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The more older I become the more I understand just how strong is my urge to murder other communists.

Almost every one of them is some kind of a sperg, an idealist, a dogmoid automaton, a lib, a nationalist, a culture warrior, a grifter, a socialite, I could go on and on.
I can't fucking stand you. Every time I talk to one I imagine him choking on his blood, and this image gives me a relief.

First thing that triggers me immensely is the obsession with philosophy. Every time some idealist sperg mentions dialectics to me it takes me titanic effort to not pick up a chair and bash their head into the nearest wall with it.
Seriously, it got so bad that I sometimes daydream about choking Engels and Hegel with a stupid smile on my face.
I'm now convinced that there can not be such thing as a proletarian philosophy. Philosophy is a mind poison of the ruling classes, always has been, and it poisoned the minds of the leaders of the workers movement due to them all being intellectuals. All according to Marxism lol.
This obsession is so widespread that I sometimes wonder if I am the only one who came to Marxism through the study of history and not through some philosophic elitist drivel. It tells

The second thing is idealism (being an insufferable sperg is closely related). It seems like you just can't expect communists to be pragmatic in this day and age. It's like they are stuck between the Scylla of maximalism and the Charybdis of defeatism. It's either "If I can't dance, it's not my revolution!" or "capitalism is actually socialism because they say so". It seems like communists don't have the patience or the mental capacity to just keep fucking grinding to their aims, slowly and methodically, using everyone and everything they can, and patiently waiting for their moment. No, they just NEED to sperg out and express their very important opinion (that 10 out of 10 times is some banal idealism or empty populist platitudes) on every little matter!
At moments like this it usually takes me two to three cigarettes to calm down.

And as we touched on it already, lets discuss the third thing - cheap populism. It is so widespread that I got in more fights over populist rhetoric than over any other thing. It seems like every communist takes his audience for fucking 10-year old kids who can be manipulated by simple tricks. Hey, you know that I can SEE what you are doing? You know we're all adults here? Hey, look me in the fucking eye, do you take me for a fucking idiot bitch? I will string your bowels on a fucking pike!

Yes, I know that our government is against proletariat. Yes, I know that our government doesn't care about human rights if those humans are poor. Yes, I know that our government is militarist. Any more banal platitudes? Do you think you're some fucking preacher that is here to open our eyes or something?
Criticizing - offer. No suggestions - no right to speak. Tattoo these expressions on your retarded fucking head or I will do it. And learn some some fucking rhetoric, sperg. Speak efficiently and concisely, get to the point, respect your audience, don't waste our time, we have lives to live.

Seriously, the only marxist that I can consistently listen to these days without rage quitting is Cockshott, and he is a fucking old fart who sounds like he is gonna die any minute now. But at least he gets to the point and doesn't waste my time, even if he has a tendency to ramble on about his niche stemfaggotry. But I can officially say that he is the least insufferable communist.
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File: 1677667389560.png (383.28 KB, 598x628, 1656338565413.png)

Is the eugenics in the room with us right now?

I know what eugenics is but I don't understand what the hell you are trying to say. You sound like pepe Silvia trying to explain the lost city of Atlantis to me or something. The idea that eugenics is behind reaking class actions and the general actions of the population is nonsense: It might be true at some level but at a foundational level it misses the mark. You have had this explained to you before and you still cint to double down and cling to this idealistic belief that eugenics is in the driver seat when it isn't


Wow the level of denialism with these people. Just look at the shit coming out of the aristocracy's mouth. They want massive death and brag about it. Here's an example of what is a common TED talking point, which is sort of the technophile eugenists' hub for telling their faithful what to think:


Does that sound like someone who thinks about helping people? This shit is ubiquitous if you look at the liberal ruling elite for any length of time. Anyone running defense for this should just shut the fuck up and go suck their paymasters' cocks.

