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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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Hi! Will I fit in here? I'm done with leftypol's moderation shittery. They literally ban anti-(US)democrat posts by now. They have become the cancer that must be removed from the communist movement and I'm ready to participate in this necessary surgery.


File: 1668354332888.png (30.26 KB, 256x256, 369.png)

Pretty much everyone here feels like that about the .ogre mods. They're a bunch of left-liberals who are ruining the name of /leftypol/ for the sake of their own egos. The main board on .org is beyond salvageable at this point.

And most viewpoints other than /pol/tard neo-nazi shit are allowed to be aired here, so I'm sure you'll fit in.


.ogre mods are shit-ass redditards, but holy shit is that image cringe.


File: 1668358890040.jpg (28.99 KB, 368x368, 1663044586394960.jpg)

Welcome to leftychan anon.


Got a month-long ban for "spam" for merely starting a conversation about mod accountability a while back. The self-serving corruption there is off the charts at this point.


File: 1668361117753.png (253.64 KB, 1049x896, state of leftypol.png)

>Got a month-long ban for "spam" for merely starting a conversation about mod accountability a while back.
My last 10 bans, in order (as correctly I can remember):

1) "hysterics" : for being pissed off at other posts and "one lining" other one liners;
2) "reactionary" : for pointing out how pro-trans posted studies had shit-tier methodology (in detail);
3) "schizo" : for debating both MAGA-tards and Democraps at the same time;
4) "spam" : for insisting that my opponent(s) answer a simple point I raised;
5) "/pol/" : for when I dared to say that LGBT shit is marginal to the cause of communism;
6) "fuck off" : when I insinuated that cultural politics aren't (and shouldn't be) an integral part to the communist movement;
7) "idpol" : when I dared to respond to actual idpol shit with a communist critique;
8) "idpol" #2 : when I pointed out that "gay liberation" has nothing to do with the main aim of communism;
9) "idpol" #3 : when I dared assert the fact that neither Marx, Engels, Lenin "identified" as a "leftist";
10) "Low quality posting" (OP pic): when I pointed out that Chapo Trap House in their recent US election analysis didn't even bother to talk about class, and resorted to trans-talk…

picrel: latest ban reason (point 10), wherein "CTH" refers to Chapo Trap House


>.5) "/pol/" : for when I dared to say that LGBT shit is marginal to the cause of communism;
Oof, imagine touching the 3rd rail in .ogre when you know damn well half of the jannies are trans and the other half are homosexual.


>when you know damn well half of the jannies are trans and the other half are homosexual.


mind you: I know for a fact that there's a "furry" mod on that other site, I know for a fact that the moderation team are like 70% anglo-saxon, while the posteriat is 40% (at best, by IP) anglo.


They've said it many times, it's not like it's a secret.


You're an edgy faggot, so yeah, probably.


>half of the jannies are trans


File: 1668379508489.jpg (306.12 KB, 1280x720, 2022-11-13-234450.jpg)

just tell me how to wreck that fucking .ogre and I'll be ready to oblige, cumrags


I don't give a single fuck if they are a bunch of gay trans-fox limeys. What sucks about them is that they're redditarded culture warriors, because that is a quality that makes for poor moderators.


Make good content on other leftist sites, like here. That is how Bunkerchan and old 8chan /leftypol/ got wrecked when their moderators went crazy. Yeah, 8chan getting shut down is what ultimately killed Old /leftypol/, but by the time that happened it was already far from its glory days.


We stopped doing raids over a year ago because they didn't really achieve anything other than showing the .org jannies that we can shit up their site at will. Overall the raids were arguably a failure because they discredited us and turned regular /leftypol/ users against us.

However I have since come to believe that the most successful tactic to bring down and subvert .org is just to let them be, with the occasional shit stirring. If you ever see a thread calling out the jannies just join in on the attacks, however most people will reach the conclusion that the site is staffed by redditors on their own. This has been proved by the Ukraine shenanigans, the LGBT intersectionality threads and their blocking of the tor mode all turning certain sections of the posters against them. Keeping this site and the other lefty imageboards active helps too, it offers people an alternative and stops them having a monopoly over leftist anon internet spaces.

Saying that… if you do want to have some fun with them just download some VPN software and start baiting to make their job harder.


Gingjeet get a life, kek


File: 1668386256675.jpg (64.77 KB, 501x516, 02.jpg)

make funny memes
this is how we win


why are you even coming back there lol?
the moment butthurt jannies started to delete my tldrs in the middle of my argument with all the retarded ziggas - I left and never looked back
not worth the effort

and now that they shut down their onion - they are as good as dead for all I care


>and now that they shut down their onion - they are as good as dead for all I care
That was it for me, too. There is no legitimate reason to discourage anonymity.


File: 1668403588300.jpeg (66.4 KB, 1022x731, tiresome.jpeg)

Quite frankly, the way the jannies have been acting is so bald-facedly self-destructive–repeating the exact mistakes that every alternative image board has ever committed while digging their own graves–that I honestly do wonder if someone isn't doing this deliberately to kill the community. Perhaps I only have the luxury of thinking this because of my own long history with image boards, but it's just so obvious to me at this point what is incredibly foolish janny behavior. Having seen this sort of characteristic behavior over and over as communities ebb and flow, it makes me immensely cynical.


File: 1668408661761.jpg (26.8 KB, 304x372, Despair.jpg)

It just keeps happening, doesn't it? Over and over and over again.


The jannies themselves had said it numerous times.


It's not killing the community. They've grown from 350 to nearly 500 daily unique IPs.
I think their echo chamber is isolating themselves from the larger online left diaspora but they don't seem to care about that.


