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Belfast trade union rally: Plea for politicians to return to government
Members of trade unions in Northern Ireland marched from Writer's Square to City Hall in a call for better workers rights, pay and conditions. Mick Lynch, the general secretary of the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT), spoke at the event. He said Northern Ireland's politicians need to get back into government.

Ministers set to impose NHS pay deal on staff despite opposition of unions
Both the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) and the Unite unions continue to oppose the deal offered to NHS workers, after protracted negotiations that have led to strikes and hampered attempts to shorten waiting lists. All 12 unions involved in the talks will gather on Tuesday to vote on whether to accept an improved deal covering the last two years.

Greenpeace Activists Scale Belgian LNG Terminal to Demand End to US Imports
Expressing solidarity with people in frontline communities where the fossil fuel industry has for decades polluted the air and water and exposed millions of people to public safety risks, nearly two dozen campaigners with Greenpeace Belgium on Saturday entered the liquefied natural gas terminal of energy infrastructure company Fluxys in Zeebrugge, to demand an end to European imports of LNG from the United States.

German police union boss calls for crackdown on growing climate protests
Police representatives, members of the judiciary and politicians in Germany are calling for harsher penalties for climate activists, including preventive detention and longer prison terms, in an effort to halt their disruptive protests. This week has seen the most intense protests yet by the campaign group Letzte Generation (Last Generation), with hundreds of its members blocking scores of roads during rush hour in Berlin.

Italian Oil Giant Earned $550 Million Reneging on Pakistan LNG, Nonprofit Says
Eni SpA earned about $550 million by canceling and then reselling contracted liquefied natural gas promised to Pakistan over the last two years, which exacerbated the Asian nation’s energy shortage, according to an analysis by two nonprofit groups. The Italian energy major failed to deliver a number of scheduled shipments between late 2021 and early 2023 under a contract to supply one LNG cargo a month, according to Sourcematerial, an investigative nonprofit, and Recommon, an Italian environmental group. During that time, Eni’s LNG ships stopped going to Pakistan and headed to Turkey instead, they said in the joint report.

Two unions de-recognised for supporting farmers’ protest, buying books from CPI(M)
The assistant general secretary of the National Federation of Postal Employees, which is the largest federation with eight postal employees unions, told The Hindu that the order will be challenged organisationally. “This organisation has a history of agitating against the British rule,” PK Muraleedharan said. “Now, this attempt to cancel recognition is to end all trade union activities in the sector.” In response to the Union government’s order, the National Federation of Postal Employees said that a donation was made to the Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers to support the farmers’ protest. The trade union added that it contributes to the fund every year.

150,000 Brazilian Educators Strike & Demand More From Their Unions
On Wednesday, in Rio de Janeiro, thousands of educators, members of the National Education Workers Alliance (CNTE), went on strike as part of a nationwide strike that mobilized over 150,000 educators and school employees from various unions throughout the country. In Rio de Janeiro, hundreds of teachers and school support employees gathered on the steps of Rio City Hall with signs and banners reading “Stop Paying Us the Lowest Salary in Brazil.” Others carried signs that read, “Claudio Castro Pay Us the Minimum Wage!” denouncing Claudio Castro, the Bolsonaro-aligned governor of the state of Rio de Janeiro.

President Lula Demarcates Six Indigenous Territories
"Today we demarcated six indigenous territories, an important step. Do not stop organizing and demanding. The government exists to serve the interests of the people," Lula said on social networks. The President made the announcement on the occasion of the closing of the 19th edition of the "Terra Livre" (free land) camp, an annual meeting that gathered thousands of indigenous people from all over the country this week.

Peru sends military to Chile border to block undocumented migrants
Some 700 Peruvian soldiers and police officers will reinforce its southern border with Chile to prevent the entry of undocumented migrants, Peruvian authorities said on Friday, amid diplomatic tensions between the two countries over the issue. Hundreds of migrants are stranded at the border, including mostly undocumented Venezuelans, according to the Peruvian police. The migrants say they are seeking to enter Peru to continue their journey back home

EFF takes Andries Tatane clean-up campaign to Soweto
Scores of EFF members rolled up their sleeves, armed with grass cutters, large black bags and shovels. They received some help with equipment from the Joburg Municipality’s, PIKITUP waste management company. EFF leader, Julius Malema says people must be educated about the benefits of a clean environment. “If people just come and clean without doing consciousness around the area it is a futile exercise but it is work the EFF must never get tired of doing and we want to make this fashionable and we are now taking it into councils to be a resolution of councils where councillors physically at least once a week engage in a service delivery programme that gives them direct interaction with the masses of our people.”