Yes, eugenics is their guiding idea. There is no ulterior motive. That is the point - they can kill off the poor and win the struggle for life, so they are doing exactly that. Faggots like you let that happen every time you talk down to me for saying basic shit. I shouldn't have to, but that is where we are, and that is why humanity is doomed. It's not going to be my problem soon enough - I will die and you good people will get to live in this hellworld. There is no good reason for me to go along with this and act like anything good will come out of it, or that it can be ignored. I've done far better by hating these people.

You're a fag for enabling any part of it and you should hang your head in shame before insulting me.


File: 1677681305916.jpg (196.65 KB, 882x1080, 1676760678229023.jpg)

Anon, I didn't deny anything. You need to take a course in linguistics because you have absolutely no reading comprehension. I said quite the opposite, actually. What I said was that I Agree with you. That they say they want eugenics, but, that it is not the foundational forces that drive what they do. We have gone over this before and you still are here refusing to acknowledge the fact that our society is driven by the profit motive and not eugenics s an ideal. Just because people say something doesn't mean they are not driven by a force they do not understand. Flat earthers deny gravity and yet it still keeps working on them.


>the fact that our society is driven by the profit motive and not eugenics s an ideal
But why are people driven toward the profit motive


Argh, I might have unintitionally causes some cinfusion: I ment that our society IS driven by the profit motives and to think it's driven by eugenics is idealism.

I just wanted to clear that up.
To answer your question that is like asking "why" are people driven by gravity. It really makes no sense. They just are. Profits are the modus-operandi of capitalism. What matters is that, unlike gravity, is is not a literal objective law of the universe and can be changed.


He doesn't have an answer. Depopulation is very very unprofitable, but he willfully ignores what is right in front of him. The rulers are not motivated by profit and it is not a conditional of survival. Why seek profit when you can just take everyone's shit and print yourself money? If someone is not seeing this by now, they're mystifying and they know it. This whole "it's the PROFIT" line is something tested on leftypol and pushed by the influencers. They rely on censorship and berating people for going against this wank, this bastardization which is intended to export the Malthusian logic everywhere possible. According to this story, runaway profits cause a vague "ecological catastrophe" which is mystified once people are caught in the narrative. Because two generations are primed to accept this narrative, it relies on institutional support, and when someone goes against it, the screeching begins. It's really a hypnotic, subconscious programming. The cowardly go for it, and those in the know are not going to give that up.

Yes, eugenics is their GUIDING idea. If you want to look at ulterior motives, you would have to look at the spiritual beliefs dominant among the intelligentsia and the shit they REALLY say behind closed door. I have my sense of what they believe behind eugenics, but eugenics is the visible front for what the rulers are doing now. That's the banner people rally to, and they do so not because it is profitable but because they smell victory, and being with eugenics is being with the ruling ideas and institutions. It's why they talk about ingroups and Schmittian politics.


I literally answered the question. Just because you don't like the answer because it doesn't conform to your preexisting ideology doesn't make it wrong. Marx wrote about the myopia of capitalist in their short term race for profits. Capitalists are not a hive mind and can and will do things that in the long run will conflict with the profit motive for short term economic gain. That is the whole basis of the falling rate of profit.
The truth is you have no answer because you are a massive idealistic faggot who doesn't understand anything that he is saying and you refuse to change your religious beliefs in spite of mountains of contradictory evidence like any other religio0us zeatlot.
You saw one youtube video about the world economic forum on 4chan and now you are convinced that every small business owner is literally hitler. Give me a break.


File: 1677695254065.gif (3.59 MB, 498x340, 1675120372506145.gif)

Let me ask you something.

Even if we assume your point is correct what then? What is the point of the idealistic fart huffing you are peddling? What is your solution to the issue and what do you plan to do about it?

This is the same bullshit the CIA uses to divert peoples attention away from what really matters which is altering the relations of production.


