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Vivek has a good critique of intellectual left-liberal pseudo radicals, i recommend watching his stuff for that.

He also has a theory of self-stabilizing class-rule, i disagree with that.

The reason why capitalism remained stable is because of imperialism, when the workers in the imperial core went on strike, the imperial bourgeoisie could weather the strike by using imperial surplus to keep their power apparatus afloat. And when the workers in the periphery struggled for independence the imperial bourgeoisie used the imperial force apparatus to crush their independence struggle. Workers divided by things like geo-graphic distance and language barriers, never managed to sync up their struggles to knock out both pillars of imperial rule at the same time.

At the moment we are seeing a revival of the periphery succeeding more often in loosening the imperial grip and sometimes even freeing it self from it. These periphery struggles are mixed some of them are socialist in direction but many also are bourgeois independence struggles. If this continues the imperial bourgeoisie will loose enough power that workers in the imperial core will once again become able to strike for concessions. Once the imperial power-structure is weakened enough it will become possible for some countries to go full socialism.

I still recommend Vivek even-though i disagree with him on that one point where he thinks class-rule has self-stabilizing properties, because everything else he says is spot on.


Literally who?


Literally what?


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i think this guy was posted on the old 8chan leftypol alot, especially this webm


No he wasn't.

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