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What is leftychan opinion on forced vaccinations? I'm on the fence about it. On one hand I don't think workers should be loosing their jobs. On the other hand I think it's kind of selfish and stupid to be a fucking child about getting the poke when your inaction effects the lives of every one around you possibly with death.



You have the duty to protect the collective freedom and the republic. Empowering the ruling class to the point of giving them the right to violate the bodies of people at will, for supposed benefits that aren't even there also, is actually the most stupid and selfish thing you can ever imagine.


So if it's my duty to "protect the collective freedom of the republic" then I should be for forced vaccinations as millions of people are being killed annually by covid 19 and it variants then?


crying because you're scared of your vaccine? get fucked retard


No I got vaccinated. Don't be so pressumtious




I'm seriously curious if any of you have any actual answers other than half assed remarks like this


>What is leftychan opinion on forced vaccinations?

It depends what's it going to do. Are you actually going to affect an increase in people getting vaccinated or are you just going to make those that resist it, social outcasts ?

Neo-liberal economic policies have made a lot of people loose all trust in the system. You might regain trust if you redistributed wealth from billionaires to the proletariat. You should consider doing that before you consider punishing people.


Yeah that's true, my company wants to follow the government line to force people to get vaccinated or take weekly tests but they want to shove the costs of the tests onto the employees and I'm like "well wtf is this about making sure society is safe or being virtue signaling faggots?" Lol.

I like that position.


you are crazy man, get into the asylum


answer to what? just kys bot


uyghurs both of you.


says the mental patient


You're saying getting rid of liberties of people will stop people from dying. What's the correct reply to something so insane? Incidentally something that will actually kill hundreds of millions of people minimum.
Take care of yourself.


Go back


no u go back, retard


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dude, where is your "answer that isn't an half assed remark"?




>the pharmafia cartel and the governments are on the opposite side of "porky"
your mental disease needs to be compulsory medicated




mods ban this


Sorry the mods don't ban people here because you're crying like a baby.


cry more


people who yell like "I have a freedom to get sick from a preventable illness and spread disease" don't know what the word freedom means and should be sent to a re-education camp after being forcibly vaxxed




yeah, seriously. who the fuck wants a board of spam?


Yeah, I see they are retarded and don't clean the shit. I wonder why so much traffic (lol)


Shut up retard. You're clearly jealous of our superior culture and quality.


This is just straight up anti communist propaganda, lol. It's like what is there to really debunk? No one wants to get rid of any ones civil liberties and communism lifted millions out of poverty.



Get vaccinated or enjoy your covid retard. I'm not wearing a mask and washing my hands, I have the pokes.
I genuinely hope you don't die but that's the chance you're taking.

I agree heavily with mandates obviously.


I'm boosted and still wear a mask and still hunkering down in shut-in neet mode. No way in hell I'm taking any risks beyond what is absolutely necessary (groceries etc.) with Long Covid. I read that even the booster shot drops to 45% efficacy 10 weeks after the shot. If the vaccines don't get stripped from capitalist pharmaceutical private profit motive for Wall Street shareholders so that the whole world can get vaccinated asap along with zero-Covid policy of lockdowns, contact tracing, testing… we are all in some very deep shit for the foreseeable future. There is a high non-zero probability of the highly recombinogenic Sars-CoV-2 virus recombining with MERS and creating a true civilization-killer plague. I'm talking like, 40% lethality virus but with the infectiousness of Omicron.


File: 1642231698929.png (1.86 MB, 1200x900, ClipboardImage.png)

Also I remember reading somewhere that the entire world could get fully vaccinated for Covid with the equivalent in $USD of like 0.5% of Elon Musk's net worth or something. We really are living in a society. Everyday I get more and more Joker-pilled.


Oh, and by civilization-killer, I mean like, literally every single city, town and village on the planet Earth has a mass grave with the exception of maybe the most remote indigenous communities in the Amazon rainforest, deep in the Congo or Sentinel Island.


thread theme btw…


We can't get these retards to take it voluntarily, so we must escalate.


Totalitarianism, defined as refusing to renounce *any use of power* a priori, is a core principle for the historical revolutionary communist party, and several formal parties that aren't infected with democratic fetishism.