Everything you say requires conflating what I have said with your talking points. It is dishonest and trite.
If you deny the centrality of eugenics after 2020, you're a fag, pure and simple. There is no contradictory evidence, unless you believe there is some anti-eugenicist force somewhere in the institutions.

This entire "it's the profits" belief relies on the belief that there is a Good Capitalist that can be tamed and does the Right Things - i.e. eugenic things. You're eugenist, always will be, so you're a fag. That is the only explanation for denying the extent of eugenics, which just about any honest person will say. The only thing I do is dare to say that it is central, because everyone is afraid of that fight or has some belief in eugenics. I have no such belief because eugenics only means eternal living Hell for me. It means eternal living Hell for a lot of people, but certain people want that eternal living Hell. It is something inherent to leftism, the persistent disease that made sure the left was a doomed cause. With "friends" like this, who needs enemies?

The first solution is to not enable your faggotry, but you are eugenist, Satanic, and enjoy the thrill of sadism. That is the only explanation for your insulting behavior and defense of eugenics at this point, fag, and you are a fag.


Also, your line is literally created by CIA. This is what Marcuse tells people to do to disrupt communist parties, and it works because Marxism was created with poison pills. It's not the totally perfect theory, where it cannot fail but can only be failed. This idea of perfect systems that can only be failed is eugenic in nature.


File: 1677717856977.gif (621.62 KB, 500x380, 1677699114644702.gif)


See and it allways ends like this.
You are a broken record constantly spinning your wheels in the mud with no en goal and absolutely no idea of where you are going. You're like a dog chasing cars and you cannot answer me because you know that what I am saying points that out so you are just going to resort to crying and calling me "Le heckin CIAarino" or whatever. You are a useless midwit, anon.

What I am saying is exactly what proves profitability is central to the existence and motivations of our system but you are to much of a midwit idealist to understand that.
Go away.


If the rulers were interested in profitability, they wouldn't liquidate the lower and middle strata of capital. That has been their plan for some time, and many of the middle strata have accepted that they will accept the oligarchy. This means the end of profit-seeking even as a pretense. The only reason it persisted was to convince the lower orders of capital that business would still go on as long as they kept their head down. 2020 put an end to that.

If someone were interested in restoring profitability, they would take very different steps. Trump signaled that he would do that, but obviously Trump is a showman. There is nothing but the monopolists taking what they didn't take in 2008. A monopolist has no interest in profitability because they own what they really want; far from it, destroying profitability is exactly what monopolists at the apex of the arrangement would want, because it allows them to liquidate competitors and the failed capitalists. This is really fucking basic shit, and Marx understood that. The argument Marx makes is that capitalism leads to regular fucking-over of a lot of people as a rule, and that many people he writes to are going to be screwed if the system continues as it was. It wasn't just fucking over the workers - they were always fucked. The weaker capitalist struggles and is set up to lose, and when the weaker capitalists see the writing on the wall, they can either lick boot of the winners or they can rebel. Marx is telling some of those people, particularly those in certain sectors of the bourgeoisie, "hey, look at this thing I call the proletariat, we can use these people".


File: 1677723327914.jpg (60.69 KB, 1094x575, 1675401869050855.jpg)

Why wouldn't they? As technology evolves and the ability to produce commodities becomes easier and easier, again, capitalism requires the working class less and less. This falls directly in line with the profit motive of capitalism. They don't want to cull the working class because they are "le heckin evil bad dudes!!!!!" They want to cull us because they have to pay us money in order to preform labor and produce capital that they can turn into surplus profits. Even so they will still require, theoretically, profits in order to obtain capital and initiate trade amongst one another. Even oligarchies still follow market laws under capitalism. You people love to bastardize marx in order to justify your vapid stupidity but you cannot fool me.

