnants of any left wing movements that posses imminent threat to the government & the oligarchs.


File: 1626439360062.jpg ( 102.84 KB , 1280x720 , maxresdefault.jpg )

assuming the pandemic didn't end and indonesia did collapsed by 2030 because of it, i'm going to refer prabowo as a prophet from now on


File: 1626441598296.jpg ( 51.72 KB , 718x344 , IMG_20210613_202303.jpg )

>assuming the pandemic didn't end and indonesia did collapsed by 2030 because of it, i'm going to refer prabowo as a prophet from now on


File: 1626447759859.jpg ( 67.9 KB , 750x783 , 56vpb7tifib71[1].jpg )

this guy is from the islamist PAS, btw
rough translation: let us set our strategy to defeat covid like stalin defeated hitler's armies at stalingrad […]


File: 1626458945578.mp4 ( 2.73 MB , 1280x720 , Lie.mp4 )

Lmao Heng Swee Keat was the heir apparent, but he was shuffled to THE battleground GRC in order to pressure the locals to not vote Workers Party. Yet he took L after L. And finally the % in that area dropped even further. He almost lost it.

So now he suddenly has health complications (that he already had before) so he wants to step down. But probably his internal rivals are using the 2020 defeat to get rid of him.

I kinda like him compared to the Kee motherfucking Chiu. He was the best they got since he was pushing for more relief for the people in the pandemic. East Coast is definitely gonna flip now


wtf PAS is based?


File: 1626513821890.jpeg ( 60.41 KB , 640x852 , D6CFD447-FA1D-4995-9161-D….jpeg )

>his holiness Mr Xi Jinping
This shit is beyond parody. It would be so hilarious if Deng beetles on the board started to venerate Suharto and modern Indonesia is socialism whereas China is communism.
Prabowo is such a meme. He’s like what happens if Trump and a deathsquad leader have a kid together.


File: 1626514356449.png ( 1.08 MB , 1280x720 , pray for xi.png )



File: 1626524453140.jpg ( 74.08 KB , 640x481 , 33333333333333333.jpg )

>his holiness
this is how people used to refer (sort of) to soekarno and soedirman and probably other important people during the early days of indonesia. not sure why megawati still do it tho.


File: 1626526457998.jpg ( 25.82 KB , 665x461 , The Smiling Emperor.jpg )

Same energy, the Smiling General & the Smiling Emperor


Prolly just exaggerating greetings


The PRC’s cult of personality for still living people is so weird from the outside. Every single people from Mao onwards have their own system of ideology even for old crypto-neoliberal asshole like Jiang Zemin. Especially from other SES countries.
Even the DPRK never had a school of thought made up with every new leader and over there they have the Kims to be a country figurehead. Here the school of Ho Chi Minh thought was a relatively new thing that only came about in the 90s as a rallying for Đổi Mới. The politburo was extremely reserved in implementing it too because Uncle Ho’s writing was more about party structure, the party’s policies in the position as the people’s vanguard and general decision making that is very specific for the historical conditions of the country. In the end, even the veneration toward him is still somewhat limited to the country’s founding father similar to Lenin which happened 30 years after his death. Cuba is also similar as Fidel is only considered a great revolutionary and a prolific statesman while the party still sticks to the ideological line of Marxist - Leninism in combination Jose Marti’s thoughts line.


File: 1626528227983.png ( 1.16 MB , 1668x2224 , SEA future.png )

