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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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File: 1672598682835.mp4 ( 3.93 MB , 720x1280 , SnapSave.io-Sneako gets em….mp4 )


Now that this criminal faggot finally got arrested his flocks of incel fans are super butthurt, claiming that GAHWD will avenge daddy who dindu nuffin.


File: 1672599267188.mp4 ( 2.38 MB , 720x1280 , SnapSave.io-Andrew Tate Ar….mp4 )

>billionaire revolutionary


File: 1672599819016.mp4 ( 3.92 MB , 720x1280 , SnapSave.io-STUDENT GETS M….mp4 )

>when your whole highschool knows you as the "Andrew Tate guy"
some people are so determined to be losers


Literally, who?


He seems to be some twittertard that only highschool kids and the perpetually offended care about. I can't even imagine giving a shit.


How's he gonna get da boogatee in prison? He's going to rape and pimp out other prisoners, isn't he?


File: 1672618289078.jpeg ( 46.51 KB , 597x510 , FkuBgIRX0AUltSP.jpeg )



>One day I will be a billionaire too!


File: 1672907457759.jpeg ( 25.97 KB , 474x429 , th-2734428010.jpeg )

retarded redpilloids simping for a grifter pimp straight out of the eastern europe lol

a rich angloid living in a mansion in romania.. hmmm.. no red flags there at all..


also got owned by a fucking Greta
girls are scary..


also bald


It was only an own to cuck libs and taint himself.



It sounds soy just thinking about it.

Real chad doesn't have to prove he's chad because he knows he is chad.


>once again, leftists land on the side of the pigs and cheerlead the actions of the bourgeois state while abstractly complaining about capitalism like a bunch of psued fags
Anyone else noticing a pattern?


Hey, you're right. Yay, human trafficing! End capitalism by supporting sex slavery!


smalldickenergy reply


File: 1672957899758.png ( 327.28 KB , 1080x1368 , Screenshot_20230105-223036.png )

Is she onto something here?


>le bourg state strikes down on a literal pimp
>I'm supposed to oppose this because le bourg state


>siding with the bourgeoise state as usual
OP is a faggot, andrew tate criticizes the system he lives in and gets wiped off the internet without explaination. You idiots think this is somehow good. He's at worst an expert level troll.


That's your argument, to parody the msm?


>(Bad person) does (thing), so you must be for the exact opposite of (thing)!
>(Government) does (incarceration of sex trafficers), so you must be for the exact opposite of (incarceration of sex trafficers!)
This right here is what is meant by the term "reactionary."


File: 1673050751844.jpg ( 73.96 KB , 1000x928 , 41zz 8YsU7L._AC_UF1000,100….jpg )

>tate criticizes the system he lives in
crying about le whores while pretending to be a chad is no criticism of anything


Why do you think he's a sex trafficker? Did you read it on reddit?


Congrats on having the same politics as a low t Vice writer


>He a good boy he dindu nuffin!


Imagine getting this triggered by your e-daddy getting vanned.

Why are right wingers so fucking pathetic, for real?


Guys stop bullying the t-t-top G! I still haven't gotten into the War Room. Nick stopped messaging me after I told him I'd pay in Argentinian pesos.


Idk, I'm not the one posting about it, but sure


Sometimes the bourgeois state does things that I like, same with capitalism to. Don't act like this has anything to do with your faggy gang war called Western "politics". It's purely a matter of spectacle, of watching a worthless lumpen-booj grifter getting whats coming to him while his fanboys cope and seethe. I can only hope that the same happens to Vaush some day.
Being anti-capitalist and anti-bourgeois is a mainstream "political" position at this point, just with non-Marxist verbiage. All that really matters is that one is willing to fight for a post-capitalist society that can go beyond the demands of the bourgeois revolution. Anything less is capitalist realism, either as petty-bourgeois resentment at the rich or as proletarian false consciousness.


Forgot to include left melancholia at the end but I'm sure most of us here implicitly recognize it anyways.


That's a lot of words to describe yourself as a fag


So you're calling me a right winger for not liking the censorship going on in western media? You could consider that perhaps tate was a little too close to the truth and the booj didn't like it but you're too busy licking boots. Nice.


alternative hypothesis: he is a misogynistic pimp getting what would be coming for him under any system


>Alternative take. The left just repeats whatever the mainstream says, but more enthusiastically


The whole thing about him being a pimp is made up though, it's just a smear. Mysogynist though, sure. I won't say I like his content that much but I do think he has gotten his audience to be at least somewhat critical of capitalism. I guess I just think that anyone that can piss off these silicon valley companies enough to get silence in a coordinated way has done something right.