The basic shit is: Capitalism is an economic system predicated upon the production of commodities for profit by the working class. Those who have nothing to sell but their labor for a wage in a market economy. That is true today as it was in the late 19th century. Nothing you say or no matter how many temper tantrums you throw will ever change that fact.
That is basic Marxism. Cope seethe dilate.
I am literally going to kill myself if I have to explain this very simple fact to anymore of you retards I swear to god.


The cost of active liquidation of the lower classes is extremely expensive in manpower. You would have to employ a large sector of the population towards the task of killing of another portion.
You have to mystify away the apparatus that is killing us for your thinking to hold, which you do because you are eugenist and want the killing to continue as if it were a passive force of nature. This stops the moment the machine is no longer active, and when no one has any incentive compelling them to participate. It only stops them. It does not stop because you can cajole a revolution into existence. It stops when there is a genuine counter-force to eugenics, which you habitually refuse to allow because you chose which side of the war you are on.

Since it is clear eugenics has won, the human project is failed. There is no hope. That's why you cower like a sniveling faggot and think attacking me is worth more than winning a single fucking thing, fag.


Do you seriously not understand economics at all, or, are you just choosing to ignore me because I feel like this has been explained to you ad-infinitum. Also, it's really fucking annoying to keep hearing you accuse me of "mystifying" anything when you are sitting here thinking that eugenics isn't intrisically woven into the system capitalism rather than there being a magically group of people overtly trying to genocide the working class. Capitalism will naturally lead to these conclusions, again, through the profit motive. With revolutionary potential dead (and the rest of it being channeled into fighting non existent enemies and being completely fucking brain dead morons like you) we can deduce how capitalism will most likely contiue forward from our current point in history.

Again, the falling rate of profit is going to keep making the profit margins that can be achived righter and tigher in the economy. As Marx poited out, capitalists can off set this in two ways: A. Technological advancment and B: Become closer and closer to out right slavery. Seeing how we live in the nice first world that will leave one option in the US (and most likely into the future as well) again this is going to mean that workers are naturally going to be weeded out in the economy as they are replaced with robots more and more.
No magical cabal of evil bad dudes who look like lex Luthar required.

By the way I Am stil waiting for you to answer >>466488 spoiler you can't


You're just autistically repeating "profit profit profit" and can't answer how mass liquidation which those in charge announce over and over again is supposed to be a profit-making venture. Highly unproductive labor does not serve a disciplinary function, if the goal were to accumulate tokens of value. Mass propaganda everywhere which costs trillions of dollars and charges exorbitant wealth to do nothing but lie is not about selling things to people, fag. You are a retarded middle class grasping fag through and through. You're Satanic and refuse to understand basic human behavior, because you've been enabled, you fag fag fag fag fag.

This is what happens when the rulers win, fag. You're a fag and an enabler, and you don't even get paid anything. You do it for the cheap thrill, and that's all you are and will ever be, Satanic.


This entire thinking requires believing capitalism is a "perfect system" and communism must violate and transgress to exist. It is Hitlerian, it is Satanic, it is fag thinking, and it was tested on leftypol because it's a /pol colony. Fag.


>hurr durr satanic hitler communism


You are not a communist, fag. You're an idiot creating a substitute to derail any meaningful conversation.
Normal people know what eugenics is and don't reflexively defend it. Only fags do.


File: 1677728076571.jpg (74.38 KB, 593x552, 1675280418907572.jpg)

I seriously don't think this anon can read at this point. Is English not your first language or are you seriously just more brain dead and retarded than I ever could have possibly comprehended because I have explained it to you multiple times in this thread and now I will do so again:

Capitalism naturally will result in the genocide of the working class with out revolutionary fever to encompass the masses as capitalism continues to progress historically because due to the falling rate of profit technology will slowly replace organized labor resulting in a crisis of capital which will be resolved dialectic ally one way or the other up to and including the targeted genocide of the working class.

Again, this is a real, objective, material explanation for the forces of capitalism that do not require a spooky Lex Luthar economic forum member hiding under your bed.