>They've grown from 350 to nearly 500 daily unique IPs.
Over what time frame?


The site is actually down 100 ips because at the start of the split they were around 2000k ips per day


Leftypol is absolute dogshit. They may as well rename themselves to "leftydemocrats vote for jim crow joe"


>Oof, imagine touching the 3rd rail in .ogre when you know damn well half of the jannies are trans and the other half are homosexual.
LGBTs will become the biggest shills of imperialism and the status quo because they're rights are upheld by the US military/cia/mi6 etc


6 months


Probably the US elections bump. Happens ever time.


Yes, probably part of a Democratic party voting drive


Disabling the onion link and blocking tor exit nodes are what ultimately made me stopped using the ogre site.
The not anglo-saxon related threads were interesting due to the diversity of users, I particularly enjoyed the posts about the different latam countries elections during the past few years. We don't have as many users here.
But I'm not posting using my IP home address and don't want to get banned every freaking day for talking about marxism on a marxist imageboard.


>Waaa waaa muh gays muh transhumanists



File: 1668773604894.png (258.27 KB, 660x495, 1668590156509204.png)

Back to leftypol, a safespace for seething fag troons like yourself!


File: 1668778061645.jpeg (89.32 KB, 719x709, hesrightyouknow.jpeg)



File: 1668793178860.png (1.16 MB, 964x966, 1668035112011080.png)

>More unoriginal tripe from the kissless virgin



File: 1668794670341.jpg (69.67 KB, 897x588, 1657897239711.jpg)



File: 1668795330237.gif (199.97 KB, 403x649, 1660129843595309.gif)

>waaa muh stereotypes muh muh muh


File: 1668795714016.jpg (149.78 KB, 967x1024, 1668788955196131m.jpg)



File: 1668795834260.png (487.22 KB, 640x506, 1667041724397250.png)



even north korea is neutoral towards gays, you stupid cunt


File: 1668802340450.png (60.89 KB, 738x285, 1667985729691552.png)

There's still hope for u


not an argument


File: 1668811012209.jpg (744.93 KB, 2160x1080, Screenshot_2022-11-08-21-4….jpg)



File: 1668880781393.jpg (806.43 KB, 1080x2159, IMG_20221119_195951.jpg)



File: 1668881517256.jpg (85.45 KB, 646x1024, 1668858716659951m.jpg)

On one hand, I'm glad the demented transhumanist Leftypol mods (pic related) are digging their own graves by banning anything as part of their mentally ill purity spiraling.
On the other hand, most of the people they ban and thereby send our way are just other faggy liberals.

You seem cool though, anon


Dprk is absolutely not neutral to lgbts

<Deformation in the spiritual and cultural life, this is the means by which the capitalist state and the capitalist class attempt to turn the working masses into modern-day slaves.

<The bourgeoisie is spreading reactionary ideology, culture, and rotten bourgeois lifestyle in order to paralyze the working masses' consciousness of independence, make people obey the capitalist system of exploitation, and further degenerate into slaves to money. Thus, in a capitalist society, a perverted hobby of pursuing animalistic "pleasures" that has no relation to people's healthy demands has arisen, paralyzing people's bodies and minds.

<Comrade Kim Jong- il , the great leader , taught:

<“Even in the countries where capitalism is said to be the most developed, the number of illiterate and mentally handicapped is increasing day by day, and many people are degenerating into vulgar humans who pursue only momentary comfort and pleasure without any ideas or aspirations . ” 》 Supplemental Edition Vol. 12, p. 422)

<In the United States, where normal human thinking is completely paralyzed and intelligence and civilization are deformed, the issue of same-sex marriage, which cannot be imagined in human society, is an important topic of discussion every presidential election.

In the United States, the issue of same-sex marriage has been a major topic of discussion during the presidential election since 2004 and has been raised as a political issue. Following the 2008 presidential election in 2012, the views of the presidential candidates against same-sex marriage became a concern of the electors. In the United States, voters generally refer to candidates who support same-sex marriage as innovative and those who oppose it as conservatives.

<In general, in a capitalist society, homosexuals who want to marry are called "gays."

<Same-sex marriage is a late-century phenomenon that can only exist in a rotten capitalist society that pursues “endless freedom,” and is a product of the mental and moral corruption of capitalism that has reached its extreme. It is not difficult for anyone to guess what will happen to human society if same-sex marriage, like the stinky stench and foul-smelling capitalist filth, is pervasive in society. Since such perverted same-sex marriage has become a hot topic for candidates running for the presidential election, called the head of state, the United States is, as everyone says, an upside-down world, a rotten end-of-life society.

<Currently, more and more countries are allowing same-sex marriage in capitalist countries. For example, in 2013 the UK allowed same-sex marriage, making it the 10th country in Europe to allow same-sex marriage. If you look at the countries that allow same-sex marriage in Europe, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and France are the examples. In France, on May 29, 2013, the first same-sex wedding (male) was held in the country's history.

Even with this one fact of same-sex marriage, we can see the true face of a capitalist society where human rationality has been completely wiped out.

<Capitalism is the shame of human society, and its destruction is inevitable.



Very educational post.

But we shouldn't assume that troonie cultoids are grounded in reality.

It doesn't matter that the actual policies of Stalin or the DPRK are. If a troonie can imagine something, that's good enough for them.


Report this guy. reactionary propaganda NIGHER SAGE ZAGE ZAGE ADHAS ZGAE NIGHER


I'm also visiting from Leftypol.org and I hope to stay here more often.

Unique IPs: 23

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