So, under a DTOP, it's a no brainer that you force vaccination because it's pragmatic and pro-social (not socialist) policy.

Giving that power to a bourgeois state is another question, however. As with the use of power needing to be analyzed posteriori so we need to analyzer the motivations of the bourgeois state's motivations for claiming this power and what implications it could have for the working class.

I can't say I have a definitive answer for that, personally, but I'm vaccinated and generally suspicious that the ruling class expresses their class interests via strange and convoluted medical conspiracies. Usually when they do shit like that, they're testing experimental drugs or tactics either on foriegners or specific groups of domestic undesirables, so personally I doubt that a federal and universal vaccine mandate would be used for some David Icke fever-dream mass sterilization or brainwashing program in this situation or in the future. They have other, far less convoluted ways of limiting population growth or whatever objective that they might have.

I think the most sinister aspect is also the most banal and predictable; this is a massive permanent subsidy to the pharmaceutical industry. Gov funded vaccines, in perpetuity, at basically retail prices. I'm not well read on medical matters but to me that does fuel some doubts for me doubt that medicines for care are being discouraged, either because they're cheap (if ivermectin actually works, that I doubt), or the things like monoclonal antibodies that are more expensive are being produced by other factions of the ruling class with less influence over the FDA. Who knows, there? I think it's about money, but if the vaccine is effective I basically don't mind a mandate. I do wish that mandate could be instituted by a state more worthy of trust, even if it was just less corrupt and more competent capitalist technocrats.


>God made men and women with imunity system. Those who don't work out, make muscle, don't sustian their imunity system, don't know how to protecc themselves, don't stop le toxic waste come in town or don't do good stuff, will die cuz not stronk enough.

During the black death people worked hard outside, ate their vegetables, and didn't rely on medicine as a crutch because there basically was none. There was also basically no pollution to speak of and everything was "organic", and how did they do?

Obviously covid isn't the black death but humans and all animals have immune systems and the world is still a horror show of death and disease, because of immune systems were perfect there would be no disease! The deer that spreads chronic wasting disease to other deer certainly didn't do it because it drank too much corn syrup Funko brand soda, it did it because no organism can naturally be immune to everything regardless of lifestyle. Otherwise everything would either die violently or peacefully in their beds/nests/curled under a tire well.

What do we have instead? Carcasses and petulance rule the land from time immemorial to now. Horror and decay, that's life baby.


Black plague is spread by fleas, retard. And anyway, there's all kinds of pathogens that exist all over. Doesn't matter where it comes from, the point is that the immune system alone is not always sufficient.

And you don't think people had tables and ate inside? Did you get your brain scrambled by Monty python and think that they would take their meals out back into the paddock, plop down next to a fresh turd and dig in?


if you inject a huge part of the population with something like nano computers that would become extremely obvious. Masses of people getting masses of medical tests, leaves little room for this type of stuff to go unnoticed. Nobody can mass-produce nano scale machines so it's not realistic. Lab-prototypes vs deployment at scale are worlds apart.

You are being duped into worrying about very extremely improbable scenarios, to distract you from worrying about important technology politics that are actually relevant like control over computers, phones and cars etc.


File: 1642361878282.png (547.46 KB, 802x722, ClipboardImage.png)

>-i-it's the ((Joos)) ! The ((Joos)) are putting nano chips under my skin !


I probably should be on some meds. I am pretty sure I am bi-polar, or, BPD, but, I just can't seem to get to see a specialist, so, I have never been diagnosed.


Never had a father. My mother is dead.


File: 1642368698600.jpg (94.26 KB, 760x760, FB_IMG_1640461756964.jpg)

Actually, I have a full time job working in a bullet factory.
All my other family is dead. I'm basically an orphan now.
I am staying with some friends currently tho cause I lost my apartment.
That's how it goes under capitalism. Even with a good job I'm technically still homeless. Housing is fucking crazy in this day and age. My friend inherited the house he's in, so. Pretty much just lucky I'm not freezing to death right now.

I actually had a good relationship with my grandparents when they were alive though. You're pretty smug for some one who has no idea what they are talking about.


Your mother is calling. Tendies are ready.


First and foremost, an honest worker understands the gravity of the pandemic and recognizes the great societal suffering that has occurred and will continue to occur until the pandemic is resolved.

