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Strike by 1,400 National Steel Car workers in Canada continues as strikers report health benefit cut-off
The strike by 1,400 National Steel Car workers in Hamilton, Ontario, enters its sixth day Tuesday. The workers, who manufacture rail cars for some of the largest Class I railroads, are fighting for wage increases above inflation, the abolition of multi-tier pay and pensions, and an end to dangerous working conditions in the plant. They confront one of the most ruthless employers in Canada, which has presided over the deaths of three workers on the job in as many years and a union bureaucracy in the United Steelworkers (USW) that has refused to lead any genuine struggle against the company.

Pride Parade in Venezuela: The Struggle for LGBTQI+ Rights
The event made headlines for the number of people that brought together, mostly youth, surpassing last year’s march which had around 20,000 attendees. The large rally was likewise accompanied by grassroots feminist collectives as well as human rights and workers’ rights organizations. “In Venezuela, women and dissidents [LGBTQI+ people] are raising their voices to demand that the secular state does not allocate [more] resources to churches that promote hatred and intolerance,” the CCURA trade union movement wrote on Twitter. In recent months, some 2,000 churches have been remodeled as part of a governmental plan to restore religious sites, drawing criticism from feminist, LGBTQI+ and leftist circles.

Peruvian Prosecutor Requests Seizure of Pedro Castillo's Assets
On Thursday, State Attorney General Daniel Soria asked the Supreme Court of Justice of Peru to seize the movable and immovable property belonging to former President Pedro Castillo and former Prime Minister Anibal Torres. Among the Castillo's real estate to be seized are three rural properties in Chota and a house in the Tacabamba district.

Protesters gatecrash Starmer's education speech, accusing leader of backpedalling on green pledges
PROTESTERS gatecrashed Sir Keir Starmer’s mission speech on education earlier today to criticise his U-turning on green policy. Two young activists unfurled a banner and heckled the Labour leader for watering down his previous commitment to spend £28 billion on a green prosperity plan. One asked him: “Which side is the Labour Party on?” to which he replied: “We are on the side of economic growth.”

Sweden jails Kurd for financing terrorism after Turkey calls for crackdown
It is the first time Sweden's updated terror laws have been used in a case involving the Kurdish militant PKK. Turkey has long called on Stockholm to crack down on Kurdish separatists. Sweden's bid to join Nato has been delayed principally by Turkey's demand that it extradites dozens of people it views as terrorists.

Israel strikes targets in Lebanon after rocket fire from border
The Israeli army launched more than 15 artillery shells toward Lebanese territory on Thursday in response to two rockets fired from inside Lebanon toward northern Israel, state media outlets reported. The Lebanese National News Agency reported early on Thursday that one rocket was fired from the locality of Bastra, between Kfarchouba and el-Mari in the south toward Israel. According to security sources who spoke to Reuters, one rocket fell inside Lebanese territory in the village of Wazzani and the second in Israel close to the disputed village of Ghajar.

‘Ethnic cleansing’ continues in West Darfur
The mayor of the West Darfur capital El Geneina, Salih Hassan, who fled to Chad, told Radio Dabanga on Monday that attacks against people in Darfur based on their ethnic identities continues in the state capital. “Gunmen have lists containing names of activists, professionals, merchants, and civil leaders. They are searching for their targets in neighbourhoods to assassinate them,” he said.

6 South African opposition parties to discuss forming alliance to challenge long-ruling ANC
The parties “came to the inescapable conclusion that forming a united opposition pact ahead of the 2024 election offers us the very best chance to unseat the ANC … and form an alternative that will provide a stable new government to rescue South Africa,” John Steenhuisen, leader of the Democratic Alliance, the second biggest party in Parliament after the ANC, said in a televised address. … The alliance talks do not include the far-left Economic Freedom Fighters party, which is the third biggest bloc in Parliament after the ANC and the Democratic Alliance.

Activists occupy arms company's offices in Sydney and Melbourne on 25th anniversary of the Biak massacre
Memorial ceremonies and political demonstrations were also held in Jakarta, Sorong, Jayapura, London, Delft and in the province of Biak itself. Within Indonesia, people can and have been charged with treason for simply raising the West Papuan flag. Lilli Barto, one of the activists who carried out an occupation of the Thales office in Sydney, said: “We take these actions in solidarity with the people of West Papua, who are risking their liberty and their lives today to bring their story to the world.

Earth hit an unofficial record high temperature this week – and stayed there
On Thursday, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration distanced itself from the designation, compiled by the University of Maine’s Climate Reanalyzer, which uses satellite data and computer simulations to measure the world’s condition. That metric showed that Earth’s average temperature on Wednesday remained at an unofficial record high, 62.9 degrees Fahrenheit (17.18 degrees Celsius), set the day before.


Union wins at New York farms raise hopes for once-powerful UFW
For decades, the United Farm Workers – a powerhouse under American labor leader and civil rights activist Cesar Chavez in the 1970s – has declined in size and prominence, its membership falling from 60,000 to around 6,000. Now, after years of scant success in organizing, the UFW has something big to boast about: it has unionized 500 workers at five farms in New York state. It’s the union’s biggest organizing success in years, and the first time the California-based union has organized in the north-east. The New York victories will increase the union’s membership by 8%, with some labor experts saying these successes show new promise and energy in the long-languishing UFW.

