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McCarthy demands work requirements on ‘all the programs’ including Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and SNAP
What are the political implications of the end of the Republican party?


first-past-the-post makes it impossible for either of the 2 major parties to end. the republicans' platform could switch to "launch the nukes now" and they still would never be displaced by a third party.


If they make old people, i.e. their entire voter base, get a job. They could all start voting Dem. The only reason they're not just a regional party now is the ridiculous amount of Jim Crow style voter suppression and gerrymandering they do.


I highly doubt there will be political parties as we have known them after next year. This is them putting the knife in that thing and starting something new.

The Republicans also know they're not winning anything, no matter how shitty the Democrats become. Trump's ghouls have taken over the party and made it totally incapable of ruling anything. Democrats have been shit for a long time and the typical Democrat voter is dumb as rocks and knows nothing about anything.

Passing anything like this wouldn't just be the end of a political party. It would end the country right then and there, because it is clearly going to be used to kill off anyone receiving those benefits. They're already unhireable, and there are no jobs for them anyway.


Basically the only thing keeping the US held together with duct tape is the remnants of property the people can hold on to, and government subsidizing basically everything that is halfway productive, only at the level to keep it operational for their purposes. Not just state welfare, but all of that Amazon money that pays the content creators on all the major sites is basically state/oligarchy largesse selecting their favored slaves over people who don't get to prostitute themselves. There are fewer actual jobs, and those consigned to work those jobs are working ridiculous hours. The aim is to cull as many people as they can and work to death those that do work. Extermination through labor. It's already gone on for so long and we did nothing to stop it.


So you're not just going to see this go. You're going to see it ALL taken back, as soon as they can, and replaced with jackbooted thugs torturing you and sacrificing you to Moloch. This fucking Satanic country had it coming. We tried to warn you.


I said when this started, you guys really need to stop pretending that this is business as usual. We are living through depopulation right now. I said that tens of millions would die, and based on what I have seen and the policies passed so far, that has come true. We're already in the middle of it, and any population figures we are given are full of so many lies.


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>CNNchan alumni


Wut? Can you speak in terms that doesn't require being terminally online.


>What are the political implications of the end of the Republican party?
What end of the republican party?

Anyway, to answer your question:
None, as long as nobody believes that any human (or robot) has the right to tell another human how to live his life.

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