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Here is an article that attacks the BDS movement in Israel, apparently from a socialist position.

The Boycott and Divest movement is on the surface a organization that is doing political lobbying via consumer-boycotts. But on closer inspections it probably is intended more for raising awareness and creating political capital on behalf of the Palestinian cause, and the consumer boycott part is a means not an end.

The article basically argues that you can't have both a struggle for socialism and support the BDS movement. Which to me sounds like somebody trying to divide forces who share many common goals.

The article even says BDS would actually help the Zionists which i can't believe because the Zionist are relentlessly attacking BDS. They wouldn't be doing that if it benefited them.

IMHO from a socialist perspective BDS won't do much to generate socialism but it certainly doesn't seem to hinder it either. And since socialists share many of the same goals with regards to the Palestinian cause, it seems pointless to attack the BDS movement.

Are they ultras doing a purity spiral ?
Am i wrong for being suspicious about this ?


I agree with whatever gigachad Norman Finkelstein thinks about BDS.


Finkelstein says that BDS is a valid tactic but there currently is no movement that's doing it.

Finkelsteain also says that Israel is working behind the scenes to get all criticism of the Israeli state labeled as antisemitism, in order to counter any new movements. Which means we have to accuse the Zionists of being antisemitic, which they technically are because Palestinians are ethnic Semites.


I though Finkelstein was kind of ambivalent about BDS because he thinks it's insufficient.


>I though Finkelstein was kind of ambivalent about BDS because he thinks it's insufficient.
Yes he does, and that is correct. But pretty much everything that the Palestinians or western leftists could do would be insufficient.

Israel has nukes, even if the US and Europe went full communism, we'd still be in a situation where the Zionists would be able to extort a continuation of the imperial gibs for many decades (until the nukes go inert from reaching the end of their shelf life). Lest we be willing to roll the dice on interdicting nukes.

Russia already has kinetic impact weapons that can destroy nuclear missile bunkers and the US is also working on similar tech, but even using that to neutralize the "Samson option" (what the Israeli call their nuclear weapons) would still risk enormous contamination. This tech will likely make it possible to destroy the cold-war type ballistic nukes and jet-launched nukes that Israel has, in sufficient quantity it can prevent nuclear explosions but these kinetic weapons are comparable to mini asteroid-impacts, and will catapult matter into the stratosphere. I don't think that it's politically viable to blast that much plutonium dust into the atmosphere. Israel has 200-400 nukes. You'd have to make everybody sit indoors next to air-scrubbers or wear breathing-filter-gear when going outside for 6 to 18 months. And eating fish from the ocean will be inadvisable for 5 years. It's better than 200-400 mushroom clouds but still very far from a palatable option.

What Palestine needs is some kind of battle-hardened productive forces, that would allow them to rebuild while under the Zionist siege. If they can rebuild faster than Israel can inflict damage by "mowing the grass" (their slogan for their periodic mass-murder campaigns), it will become a futile exercise in brutality and the Zionists will have to give up. Think along the lines of guerilla war but instead of fighting it's doing construction.

Maybe China's got some more of that diplomacy magic that they used to pacify the Saudi-Yemen conflict, and it will also work on the Israel-Palestine conflict. They already offered, but i don't know if that's going anywhere.

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