REI fostered a progressive reputation. Then its workers began to unionize
Pro-union workers have formally accused the company of breaking labor laws — threatening and intimidating workers, disciplining and firing organizers — which REI denies. More than a year into it, workers and the company are nowhere close to a collective bargaining contract.

Major labor union rescinds endorsement of lawmaker over alleged union busting
One of Minnesota’s largest labor unions has rescinded its endorsement of state Rep. Ruth Richardson, DFL-Mendota Heights, saying she oversaw a fierce union-busting campaign as CEO of Planned Parenthood’s affiliate in the Upper Midwest. Leaders with the Services Employees International Union (SEIU) say contrary to its progressive reputation, Planned Parenthood North Central States has acted more like Amazon and Starbucks in trying to quash union activity.

Railroad industry sues to block limit on crew sizes that Ohio imposed after E. Palestine derailment
The railroad industry said one-person crews “have been used safely for decades,” as well as that Ohio lacks the authority to impose a two-person minimum. In a lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court on June 29, a day before the rule was set to take effect, the Association of American Railroads argued that federal law broadly gives federal agencies exclusive jurisdiction to regulate rail transportation. “The Crew Size Law is expressly preempted” by federal law, the industry told the court. Its legal challenge comes as busy freight states — affected by costly and often dangerous derailments and frustrated by federal inaction — increasingly have moved to pass safety improvements of their own, despite the likelihood of industry resistance.

Family of Alabama man who died after being stunned demands to see bodycam footage
A struggle between Dallas and an officer ensued, and the officer used his Taser to try and subdue Dallas, but “it did not have any effect,” and Dallas then allegedly tried to grab the officer’s stun gun, the news release said. After a brief struggle, the officer fired the stun gun a second time. Dallas went down and medical personnel were called as Dallas experienced what police described as a “medical emergency.” He died later at the hospital.

These tenants fought one of America's largest corporate landlords — and scored some wins
The group, United Renters for Justice, is battling Progress Residential, the largest provider of single-family homes for rent in the U.S. The private-equity-backed Progress and its affiliated companies have purchased almost 90,000 properties across the country in recent years, focusing on fast-growing metropolitan areas, including Austin, Texas; Denver; Salt Lake City; and Tampa, Florida, its website shows. Progress, which also acts as a property manager, is backed by Pretium Partners, a private-equity firm overseen by Don Mullen, a former Goldman Sachs executive.


UK anti-boycott bill is a win for autocratic regimes everywhere
The British government has introduced a bill to prevent boycotts of Israel and the territories it occupies. The dreadfully titled “Economic Activity of Public Bodies (Overseas Matters) Bill” passed its second reading this week. The British government - in the form of Michael Gove, perhaps one of the most pro-Israel ministers in this government - has falsely framed the bill as an attempt to combat antisemitism. If only; that would be a laudable and needed effort. In fact, the bill will only serve to stoke community tensions, while regrettably giving antisemites and conspiracy theorists plenty to chew over as Israel is offered a unique special exemption from any attempt at public accountability. Yet again, the promoters of the bill have misleadingly conflated legitimate criticism of Israel with antisemitism - a view that is not shared by a number of Jewish groups. There are perfectly legitimate grounds for criticism of Israeli actions, not least at a time of record levels of settlement building, and in a year when Israeli forces have already killed more Palestinians in the occupied West Bank in any year since 2005.

Corporations Will Never Defend Social Justice
When George Floyd was murdered in May 2020, brands across America practically jumped over each other to proclaim their support for Black Lives Matter and the broader cause of social and racial justice. Pringles’s Twitter account soon went dark in solidarity; Star Wars announced that it stood squarely against racism; Barbie promised to champion diversity; Amazon called for an end to “the inequitable and brutal treatment of black people” and put a “Black Lives Matter” banner at the top of its company home page. And on and on it went. The Right, unsurprisingly, looked on these developments as further proof that the takeover of corporate America by an activist social justice agenda was complete. Some liberals, albeit approvingly, doubtless felt the same. It’s therefore both interesting and instructive to look back on this period in light of the recent wave of right-wing agitation designed to encourage large companies to distance themselves from various social justice causes. This spring, Bud Light and its parent company Anheuser-Busch faced a seething right-wing backlash for their partnership with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney and consequently released a mealymouthed statement reading: “We never intended to be part of a discussion that divides people. We are in the business of bringing people together over beer.” Target, meanwhile, was hit with a barrage of right-wing complaints over LGBTQ merchandise and announced it would pull some of that merchandise from shelves. After a concerted campaign by several Republican attorneys general, the country’s second-largest pharmaceutical chain obediently declared it would not sell abortion pills in nearly two dozen states. Last month, the National Hockey League revealed it plans to ban “cause-based” jerseys in its coming season, and workers at Starbucks — a company that has long been keen to brandish its social justice credentials — are claiming numerous instances of stores banning LGBTQ-themed decorations during Pride Month. In one of the more ridiculous examples, an effort spearheaded by Tucker Carlson has even succeeded in pressuring Mars Wrigley, the company that makes M&Ms, to put “an indefinite pause” on its use of “spokescandies” (one of which was deemed insufficiently alluring by some on the Right, and thus part of the woke agenda).

