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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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A vote has passed in the congress to establish a right wing debate general to argue against right wing talking points and keep them from leaking out onto the rest of the board. From this point on all right wing discussion points should be confined to this thread and this thread will be used for debunking them and generally punching rightoids in the dick. All right wing nonsense posted outside of this thread will be subject to a deletion hence forth if deemed necessary.
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>is the op pic meant to demoralize them
considering that it's a skull of a nazi - yes

it's cool and edgy to carry insignia with a skull - until it dawns on you that it was your skull all along lol


File: 1674178773934.jpg ( 98.56 KB , 1024x976 , Moving.jpg )

I'm honestly ignorant about these phenomenon, so if someone wants to explain or guide me towards resources to better understand them, I'd be glad to take a look.


Gentrification is when wealthy people come to town and jack up the cost of living for everyone else due to real estate speculation. Most white people aren't wealthy. White flight is when working-class whites with enough financial assets to relocate leave an area that is being deindustrialized by capitalists who have abandoned the area to seek cheaper labor elsewhere.


How does the shortcomings in Engel's analysis of indigenous civilizations(including outdated ideas on how "savage" these populations were, along with other outdated ideas on measuring their intelligence) affect how we should view his further findings today?


File: 1675758805356.pdf ( 7.68 MB , 212x300 , HOW THE WORLD WORKS.pdf )

The noble savage idea has to be canned.

There is also the idea that hunter gatherer societies were all egalitarian primitive communism. Some of them were but others definitely were not.

<How the world works

<The story of human labor from prehistory to the modern day
by Paul Cockshott

does a better job of describing early human society


Why did the Politburo deny the kolkhozy access to seed loans in 1932? They seemed well aware that the collective farms had no seed to plant after already having to deal with poor quality soil, so this makes no sense to me. What context justifies this?


File: 1675909830354-0.png ( 28.1 KB , 200x200 , image.png )

File: 1675909830354-1.png ( 540.4 KB , 864x573 , image.png )

File: 1675909830354-2.png ( 28.1 KB , 200x200 , image.png )

>nationalization for the good of the people
Explain how that's any different from what a social democrat would tell me.


any division other than class is antimaterialist and retarded, putting poor jews in camps isnt gonna magically bring about communism retard


>He thinks Nazis had an economy based on need and not profit.

God damn Nazis are stupid.


File: 1678136555037.png ( 37.34 KB , 700x540 , you_are_not_my_comrade.png )


that's euphemism… buuuut, there's a small chance they can change their world views(if they choose to interact with communists for some reason).
it would probably be like this: nazi -> nazbol -> (actual bolshevism) -> marxism(hopefully) -> whatever far-left/radical left stuff


>implying nazbol is a political current instead of a fringe political party that existed in Russia from 1994 to 2005

>implying bolsheviks weren't Marxist

>implying there's a higher stage of leftism than marxism

You need to have a combat-liberalism struggle session


You're hung up on historical fart huffing. Just because something existed in the past doesn't mean it cannot be reborn again currently with adopted and borrowed ideology and aesthetics as a new thing.


>While we recognize that in the general development of history the material determines the mental and social being determines social consciousness, we also - and indeed must - recognize the reaction of mental on material things, of social consciousness on social being and of the superstructure on the economic base. This does not go against materialism; on the contrary, it avoids mechanical materialism and firmly upholds dialectical materialism.
I finally found the answer to my question. You helped me less than I expected.
I suspect this >>463361 and this >>463385 anon are either glowies or just people who learned about communism through Youtube videos.


