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So the entire UFO happening was the US military spending big bux to shoot down hobby-balloons.
I feel bad for the people who have that hobby, they probably thought that balloons were so harmless that nobody would ever bother to disturb their happy fun time.

Why did this thing turn into such a big deal ?


>Why did this thing turn into such a big deal ?
Because it can be used in a propaganda war.


I can kinda see your point, they create narratives they can later recycle for war mongering.
But balloons are not menacing.
The rest of the world is witnessing this.
<Hey yanks watcha doin
>RAAAAA, death to balloons
<Ok then (slowly backs away)


Every time I need to explain to someone that "spy balloon" technology is roughly 70 years out of date in the age of spy satellites lately, I feel like the human race deserves to die.


Be the change


File: 1676747748906.png ( 166.46 KB , 396x389 , 1675891551612489.png )

the US has perpetually seen itself at war with everyone and everything; a common enemy, since the inception of the country. This type of extreme schizophrenia hearkens way back to the dawn of the country with the split from the kingdom of England.
I mean, think about it, the country has pretty much perpetually been at war since its birth.

Breaking off from the kingdom,
Civil war
World war 1 and 2
Modern conflicts; Afganistan, Iraq, Iran, etc etc
It's amazing how much of a hivemind US citizens actually are; Everything has to be "a defense against" or "a war against" something or other.

Amazing, really. It's ingrained into the psychology of you average united states citizen.




>National self loathing
Obviously written by a burger


to prevent the train derailment in Ohio from hitting the headlines


I really thought this was obvious, lol.


So they spilled toxic shit on the ground and then made everybody look up, at the sky, as a distraction.

So basically look into the opposite direction of what ever the mainstream media is pointing.


File: 1678141892196.jpg ( 112.15 KB , 1009x862 , spycranes.jpg )

<National-security and Pentagon officials are warning about the potential use of giant Chinese-made and operated cranes as intelligence collection tools


Is this a genuine thing, or are they manufacturing more balloon-type hysteria ?
Are all chinese things going to become Amogus ?



When America's "right" is in power it's all "we are the strongest, haha, look at our might."
When America's "left" is in power it's all "well, we can't let the "right" call us weak, better be exactly as retarded and let them get whatever they want and blame the voters"
It's very disconcerting, or it ought to be!



Idk… I mean all this shit has had computers in it forever. The US seems to want every piece of its own tech to have a double-purpose for surveillance, it's probably something which could be done. It's dumb, but… the whole thing is fucking dumb. The US is paranoid, but also kinda should be… but the American public should be more paranoid about the American state itself.


If the US wants to have surveillance for those cranes, can't they just stick their own surveillance equipment on those cranes ?

>The US is paranoid, but also kinda should be…

In that case I don't get it. From a technical point of view the most secure crane, is the one that uses technical minimalism. If you only implement the technology needed to operate the crane, the attack surface for subverting it's function is the smallest. If you add more features like surveillance, that massively increases the attack surface.

As far as container security goes, i would try to figure out ways to scan their contents for malicious stuff. The scan method has to be fast and economical, so x-ray-ing a bazillion containers is out. However you can scan for particulate emissions to find hazardous materials like toxic chemicals or explosives. You only need an air-pump and a molecular-particle detector to extract a container-gas-sample, which only adds a few seconds to container processing because it only requires sticking in a small suction-tube in one of the many container-drain-holes. That method is neigh impossible to beat because it will detect particles even through many layers of plastic wrap. Inherent Molecular vibration means all containers leak a little. A few molecules will always manage to wiggle through the walls of any container, and even low cost mol-dedectors are ridiculously sensitive.

>the American public should be more paranoid about the American state itself.

Even if you trust your own government, you have to be aware that all technical backdoors are very promiscuous.
In a potential cyber-war between the US and China, the Chinese will have access to all those backdoors as well. Backdoors have become near-infinite-value targets, and any rational actor with the means to pay the price for getting in, will do so. This isn't just my opinion, this is what most technical security researches think.


Apparently the Chinese refused to set up a meeting to talk about the balloon with US delegates.


time stamp 01:08:40



So the US government has now confirmed that the Chinese spy weather balloon was indeed blown off course by accident/weather, and the pentagons examinations of the balloon wreckage concludes that it did not activate its sensors while being over US territory.

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