Also, for the millionth fucking time the goal personally doesn't have to be to accrue profit, but, that is what is required objectively in order for a company to sustain its existence. This is basic economics you fucking retard. You are possibly one of the dumbest people on earth.

No it doesn't you moronic faggot; As has again be explained to your stupid ass near infinitum capitalism is not a perfect system nore does profit being the a-priori system by which the economy functions means capitalism is a perfect system nore does it mean that workers cannot arise to the task to take history into their own hands.
Just because you are a dumb ass with no understanding of politics, history, or economics, or, well, anything really, doesn't mean that what I am says is your dumb ass strawman.

You are an idealist faggot kill yourself.

Still waiting for you to answer >>466488


Capitalism is not a passive force animating the world. You don't have capitalism without capitalists. Society and all you can say about consists in the first instance of social agents. If you're not talking about the behavior of rational agents, you are not talking about capitalism in any real sense. You're talking about a myth, a story you tell to supplant any understanding. Capitalism is premised on rational agents either wanting it to exist, or preferring it to the alternatives given what they know about the world. You're too Satanic to understand that, and at this point you have to be deliberately stupid to not see the centrality of eugenics, or the message coming out of the ruling institutions and the talking heads. They don't shut up about depopulation and it's fucking everywhere. You're a fag for denying it.


No one is defending eugenics you useless tool. Answer >>466488


File: 1677728919852.png (274.66 KB, 512x512, 1670614909376080.png)

>Capitalism is not a passive force animating the world.

I never said it was

>You don't have capitalism without capitalists.

Ok and you don't have capitalists with out profits.

>If you're not talking about the behavior of rational agents, you are not talking about capitalism in any real sense.

Libertarian brainworms. Capitalism is not about "free agents" capitalism is a mode of production with an objective methedoloy. You are the one talking about something that is not capitalism making up grand narratives you massive fucking RETARD. You literally are suggesting that a spooky cabal of faggots is planing objectively world domination or something when even if that is true it doesn't matter because they are still guided by the forces of capitalism.

Do you think that capitalism doesn't have an underlying logic to it? Serious question. Do you think that economic systems of production have no method by which they function? Do you think things just happen for no reason in the current economy? You make absolutely no sense and you are so mind mindbogglingly stupid I am at an absolute loss for words here.

>Capitalism is premised on rational agents either wanting it to exist,

Only in the mind of moronic liberatarian idealists like yourself.

>You're too Satanic to understand that


Why don't you go back to twitter since that seems to be your speed; The slow lane.

>and at this point you have to be deliberately stupid to not see the centrality of eugenics

If eugenics is central to the function of our political and economic system then why can you remove the spooky jews you claim are running the country and the system as we understand it will still continue functioning exactly as it is today?

You can literally remove every single person in power today and some one will eventually replace them because capitalism functions by an a-priori methodology.

Do you think that people just inherently support eugenics?

Can you actually answer anything or are you going to keep pussyfooting around the point like a faggot?

Holy fuck you are stupid


>You're an idiot creating a substitute to derail any meaningful conversation.

The lack of self awareness here is astounding.


Yes you are. If you deny the centrality of eugenics despite the extreme propaganda sent out daily by the press, where they brag about the war against the weak and taking away all of those benefits, you are an enabler. That is the GUIDING principle, retard. The profit is not sought out of some sense that profit is the Demiurge. Profit was always a means to an end in certain conditions, fag.

