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Turkish drone attack in Tirbespiyê kills three, including co-chair of Qamishlo Canton
Turkey bombed the village of Tal Shair (Til Şeîr) ten kilometres northwest of Tirbespiyê in the canton of Qamishlo and simultaneously attacked a car on the road to Beyandor with a drone earlier today. The drone attack killed the co-chair of the self-government in Qamishlo Canton, Yusra Darwish (Yusra Derwêş), her deputy Lîman Şiwêş and the driver, Firat Tûma. Qamishlo Canton Administration Co-chair Gabi Shamoun (Gabî Şemûn) survived the attack with injuries.

Knesset member threatens to 'blow up' Palestinian, Israeli orphans' summer camp
On Tuesday, Education Minister Yoav Kisch summoned members of Israeli-Palestinian Bereaved Families for Peace to a hearing on its possible removal from the ministry's list of groups authorized for external education programs. … After Milwidsky spoke, Cohen shouted at the Israeli-Palestinian Bereaved Families for Peace organization, accusing them of honoring the memories of Palestinian terrorists. "Kamel Abu Shaheb was commemorated by this organization. Kamel Abu Shaheb is a terrorist convicted of terrorism. Check that name. You don’t care? Then I will come to your summer camp, I’ll blow up your summer camp and shut you down, God willing."

Mexico asks Israel for second time to extradite ex-official accused of torture
President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said he sent a letter to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu requesting help extraditing Tomas Zeron, head of Mexico's criminal investigation agency between 2014-2016 under the previous administration. Zeron led the heavily criticized investigation into the disappearance of 43 student teachers in southwestern Mexico in 2014 under a government to which Lopez Obrador was opposed. The current Mexican government accuses Zeron of torturing witnesses and tampering with evidence and says he went to Israel to evade a probe into his handling of the investigation.

Behind bars the farmer threw a harvest of tomatoes in Trujillo
This is the second arrest in less than 72 hours ordered by the attorney general Tarek William Saab against farmers who took the decision to destroy their crops, during the week and went on to record a video denouncing that may not work for lack of fuel. The first of these arrests occurred last Sunday when he was apprehended Ysnet Antonio Rodríguez Mambel, also pointed out by the authorities of destroying his crop of carrots in the sector common People of the state of Mérida.

Pension fund for Colombia’s veterans lost $138M in alleged real estate racket
In a press statement, the CGO said that the losses for military pension fund Cremil amount to more than COP577 billion ($138 million). The bulk of these losses are due to the 2015 transfer of real estate property that used to be part of the military headquarters in the capital Bogota. Cremil transferred the plot on the corner of the 7th Avenue and 100th Street to real estate developers for the construction of the America World Trade Center in 2015.

Students and educators in France oppose integration of national service into high schools
Various student/youth groups and educators’ unions denounced the French government’s plan to integrate the General National Service (Service national universel, SNU), a voluntary month-long national service scheme, in high schools in the country. Earlier this week, Secretary of State for Youth Sarah El Haïry and the SNU confirmed plans to start the voluntary national service for high school students by March 2024 by organizing 12-day ‘cohesion camps’ for training during school time.

Government urged to act as food inflation remains high
THE government must act to get supermarkets to stock essential budget items and make pricing clearer, consumer experts warned today as food inflation remains at its sixth highest level since 2008. Grocery inflation dropped to 16.5 per cent for the four weeks to June 11, down from March’s record 17.5 per cent, according to analysts Kantar. It is currently at its lowest level since last year but is still the sixth highest monthly figure in 15 years.

Pashtun leader Ali Wazir arrested again by security agencies in Pakistan
Reports suggest that the FIA Cyber Crime Circle Peshawar has started an inquiry against Wazir and another PTM leader, Manzoor Pashteen, for allegedly using defamatory language against state institutions. The agency had summoned the two leaders to appear in its Peshawar office before June 23. Ali Wazir had recently spent 26 months in prison in different sedition cases. He was arrested in December 2020 and released in February 2023. A resident of Wana in South Waziristan, close to the Afghan-Pakistan border, Ali Wazir is the only Marxist to be part of the National Assembly of Pakistan.

WB Panchayat Polls: Opposition Alleges TMC Hooliganism, Many Candidates Forced to Withdraw
Many had braved the terror in the Bhangore of South 24 Parganas district, only to be threatened by the hooligans and forced to withdraw their nominations. In Chopra, to have an opposition-free panchayet, the TMC hooligans had opened fire on a CPI(M) (Communist Party of India (Marxist)) rally, leading to multiple injuries. In the last panchayat election in Birbhum district, TMC had won 93% of seats without any contest. CPI(M) has fielded candidates in over 80% of seats this time. This has resulted in the TMC hooligans, armed from the top to the tee, creating a stir in Bolpur, Labhpur, Nanoor, Illambazar Siuri and Sainthia.