File: 1678222705111.png ( 124.2 KB , 272x272 , lenin_with_plushie.png )

>implying there's a higher stage of leftism than marxism
I think there is actually, since marxism is always being destroyed by the US(so marxism isn't working because of the US), unlike Juche, the only one that is actually still alive and the imperialism of the US proved unable obliterate it.
I believe that marxism-leninism needs an update, specifically regarding technology, such as replacing proprietary software with free(https://www.fsf.org/about/what-is-free-software) software, since using proprietary software only helps the technology bourgeoisie(big tech, companies, etc), and also expropriating all proprietary software/hardware from the tech bourgeoisie, making source code/hardware designs accessible for everyone and forcefully copylefted forever, so the people have power over their own computing- not companies, thus making the tech bourgeoisie lose everything and cease to exist(imagine a world where facebook(meta), twitter, intel, alphabet and etc doesn't exist because they have been violently expropriated).
>You need to have a combat-liberalism struggle session
I suppose I do, I want to understand deeply this kind of stuff, so I still have much to read.


>I think there is actually, since marxism is always being destroyed by the US(so marxism isn't working because of the US), unlike Juche, the only one that is actually still alive and the imperialism of the US proved unable obliterate it.
I think that's only true for a historically finite period roughly from 1990 to 2030. After the sunset of the US empire, there's not going to be a capitalist power that can just kill off the formation of new socialist countries.

>I believe that marxism-leninism needs an update, specifically regarding technology, such as replacing proprietary software with freesoftware

That's true
>and also expropriating all proprietary software/hardware from the tech bourgeoisie, making source code/hardware designs accessible for everyone and forcefully copylefted forever
I agree in principle, but the development model shapes how tech is build and structured.
I wonder if it's not better to slowly phase out proprietary tech and move to opensource tech that's purposefully designed to be open. You know there is a consideration of how much technical debt people are willing to put up with, when switching the development model.


File: 1679970360925.jpg ( 234.16 KB , 2147x1252 , d21310bdec54cee6c95f412b62….jpg )

一見 何の変哲もない古い屋敷
ただ その一室からは 毎夜毎晩

震えて眠れ 明日はもうないさ


夜 残酷な時 悪魔は笑い
神々悶え 人形は泣き
元に戻せと 今日も叫ぶ
(You shall never return home ha! ha!)

震えて眠れ 明日はもうないさ
La la la la la
La la la la la…


File: 1679970511063.jpg ( 248.59 KB , 891x757 , 15517_photo.jpg )


神と悪魔の 洗礼を受けた


叫べよい 今すぐに
終わりなき処刑 地獄への扉


File: 1679970631394.jpg ( 12.02 KB , 300x298 , 35309.jpg )

Lovely, bloody, storm in night
In the lovely, bloody, STORMY NIGHT

Oh! 悩ましく囁く声が
Lovely, bloody, storm in night
In the lovely, bloody, STORMY NIGHT

吸いつくす おもあえの生き血を
溶けてゆく ふたつの炎が
Lovely, bloody, storm in night
In the lovely, bloody, STORMY NIGHT
Lovely, bloody, storm in night
In the lovely, bloody, STORMY NIGHT

悪魔 悪魔
三首の竜 天に舞ゆ


腐った あ、頭を ぶ、ぶちこわせ
尖った ナ、ナイフで
血の海 飲み干せ
I will kill you

悪魔が来たりて 目玉が砕けた

狂った ド、ドリルで
舌を抜け 鼻をそげ
爪をはげ はげ はげ はげ
毒の粉 世界に ぶちまけ



File: 1679970784753.jpg ( 8.78 KB , 262x215 , 36622_artist.jpg )

数えきれぬ女を Fascination
宴の主役集めて All right
今宵の火遊びは Conjuration
ひとときの夢ときめかせ Hold tight

胸の谷間に赤いバラ (Fall into the trap)
ワイン片手に血まつりだ (Calling down the help)
Hey! Hey! Hey! Enjoy forever

Woo Flowing like a burnin' blood

お前らの行く先は Cancellation
夢の続き見せてやる Good night

俺の胸に刻まれた (Slowly going mad)
"愛"という名の文字はない (Only glowing sad)
Hey! Hey! Hey! Sleep forever

Burnin' up, have no pities 焼き付くせ
Burnin' up, all the ladies 焼き付くせ
また一人少女が Laid down

胸の谷間に赤いバラ (Fall into the trap)
ワイン片手に血まつりだ (Calling down the help)
Hey! Hey! Hey! Enjoy forever
Hey! Hey! Hey! Scream forever

Burnin' up, have no pities 焼き付くせ
Burnin' up, all the ladies 焼き付くせ
Burnin' up, have no pities 焼き付くせ
Burnin' up, all the cities 焼き付くせ
燃える街 背にして
Burnin' up, have no pities 焼き付くせ
Burnin' up, all the ladies 焼き付くせ
Burnin' up……


I think raping all blacks should not only be supported but legal.


