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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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Both of them got taken over by free speech retards. And this extreme free speech backfired and now they're dying website, of course Leftychan is dead as fuck not so much Twitter - yet…


They both make fags seethe. Tell Pasquale and the rest of the tranguard that we said hi though.


>muh twitter
don't you have other "soycial media" places to seethe redditoid?

as for free speech, if it wasn't for it your ass would've been banned for being a retarded redditoid the moment you posted that bird




This is some 4chan /pol/ shit, where everyone is a transgender from leftypol because they critisize.


you're not criticizing anything
you're just whining "waaah why don't jannies pander to my sensibilies!! waah don't you have left in the name? weren't leftists supposed to ban anything I don't liek?"

just go fuck off to mastodon or phleroma if you're so butthurt about twitter, you social media obsessed freak


Yes, everyone on leftypol has a decrepit, wet, ghey soul which manifests as a personality or mental disorder. I say this without any irony or hyperbole. Look at your own moldy and repulsive micropenis/boiclit, which is but one physical expression of this deeper esoteric truth which I've been gracious enough to deliver to you.


File: 1668934487545.jpg ( 139.48 KB , 753x753 , 2.jpg )

imagine being anti-capitalist because Musk ruined your transhumanist echochamber on twitter


Twitter is crashing and so has leftychan, cope.
You literally get paid by the richest capitalist on earth to shill, stfu.


>Twitter is crashing

>and so has leftychan

no, leftypol crashed multiple times because of transhumanist mentally unstable retards like yourself
I'd say enough is enough

>You literally get paid by the richest capitalist on earth to shill

what, you think Musk pays me lol? the mind of the deranged transhumanist

I've never used twitter
I've never registered on any soycial media
I don't give a shit

when unions got busted you did nothing, after all those unions were "anti-ghay" or something

but when Musk pulled the rug under your labor aristocrat sex freak club, you suddenly scream "down with capitalism fellow proles!"

piss off


Twitter is fucking bigger than some useless unions. If we can't secure Twitter we can't secure the zoomer to millennial age group, it needs to be an echo chamber. I swear this site is filled with people who never read marx at all.


File: 1668936652911.jpg ( 99.99 KB , 1080x1416 , delftab-e534cc93-b8b6-4efc….jpg )

>Leftychan is crashing! That's why I'm here telling you that Leftychan is crashing. That's why I come here and spew the same shit every 3 or four weeks!!!
Pathetic and faggy, rolled into one measly like speck of a person.
Be honest. How many times have you pulled this ghey stunt of throwing a histrionic fit about leftychad on leftychad?
Do us a favor. Take your hormone blockers, fuck back off to leftypol, and make a thread about how dead and shitty we are over there, you coping little runt.


What happened to… fuck, I forget her name, the jewish lady who got banned on .org for zionsim and then declared she will be making her own imageboard? Did she ever deliver on it?


File: 1668941731478.jpg ( 39.04 KB , 594x686 , 953.jpg )

God… imagine a world where we had a leftist chan that is neither infested by deranged twitter tankie transhumanist-vatniks, nor mentally ill red-brown chuds who complain about "muh transhumanists" and rally behind retarded petty-boug rightwing shit to own da liblefts.


Sounds like it would be a dead board. Keep wishing upon those stars, I guess. God knows getting you to post something interesting is like pulling teeth, lol.


File: 1668960897196.png ( 424.21 KB , 594x537 , 1668956960763475.png )

Lol, this is what happens when you fire the bloated HR managers and diversity specialists from a tech company, keeping the people who know how to write code.


A utopian dream, anon. It will simply never happen. The left is too fucked up, capital made it so. The only option left that offers us any semblance of sanity is the grillpill.


Every time that it seems like we are about to achieve that, the admins go insane and make namefagging concern trolls and shitposters into mods.


They literally say they are not free speech extremists in the constitution you retard. Try reading anything in your life before you die.