Cope & seethe, retard

This is a map of Asia in the aftermath of a highly unlikely Conventional World War III (Nuclear weapons wouldn’t be used by either side for obvious reasons) between Dengist China/Putinist Russia and their allies (the DPRK, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, the other CSTO states, Cuba, Venezuela, etc.) and the U$ and it’s allies (The other NATO states, the GUAM states, the GCC states, Israel, India, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, the RIO pact states, etc.). This will probably never happen because Dengist China/Putinist Russia and their Capitalist elites are fully integrated in the Global Capitalist Economy (ie. Dengist China is a sweatshop for the U$, Putinist Russia is a gas station for the EU, the Russian Oligarchs and Chinese “Communist” billionaires have second homes in the U$ and EU, Chinese Companies are listed on the NYSE, and U$ hedge funds are invested in both Dengist China and Putinist Russia, etc.). However, it’s still an interesting thought experiment to analyze how badly Dengist China/Putinist Russia would be defeated in a hypothetical Conventional World War III. As you can see from the Balkanization of Dengist China and its allies in Asia (ie. Iran, Pakistan, DPRK, etc.), it is a epic defeat for the Capitalist, Imperialist, and Fascist state of Dengist China, due to the vast conventional supremacy of the U$ military (ie. F-22/35 Stealth fighters, B-2 Stealth Bombers, B-52s with ALCMs, 20 Aircraft Carriers, 92 Destroyers/Cruisers with Tomahawk cruise missiles, Patriot/Thaad/Aegis ABMs, etc.) that would absolutely crush the Knock-off toy military of Dengist China, LOL. Take this as a friendly reminder from a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist that any “Communist” taking sides in Inter-Imperialist conflicts and believing that “Daddy Xi” is going to deliver them “Socialism” is a blithering idiot, who is for all intents and purposes a Neoliberal, Neoconservative, Fascist with “Chinese“ characteristics, LMAO. The only Socialist forces in the world today are the Maoist rebels engaging in ongoing Protracted People’s Wars in India, the Philippines, Turkey, and Peru. DOWN WITH U$, EUROPEAN, RUSSIAN, AND CHINESE IMPERIALISM! DOWN WITH CAPITALISM, LIBERALISM, FASCISM, AND REVISIONISM! LONG LIVE THE PROTRACTED PEOPLES WARS IN INDIA, THE PHILLIPINES, TURKEY, AMD PERU! LONG LIVE MARXISM-LENINISM-MAOISM! WORKERS AND OPRESSED NATIONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!


Stop crying and shitting


Gotta be king lear, LOL


File: 1626528759631.jpg ( 33.73 KB , 497x290 , IMG_20210606_211924.jpg )

>Stop crying and shitting


File: 1626528928142.jpg ( 22.93 KB , 228x214 , IMG_20210717_203516.jpg )

>Gotta be king lear, LOL


Every time. Looking like maximum autism to me. I love how the DPRK and Cuba is somehow and ally to China while Vietnam is an ally to the US even when all three never subscribed to such binary notion.
It’s incredible how you can even make Mautism looks worse than it already is.


File: 1626539550115.jpg ( 17.23 KB , 720x463 , ecd4e5ef4b630fabd8c0677d97….jpg )

Sir, this is a /SEA/


How would you solve the Spratley island situation /SEA/?


Give it all to Serbia


Don't give to China or Taiwan.


Give them to me


>He insults the cult of glorious & inspiring leader, chairman Jiang Zemin
>He doesn't appreciate Jiang's genius & immortal contribution of the *IMPORTANT* thought of three Represents to Marxism-Leninism
>He unironically doesn't call himself a Jiangist???



Probably the best realistic solution would be a joint venture between SEA and China. Which was a possibility since both China and Vietnam had it on the table up to 2014, when China just go full military action and colonization on the area, leading to the relationship hitting near-rock bottom. Of course it’s the breaking point after a steady decline due to terrible joint investment ventures, economic sabotage and busting of spies.

Speaking on the subject, it seems like Duterte and his administration are extremely split on what to do on the stance with or against China. This makes me wonder what does the average Dutertites think of this. Do they think that simping for China is a good thing or this is 9000-dimensional chess Duterte is playing?


Can a Vietnamese Anon (If any of you are still here) explain how Vietnam / the CPV works?
Like elections and so on.
Do you think there legit?
Why are there independent members of the legislature? Is it reserved seating for ethnic minorities or controlled op or something?