God forbid the mainstream media ever says that water is wet


>Tfw when you're gullible and naive but think you're a hyper intellectual and turbo critical thinker


Guys, help, I sent 750k ARS to Nick, but he didn't give me invite to the war room!


Incels sure do hate Tate. For 2 reasons. 1. The government says you are required to hate him and 2. He proves that anyone can acquire wealth and women even a mystery meat chinlet. Proving that incels are weak and lazy and everything bad that they suffer is their own fault


Bro, are you with the War Room? Please get Nick to talk to me.


Misogynist is just another jew buzzword like racist or transhumanistphobe or jewphobe. it basically means anything the government doesn't allow you to say(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


>Tfw you have no argument


Sure thing, Mr. Resistance


>everyone who disagrees with me is a liberal!!!


File: 1674231310982.mp4 ( 903.39 KB , 540x540 , 1673976222868.mp4 )

so basically Tate admits rape here


Yawn. Isn't about time for you to move onto the next media hyped trend.


File: 1674232405090-0.png ( 4.87 KB , 275x100 , captcha.png )

File: 1674232405090-1.png ( 5.13 KB , 275x100 , captcha.png )

Isn't it interesting that all the "right wing heroes" turn out to be cheats, lawless degenerates, rapists, secret homosexuals, and drug addicts?


Contrasts well against the oversocialized spoiled momma's boys/snitches with limp dicks that comprise the muhleft


is this your excuse for not having any friends or a gf?


Aren't you part of a movement that advocates the 'human right' of pretending to be a chick to creep on lesbians and catch a peep in women's restroom?


No, anon, not every communist in the world is an American.


File: 1674293495646.png ( 380.88 KB , 1272x588 , 1.png )

I've got no chin and I must rape.


>Posts this yet unironically believes physiognomy isn't real


File: 1674299018109.mp4 ( 3.03 MB , 704x1280 , VID_20230121_175814_227.mp4 )



Not him but it's a joke anon.
Its been known for decades the physiognomy isn't real.


>Every bourgeois science institution agrees, so it must be true and not ideology!


>Every bourgeois science institution agrees
Putting the word "bourgeois" in there doesn't disguise the fact that every scientific institution of any repute calls physiognomy pseudoscientific bunk.


>Psyoped and bought into liberal bourgeois ideology


>science is liberal and bourgeois when it comes to conclusions that I don't like
You are a true believer.


>You can't tell anything by appearances
You are naive


That doesn't even make sense as a come-back.


You deff can tell things by appearance to a degree or we would not have adapted it evolutionary as a trait in our biology.


Sweet summer child


You really don't see the logic leap there, do you? I have to wonder if physiognomy proffers a particular set of physical features that indicate your particular lack of logical faculties.


More know nothingism from the hyper smart left


It would seem rather that you know nothing about thinking with logic.


>Physiognomy is psuedoscience, bro
>t. Someone who reads a lot of leftist literature



>Discover Magazine
Lel. Also, archive that shit.


File: 1674649385907.jpg ( 95.11 KB , 1200x900 , image-20150525-32548-gh8cj….jpg )

Andrew Tate says his jail cell in Romania is dark and infested with cockroaches and lice



Can someone contact him and tell him Nick isn't being a good G? I still don't have War Room access, and I gave him all my money.




File: 1675097862505.jpg ( 154 KB , 1080x1326 , 1675008069375.jpg )

Simply hilarious.


>>464782 always funny to see him coping LMFAO


Oversocialized faggot is trying to eat his cake and have it too lel.
Most of these "lesbians" somehow only get with other "lesbians" like them, or with women whom nobody would ever touch, except that many of these would be now missing their reproductive organs, rendering moot the whole point of having a sexual relationship, or even having the means to actually enjoy one in the first place.
Tragic, really.


Dawg has the gaze of a shark and a serial killer.


I would say hes a semi-lesbian.

But yea I think I get your point. What a shame though because hes cute and I think cishet guys would appreciate him far more than any cishet woman ever could.


I have yet to meet any teenager that knows about him or is enthusiastic. Most Tate fans I meet are over twenty.

>Good men
>God fearing men


Also, Sneako was revealed to be a cuck. Literally. His gf was havin sex with another guy and hes ok with it.

Anyone else also know about the beef he had with Penguinz0?

As usual, reacrionaries flock in the defend their jocular fibbers as heroes.

>Nuh uh, you leftists are the problem!

Everything bad that happens in bcuz of "muhleft".
I thought the right was all about personal responsibility?

Also,alot of the right is jist as limpwristed as the lefties tgey complain about.


Andrew Tate is 1/4 black. What the fuck is this racist shit anyway?


>1/4 black
that would light gray
Why are you racialists insisting on using analogies from color theory, those clearly don't work.

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