File: 1669017525494.jpg ( 68.88 KB , 960x528 , 1660215349732434.jpg )



if i repost stupid shit that must be real, retard.


File: 1669134647716.png ( 300.2 KB , 1196x591 , 1666973650448.png )

"Free Speech" is nothing but a meme. People have never actually had "Free Speech" and never will.

pic related




Elon is a complete retard. He's making twitter crash and burn. And the people who are still there can't really code at all.

And Musk has lied about his credentials for over 25 years now, he isn't even an engineer and never invented Tesla, merely took it over in a corporate takeover from it's original creators.

I’ve begun to suspect that the key to understanding Musk’s behavior lies in a statement that he has made repeatedly, but hasn’t been examined seriously enough.

Elon Musk thinks we’re living in a simulation. He behaves as though this is an elaborate, sophisticated game, and that the vast majority of us are non-player characters (NPCs).

Since 2016, Musk has insisted that the probability of our world being a non-simulated reality is just “one in billions.” This is based on a thought experiment from philosopher Nick Bostrom, one of the founders of Longtermism: If you begin from the tech-accelerationist premise that the capacity of computer networks will endlessly increase, then it is easy to imagine a far-future where our computer networks have grown so vastly powerful that they could simulate the development of human civilization with the same ease as your laptop launching The Sims today. With limitless energy sources and limitless computing capacity, billions of simulated realities, indistinguishable from “base reality” might one day bloom. It then follows that the probability of this being the one non-simulation is infinitesimally small. [1/the total number of simulated realities across all time.]

The simulation thought-experiment seems intuitively more believable if you are living the life of Elon Musk. Musk is CEO of multiple companies. He has moved markets with his tweets. People have become paper millionaires just by investing in meme coins that he likes. His life has the narrative arc of the standard hero’s journey. His is an exceptional life, surrounded by fawning supporters that nod at his brilliant insights, challenged by opponents who he can vanquish through a mix of wit, charm, insight, and hard work. Elon Musk life follows the narrative arc of the hero’s journey.

The simulation thought-experiment is less appealing if you are just a normal person working a normal job. If you work an entry-level job at a Tesla assembly plant, you might wonder why the arc of your simulated existence hasn’t been a bit more, y’know, adventurous. (Sure, we might one day construct Matrix-style computer simulations where the inhabitants live a life of repetitious drudgery. That’s disappointing, albeit certainly possible.)

Of course, if you question the tech-accelerationist premise – if you believe that Moore’s Law is slowing down, and that the pace of technological change sometimes moves fast and other times slows down – then the whole thought experiment is rendered a bit silly. We might be living in a simulation, but there’s no way of knowing if we were, no reason to assume such capabilities are inevitable, and nothing meaningful to be done with such information. (Emily St John Mandel has a wonderful riff on this last point in her latest novel, Sea of Tranquility. I won’t say any more about it here to avoid spoilers.)

It’s somehow unsurprising that the simulation thought experiment comes from the same philosopher who is responsible for the most extreme variant of Longtermist thinking. The appeal of longtermism to tech billionaires like Musk is that it suggests his actions today will echo through the millennia. It is a moral philosophy that encourages him to ignore pedestrian concerns like workplace conditions at Tesla factories or global poverty so that he can instead spin elaborate fantasies about colonizing Mars. For strong Longtermists, most of the 8 billion people alive today are effectively NPCs. Their actions and personal welfare simply do not matter to the long term fate of humanity, according to Bostrom’s cold calculus.

And by the same token, the simulation thought-experiment can serve as a schematic that separates Musk and his billionaire pals from the rest of the planet’s inhabitants. Elon can approach every new field and new challenge as though he is the first to encounter it. Whether its purging bots and protecting speech on Twitter, inventing next-generation robotics, or international diplomacy, he behaves as though the people who have spent decades developing expertise in those areas do not matter, because to him they are NPCs.