>Can a Vietnamese Anon (If any of you are still here) explain how Vietnam / the CPV works?
A one party welfare state. But that doesn’t mean there’s only one political organization within the country. Both the fatherland front and the confederation of labor serve as other political bodies for non-communist left nationalist and workers respectively. The CPV works like any other communist party with democratic centralism. The main body is constituted from smaller local orgs within many organizations within the country like state apparatus, private companies, campuses and municipal bodies. You vote people from your local orgs to participate in elections of larger bodies toward voting in the politburo.
>Like elections and so on. Do you think there legit?
There’s two levels of voting. Party voting for the aforementioned local and central committee which limited for party members of course. And national vote for the National Assembly in which everyone is allow to participate.
The party voting certainly has a lot of power play and realpolitik involved but that’s a certainty. However most of the time you have to walk the walk and talk the talk in order to get higher than provincial positions. The requirements are extremely stringent, any signs of deep opportunism are rooted out before the central committee voting procedures. As the party learned that lesson the hard way after a Chinese agent almost got to the position of general secretary. National elections however is hampered by people not caring about who they vote for. Younger generations don’t even care for reading personal biographies, accomplishments, policy programs or even how theoretically knowledge of their chosen candidates which sucks.
>Why are there independent members of the legislature?
Due to the complex history of Vietnam right after reunification. We used to have three different leftist parties before they were reunited with the CPV during the complete blockade years in the 80s. It was a paranoid time when US and PRC funded contras constantly infiltrate the country so having multiple parties was seen as a liability. Not only that, the groups that supported reunification wasn’t only the communists but also the patriotic religious groups. They used to be apart of the southern government but then grew against them once that puppet government revealed itself to be completely under the US’ thumb. On the other hand, ethnic secessionists (mostly ARVN veterans) wasn’t put down by arms but by peaceful reconciliation so they’re now part of the fatherland front. In fact one of the most notorious leaders of FULRO was later reformed by the government and now serving as on of the more pivotal people in the efforts of modernization in the western highlands.
>Is it reserved seating for ethnic minorities or controlled op or something?
For non-communist labor organizers, ethnic minorities, and religious leaders. Yes


File: 1626720063901.jpg ( 338.47 KB , 1016x774 , 266df6beb5e44d82a000cf0e9b….jpg )

>Chinese perverts spread COV-19 in sleazy bars and KTV, restarting the lockdown
>Some kid literally got slashed to death with an axe in a neighborhood school
>PSP having some kind of internal crisis over CECA
Happy Hari Raya Haji anyway


Happy Eid Al Adha, we ought to sacrificing porkies more than just camels, cows, or lambs.

The real essense of it is to remove lust for greed. Porkies shilling for greed.



thx for answering.
Do you think Vietnam could still be considered socialist in this moment? (Obviously in the transitionary / state-capitalist sense of 'A marxist government developing productive forces and addressing social-needs' etc etc etc)


>Vietnam could still be considered socialist in this moment?
The country? No. The party? Yes. See the Nguyễn Phú Trọng speech on building socialism for a more in-depth analysis. >>374639

In all current or past documents, the party has never mentioned that it has reached socialism. Even during the planned economy phase it’s only “building toward socialism” (nobody wants to repeat Cornholio’s mistake). I share the same sentiment. Both because the private sector’s huge role in the country right now and even if Vietnam becomes an independent, self-sufficient, cybernetically planned economy tomorrow I wouldn’t consider it socialism. Because socialism needs to be a global system and without a constant exportation of revolution, it will just be like any other commune waiting to be surrounded and destroyed but on a slightly larger scale.

On another note, my personal views isn’t popular. I can seen as the far left spectrum of the CPV, something that in modern times mocked as “overtly Bolshevik”.


File: 1626785826619.mp4 ( 13.57 MB , 480x480 , KTV.mp4 )

Interesting thing about the new cluster in Singapore is that it started in the the infamous Golden Mile Complex, a gateway to SEA. Buses to Malaysia and Thailand stops there, Vietnamese and Thai shops and restaurants (Mookata is overrated as fuck) and the clubs all have Vietnamese hostesses.

Also that kid that got slashed by axe legit died. RIP.


>Vietnamese hostesses
Fancier term for prostitutes. It’s so fucking annoying that finding a legit massage parlors here is basically impossible. You either have the fake ones that is basically cheap prostitute rings or the place that is prohibitively expensive that usually reserved for women.
>the axe kid is only 16 and had tried to kill himself in 2019
Christ on a bike. What’s with the young mental issues in the youth and Singapore? Seems like youth suicides over there is high too. First time I’ve ever heard of something like this.