Manipur govt extends suspension of internet till 25 June
The decision by the Manipur government came as the leaders of 10 Opposition parties submitted a signed memorandum to Prime Minister Narendra Modi opposing the demand for separate administration for Manipur. The Opposition parties also urged the Prime Minister for an immediate cessation of firing in the northeastern state, news platform Hindustan Times reported on Tuesday. The 10 Opposition parties to sign the memorandum include major political parties of India like the Congress, AAP (Aam Aadmi Party), AITC (All India Trinamool Congress), NCP (Nationalist Congress Party), CPI(M) (Communist Party of India (Marxist)), Shiv Sena (UBT) among others.


Bernie Sanders launches Senate investigation into Amazon labor practices
Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), chair of the influential Senate committee on health, education, labor and pension, launched an investigation this week into the nation’s second-largest employer, Amazon, and the working conditions inside its warehouses. In a letter to Amazon chief executive Andy Jassy, the Vermont senator demanded information about the company’s “systematically underreported” injury rates, turnover, productivity targets and adherence to federal and state safety recommendations. Sanders has often castigated Amazon in fervent speeches on income inequality and corporate greed in America.

Tribal activists oppose Nevada mine key to Biden's clean energy agenda as 'green colonialism'
The Biden administration says the project will help mitigate climate change by speeding the shift away from fossil fuels. But Hinkey and other opponents say it is not worth the costs to the local environment and people. Similar disputes are taking place around the world as governments and companies advancing renewable energy find themselves battling communities opposed to projects that threaten wildlife, groundwater and air quality.

Report Details Intensifying Police Crackdown on US Journalists Covering Protests
Senior visiting fellow Joel Simon interviewed dozens of journalists and legal experts about the resurgence of police violence against journalists in recent years—a trend that recalls numerous "notorious incidents" that took place during the civil rights movement in the 1950s and 60s, including the harassment of reporters attempting to cover school integration in Little Rock, Arkansas and the seizure of camera film from journalists in Greenwood, Mississippi as police dogs attacked protesters.

Vermont Legislature returns to try to override Republican governor’s vetoes
The Democratic-controlled Vermont Legislature returns to the Statehouse on Tuesday to try to override a number of Republican Gov. Phil Scott’s vetoes, including his rejection of the state budget bill and key social programs that lawmakers passed. The Legislature, which adjourned last month, passed bills to expand child care, subsidize free school meals for all public school students and fight climate change, among other things. Scott has said while he shares many of the goals of the Legislature, he believes it was spending too much money.

Virginia’s Democratic Party Is Letting Energy Money Back In
In 2017, Virginia Democrats tried something new. Politicians from the party stopped accepting large-dollar contributions from the state’s most powerful energy company. A slew of upstart candidates running in competitive Democratic primaries also swore off money from Dominion Energy, which had long donated huge sums of money to both parties and used a powerful lobbying apparatus to loosen legislative regulations and enrich its executives.


Communists of Catalonia, Communists of Catalonia on the Spanish general elections
Without time to deeply analyse the consequences of the results of the municipal elections (and regional elections in some Autonomous Communities) of May 28th, the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, did one of his usual coups de effect and announced, just 12 hours after the speeches following the election results, the dissolution of the Parliament and called of General Elections for July 23rd, advancing the planned calendar four months. Thus, while the People’s Party was still celebrating the results of the municipal and autonomic elections, Pedro Sánchez has managed to divert media attention away from the defeat of the Socialist Party towards a General Election that looks uncertain, but which is allowing him to set the campaign narrative that is disseminated through the media, thanks also to the level of disconnection with reality that the right and the extreme right have. The announcement of elections has also caught off-balance the left of the Socialist Party. Still managing the contradictions of the coalition government, the division and clashes within the so-called Left for change has led to a haste in the negotiations. They were expected to be long and difficult, and could be a real counterweight to the novelty and illusion factor that Yolanda Díaz and the creation of Sumar wanted to play with. We have experienced and will continue to experience in the coming days a constant exchange of declarations, accusations of vetoes and confrontations. As we know from experience, this has happened on other occasions, will make it difficult to obtain good results in the elections.

Why India is attacking the rights of Rohingya refugees
Over the past three decades, the borders of the concept and practice of security have expanded dramatically - and vaguely, inasmuch as anything and everything now embodies the potential to be constructed as a security threat. There has been intense interest in the movement of people and the nature of security techniques that seek to contain or steer them. As a result, migration has been increasingly articulated in terms of general insecurity, and human mobility has been increasingly constructed as a threat. This threat construction gained fresh momentum after the launch of the “war on terror”, which ushered in a new age of global Islamophobia. Muslim migrants became the new threat around which the security discourse revolved, constituted as “culpable” or “threatening” subjects. Over the past decade in India, especially after the right-wing Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) came to power in 2014, an (in)security discourse has effectively led to the othering of the minority Muslim community. This othering did not start with the BJP, but rather has its roots in British colonialism. However, this historical process has overtly intensified during the past decade under BJP rule. This prejudicial othering of Muslims has been institutionalised through active entanglements with the discourse and practice of “national security”. The BJP has consistently used propaganda to project Muslims as an internal enemy of Hindus, thus effectively turning them into a dangerous other. Expanding on this discourse, the BJP also advocates for a defence of the ethno-national identity, Hindu, against the threat of “foreign invasion” by Muslim migrants. Within this background, the Rohingya have been at the receiving end of state violence in myriad ways. The Rohingya are a predominantly Muslim ethnic group indigenous to Rakhine State on the western coast of Myanmar. According to researcher Naved Bakali, “the co-dependent relationship between private and structural Islamophobia facilitated a pathological trajectory” that resulted in the 2017 Rohingya genocide.