[Sam Marcy] The Significance of Eurocommunism
The wide-open split between the Spanish, Italian, and French CPs on the one hand and the Soviet CP on the other brings to a definitive conclusion an entire epoch in the history of the revolutionary proletariat of Western Europe. This great epoch, which was ushered in by the October Socialist Revolution, was marked by successive, heroic efforts of the proletariat over a protracted period of several decades to storm the mighty citadel of bourgeois power. Due to an extraordinary confluence of historic circumstances of both an objective and subjective character, the West European proletariat was to be overwhelmed by the power of international finance capital. Tasks facing newborn Soviet state: The new, infant workers' state, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, had thrust upon it three Herculean tasks utterly unprecedented in the entire history of the class struggle. It had the duty and obligation to reorganize on a revolutionary basis the left wing of the social democratic movement, put it on a communist basis, and lay the foundation for a new and revolutionary international. Lenin and the Bolsheviks were thus obligated from the start not only to give revolutionary leadership at home but, in a way, to become the general staff of the world revolution which seemed visible on the horizon, especially in Western Europe and later in the East, in China. Its second task, no less urgent and intimately connected with it, was for the new workers' state to defend itself against the most barbaric assaults by the united front of the imperialists, from Vladivostok to Murmansk. And thirdly, it had to begin to lay socialist economic foundations and raise the living standards of the workers and peasants who had passed through a most horrible period of destruction, civil war, and famine. In historical retrospect, it seemed almost inevitable that the Soviet Union had to give way somewhere, and the line of least resistance following the death of Lenin was the abandonment of revolutionary internationalism and the abuse of the great new International which he and his collaborators had founded. Herein lies one of the deepest historical roots for the subsequent evolution of the West European and other parties in a regressive direction. The period in which the proletariat fought its offensive battles came to an end with the victory of German fascism and the defeat of the German proletariat.


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Part of Chattahoochee River remains closed after sewage treatment plant spill
A section of the Chattahoochee River in metro Atlanta remains closed after an issue at a Fulton County water treatment plant. Fulton officials are working to address the problem at the Big Creek Water Reclamation Facility. Though they say they’ve made progress getting the plant fully operational again, the county doesn’t yet have a firm date on when it will be fixed.
In the meantime, the facility is releasing about 15 million gallons a day of partially-treated wastewater into the river.

Designer in Supreme Court ruling cited client who denies making wedding site request
DENVER — A Colorado web designer who the U.S. Supreme Court ruled Friday could refuse to make wedding websites for gay couples cited a request from a man who says he never asked to work with her. The request in dispute, from a person identified as "Stewart," wasn't the basis for the federal lawsuit filed preemptively seven years ago by web designer Lorie Smith, before she started making wedding websites. But as the case advanced, it was referenced by her attorneys when lawyers for the state of Colorado pressed Smith on whether she had sufficient grounds to sue. The revelation distracts from Smith's victory at a time when she might have been basking in her win, which is widely considered a setback for gay rights.


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>South African
their accents turn me on, they probably would lynch me in another time but fuck it


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>Pedro Castillo
is he a bad guy?


File: 1688776051091.jpg ( 66.76 KB , 872x491 , castillo.jpg )

>Pedro Castillo is he a bad guy?
No, he's a anti-imperialist left-wing socdem with Latin American characteristics, not too dissimlar to people like Evo Morales.

<Peru’s democratically elected left-wing President Pedro Castillo was overthrown and arrested in a coup on December 7 2022 by the right-wing-controlled congress, which has an approval rating of between 7% and 11%.

<Castillo is a humble teacher and union organizer from a rural, indigenous-descent community in a country whose political system has long been dominated by racist elites.


>The British government - in the form of Michael Gove, perhaps one of the most pro-Israel ministers in this government - has falsely framed the bill as an attempt to combat antisemitism. If only; that would be a laudable and needed effort. In fact, the bill will only serve to stoke community tensions, while regrettably giving antisemites and conspiracy theorists plenty to chew over as Israel is offered a unique special exemption from any attempt at public accountability.

They do that on purpose, they want to stoke anti-semitism in order to equate all criticisms of Israel with antisemitism. The only way to counter this is to turn that logic back onto it-self and start accusing the people who do this as antisemitism-enablers.


Only according to libs who thought Jan 6 was 9/11 2 because muh sacred institutions, and right wingers who supported Fujimori sterilizing native people. All because he knew it was impossible to work with a Fushitmori constitutions and congress established in the 90's


Thanks news anon


his party is a band of opportunists and he is terminally incompetent. you could say that he is still better than his opposition by a wide margin, which would mean something if he was a viable alternative, but he isn't, and never was, as the fracture of his party and the premature end of his presidency demonstrate

castillo is nothing like evo, stop talking about shit you don't know


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