Elon Musk never had any special insights into how to improve Twitter. He was just a rich guy with an unhealthy level of self-confidence. He was able to raise billions from his peer network, not because they had any special insights either, but simply because they also had a ton of money and absurd self-confidence.

They’ve been operating as though they are the main characters in a video game, one in which everyone who don’t have their wealth and worldview just don’t matter. (And life is pretty easy once you are a billionaire — the difficulty mode is definitely set to “casual.”) The rest of us, from assembly workers and baristas to lawyers and politicians, are just NPCs, filling out the backdrop of their adventurous, simulated lives. A thing just hasn’t been tried until one of the real players has tried it.


Good effort post, but still not convincing. Life may as well be a simulation, since as you said, there's no way to falsify it and the ramifications aren't particularly tangible. Otherwise, spook filled but enjoyable read. 10/10 for effort and original thought.


Actually it's a exploration as to how Elon Musk sees the world. I don't actually believe in that "Da Universe is a Simulation" BS.


Lol. How accurate do you think your exploration is?


I feel it's mostly accurate. Elon does have quite the ego and he has had a massive boost to that thanks to the PR curated image of him as a "inventor" (Even though he never actually invented anything and the degree he has is for business and not engineering.)


>look at this quote by a philosopher!!1
reminder that philosophy ALWAYS was a whore of the ruling classes

stay salty philosophycels


>Elon does have quite the ego and he has had a massive boost to that thanks to the PR curated image of him as a "inventor"(Even though he never actually invented anything and the degree he has is for business and not engineering)

A bit like how people on the far left see themselves as revolutionaries, no?


Not really, no.


So revolutionaries who have never influenced a revolution nor been part of a revolutionary movement are a thing. But Elon Musk isn't an engineer because he studied business in university. Got it.


You got it. Because one is an ideology and the other is an academic status.


Shit, I'm drunk. I'm still right, though.


A revolution doesn't start with the government overthrow or coup d'état. If you did something during the precedent steps to achieve it, you are already part of the revolution.
What most bolsheviks did before the russian revolution? Spreading information to convince the others to join them. Nowadays you could do the same on twitter or 4chan.


I largely agree. Unfortunately, a lot of people think that Twitter and 4chan aren't the modern equivalent of newspapers or vehicles for radical propaganda. Too many people on the left either want to try to reproduce the past with lame printed newspapers or sequester themselves into hermetic echoboxes.


I think that a big part of that problem is that we all think of each other as fools. The anarchists are idealist fools who can't get their theory straight. The maoists are sophomoric class collaborationists whose program collapsed in Mao's own lifetime. The leninists are nostalgic adventurers who keep stupidly banging their heads on the same hundred-year old wall. The leftcoms are addled drunks who are possessed of an infantile disorder and a general sloth that compells them to do nothing but drink and read Capital. Liberation theologists are deluded basic bitches who have read neither Capital nor their Bible. Primitivists are kooks.

Worst of all, we have all become so practiced at picking one another apart that all we do when we argue is to throw low-effort gotchas at one another. We don't learn anything or challenge each other's theory in any meaningful way. Other leftists are just people for us to verbally fight with. It's rather depressing.

One of the things that makes it possible for the rightards to get along despite the ancaps and the nazis being theoretically irreconcilable is that each of them is constantly shitting on people who are outside their group. Up until the end of the Cold War the same was true of liberals where they had their ideological differences with one another but all rallied together to oppose the communists. We don't have an outside group that we rally in opposition to. We all oppose the interests of the bourgeoisie, but we don't do so based on any perceived qualities that bosses possess. We oppose the interests of the class, and that is not as unifying as just hating people is. Maybe we on this end of the political spectrum are getting too used to hating each other.