We love blacks here sir


Sure thing, timmy.


Yes yesss… now be a good little trayvon and get on all four.


File: 1681728333934.png ( 161.6 KB , 359x418 , flowers.png )

Have you tried to offer her some flowers instead ?


File: 1683590896593.mp4 ( 5.96 MB , 854x1518 , vvJ1LMu.mp4 )

why is left better than right

aren't they two sides of the same coin and two opposing sides which complement and balance out each other?


left is only better than right when it has something to offer since it tends to be progressive
todays left currently offers us nothing of the sort, it gave up on postcapitalism and cant go beyond le culture war
it might change in the future but all we have now are different varieties of the right, even among so-called leftists
in general the rightist perspective can be valuable and shouldnt be dismissed outright but as a politics it always leads to nothing but stagnation, decadence and war
leftist politics seems to be more like a coinflip in this regard


How do right-wingers reconcile the connections between elite pedophile ring cases and international, right-wing, anti-communist, parapolitical networks?
International fascism was provably supported by the glowies and real elite throughout the cold war. The most generous interpretation of the relationship I can come up with is that you fascists were useful idiots who were discarded when you were no longer useful, much like how the New Left in the 20th century were anti-communist controlled opposition, who are now open supporters of the establishment, or how "wokies" are currently useful idiots for elite agendas that will be discarded when they're no longer useful.


File: 1689819578125.jpg ( 1.41 MB , 1920x1200 , AsiaPyramid1920x1200.jpg )

Question for you Marxists: What do you make of Nietzsche's Parable of the Madman? It seems to me that we already have accomplished the conquest of nature, or are about to.
Also, it would seem to me (having read some of both Marx and Hegel) that Marx actually made Hegel worse. So far as I can tell, the presupposition that scientific materialism (the inversion of Hegelian metaphysics) rests upon is unmaintainable, since there are easily recognizable immaterial entities. For example, the ego, entities in formal logic, numbers, etc. (You can show me two of something, but not two itself.) You may say that these are only abstractions, but abstractions are themselves non-material. By inverting the dialectic of spirit to make it materialist, Marx made it worse.


Fred was a fag.
I'm not a Marxist but Freddy was a fag who knew nothing about anything.
Nature is nowhere near "conquered". What you call "dominating nature" is merely pretenders claiming the name of nature to sell their enclosure of the peoples' land, proletarianizing them and making us suffer.

I think what you would get out of Marx "flipping Hegel on its head", speaking charitably, is exposing it as a house of cards resting on a seemingly rational kernel, that makes a lot of sense for political thought. Marxism, despite its rhetoric, is not "the Science" - it's a political thought, not a treatise on natural philosophy. None of the Kraut philosophers really get into naturalism, and for Marx he was primarily a political and economic writer rather than suggesting a grand theory of how the world works. Hegel was an ideologist and mystic, and a terrible scientist. The German system is terrible for conducting science and intended to be so - for the Germans, science was to be commanded by the aristocracy in secret, who knew not to use the Hegeloid stuff for the real world. They literally do not have a word for science ffs.