After killings, calls to protect S. Africa’s whistleblowers
An accountant working on a high-profile corruption case was killed along with his son by unknown gunmen while traveling on one of South Africa’s main highways. A government health department employee who warned of illegal dealings worth nearly $50 million was shot 12 times in the driveway of her home.


The “Pro-Israel” Smear Campaign to Cancel a Global Charity
A nonprofit think tank that serves as a fiscal sponsor for hundreds of progressive causes around the world was recently severed from access to vital financial services due to its support of a French NGO working on Palestinian issues. In February, the Alliance for Global Justice, or AFGJ, issued a statement announcing that the company that handled its credit card transactions had blocked its ability to process donations. The move came after a “pro-Israel” group accused one of the organizations sponsored by AFGIJ, the Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network, of serving as something of a front for a leftist Palestinian militant group that is designated by the State Department as a terrorist organization.

Tesla indeed violated labor laws in Florida, US labor board rules
Tesla violated national labor laws by suppressing employees at its Orlando, Florida, service center from discussing pay and bringing up grievances on working conditions, a US labor judge ruled on Wednesday (PDF). The decision comes after the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) accused Tesla of instructing its employees to refrain from discussing the hiring, suspension, and termination of employees last year. Tesla has now been ordered by the judge to cease and desist from continuing to violate labor law. As pointed out in an email from NLRB press secretary Kayla Blado to The Verge, Tesla must post multi-lingual notices of the ruling around the Orlando facility in areas where it would normally post notices. The automaker will also have to mail it out to all current employees at the facility and former ones who were actively employed there on or after December 13th, 2021.

Florida GOP Passes Bill to Undermine Unions for Public Employees – Except Cops
The bill, which passed the state Senate last month and is headed to Gov. Ron DeSantis’s desk, takes direct aim at public sector unions’ finances by barring them from being able to deduct dues from workers’ paychecks, forcing workers to make a separate payment — unlike how other regular payments like health insurance are typically deducted. Similarly to the way that so-called right-to-work laws erode unions by targeting union pocketbooks, the bill could severely harm unions’ ability to operate and exist in the state.

Auto workers union, Sanders blast GM for wages at US battery plant
United Auto Workers (UAW) union President Shawn Fain and U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders on Thursday criticized a General Motors (GM.N) joint venture battery plant for paying workers much less than assembly plant employees even though it benefits from hefty U.S. government tax credits. Workers at the Warren, Ohio, joint venture Ultium Cells LLC plant start at $16.50 an hour rising to $20 an hour after seven years while union workers at a nearby Ohio GM assembly plant that closed in 2019 made $32 an hour or more.

YouTube Music Contract Workers Vote Unanimously To Unionize; Prepare To Bargain With Alphabet
Contract workers at YouTube Music voted overwhelmingly to unionize with the Alphabet Workers Union- Communications Workers of America (AWU-CWA) on Wednesday. This means Alphabet, the parent company of Google, could have to negotiate directly with a labor group for the first time.

Red Hat layoffs spark calls to unionize, CEO wades in
Exclusive Red Hat's decision to lay off around 800 people, or four percent of the company, has not only upset employees, it's fueled calls to unionize. A message earlier this week on Red Hat's internal mailing list, known as memo-list, challenges public statements about the layoffs by CEO Matt Hicks and other executives. "Red Hat has been a profitable company for years," the message begins. "The 'tough decision' made by Matt and Red Hat executives to lay off 4 percent begs the following questions to be answered with no PR sugar."


As Rail Profits Soar, Blocked Crossings Force Kids to Crawl Under Trains to Get to School
News accounts chronicle horror stories: Ambulances can’t reach patients before they die or get them to the hospital in time. Fire trucks can’t get through and house fires blaze out of control. Pedestrians trying to cut through trains have been disfigured, dismembered and killed; when one train abruptly began moving, an Iowa woman was dragged underneath until it stripped almost all of the skin from the back of her body; a Pennsylvania teenager lost her leg hopping between rail cars as she rushed home to get ready for prom. In Hammond, the hulking trains of Norfolk Southern regularly force parents, kids and caretakers into an exhausting gamble: How much should they risk to get to school? The trains, which can stretch across five or six intersections at a time in this working-class suburb of 77,000, prevent students and teachers from getting to school in the morning. Teachers must watch multiple classrooms while their colleagues wait at crossings; kids sit on school buses as they meander the streets of an entirely different city to be dropped off a half-hour late. Brandi Odom, a seventh grade teacher, estimates that at least half her class is delayed by trains multiple times a week.