>started in the the infamous Golden Mile Complex
I was hearing that it was first detected there, but likely came in through the fishery port, where another, linked cluster was detected shortly after. Anyway, time for fucking Lockdown 3: We're Not Calling It That.
>What’s with the young mental issues in the youth and Singapore
If I had to guess, basically two things crashing together for maximum shit: a pressure cooker educational system, and general lack of awareness/understanding of mental health issues (friends who've been admitted tell me the Institute of Mental Health is… lacking). The usual result is a student killing themselves every few years due to less-than-stellar exam results. First I've heard of someone taking an axe to another student, though.


You're an actual Vietnamese? Based

What do your countrymen think about Marxism? And China?


I won’t be surprised if the kid had a manifesto


If he had one, he probably wouldn’t kill a random younger kid he never knew in a bathroom. It doesn’t seem like a school murderer’s MO to do so.
It’s hard to generalize people but most don’t care much about politics. The days of high revolutionary spirit is long gone. Vietnam currently has a similar mentality to most of SEA in the “gibb me that” politics. People just want their welfare and good livelihood, that’s it. For people who know of Marxism there’s two big sides: full dengist-tier socdems that genuinely believes in building socialism and leftnats that use it to justify market reforms.

For, China it’s a love/hate relationship. They’re one of our biggest economic partners, but they’re also the biggest economic saboteurs. However the territorial schism has made it leaning more toward hate.


If China did nuke japs later, what can SEA learn from the happening? Will it affect us, the radiation & nuclear impact from them? Will be a tsunami or similar catastrophes?


Wouldn't China get affected by the fallout than us? Japan is pretty far away.


Another shitty paper tiger move from the resident flip-flop President. He did it before 3 years ago, no one cares. Duterte is like Trump, all bark no bite. Their fans are also similar in that they genuinely wish for a dynastic dictatorship for their favorite candidate.


To any Singaporean (or Malay if none are here) Anon here.

Is the meme true that your country is basically 'Le horrific cyberpunk dystopia' thats basically has all its major infrastructure owned by one company?


Kinda-sorta not really? We got hit hard by the neoliberal bug, but we still retain some social democratic features. Major infrastructure (if I remember correctly) remains in the State's hands. Maybe South Korean chaebols are closer to what you're thinking of.


>(or Malay if none are here)
The correct term is Malaysian. Ethnic Chinese and Malay both live in Singapore and Malaysia.

>thats basically has all its major infrastructure owned by one company?

Yea if that company is named Temasek Holdings or something. Government does own a lot of major infrastructure. We even renationalized our railways after that disaster. We are the closet IRL to a cyberpunk dystopia, but not the 'everything is owned by corporations' element of it


Really hoping Singapore wins at least one gold medal this time.


Fuck the nips and the chinks, as a Korean we're honorary SEAsian


>as a Korean we're honorary SEAsian
With all the rape children you leave here after the war, you probably could consider that. Also what’s the deal with the cult problems in Korea? I pretty much haven’t seen even one charity program from over there that aren’t insane evangelical cults.


I'd imagine a desire for an alternative to the hyper capitalist hell means cults are popular


Can anyone clarify if Laos considers itself a socialist country? What is their position regarding Vietnam and China? How is the economy?

Also what's the situation of leftist movements on Indonesia? I heard that the communist party was very popular until they all got killed by CIA.


File: 1627226821576.jpg ( 45.1 KB , 577x433 , 1577643093462.jpg )

>industrial powerhouse
>Not a flyover region
>no native Chinese diaspora that you look down and/or wary of
>Excellence in Olympic sports like archery
>Cold as fuck
>People outside of the region actually care and like your culture
I am sorry, but Worst Korea can't be one of us. Fuck Seoul, worst city I ever visited. Grey as fuck buildings, endorsement advertisements and people who unironically look the same everywhere make me feel me undergo some kind of derealization


touch some grass bro


>east turkestan
>independent tibet
>republic of china


Scroll up


>For, China it’s a love/hate relationship. They’re one of our biggest economic partners, but they’re also the biggest economic saboteurs. However the territorial schism has made it leaning more toward hate.
Then why spend day in day out dabbing on dengbros?