Naturalism is in the end concerned with a mechanistic view of the world. "Vitalism" is a political language, which we ascribed to life. Biology is a sort of bastard of nature - nothing about the world suggest life emerges in a clockwork at all, or functions as a clockwork. We don't have any atomized unit of "life" that can a singular mechanism, unlike particle physics and chemistry where the atoms and units in question are few in number and their qualities simple enough to define, building off each other. Living systems are described not by form but purely by function - hence "life functions" and the development of modern systems theory to answer biological questions. It should be noted modern systems theory in biology was conceived by a Nazi scientist / German aristocrat, and the ide was picked up as a useful model for computerization in the last half of the 20th century. Cybernetics was claimed by systems thought, but strictly speaking cybernetics is just a purely mechanistic view of the world. It simply was chosen to regulate "systems", because "system" became to describe living things and their social and political arrangements. Before the rise of modern systems theory, no one really described capitalism, socialism, or theories as "the system" in the vague sense that the word is used today. "System" in the past had a much different meaning, used more in philosophy and philosophy of science for its proper purview. Society and philosophy sturbbornly refused the systems approach that had been useful in early modern science, which is why you have the difficulty with Hegel and Marx, and many of the political writers are continuing in the vein of Plato and Aristotle without any "system" as such.


So to answer your question - the "neoreactionaries" like Freddy the Faggot are the first salvo of eugenism, and the cargo cult philosophies that would be used to violently impose the creed on us. We were not going to be allowed to say no. Otherwise, these screaming faggots would have been put down like dogs and we would move on, like we have tried to before they jump in front.

I do blame Marx for a part of this, but it would have arisen if Marx were less cantankerous or remained a marginal figure (which he remained outside of Germany until WW1). He really showed how it was possible to jump in front and disrupt nascent democratic movements. It is likely the democratic movement goes nowhere unless the lower classes have their own intellectual giant, which was highly unlikely, who would have been a Marx but either of the lumpenproletariat or the working class that somehow was able to dissect philosophy. The latter were under pressure to conform to the political ideas of other classes, caught between the bourgeoisie and the lumpen. The lumpen were categorically rejected and disallowed to be philosophers, and attacked on sight if they dared escape their social rank. The Satan knew their only real threat, such as it existed, would have been someone "rising from the muck", like a Hitler but not a reactionary. Hitler was a figure selected precisely because he could be that "man from the muck" that certain sorts could believe in, and he took on board the aristocratic religion and encouraged the screaming retards to suppress the lowest class above all. That was really game and set - the vulgar energy would be claimed by the fascists and every other idea simply abandoned the people to their fate, choosing the institutions or the mother-ark to survive depopulation.

The only time such a figure could arise that really conceives of a different world in total would be now - because written words are ubiquitous and there are a lot of lumpen, like me, who have an abundance of time and some access to the idea of the aristocracy and knowledge of their mechanisms. There aren't many people like me, and I'm not leading a revolution. All I can do is be one of the fools writing down what this is, out of some sense that maybe posterity would pick it up and bastardize it. For the most part, though, any intellectual resistance is inadmissible in the present time. Many of the people have nothing but the fear of depopulation, which is now the lived reality of everyone and acutely felt where before it could have been ignored. There is far too much working against the open expression of any idea inimical to eugenics, or the suggestion that there can be anything new. The true belivers jump to attack anyone suggesting all hitherto existing ideology is a bunch of malarkey. The people in general have few places to begin, and if they did want to begin, it would begin in earnest with an understanding of eugenics, which is the only thing the ruling institutions actually believe in at this point.


File: 1690056975340.jpeg ( 52.56 KB , 618x547 , 4222r3df2rrr3MEM100723.jp….jpeg )

>Violently impose their creed on us
Didn't Communism violently impose its creed on others as well? I recall a revolution being called for, and several actually happening.

What I was getting at with Nietzsche's parable was this: in a materialist worldview, the void left by "the killing of God" will be filled…whether you want it filled or not. In his words, "What did we do when we unchained this earch from its sun? Whither is it moving now? Whither are we moving now? Away from all suns? … Is there any up or down left? Are we not straying through an infinite nothing? … What festivals of atonement, what sacred games shall we have to invent?" etc. (From the Kaufmann translation.) This is followed by the madman saying that he has come too soon.

