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<centrally planned capitalism

Is this the solution to the problems that historical socialism faced. If so, to what end should capitalism be planned? How (or by whom) should this be decided and upon what administrative, legislative, or judicial basis?


>Is centrally planned capitalism the solution to the problems that historical socialism faced
Not sure where you are going with this.

If you mean wall-street deciding what sections of the economy bloom or wither based on where they invest or divest. That certainly has not been a solution to any problems. That's what we got now, and it's a disaster.


= corporations fuck everyone in the arse


Centrally planned capitalism has been tried many times now, it doesn't resolve the class conflicts inherent to the mode of production and it has a strong tendency to return to markets because they benefit the bureaucratic/managerial classes.


Missing entirely from this dumbass false dichotomy: decentralized planning, participatory economics, negotiated coordination, etc.


Leftychan needs a scifi or fanfic board for you to discuss those things in greater detail


The problems socialism faced were not that planning didn't work in the sense that you can't have any plan. That's one of the stupidest memes created and it's pure faggotry. Economic behavior is by its nature the plan of someone, and the central planning system was not weaker in a productive sense than capitalist planning (which was already centralized within the oligarchy anyway). The problems with socialism were political - that there were interests that didn't want such a world to exist, and saw no reason for its continuation. The full story is where you see the ugly side of humanity, but in short, there were too many interested parties that did not want to share with the people deemed unworthy, and the unworthies would resent the political idea. They didn't mind the idea of working cooperatively, until they saw that the cooperation didn't involve them and was set up explicitly to shut them out of society. That was the grand goal of socialism - to eliminate idleness by eliminating those who were made to be idle in whole. It didn't have to be this way and there was an expectation that you shouldn't do that, but in the end, no one made the argument for keeping alive the people who were rejected. It happens that most of the human race was to be rejected or subjugated, and anything that would counter this tendency was destroyed day after day to create the world as we know it. We take for granted that the exterminations will happen, and act as if it is normal or even something positive. It only became apparent when the neoliberals took over in the 1970s, but it had always been the plan and there were many people trying to warn you what this would be. Rather than heed that warning and try to stop it, the people who saw this death as a good thing made it effectively illegal for people to defend themselves, while encouraging the predatory.

The world where this didn't happen is very unlikely in hindsight, but if you weren't fully aware of the plan, it was plausible to believe there was something after going through all of this. It was all a lie, and we're made to live with the consequences of it for the forseeable future. Ultimately, it became impossible to speak of any spiritual authority except the authority of eugenics, which destroyed everything else - at least, everything else for us. Those in the group selected to live do not suffer as you and I do.


As for the USSR, there were people aware that their society had severe problems, and it wasn't a technocratic question but a spiritual one. When you're left asking what it was all for, that's a sign of spiritual decay rather than a technical system failure.


Those sneaky eugenicists outlived Stalin. Impressive


Literally this. Cornholio took the side of the cyberneticists over OG Lysenko and wound up trying to plant in the fucking tundra, which the agronomists said would not work based on basic science and shit we already knew.

Repudiating Stalin was one of the worst things the USSR ever did, and it was initiated by people who wanted to pretend the Nazis were something other than what they were and play this moral equivalence game. It comes from not recognizing the centrality of eugenics to everything that happened in the 20th century, and it was done for the shittiest reasons. If you thought Stalin did bad things - and he did a lot of bad things as any ruler does - the secret speech was just a way of bending over to get fucked by American cock. You have to ask what motivated someone to do that, and the only real answer is that the global plan took precedence over any particular nation or the actual people involved. It wasn't as if workers forgot how to produce things, or didn't believe in the system enough. The ruling system failed them, and actors within it pushed along the dissolution of the USSR. Ordinary people, even if they didn't like the ruling system, had no reason to believe capitalism was some paradise. There was enough dialogue between the two superpowers to have a sense of what the other side thought, and it was the great game of mystification to break that understanding and replace it with the Nazified version of history. Eugenics by its nature does not allow history to exist except as a triumphal death march over anything that would stop it.


<Does this make sense to anybody?


>Does this make sense to anybody?
Sort off.
For example
I think "Cornholio" might refer to Nikita Khrushchev
He accuses liberals that equate Stalin with Hitler (and 20th century communism with Nazi-fascism) as attempting to rehabilitate fascism or obfuscate what it was.


>obfuscate what it was
A boogeyman used by capital to rally support from the nominal left?

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