Because SEAsian has met and dealt with Chinese mainlanders to know that Chinese socialism is highly overrated all the time.


Shout out to Philippines for winning their first gold.


Redpill me on the current opposition in Malaysia. Are they any good?
Because I’m not a dengoid. I’m not satisfied with another welfare democracy with red paint of today because there’s still so much to be done not only in my country but for the region as a whole. The rich still gets richer and the workers still get less. Plus the market economy has always been a capitalist influence on the country that needs to be ruled out. The end.
I mean if all ruling parties in SEA suddenly change their names to The communist party of [insert country name here] while keeping their policies of minor welfare with neoliberal characteristics intact, you Westerners would go full idiocy to wholeheartedly support them. Hell, a lot already did with Duterte when he simped for China.


PSM is pretty based and DAP is the local succdem party.


Sgbros… :(


Why isn't this thread as active as the others?


Moonies and their parallels in Korea and Japan are an actual CIA operation.
Their meant to channel hatred of capitalism into hippy trippy new age shit and praying to jesus.


There are dozens of us … dozens!


One there’s not many active posters, most just lurk around. We used to have posters from Thailand and the Philippines but they seemed to have left.
Second there’s just not many SEAnon period. We probably have at most 10 people on the thread at all time.
How’s the new lockdown measures?


Fuck the new lockdown measures. Who gives a fuck? Focus on the real problem here. Our golden boy lost before going into the semifinals.

Sian as fuck right now.


File: 1627560075634.jpg ( 48.03 KB , 600x600 , esddddddddddds.jpg )

Reminder that my country (Netherlands) tried to bleed Soekarno dry to try and turn him unfavorable in the west, and ruined the lives of many Dutch-Indonesian people that tried to show journalistic integrity about post-colonial Indonesia.

Whenever Dutch journalists would speak to him it would always be him vs us, blaming the independence war on Soekarno, when Soekarno loved the Dutch people and wanted to strengthen the severed ties.


>How’s the new lockdown measures?
I'm mostly just mad they shut the gyms again, and the convoluted assistance schemes they rolled out are a confusing mess that might net me a few hundred bucks if I even qualified.


They have did it. In the New Order government there is a strict de-Sukarnoization policy with renamings and political suppression of his family.


File: 1627621712134.jpeg ( 81.69 KB , 900x750 , 169FAB23-1894-46E7-A8B8-2….jpeg )

>Soekarno loved the Dutch people and wanted to strengthen the severed ties.
But that’s the problem. We now have the power of retrospection, and now it’s clear that decolonization must be done through revolutionary means. Independence is something you fought for with blood and sweat, not something given peacefully.
Connecting the severed ties will just make Indonesia be like any francophone countries in Africa, perpetually reliant on the neocolonialists for everything.
The will of an imperial power always goes completely against any attempt at independence. Trying to parlay with them is basically digging your own shallow grave. See the fate of Aung San in Burma. Or how the socialist were retroactively wiped from history of Malayan independence.
Soekarno’s doom was inevitable because he at heart was a social democrat that held to power through the 3 mutually hostile force (the militant Muslim, the fascist military and the electoral communists). The CIA only needed to nudge a bit and everything came falling down.


> Or how the socialist were retroactively wiped from history of Malayan independence.
Word. Anglos really fucked us over with the handling of the independence. Fuck you Anglos.


Looks like Chan O-Cha is opting for containing the news about the pandemic rather than the pandemic itself.
>Thailand implemented new regulations on Friday that appeared to broaden the government’s ability to restrict media reports and social media posts about the coronavirus pandemic, raising immediate concerns that authorities will seek to stifle criticism.
>It also gives Thai regulators the ability to force internet service providers to turn over the IP address of the person or entity distributing such news, and to “suspend the internet service to that IP address immediately.”


this Ministry of Truth shit in SEA sucks tbh.


Bump for the olympics gold


File: 1627899881924.png ( 343.58 KB , 593x766 , WON 4.png )





Still can’t believe that China lost in badminton of all things. Crazy.


smh Singapore is gonna get rekt by China tomorrow. :(


File: 1627918308083.jpg ( 236.56 KB , 1452x1331 , 1627698271402.jpg )

Indo-SIno is a cooler name than indo-china
prove me wrong


Indonesians are onto badminton and soccer.



at least it's shortstack porn


>Laos to receive Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine

Vietnam war didn't age well.