The motives for eugenics are that it is the surest way to secure the alliance of interests ruling presently - those who rule can only do so through an intellectual elite and lockstep enforcement of morality. They do this so they can win the war against their chosen enemies, the residuum and those who do not go along with their program. Eugenics was the chosen front for this, the scientific face of the ruling interest, because it united that interest on the basis of biology and presumed hereditary virtue. This incentive is naturalized and considered eternal, and can arrest history. If you wished to rule a permanent tyranny, you would resort to eugenics as the obvious way to do that in this time and with the conditions eugenics was envisioned in.
I don't think you need to explain human avarice with a theory. You would have to presume that humans are "naturally pure good" to engage in such a sophist's argument. Capitalism obviously is premised on a belief that individual pursuit of wealth is morally sound - free trade is at its core premised on moral philosophy, rather than a just-so story of why humans engage in market activity. There are things humans do which are contrary to market society every day, and none of the classical liberals were making the claim that the market was an ideological absolute. Only the eugenic creed truly indulged in that. You are eugenist and Satanic, and so all things must regress to the absolute, the primordial light, for your world-system to remain coherent. Therefore you will attack anyone who opposes the creed with vigor, but cannot lift a finger to defend anyone. That's why you are a Satanic and not a person worth listening to, and why you persist in being a fag, fag, FAG.


If you argue that humans are amoral creatures moved along like evolutionary flotsam or automata, you are making claims which are not defensible by any concept of "human" that we have long understood. Decision making in humans is guided by some moral philosophy; otherwise, the human is nothing more than a vessel animated by forces. In such a world, there is no point in speaking of communism, and the only outcome is that the Satanic impulse carries out its mission to the intended conclusion. It makes the thinking that motivates greed and eugenics and absolute and eternal, which I know you believe. That is why you are defending - the eternity of the eugenic creed and the eternal thrill of making others suffer. You can do that if you like, but the outcome to the rest of us of that thinking has always been known. That is why so many people resist eugenics, because eugenics is not truly natural the way you insinuate that it must be, because you believe eugenics is the absolute and above all other moral codes. You would have to enshrine eugenics as a super-science above all to deny its centrality at this point, because as I said, the propaganda in favor of eugenics is everywhere.

Given the victory of the Satanic thrill, I have no expectation that this will change any time soon. That is the end state of humanity, because of faggots like this who want it. The countervailing force against it lacked the "want it more" that the eugenists brought to bear. The moment the eugenists built nuclear weapons and pointed them at the civilians was the moment humanity was done. The rest was just a matter of pointing to the nukes any time a crisis appeared to displease the creed. It's also why the first response to nuclear weapons was to say "bring it, fuckers". You didn't see Stalin or Mao prance like retards while being afraid of nuclear war. If you're going to build those things, you better fucking use them or shut up.


File: 1677744387973.png (352.91 KB, 399x652, 3s4de65fr76t8g7.png)



File: 1677771632156.jpg (8.13 KB, 250x190, 1677693078078-2.jpg)

This is your brain on idealism.


File: 1678341599381.jpg (54.05 KB, 521x937, ce1.jpg)

holy fucking based and same


Update: I still fucking hate communists.

Especially I hate leftoids that throw around the term "scientific socialism" and then proceed to cling to their 19th century dogmas about the inevitability of communism, post-scarcity, everything according to need, blah-blah and other philosophical ramblings. They couldn't be further from "the science" even if they run from it.

Obviously brainlet leftoids try to use the authority of science to peddle their own biases. Pathetic.

Somehow in a finite universe with HARD PHYSICAL constraints leftoids would have infinite everything for their every whim.
This BLIND faith in that humanity has no HARD CONSTRAINS IMPOSED ON THEM BY THE UNIVERSE is a variation of general techno-utopianism, the same techno-utopianism that is the guiding light of all capitalist apologists.
A curious convergence of the left and right indeed.


>is a variation of general techno-utopianism
or more generally anthropocentric bias that is a byproduct of religious mindset

there always must be a guiding light to salvation, humanity can't just run into a dead end


I also hate communists that still cling to their special snowflake variation of "democratic centralism" as if 20th century didn't happen

nothing screams "scientific" louder than when you stick your head into the sand and ignore reality that proved you wrong


Also nothing screams "scientific" more louder than when you ignore your own theory of the primacy of the material base over superstructure and claim that a state is socialist because it has red flags and is ruled by a party that has "communist" in its name.