Pitfalls of Export-Led Growth
AFTER Sri Lanka and Pakistan, Bangladesh has become the third country in our neighbourhood to become afflicted by a serious economic crisis. It has asked for a $4.5 billion loan from the IMF, apart from $1 billion from the World Bank and $2.5-3 billion from multilateral agencies and donor nations. Though the government has put on a brave face, Bangladesh is facing a growing trade deficit, shrinking foreign exchange reserves, a rapidly depreciating currency, a record inflation and an energy crisis that has necessitated massive power cuts. Ironically, Bangladesh was being hailed just a few months ago as a success story of “development”, and indeed, according to many development indicators, it had made remarkable progress. Female literacy had reportedly increased to 73 per cent, infant mortality rate had become half that of Pakistan from which it had seceded in 1971, and its “Human Development Index” was higher than that of India, Pakistan and several other countries of the region. Many called it an “economic miracle” and not without some justification: a country that had been considered a “basket case” at independence, had pulled itself up quite remarkably to outperform all its neighbours, which is why the sudden emergence of economic difficulties for it has come as a big surprise to many.


Spat at UN rights council over open-ended Israel probe
The United States, on behalf of 27 countries, condemned Tuesday the open-ended nature of the UN investigation into alleged human rights violations in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and the "disproportionate" attention on Israel.

Update from the 9th and final hearing of the “Anarchist Action” case concerning the Decision, Larissa court, Greece.
<The hearing on 14 June began with the lawyers’ speeches. After a long break, the court found comrade P. Kalaitzis not guilty and comrades Gewrgia Voulgaris and Thanos Chatzianggelou guilty.
The charges of aggravated fire in the attack on the IETP (Foundation for National and Religious Reflection) as well as on Alexopoulos’ law office, arson and explosion in the second case, possession of weapons and disobedience are all misdemeanors and the anti-terrorism law (187a) collapsed here as well. For all other charges he was acquitted.

Introducing: The Evergreen Active Club & Northwest Nationalist Network, USA
Welcome to Part I of a series on the Evergreen Active Club (EAC) and the regional active club alliance to which they belong, the Northwest Nationalist Network (3N). This project is a collaboration between several antifascist organizations and individuals: Corvallis Antifa, SunlightAFA, SoCal Research Club, FashFreeNW, Stumptown Research Collective, and antifascist anons

Giannis Michailidis – announcement for the end of the hunger and thirst strike.
<As I complete a cycle of struggles for my release, I feel the need to express my gratitude to those people who fought hard for it all the time in and out of prisons.


Thank you based news anon!


File: 1687345071974.jpg ( 99.12 KB , 1046x956 , ziohinged.jpg )

>Knesset member threatens to 'blow up' Palestinian, Israeli orphans' summer camp
>Israeli-Palestinian Bereaved Families for Peace organization, accusing them of honoring the memories of Palestinian terrorists.
<If you honor a terrorist, I'll become a terrorist.

Leaving aside that terrorist accusations are inflationary and quickly turning into just another way to label political opposition. How the fuck did it come to the point where the education ministry summons people to a hearing to threaten them with a bombing ?


File: 1687345913104.jpg ( 74.44 KB , 747x420 , kulaks.jpg )

>Behind bars the farmer threw a harvest of tomatoes in Trujillo

<Through his Twitter account, the prosecutor identified the subject as Jhonar Barazarte Trumpetero and claimed that in the next few hours he will be presented to the Courts for violating the Fair Price Law, boycotting the Venezuelan economy and agri-food sovereignty.

source = twitter , Is this actually confirmed ?
Venezuela going after Kulaks sounds like it could be a made up story.





File: 1687382867798.jpg ( 69.76 KB , 853x480 , 1687382859677.jpg )





File: 1687452001490.jpg ( 62.24 KB , 613x650 , aliens why we never visit.jpg )

The situation with Assange sucks.
<Commit war crimes
nothing happens
<Publish war crimes
get thrown into a dungeon.

I bet Aliens think we're uncivilized barbarians and they're avoiding us because of it.


why do leftoids always care what some other fags think?


because they r fags


It's not really a concern about alien opinion.

One possible solution to the Fermi-paradox is that aliens investigated earth and concluded that we were too uncivilized and barbaric to establish contact.

The reason for pointing this out is that we might be missing out on getting advanced alien tech. You know because aliens think we'd destroy our self if they gave us their toys.

Invoking the perspective of an external observer is also a rhetorical device to complain about Julian Assange getting shafted for speaking truth to power. Despite official ideology very explicitly stating that journalism has the duty to engage in a adversarial relation to limit the exercise of power.





I want to suck your cock for this sincere autistic bluntness in front of an obtuse dense faggot

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