Apparently our fields aren't as wide and spacious as theirs


We got wrecked already. Couldn’t care less.
Australia will never be able to expand that outside of a LARPing hobby. The water sources over there is scarce enough as it is. Plus grain is a hugely low profit commodity. It’s not a cash crop by any mean.
>literal fat children porn
Short stack is a worse fetish than scat.


Don't know about Xi's land, but I want huge, and hi-tech equipments for doing rice paddle field in Socialist countries which depend on rice.




File: 1628255240033.jpeg ( 40.24 KB , 800x428 , 86E1C5E6-75E2-4A87-B8D5-1….jpeg )


Probably a desperate move trying to buy time for changing the constitution.


Greysia and Aprilia, both gold medalists of this year's Olympics, awarded Rp. 5B, cows, a restaurant, and a house.



File: 1628344663738.jpg ( 83.21 KB , 456x568 , IMG_20210807_205029.jpg )



File: 1628344946236.jpg ( 829.08 KB , 1200x800 , E7w-3CPVIAEaYZL.jpg )

what the hell is wrong with malaysian politics lately


File: 1628345161142-0.jpg ( 383.21 KB , 719x1118 , Blessed rant.jpg )

File: 1628345161142-1.jpg ( 388.49 KB , 720x1113 , Blessed rant 2.jpg )

<Inb4 reddit GameStop was based
<Yes and? All social media are cesspool, so?
>Every time. Looking like maximum autism to me. I love how the DPRK and Cuba is somehow and ally to China while Vietnam is an ally to the US even when all three never subscribed to such binary notion.
<Sure thing, retard
>It’s incredible how you can even make Mautism looks worse than it already is.
<Dengoids never realize their autism apparently


File: 1628346353605.jpg ( 102.32 KB , 1242x1394 , a80.jpg )

>touch some grass bro
<Maoists always in jungle, retard spoiled urbanites soy


File: 1628346764877.jpg ( 62.82 KB , 295x472 , IMG_20210715_075422.jpg )

>>east turkestan
>>independent tibet
>>republic of china
Don't call it a grave, it's the future you chose


It's no surprise, just another distraction tactics to divert current conflicts.


Umm… what the heck do you mean???


>i will not sell
then why did you buy stocks


Pandemic mismanagement and the government is collapsing.


Who the heck are you? And are you even from SEA?


where the SEA politics at



Why has this thread gone into a backwater, a sleepy one I guess, with no activity despite this being 12:25PM in my place right here?


Question, how is Vietnam viewed by the Rest of South East Asia(specially Malaysia and Indonesia) I remember reading Lee Kwan Yew's book where the popular serotypes about the Vietnamese was that they were militaristic and arrogant after defeating the Americans and Chinese


>Indonesian here
They are none other than our neighbors, we never antagonized them, in fact we indirectly supported Vietnam by acting harsh against China on the SCS issue (in other words we and Vietnam oppose China's SCS ambitions, we have the same stance)


Yes but how are Vietnamese people viewed here, what's the Stereotype


File: 1628403911421.jpeg ( 168.55 KB , 1024x544 , 4a332b195e5909a7cb46d762d….jpeg )

>Who the heck are you? And are you even from SEA?


File: 1628405017578.jpg ( 214.66 KB , 720x961 , SEA stereotype.jpg )



File: 1628405289407.jpg ( 68.67 KB , 447x453 , 1585718182368.jpg )

>Things could have been different!

There I summarized the politics of the SEA Left. Honestly there isn't much to discuss because most of the antics done by political actors in the region aren't based on any political ideology, they just do what they feel like it.


Not even a dengoid but isn’t reddit are full of them lately? GenZedong is basically a dengist hive.
Squatting in the local park isn’t guerrilla war bro.