The reason that this parable has become as well-known as it has, near as I can tell, is because it helps explain much of the modern world. Without God, a new theology of a new religion must be erected, i.e. Communism, Fascism, or the current left/right politics in Europe and America. The view of Nietzsche that sees him as a social critic, either in whole or in part, would suggest that he was opposed to the religious institutions of his time, and also warning about the possibility of the rise of things such as Communism and Fascism. It would also seem that such a view was correct, since the popular secular religions of Europe in the 20th century resulted in hundreds of millions dead.

Communism, as well as other materialistic humanistic religions seem to have a fatal flaw: why should we care about the workers, or the race? For that matter, why should I even care about myself? I don't see an answer to this in materialism.


>Didn't Communism violently impose its creed
What ever you may think about actually existing socialism in the 20th century, the base concepts of the workers getting rid of the ruling class that forces them to do their bidding isn't an imposition. When the slave casts off his chains, he is not imposing on anybody.

>Communism, as well as other materialistic humanistic religions

Communism is certainly materialist and anthropocentric in philosophy, but it's neither humanistic nor religious. Tho you could perhaps argue that humanism was heavily influenced by Marxism, but that would make it downstream from Marxism.

>why should we care about the workers

self-preservation, the people who make the society go, can make it not go.

>For that matter, why should I even care about myself?

From a materialist point of view there is no reason to reply to this.
If this is your genuine sentiment, it will lead you to off yourself and there is no point in explaining stuff to you.
If this is not your genuine sentiment, you're just trolling and there is even less reason to engage.


File: 1690077381914.jpg ( 35.88 KB , 474x355 , boot-on-face.jpg )

>Communism … it's neither humanistic nor religious
It would seem to be both. A humanistic belief is one which holds the individual worth of people and seeks social change to help individuals achieve self-fulfillment, relying on reason instead of any god or gods. Marxism/communism/socialism are all religions as well, since they have set beliefs of right/wrong, specific actions required, beliefs about the soul (such as it not existing), an eschatology (the coming socialist utopia), etc. Religion does not require a god, as in the original Buddhism (not Mahayama).

>You could perhaps argue that humanism was heavily influenced by Marxism

Humanism predated Marx

>If this is your genuine sentiment, it will lead you to off yourself and there is no point in explaining stuff to you.

You seem to miss my point. I proposed that materialism implies meaninglessness of life, but since I am not a materialist, I can hold this statement to be true without thinking life is meaningless. To put it another way, I, as a non materialist, am looking at your system of beliefs, and questioning where it is you derive your belief in the value of life.
If we are all just bags of meat sitting on a rock in empty space, with no souls, no God, no pantheistic spirit, or anything else, then why should I care about anyone else? Why should I not butcher someone like I would a chicken? You could argue the same way as Glaucon and Adeimantus did, where morality is a compromise between the most pleasurable (doing evil without repercussion) and the least pleasurable (being dome evil without repercussion), but then you still have a problem: If there is no basis for life to be valued, then there is no reason mine should be either.

>Self-preservation, the people who make the society go, can make it not go.

From a materialist perspective, forced labor camps would also be effective. Shoot the ones who don't work, and the rest will for self-preservation. If I recall correctly, the Soviets and Chinese actually did something like that too.


The right is trying to do mutual aid. Will it work?


NF is based


What the homeless guy is saying is 1000% more important than what NF says


>NF is based
I thought this was a joke or rightoid .pol/ack but I looked at their platform and its pretty economically leftist, more so than the dsa
they are probably the closest thing america has to a nazbol party


This is bog-standard New Deal policy with a Christian Values sticker on it, what are you on?


File: 1694102428029.mp4 ( 1.06 MB , 720x1280 , бломњоба.mp4 )



File: 1694797671542.png ( 349.66 KB , 652x565 , ClipboardImage.png )



I'm not stupid enough to make myself miserable because some bronze age dumb fucks said I should.