Lenin at least had the decency to not claim that USSR under NEP was socialist.


also nothing more "scientific" than when you completely ignore demographic trends and rising wages and still claim that a country still has domestic abundance of labor relative to capital and that's why it just can't be imperialist



I also in general hate leftoids who can't reduce their abstract thought notions to concrete policies. This ties to my passionate hate of philosophy because those notions are usually of the philosophical kind.

NEVER IN MY LIFE have I seen a "philosopher" who would voluntarily descend to our sinful earth from his ivory tower.
Only under immense pressure, only when backed into the corner with no way out.


I also hate leftoids who chase trends and don't stick to their principles. Those leftoids are usually also big into philosophy.

As soon as science proper separated from philosophy - philosophy immediately was reduced to being a tool of the class rule tho more like class cope

It's a general rule of thumb that if person thinks they can find profound truths in philosophical wankery - they have a reactionary bias.
If you view philosophy as anything but "what class interest does this particular piece of wankery consciously or subconsciously represents?", then I have dad news - you're an eternal brainlet.


File: 1679137235639.jpg (72.57 KB, 960x540, virgo supercluster.jpg)

Well technically speaking most of the historic scientific socialists didn't think socialism was inevitable, they considered barbarism a real possibility. If you look at the 20th century you kinda got both, there was a big thrust towards socialism in the Soviet Union etc and barbarism with fascism in WW2.

Post scarcity is definitely possible, people are finite beings with finite needs and wants. And we'll eventually be able to satisfy all the needs and wants of 99% of people. There's always going to be a small fraction of people who aren't happy unless they own everything, and the rest of society owns nothing while living in misery, but that's not the clientele for socialism anyway. Since we're not catering to megalomania, we're going to call post scarcity for 99% of people as close enough. Capitalism only satisfies about 10% of a population, so it's a big step up.

>a finite universe with HARD PHYSICAL constraints

That's just an assumption we're making based on current rather limited astrophysics capabilities. At least wait a few years until the recently launched James Webb telescope had time to bring in more data. There's enough matter and energy for trillions of years of sublime existence, even with the current horizons there are no practically relevant limitations, other than those set by scientific and technological understanding. Even if we don't make any further advances in science, we'll be able to operate as if there were no limits for countless millennia. There's no reason to worry about the limits of the Universe, unless you want to use it for concern trolling. The things we do today will only affect the next 200 to 500 years anyway, so it's not worth thinking further ahead than that.

>the same techno-utopianism that is the guiding light of all capitalist apologists.

Well the capitalist have build a techno-dystopia, but that doesn't mean we can't do better.
The capitalists might have lost their credibility when it comes to using technology for progress but why would that apply to socialists ?

Maybe humanity ends trillions of years from now, having "only" expanded 33 megaparsecs (110 m lightyears) throughout the Virgo supercluster and "only" colonized roughly 100k galaxies. And the last human dies on some artificial habitat that's powered by a black-hole hawking-radiation collector in the post-stellar phase of the universe. That would still be a phenomenal run for our species. And we're at the beginning of that adventure, so cheer up.


>Well technically speaking most of the historic scientific socialists didn't think socialism was inevitable, they considered barbarism a real possibility.
which undermined their claims to being "scientific" because "barbarism" is not a mode of production, but a populist political term

>Post scarcity is definitely possible, people are finite beings with finite needs and wants.

People live on a finite planet in a finite solar system in a finite milky way galaxy, et cetera

It's a big leap of faith to claim that what is THEORETICALLY POSSIBLE would be PRACTICALLY FEASIBLE

>even with the current horizons there are no practically relevant limitations, other than those set by scientific and technological understanding

there are very PRACTICAL limitations such as the speed limit
or even more practical limits such as energy and material costs

you utopoid fags always amaze me by your sheer ignorance of just how fragile our position on this planet, in this solar system, in this galaxy, in this universe really is

space is a cold hostile place for life, and no mode of productions would change this basic fact


I thought particle physicists did some fancy math using triangles that prove the universe extends forever in all directions.


