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ITT: We help each other in our dystopian quest to sell our worthiness as a good candidate to be exploited in this hellscape society

Tips, Career Advice what not


I always have a creative and inspired idea for any meal I eat. Scraps and what not.
You could spring things on me in the last minute and I already have a plan for how the day to go

What kind of bullshit job exists under capitalism that I can use these skills of mine for?


You mean at work?

A good subtle agitprop idea I have is to always remind people of their class distinction from their boss and ask them how much they really should be paid for the work they do


>I have no permanent coworkers.

This shit is like a riddle. How can you unite when the people keep changing. You can try to do all of them but that is too much for one person


Depressing clown world.

So guys, I love to talk, Like seriously I can jibber jabber on for literally everything and I have an opinion on everything and I have tons of free time so I want to make money so I can save up for retirement.

Now, the logical thing to do is to stream on twitch and be a react bro, but my mic and cameras are shit but I do know one of the hollow aspects of capitalist products is "Focus Groups"

Where you just consoom product and then give your stupid answers on how you can make the product better for consooming. How do I get one of these jobs remotely?

I don't know what they are called exactly and searching on job sites with market research gives me analyzer, complex jobs and searching on google "review jobs" gives me scam getting paid to do fake reviews

Bros, I just want to give my 5 cents on Instagram's stupid new UI and get paid 2 cents. What term do I search for to get a job like that?
"Survey jobs" also gives me scam shit I think.




I have no idea what you are talking about, how did you find out about "focus groups" (that kinda sounds like a photography club), maybe you should start your search there


Are you not aware that every single product nowadays is tested for public opinion before release?


From the politicians that campaign to the new UI to your phone changes is all so meticulously market researched in these "target demo"


I can't take it anymore. I HATE THE DESK JOB! I HATE IT!

What are some good paying manual labor jobs that don't require education? Are they alll dangerous?

I don't think I got any degrees to get those mechanical jobs where you gotta measure shit.
Are there any of those retail jobs where you have to talk to people which isn't minimum pay wage hell?

Don't say sales, That's just 0 pay gamble.


When you're at the interview, and they ask if you have any questions

Should you or should you not ask if they have a union?
When you should start thinking about unions at a job that you want to keep?


you understand PPE's and health codes exist for safety in blue collar jobs right? manual labour can be just as boring and repetitive as office work and often times is


Lol, this is incredibly true. By the end of the day me and my crew and just walking around aimlessly.


Like yeah it must be but idk doing something with your entire body just feels more satisfying than just using your eyes and hand all day


Employee Apprasials

How fucking pathetic and ghoulish is this?
They make you beg in front of the bossman to give you a little bigger slice of the profit pie that YOU helped create

You ever got these done anons? What tactics do you employ?


why does it feel like everybody is “hiring” but nobody is actually hiring


Because the truth is they have always been hiring like this they just refuse to pay people living wages and people are tired of it now.


what does that mean

then how the hell do we make the bastards hire us?


The easiest way I have found to get hired is to lie. If you have less than a year of employment previously lie and say it was a year. In the interview just lie your ass off and act like you are the shit. Just lie


The last job I got I lied and said I worked at an accounting firm for 1 year, which wasnt a total lie because my mom is an accountant, and u helped her set up excel once…
I put her down as my boss, because she has a different last name. They never contacted her, and I got the job just fine.


>be cave man
>i need to hunt for food, build shelter, possibly forage to eat.
>if i dont i'll starve or freeze to death
>meet other cave men
>band together
>together we can have plenty because of the work chipped in
>they expect me to chip in or i get the worst food they have and the worst shelter.

ngger tier logic tbh fam


>be hunter gatherer
>band together with like individuals
>everybody shares, because the life of the clan is more important than individual greed longterm
>nobody to exploit your labour, as nobody own any means of production or property in general
wow primitive communism was pretty based




Yeah you’ll also die young from nonexistent healthcare uyghurs


>Worst food
>Worst shelter

<Implying you'll get anything in capitalism other than suffering the same fate as a caveman on the most "advanced" economic system


The only thing more based could be modern communism tbh


the absolute cuckery, the absolute death of language


I am an advertiser and a communist
am I retarded


What do you mean "an advertiser?"


I am creative director,started as a coypwriter


I don't know what that entails but you can be of a different class and still have communistic values.


Can you draw some agitprop for us?


No I write


warehouse jobs are alright. They are pretty boring, tho. Most of the day I would sit around doing jack shit until one of the retards that ordered the product we had came to the back to pick something up that we would have to fetch. They would radio it in. We were trained to drive a forklift. That shit was hard work, but, a lot of the time we were just twiddling our thumbs.


>Don't say sales, That's just 0 pay gamble.
Any real sales job will at least have a minimum wage base salary. My last sales job was pretty cushy. Just boring as hell. We had like 6 stores in town and some locations you'd get 1-2 walk-ins on average so you're just sitting most of the time(actually we were supposed to be constantly pacing but I sat.)

>What are some good paying manual labor jobs that don't require education? Are they alll dangerous?
UPS delivery is supposed to be good. But you usually have to work your way up from the warehouse because it's so in-demand. You could also drive for Amazon or Fed-Ex.

I hear DOT work is good but I don't know how to get into it.


>I am creative director,started as a coypwriter
How'd you start as a copy-writer? I know I could write that bullshit.




>ITT: We help each other in our dystopian quest to sell our worthiness as a good candidate to be exploited in this hellscape society
Is this some kind of reddit-style shill thread to convince people to join the system?


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Does any anons have the sauce for the logo/1st image? think someone posted the archive/link of the possibly deleted youtube channel somewhere
Pls Halp


Not all of us can NEET freely

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