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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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>“Montes betrayed our nation, but not for money. In fact, she never received payment for any of her actions – astonishingly, she was motivated purely by hatred for America,” Rubio wrote in an op-ed penned for Americano Media.

‘Queen of Cuba’ spy released from US jail
Ana Montes, described as “one of the most damaging spies” in US history, has been released from federal prison in Texas. The double agent for Cuba was freed on Friday after more than 20 years in custody, data on the Federal Bureau of Prisons website shows.

Montes, now 65, made a solid career with the US government, initially working for the US Department of Justice before joining the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) back in 1985. She ultimately became a senior intelligence analyst for Cuba –even scoring a nickname the ‘Queen of Cuba’– and worked in this role until her arrest in 2001, days after the 9/11 attacks.

It turned out that Montes had been spying for Cuba throughout her whole government career, as she had been recruited by that country’s intelligence when she was a student at Johns Hopkins University. Officials at the time said it was believed that the Cuban Intelligence Service (CIS) had pushed her to pursue the DIA career in the first place.

As a double agent, Montes is believed to have funneled highly-sensitive information to the CIS for nearly two decades. According to federal charging documents, Montes was very careful, never taking classified information from her work computer but memorizing it instead, as well as using water-soluble, easy to destroy paper to deliver the data to her Cuban handlers.

According to the Bush-era US Counterintelligence head Michelle Van Cleave, Montes has become “one of the most damaging spies the United States has ever found,” who has compromised “virtually everything” Washington knew about Cuba.

In 2002, Montes pleaded guilty to espionage charges which could have carried the death penalty for her, yet was ultimately sentenced to 25 years in prison under a plea deal. According to her lawyers, Montes was primarily motivated for spying by a belief that “the Cubans were treated unfairly by the US government.”

Commenting on the release of Montes, Republican hardliner Senator Marco Rubio urged Americans to remember the double agent “for who she really is,” suggesting that she should not be forgiven, even after serving her sentence.

“Montes betrayed our nation, but not for money. In fact, she never received payment for any of her actions – astonishingly, she was motivated purely by hatred for America,” Rubio wrote in an op-ed penned for Americano Media.

On her release, Montes is set to remain under supervision for five years, according to her sentence. She will be banned from working for government or contacting ‘foreign agents’ without special permission, while internet access will be closely monitored by the authorities.


Imagine hating the place you live or are from and then wondering why social conditions and your life gets progressively worse.

Literal room temp autism score on this board, masquerading as edgy big brain takes


Imagine being from the place that is the butcher of the rest of humanity and thinking "this is fine" and "I like this place". It actually takes psychopathy to like living in the USA.




Honestly, the worst part about the US is the overabundance of faggy liberal arts 'leftist' mouth breathers and feral 80 autism score dindus. They made the opioid addicted hwite gen Xers seem reasonable by comparison.


>I'm okay with living in a collapsing shithole state


Weak men create hard times


lmao this is the extent of your knowledge on why america is declining? Amazing analysis dumbass


Bro, your schtick is being in poverty and calling other people dumb…..


File: 1673331042459.jpg ( 57.45 KB , 1126x704 , cuban spy.jpg )

Based comrade spy


File: 1673362767249.mp4 ( 3.87 MB , 576x1024 , VID_20230110_215634_999.mp4 )

I hope this was worth it, anon


File: 1677334955581.png ( 269.57 KB , 1000x750 , couldnt-find-a-better-plac….png )

>Weak men create hard times


Weak men create hard men.


I kinda agree with the anon tho. You can hate your government, but hating your country is just bourgeois cosmopolitanism. It indicates that you would want to associate with a class that is essentially divorced from the country despite being in it physically. I think cuckservatives are correct when they say if you truly don’t like it then leave. That at least shows you are willing to emancipate yourself from a country you hate so much.


If I weren't stuck here in the US, I would leave like everyone else. I am stuck here, and that's the case with the serfs the world over. I would rather not live in a hellhole, and the "global citizens" want everything but their secret places to be under perpetual siege. It would be better if the global order didn't do that, but eugenics and depopulation demand it.


My brother in Christ literally drive south of the border and revoke your citizenship it’s not that hard


And where do you get money, lol. Here I have a home and people who know me. To be a global citizen means you're in a club that is able to make their home anywhere. To be a national serf is to be confined to some circumcribed existence. Yeah, I could go to Latin America if I were really desperate. It's not as great as it seems, but it's where some Americans did go because they had nothing left here, and had some connection to the other country.


>translation: yeah I hate this country but man do I wanna reap those sweet sweet economic benefits of living there.
Lol if you hated the US so much you would end your cope and just fuckin move


I don't hate the US though. I don't care one way or another about the myths made about a country. I see no reason why the inhabitants of America should be condemned to suffer, because it's not going to make anyone else better off. If someone thinks that making us suffer will liberate the world, they do not get what the global empire is. If I moved anywhere else, I'd still be a serf. This is a global system, and there are those who are the masters and those who are the slaves, and those selected to die. Those who are playing incessantly the rat race will never stop doing what they do until it's too late. They've been trained to think of nothing else.