>Unfortunately, a lot of people think that Twitter and 4chan aren't the modern equivalent of newspapers or vehicles for radical propaganda.
Oh fuck off Body Odor
you fucking bitch ruined things enough with your "imageboards are a serious business!!"
fucking transhumanist sperg
If I ever meet you in a grocery store - I will fucking bash your head in the nearest glass shelf!
Pot on your whole family


>'I'm the real left'
>Does nothing
Kek, you might be right!


I thought that philosophers were just angry old men who have dedicated their lives to proving that they personally are more clever than the other angry old men.
I don't think that's Che.


Ever since I got into conspiracy theories amd casual sciemce videos, Ive been hearimg the the phrase "We live in the Mayrix."

I feel its become a stale quote by people whom are dissatisfied with their real life.

Mostly a bunch of white male idealists who think theyre smarter than everyone else just because they like to argue with otgers.

One thing I notice about most "freethinkers" is that they have lower quality of life. Theyre drunks and/homeless from accidents caused by their own carelessness.

They all believe the same cliche mysteries.

>muh 9/11

>muh Trump is a savior

They stop listening to you if you offer rebuttals.



most people whom enjoy philosophy dont really go deep into it.
They just swallow pop science adaptations of them.

Or if they do get deep into philosophy they still filter everything through pop cultural lens and indulge in reactionary sentiment like their midwit "inferiors".

Most philosophers were junior educated rich kids whom never seen actual struggle yet romanticise and advocate for hardship as virtue.

Motivational/self-help media is a branch of philosophy thatscactively sold to plebians.


Midwit PMC take


The only reason twitter is dying is because of a deliberate effort by liberal media and advertisers to punish him for exposing breaking up the circlejerk and exposing the collusion between the state, NGOs, and social media companies to censor wrongthink.
His actual bad business decisions with tiwtter have little to do with it.

Anti-free speech leftists are the dumbest useful idiots you could ask for. Just give the capitalist order more power why don't you? If you had any strategic sense at all you would support free speech while you lack power and then take it away only after you get into power.


>actual bad business decisions with twitter
It was probably a bad idea to rename it to X, formerly known as Twitter, that is such a clunky name.

>twitter is dying

I would say Twitter is shrinking but it's not dying.

>Anti-free speech leftists are the dumbest useful idiots

While I agree with that, twitter's commitment to free speech is in doubt, Elon Musk made tweets that sounded like he was equating anti-Zionism with anti-semitism.

>If you had any strategic sense at all you would support free speech while you lack power and then take it away only after you get into power.

I think this is short sighted and still not strategically sound. If i had power over communications i would seek to frustrate all attempts at censorship, because in the long run everybody will go to the communications system unaffected by censorship and the prevailing view will become censorship = defect in the communications system.

Controlling the medium is more power than controlling the message.

I could see 2 legitimate targets for soft-censorship: The obvious is censoring people who call for censorship, by making the right to free speech conditional on ideologically upholding free speech. The other legitimate target for censorship might be news about terror attacks that help spread the terror of the attacks. Basically reporting about a terror attack have to be rhetorically toned down to crazy individuals doing a violent crime which only causes limited local disruption of normality With the logic that a terrorist may not gain fame nor use the act as a means to spread fear. And that type of censorship has to be transparent so that everybody can peak behind the censorship-veil to see exactly what was censored. I think that is addressing the 2 major structural flaws of free speech without compromising the principle of free speech. It should be resilient against people seeking to expand it, because they would get caught in Filter 1 that censors calls for censorship.


>redditor pretending to fit in by ranting about 'redditoids'
go back
i dont care how long youve been here. go back.


If you try, I will shoot you, because those who serve the technoindustrial system always win in their time (before they are replaced.) I suggest you read Industrial society and It's Future By Ted Kaczinski. It's very good, but his solution is not achievable, because as he points out, competition results in technology rising once again.

It's because you are fools. Each of you is trying to bring about a better society for everyone at your base, which is not possible because people experience different things, and thus there is always a perverse incentive to hurt others for your own gain, which we all inevitably see as good. Rightists are fighting for 'the good people' against 'the bad people,' so there will always be better meshing when things align.