It is without question our duty to protect both ourselves and others from this pandemic by getting vaccinated. It should never have to come down to being "forced" but rather that we should be smart enough to voluntarily and eagerly become vaccinated for the greater good of the society.


Exactly. Forced vaccinations by the booj should be regarded with the same skepticism that eugenics is. In a state actually run by workers I would trust the healthcare system to conduct safety trials correctly and take the appropriate, science backed, measures.

Seriously it's simplistic but a lot of things can be thought of simply as: under communism good, under capitalism bad.

Like censorship for example.


Exactly a lot of people go on about "accepting science" but when science doesn't align with their ideology they disregard used science and then claim.that it isn't "real science" and grudge numbers and straight up lie to push their agenda.


if the vaccine has a funny name it should be mandatory


I think it's a public health issue. My main issue is parents not vaccinating their kids, because the kid has no way to make the right decision. You should get vaccinated as an adult, but if you don't, then it's on you. Children should be given vaccination, no matter what the parents think, as long as they have a proper consultation with their doctor.


>Like censorship for example.
t. the exact sort of idiot we don't want running a post-revolutionary government.


Some people believe dictatorship of the proletariat just means a dictatorship. We call them retards.


>opinion on forced vaccinations?
In principle you do not want to have political interference in medical treatments, and leave the decision to doctors and patients.

Viruses are a communicable disease, that changes the dynamic a little bit, whether or not you vaccinate your self does affect other people too.

The history of mandatory public vaccinations is a huge success, countless nasty plagues have been eradicated, when those plagues were still around people voted with their feet for these vaccination programs.

Mandatory vaccinations programs have always been subjected to extremely high medical safety testing and that's why developing vaccines usually takes over 10 years.

Whether the vaccination programs will remain trustworthy in a grim dark capitalist future with even more corporate influence on institutions, is debatable. Like recently Bill Gates the monopolist computer software guy, was for some incomprehensible reason involved in world health affairs. Maybe they got confused because MS Windows also has viruses?

I guess that open sourcing vaccines and all the related knowledge-base and technologies would be a good way to have at least some structure that pulls towards more ethical conduct.

kek this guy has priorities


If anyone approves of vaccines by the fucking British Eugenics Society they are idiots. They knew they had to threaten people with termination to take those shots from the outset, which should tell anyone with a functioning brain all they need to know. It turns out "covid" is a nasty cold and not the fucking black death, which is a surprise to no one who isn't completely retarded about biology.

Anyone suggesting children, who are under coercive pressure from authorities from every direction, should go against the wishes of their parents after being threatened with consequences in private, is a piece of shit and should not be allowed to tell anyone anything about anything.

Mass vaccination has never been a sound strategy for controlling disease. We didn't always have a mandated schedule of a million different vaccines with threats of being shut out of society if you didn't comply. Putting any vaccine into someone was not something taken lightly, and always considered known risks of the process. Further, you can only grant immunity to certain diseases, and infectious disease by itself is usually treatable and does not spread far in any sort of sanitary conditions. It just so happens that eugenics destroyed standard of living and pushed everyone to live in filth and depravity - gee I wonder why. The idea of lockdowns is itself so absurd that I don't even know where to begin, and most people ignored that shit anyway. The only people who had to suffer were China, and they suffered more from the lockdowns than the supposed disease which doesn't even exist in the way Imperial Fucking College said it did. You know they were digging out of the trashbin of British academia when they were looking at Imperial Fucking College. But hey, if you want to follow the British Eugenics Society, you're a fucking idiot, but go right ahead.

From the start this discourse is poisoned with derails and red herrings, and ignores the obvious that the ruling class DOES NOT WANT YOU TO HAVE ANYTHING. I can't believe this is still a question on the left. Everyone should be opposed to this shit. Even a lot of libs are done with the mandatory vaccines and lockdowns. They would have to declare martial law to impose them again, because no one has any reason to trust this government ever again. They know damn well what this is and you're asshats for acting like it's something other than the obvious thing. Given that the ruling class has been screaming for blood, this is fucking Nazi shit and you should be ashamed for enabling it.


The "British Eugenics Society" didn't develop the Covid vaccine. Nice try, though. Not reading the rest of your post, plus you're a namefag. Kill yourself.

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