Kind of a big teeter totter. Internationally no country want to pick sides because the concurrent arraignment is so profitable. Domestically it’s a constant tug of war between the liberals and the socdems. Liberals introduce some retarded market reforms, immediate pushback happens, then the socdems have to come out to appease the masses.
Last time it happened here was when a bunch of people in the National Assembly try vouch for more liberal labor laws and extension to retirement age.
How’s the vaccine coverage rate now?


>Indonesia is brazil tier
Well except in Leftypol, where I'm the sole indonesian here I guess…


Oh, good question. We treat them as your usual netizens, not acting like retards.




Virtually all of Indonesia's major parties are rooting for China, even its Muslim organizations follow suit by visiting Xinjiang. Which is kind of based.


The whole thing with Xinjiang was bullshit anyway. The camps are so much less brutal than the Japanese interment camps in ww2 and the current camps for migrants. China just has bad PR.


IKR! Even one leader said that those camps are like your usual pesantren (Islamic schools).


Very poor, i think they hit 1 million infected?


Indonesia is at 8.5%


Why isn't there Singapore on that list?


Nobody cares about us :(


lol 😏


They should be in Nguyen tier btw


I hate that you're right. As much I hate Muhyiddin it's not clear that he actually believes in anything other than being in office. I suspect it's the same for Filipinos and Indonesians as well.


Recently there’s a trend here called #DayaRusakJokowiLuarBiasa, it’s basically calling out Jokowi’s failures during the presidency. Indonesia actually became more conservative and nationalistic as time passes (to appease boomer Muslim ulemas), but at least he banned FPI last December though.


Same. Probably gonna get my 2nd shot next week. Working at a quarantine center now.
It so annoying that most Vietnamese people only have a presence on fedbook. That site sucks ass.
Are there any Indonesian image boards?


So far none. My friends only used Instagram and Line most of the time (Line is mostly for school stuff), my mom has a Facebook account (she’s born in 1976), and some of my friends used Twitter too. I don’t know if some of them used Reddit, and they definitely don’t use Kaskus (a local forum). None of my friends used 4chan, nor they know anything about it, let alone Leftypol. There are currently no Indonesian image boards (formerly there is Indochan but since it has long been dead).


I’m getting my shot later this year (I contracted Covid, and it takes approximately 8 weeks before you can get vaxxed).


How’s the symptoms for you? Recently I heard of an entire family in the province I’m work dying of covid with the matriarch stricken with survivor’s guilt. Depressing shit.
The only Vietnamese image board I knew of died with 8chan. Comfy place.


I just got flu like-symptoms, but the first night of quarantine riddled me with headache, and slight muscle pains came thereafter. I have no difficulty breathing.




Clearly not Malaysia lmao


I am celebrating mine right now. Woooo Singapore woooo.


Yep! A big shoutout to you!

Eight days left and it's mine!


I dont care for it anyway. It is pretty bullshit.


File: 1628585282742.jpeg ( 266.06 KB , 959x959 , 65C10A2C-FDEC-46D9-816A-7….jpeg )

Apparently the restrictions and lockdowns are making people go insane with depression.
>mfw I haven’t had actual socializing years before the pandemic
>mfw I don’t even have fedbook so doomscrolling is never a problem


You guys still around?


Well hello there


What's good


File: 1628682137021.jpeg ( 53.41 KB , 717x1001 , 3E3B4A0A-E384-4983-B239-E….jpeg )

Reminder that we have a separate matrix room for regroupment in case the board split again due to mod autism:


This. Especially VietAnon, get in here!


Not to forget your fellow red-and-white poster! Guess I'm the only Indonesian here…



Already there bro


File: 1628771875010.jpg ( 179.02 KB , 1080x1350 , VIETNAMAMERICA.jpg )



Funny because phúc is one of the more economic driven person on the central committee and the politburo. His last tenure as the PM was all about pulling in more international investment. He was famous for his program of cementing the role of Assistance Governance of which the government only takes the role of guiding the market economy.
Another fun fact is that his policies stemmed from his education in economic management in the National University of Singapore.



thought this article might be interesting for Debbs who wrote about this same topic for new multitude


Cases update (8/13)
Total: 3804943
Recovered: 3289718
Deaths: 115096






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>in case the board split again due to mod autism

i know this post is from years ago. but what makes you guys think that the board is going to split again ?

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