File: 1695380463408.png ( 684.03 KB , 960x610 , resettled-in-vt_nfna-sign-….png )

New New Frontiers Content dropped

How a NGO quietly changes the demographics of Vermont
>New Farms for New Americans (NFNA) is a “charity” operated by the NGO “The Association for Africans Living in Vermont” (AALV). The goal of this NGO is to take arable land in the State of Vermont and give this land to third world refugees who were not born in America. AALV has helped facilitate the resettlement of over 300 refugee households in 2015 alone. In addition to giving refugees farmland, AALV has also helped refugees find jobs, which results in working class Americans having to compete with refugees who are often willing to work for cheaper wages than native born Americans.
>However, NFNA claims to have a budget that fluctuates, year to year and ranges from $50,000 to $100,000. The majority of NFNA’s claimed funding comes from grants. Some of these grants are from federal agencies such as the Office for Refugee Resettlement (Part of the Department of Health and Human Services) and the Rancher Development Program (Part of the Department of Agriculture). NFNA also receives funding from the Vermont State Government through the Local Food Market Development program (part of the Vermont State Agency of Agriculture).
>According to NFNA more than 50% of the refugees who they have resettled in Vermont are of Bhutanese origin, with most of the rest being from the sub Saharan African nations of Somalia and Burundi.
>I was not able to verify the identity of everyone on the board of the Association of Africans living in Vermont. But of the fourteen member board there were at least five different African immigrants and/or refugees on the board of AALV Martha Thiei Machar, Ngu Yves, Fatuma Bulle, Victor boardman, and Alex Pial.
>Chain migration is the phenomena of when immigrants from one area help bring other immigrants from their homeland to the country of destination. By allowing these immigrants and refugees to have a state funded NGO that facilitates more immigration from these immigrants African homeland, the native born people of America are deprived of one of the most important tenants of self-determination. The right to decide who to and not to let into their communities.
>I am sure that these immigrants face tough situations in their home country. But if their countries of origin keep losing their most talented members to emigration then these countries are much less likely to develop. Because of this, mass immigration does not solve the problem of poverty in the third world, it only prolongs it.
>The issue with this immigration is that these shadowy NGOs who partake in mass migration do so without public knowledge or approval. There was no referendum in Vermont to approve of refugee resettlement into the state, the public never gave their approval to NGOs like AALV/NFNA to partake in the facilitation of scale refuge resettlement. Resettling refugees into an area has many negative externalities such as increased infrastructural burden, increased competition for housing, and an oversupply of low skill labor which harms the native born working class. I have no hatred towards these refugees as individuals, however this deprivation of America’s native born people’s right to self-determination is a fundamental problem with the political order Americans live under.
>Keep in mind that AALV has a much higher budget than NFNA. AALV has a revenue income of over $3,200,000 in 2021. AALV has partnered with the University of Vermont to provide refugees with tutoring, skill development training, career readiness training, mental health training, sexual health training, hygiene training, as well as “fostering comfortable environments where learning can happen.” Your imagination is as good as mine for figuring out what that means.
>As part of AALV’s collaboration with UVM is NFNA’s collaboration with UVM alumni. Twenty three year old UVM alumni and double major in global studies and religion, Evie Wolff is a big fan of NFNA. She thinks it is an important part of refugee community building. Evie who wants to become a professor or have a career in food security or refugee resettlement is interested in doing research with NFNA.


NF is on a roll. They had an interview with an Azov CIA puppet who regret’s working with the CIA and denounced the agency.
>had another video showing them doing mutual aid
>and made a big show of denouncing PSL


Literally who is this and why are you advertising it here?


>If it's not on the front page of r/socialism, it doesn't matter or exist!!


faggot quit your projection


Rightoids fighting each other is cery funny.


NJP is cringy and glows (and Erik Stryker has unnaturally odd physiognomy), but they are edging toward based here


I just like to see rightoid infighting


Thank god the NJP is so laughable/cringe on it's own merits. Otherwise, they might actually be a threat, especially considering how the left does fuck all nothing besides online idpol and shill for the DNC

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