>which undermined their claims to being "scientific" because "barbarism" is not a mode of production,
if you want to be scientific about it it's a mode of destruction

>People live on a finite planet in a finite solar system in a finite milky way galaxy, et cetera

So ?
What are you complaining about, if planets were infinite we'd never be able to explore space, leveling up to the next level would be an infinity far away.

>It's a big leap of faith to claim that what is theoretically POSSIBLE would be FEASIBLE

The nay-sayers have so far been wrong every time. We'll render our selves able to explore the universe just to prove people like you wrong.

>there are very PRACTICAL limitations such as the speed limit

We can easily explore the entire virgo supercluster without breaking the speed of light.

>or even more practical limits such as energy and material costs

Not really no, we'll just improve the productive forces a bit, that'll make it affordable.

>just how fragile our position on this planet, in this solar system, in this galaxy, in this universe

If we tech-up and go exploring the universe we'll find ways to improve the robustness of our position.

>space is a cold hostile place for life

Sure you have to build massive spaceships and what not. You can't swim naked through the cosmos.


>I thought particle physicists did some fancy math using triangles that prove the universe extends forever in all directions.
If we can only go slower than light-speed, we'll only be able to reach several hundred thousand galaxies before the cosmic expansion makes the rest of the universe move away from us faster than we can go towards it.

Of course if we figure out faster than light, we'll be able to go on forever.

There's some chance that if we don't figure out faster than light, we might be able to figure out how the universe made matter and energy in the first place and tap that for civilization-go-juice.


File: 1679140726464.jpeg (19.73 KB, 474x318, th-2713292193.jpeg)

>if you want to be scientific about it it's a mode of destruction
No brainlet, if you want to be even somewhat coherent with your own theory of historical materialism then fascism would be a capitalist mode of production
fascism is a variant of the superstructure, not of the base

and the so-called "barbarism" is nothing more than a moral term

>We'll render our selves able to explore the universe just to prove people like you wrong.

Very "scientific" lol


Gods, I fucking HATE communists.


Sure fascism is capitalist. But I'm not going to call fascism a mode of production, because fascism didn't produce much of anything.

>Very "scientific" lol

Yes actually trying to prove others wrong is part of the scientific process.


maybe you should not use straw-men arguments.

>Gods, I fucking HATE communists.

That's very flattering but we're not gods.


>But I'm not going to call fascism a mode of production, because fascism didn't produce much of anything.
fascism is a superstructure, retard
can't you read?

>Yes actually trying to prove others wrong is part of the scientific process.

you didn't try to prove shit
you just wrote a bunch of wishful thinking

>maybe you should not use straw-men arguments

"DUDE SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY" is not an argument
there are also limits to the development of the technology irrespective of the mode of production

>That's very flattering but we're not gods.

autist, reread that sentence again


Fascism is socialism. It's literally when the economy is subsumed and directed by a state, and recalcitrant and wholly parasitic capitalists are ushered into concentration camps. Basically the same as the soviet union or pre-Deng China.


>wholly parasitic capitalists are ushered into concentration camps
please do tell me what capitalists were "ushered" into concentration camps in Germany, Spain, Chile, Portugal, Taiwan, Indonesia, etc etc


Only the ones that refused to get with the program and submit to the people's supreme state


name them

protip: even jewish big capitalists in nazi Germany weren't sent to concentration camps


>It's literally when the economy is subsumed and directed by a state
never happened in fascism
all the "direction" was done only in the military related sectors and by giving capitalists massive subsidies with favorable government contracts and even then capitalists frequently sabotaged production plans when their profit margins suffered


>by giving capitalists massive subsidies with favorable government contracts
oh, and also cheap slave labor

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