Tales of Resistance: Memories, Present and Future
I recently read that some twenty years ago President Hugo Chávez launched the National System of Missions, a series of social programs in several areas including food, education, housing and healthcare. It was a multi-pronged offensive to pay back the “social debt.” This got me recalling how many years ago, when I was 23 years old and fresh out of university, I taught in Mission Robinson II. This was a program meant to give people a sixth-grade education. I had students both from Robinson I (literacy and early primary school) as well as those over 15 who, for one reason or another, did not get the chance to finish their primary schooling. Those evening classes, held in a giant Caracas school called “Gran Colombia” to make it even more romantic (1), shook all my social sensibility fibers. I, and all the other instructors, were dead set on ensuring that everyone had the necessary tools to not get screwed over by those from above, and I was sure that together we could do it. In truth, the consequences of a lack of education were not foreign to me.

Nestor Makhno The First of May: Symbol of a New Era in the Life and Struggle of the Toilers
In the socialist world, the first of May is considered the Labor holiday. This is a mistaken description that has so penetrated the lives of the toilers that in many countries that day is indeed celebrated as such. In fact, the first of May is not at all a holiday for the toilers. No, the toilers should not stay in their workshops or in the fields on that date. On that date, toilers all over the world should come together in every village, every town, and organize mass rallies, not to mark that date as statist socialists and especially the Bolsheviks conceive it, but rather to gauge the measure of their strength and assess the possibilities for direct armed struggle against a rotten, cowardly, slave-holding order rooted in violence and falsehood. It is easiest for all the toilers to come together on that historic date, already part of the calendar, and most convenient for them to express their collective will, as well as enter into common discussion of everything related to essential matters of the present and the future.

V. I. Lenin: May Day
Comrade workers! May Day is coming, the day when the workers of all lands celebrate Their awakening to a class- conscious life, their solidarity in the struggle against all coercion and oppression of man by man, the struggle to free the toiling millions from hunger, poverty, and humiliation. Two worlds stand facing each other in this great struggle: the world of capital and the world of labour, the world of exploitation and slavery and the world of brotherhood and freedom. On one side stand the handful of rich blood-suckers. They have seized the factories and mills, the tools and machinery, have turned millions of acres of land and mountains of money into their private property. They have made the government and the army their servants, faithful watchdogs of the wealth they have amassed. On the other side stand the millions of the disinherited. They are forced to beg the moneybags for permission to work for them. By their labour they create all wealth; yet all their lives long they have to struggle for a crust of bread, beg for work as for charity, sap their strength and health by back-breaking toil, and starve in hovels in the villages or in the cellars and garrets of the big cities. But now these disinherited toilers have declared war on the moneybags and exploiters. The workers of all lands are fighting to free labour from wage slavery, from poverty and want. They are fighting for a system of society where the wealth created by the common labour will go to benefit, not a handful of rich men, but all those who work. They want to make the land and the factories, mills, and machines the common property of all toilers. They want to do away with the division into rich and poor, want the fruits of labour to go to the labourers themselves, and all the achievements of the human mind, all improvements in ways of working, to improve the lot of the man who works, and not serve as a means of oppressing him. The great struggle of labour against capital has cost the workers of all countries immense sacrifices. They have shed rivers of blood in behalf of their right to a better life and real freedom. Those who fight for the workers’ cause are subjected by the governments to untold persecution. But in spite of all persecution the solidarity of the workers of the world is growing and gaining in strength. The workers are uniting more and more closely in socialist parties, the supporters of those parties are mounting into millions and are advancing steadily, step by step, towards complete victory over the class of capitalist exploiters.


Finally got sick of org's shit, eh newsanon?




File: 1682932000261.jpg ( 118.42 KB , 1024x683 , pedestrian rail overbridge.jpg )

>Pedestrians trying to cut through trains have been disfigured, dismembered and killed
Why don't they build a few of these pedestrian bridges, the wooden ones are relatively cheap.


There isn't a capable contractor in the area who donated to the right person's election campaign


Wow what a clunky convoluted system. People used to complain about bureaucracy making it hard to do stuff, but this seems way more complicated.


>Greenpeace Activists Scale Belgian LNG Terminal to Demand … to demand an end to European imports of LNG from the United States.

hmm interesting, green activists that are not co-opted, it seems.

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