The only way for things to really improve is to change 'human nature' by making everyone feel the same incentive structure/experiences, or by making many consciousnesses into one. Then, improving things for everyone will actually be possible, and there will be only the good person, rendering political nonsense obsolete.

All tools exist to produce pleasure in one way or another. Sometimes censorship is good for the tool's usefulness, sometimes it is not. I'm allowed to post here, and it seems interesting, so here I am, but I won't be here for too long, since I doubt I'll actually meet anyone interested in actual real world action towards building a hive mind here.


If you actually ever bought that Musk was a free speech guy, that's your problem. He's literally more censorious than the people who owned it before, and that started right away. Also, anyone with any grasp on material analysis whatsoever would realize from the getgo that it was a hostile takeover and he was using culture war shit as a way of laundering his transparent aim of stock manipulation. If you were paying attention to the keys he was jangling instead of his actual profit motive, that's your bad; but you CAN DO BETTER and recognize this kind of scam in the future. Instead of flailing at us, LEARN.


>I suggest you read Industrial society and It's Future By Ted Kaczinski.
I suggest you read Capital, by Karl Marx. Kaczinski had an incomplete understanding of history and political economy and his analysis of politics was retarded.


Retarded fantasyland gobblygook

Expect nothing less from the irrelevant left


>coping this hard as usual


>extreme free speech

shut up liberal


Leftychad has been more active than ever, tbf.


This, my friends, is what we call "pure eugenic creed". He doesn't understand the shit coming out of his mouth. Eugenics knows no other way.

People who come from different places get along all of the time. The idea that people exist permanently fused together and that anything less is not "true friendship" is pure ideology. People don't have to be bestest friends to not kill each other, but under eugenism, this concept must be made inadmissible. It has even less to do with these conceits about information and intelligence, which aren't things people would fight wars over unless they were truly given over to a torture cult.

"A better society" would be one where humans really have little to do with each other, and mutually understand that this state of affairs is desirable. Attempts to arrest history now and forever are necessary for aristocracy, but were never necessary for everyone else. Everyone else plans for a foreseeable future that would involve them and perhaps two generations down the line, and at heart they are concerned with the proximate relations they hold - their families, the associations they make which are definite and stable. It's not my business if someone in China looks different from me, or prays to a different god, or whatever, and the guy in China will tell you the same thing - it's something Chinese in particular take pride in, not getting involved in other peoples' shit, since they've had a lot of experience with how that goes. There are of course people of many types in any large social grouping, and somehow they form nations and organizations regardless of their differences. It is not a rule that different = deficient or that everyone should be at the same low standard eugenics sets for them (always lower, lower, lower). Most people don't give a shit about others being like them, and the people who think that is a thing are odious fags. I don't expect everyone to be like me or like any ideal I might imagine. I would like it if others were not trying to torture me, and despite exhortation to do so, most people are too busy and self-interested to spend their life making me suffer for nothing. Most people don't have it out for me because usually they know I'm right, and the people who rail against me usually are just pure fags embracing the thrill of torture and its maximization. The people who took perverse pleasure in making me suffer showed that they really just want the thrill of torture, rather than any legitimate argument against me, what I say, or what I do. If it's about things I actually did, their actions are very different, and the grandstanding is not a thing they do. They either act with fear and in accord with a script they have for talking down or demeaning someone, or they just laugh and attack me. The endless grandstanding and glorification of the torture itself is eugenism. Most people, though, know I'm not their enemy or that I pose any real threat to them, or have any ill intentions. I just want to write and keep my stuff, and most of them want to keep their stuff. Since I do not covet the stuff most people possess, I'm not a danger in that regard. All of the things that I want are things that would, in a better society, be part of the commons - remember when we had that as a concept? There is no reason why food, water, and energy should be privatized. That shit is Nazi faggotry.

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