>If I moved anywhere else, I'd still be a serf.
As you wish,
-the universe


File: 1677638861541.png ( 694.61 KB , 955x565 , EPIC FAIL.png )

Your supposed spiritual insight about "the universe" is just a very thinly veiled adulation of the shallow and vain "morality" of neoliberalism, which operates on the same kind of archetypal Humbert Humbert pedophile cognitive distortion line that says "victims just want to be victimized and really bring it upon themselves" or less (intentionally) depoliticized and depersonalized "My victim wanted me to violate them, and really seduced or manipulated me into violating them through some process I can't and won't explain in clear, falsifiable terms that can be reasoned with and aren't backed by badgering bullies who will shut down any opposition through threats, violence, and blacklisting/exile".

The reason you need the mystification of "the universe" is because explaining the way the victim allegedly manipulated the perpetrator into abusing them would necessarily reveal the flimsy and fallacious nature of your reasoning, and it's political, brainwashing purpose. Fuck you capo.
I guess the mystification helps you reduce the psychological impact of moral injury, too, in fact considering everyone whose opinion matters can see you're a lying piece of capo shit, maybe the only reason you say shit like this is to lick your moral wounds, self deception is a horrible coping mechanism.

And all of those neoliberal cognitive distortions you believe in are something you actually desire for yourself and are just projecting onto people like me, right? Deep down you want to be punished for violating my rights, that's why YOU claim that I, me, want neoliberal predators to rule me (and the universe guarantees it man, because i "manifested" it, maaaan, and effect comes before cause maaan).
You commit these outrages against me because you want me to put you in a dunce hat and make you write a self criticism and punish you and publicly humiliate you and then that anxiety inside your chest will subside because a great authority that's more intelligent and stronger than you has made you win the victory over yourself, and the force I exerted in your repressed fantasy overcame the chaos and violence of the outside world and gave you clear rules to follow to be able to survive and thus took away the fear of uncertainty that taking responsibility for yourself entails, but I don't have the power to do that, so why don't you start doing it of your own volition and stop trying to drag me into your authoritarian gaslighting fetish?
Gaslight yourself back into material reality, please, there is an intelligible pattern to most things relevant to us and the world aside from weather systems is not really that chaotic in the true random sense of the term and things are understandable with effort and you don't need to supplicate to a bully who makes loud assertions about things they don't understand to feel a reasonable sense of ease, even in spite of acknowledging the truth about living as part of a prey class that is actively being hunted, psychological ease is accessible and predators can be combated and evaded and hid from and dying itself isn't even that scary.

All that aside, are you some infrared "patriotic socialist"? And isn't patriotic basically just a synonym for nationalist? Don't you fuckers think that's a little too on the nose?
We all know how that went for Strasser, so I suggest you leave your death cult now because life really is worth living, despite what all the traumatic conditioning your handlers probably put you through makes it seem like.


Why don't you and the US given pay for all the damage their imperialism did, them I'll move.


Such a faggot. Always talking about shit you have no control over instead of focusing on and expanding the power of the few things you do have control over. This is why you are weak.


This is just too schizo to reply to. You are beyond help if this isn't some elaborate shitpost
>words words words
Imagine if you put half that effort into doing something that would make you strong


I don't know how you think that's a comeback. It is what snark does to a motherfucker if you're fed nothing but memes as your knowledge base.

Anyway, if you're in that intelligence / spying world, you know that nationalism is a farce. It's why there are so many double agents - they really aren't serving the myths told to the plebs. Not even the plebs themselves truly take the "national interest" line seriously. This used to be more overt - in the 19th century, a country was just a place, and in many parts of the world that reasoning still applies. The national myth only really came to the forefront with ideology, and it's always been this weird faith, because the "nationalism" promoted in the 20th century is not the same as the nationalist idea in the 18th and 19th century. Nationalism in the past was seen as a democratizing impulse against the old aristocracy, while today nationalism is identified with the ruling interest and alien to the actual nation in question. It's not so much that people in the 18th century had a sense of patriotism, but that what was meant by nationalism was a challenge to the idea that we should be ruled by kings and their officers. In the 20th century, this was no longer an idea that could be maintained, and the construction of national myths has always been opposed to the actual nation and sense of community implied. America never had a true national myth because America constitutionally was something very different. Simply put, America was always designed to be a globe-spanning empire rather than a country in this sense that every country is like Little England. The great empires always aspired to be more than a national myth, and the Little England idea is always a way of keeping the serfs in their place.

Also lol at Little Marco the eternal coper. The political class being as rotten as it is does more damage than any of the spies in our midst, because they are that pernicious and disgusting.


Based bump


Alot of our radical libs and right wingers are Gen X/early Gen Y junkies

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