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What happened to the anti war movent?
The anti war movent was extremely vocal in 2001 - 2010 it seems. Vocal against the war in Afghanistan and iraq. In Vietnam people literally put their bodies on the line destroying arms facilities. So why have we done such a radical 180 when it comes to the war in Ukraine? What happened?

There is such over whelming deep throated support for the war in Ukraine. Overtly on the side of Ukraine and NATO but the "antithesis" to this on the left is to turn to supporting Russia. What happened? Anyone with half a brain understand Russia is not only not leftist, but, they are no even close to the left they are right wingers and the Russian government is overtly reactionary and the same is true of the US and Ukraine, but, the mask has fallen it appears with most vocal supporters of the war in Ukraine (meaning they are no longer identifying themselves on 'the left' but just out right as liberals) So what happened?

What happened to the anti-war left? CIA? Memory Hol'd? What happened?


>The anti war movent was extremely vocal in 2001 - 2010 it seems
The liberals were against the Afghan/Iraq war because Bush wasn't on their political team. They are for the war in Ukraine because they consider Biden on their political team. Maybe leftist anti-war organizing was better too, not sure. Also the internet and media in general was much freer back then and that might have played a role.

>In Vietnam people literally put their bodies on the line destroying arms facilities.

The Vietnam war caused enough American casualties to make anti-war politics in the US a very immediate material interest.
If they were to conscript western people to die in Ukraine we would see a comeback of that kind of powerfull anti-war movement.

>There is such over whelming deep throated support for the war in Ukraine.

Yeah the media certainly makes it look as if that was the case, but the majority of people want it to stop, they don't like the inflation and the economic plunge that resulted from the sanctions-war.

The anti-imperialist left gives critical support to Russia because the Russian struggle against US attempts at imperial subjugating are anti-imperialist and represent the progressive thrust of history. It doesn't really matter what their motivations are, the world is too fucked up to insist on moral purity. Also the CIA supplying the ukro-fascist wing with funds, weapons and training, that probably fucked over Ukrainian socialists. Leftist are mad about that too.

The economic war that the US is waging against Russia has forced the Russian state to bring back some aspects of soviet economic planning. Basically the strategies that were effective at countering the economic embargoes during the cold war are still effective. This is a bit ironic because it represents the opposite direction of development of the neo-liberal shock doctrine of the 90s.

There is another reactionary tendency here. It's sometimes referred to as "both-side-ism". It's usually based on creating a false equivalency between to factions in a conflict. You can't say Russia and US are both equally to blame. The US imperial Neocon faction in the US has purposefully manufactured this war because they hoped to use it as means to damage or tople a rival, and because it makes money for war-profiteers like the arms dealers and the Fracking gas industry. The only blame you may lay at the feet of the Russians is that they didn't find a way to foil the US covert invasion of Ukraine leading up to the 2014 regime change color revolution.

If you are looking for the dialectic here than it's that the original neo-liberal cold warriors from back in the day (like Henry Kissinger & Co) managed to drive a wedge between Russia and China, and the contemporary Neocons turned that into it's opposite, they turned the US empire into the unifying enemy for China and Russia. Which probably will go into the history books as major blunder.


File: 1689121896627.png ( 134.91 KB , 700x700 , 1688459747678515.png )


You can critically analyse the situation with out overtly supporting the Russian federation which is not socialistic or politically motivated by socialism and you can also pin and point the blame on NATI with out doing so. You also seem to make the same mistake many other leftists do in that you conflate the people doing the war with the people fighting the war. That is to say the owners of the countries and by extension capital and the soldiers on the ground which are two different things
Nationalism is used in times of crisis to justify class conflict and blue divisions between opposing classes.

That is all the more reason to be against war in broad sense. It's really disheartening and black polling to see to constant justification for this war at all cost.
It's also black polling that you correctly point out that if we sent US citizens over there we would see a resurgence in anti war sentiment like we had in Vietnam. Working class is a global entity.


It's a false premise that the left is entirely for the war in Ukraine since I've seen plenty of leftists denounce it, started off saying NATO was provoking it, and the US military-industrial complex is trying to fuel it, I hope you're not lumping together libs here. The right wing also got very split about it with not being sure to side with the based nazi western ukrainians against the commie mongol eastern horde, or the based trad orthodox Russians against the wect globohomo ukranians. Because they only give a shit about dumb shit. But there's no such thing as an anti-war right winger, even their attempts to paint themselves as the dove here is a grift.


>The anti war movent was extremely vocal in 2001 - 2010 it seems. Vocal against the war in Afghanistan and iraq. In Vietnam people literally put their bodies on the line destroying arms facilities. So why have we done such a radical 180 when it comes to the war in Ukraine? What happened?

First off, you're forgetting the underwhelming opposition to the US invasions of Grenada, Panama, and Iraq (the first time). Afghanistan and the second Iraq war specifically saw probably the largest growth of the American anti-war movement since Vietnam, and it didn't hurt that the Iraq invasion was completely unprovoked.

There've been loads of wars around the world, too, since the 1960s. In the '00s, you'd also see liberals sometimes talking about stopping the genocide in Darfur, but even stuff like that was (rightfully, because it would have required interventionism,) never as big as opposition to the invasion of Iraq. In the '00s, Russia also invaded Georgia at one point, and it was big news but I don't think it elicited much anti-war activism because we weren't directly involved in it. People very rarely launch huge protest campaigns, domestically, over wars which our government hasn't sent soldiers in to fight, and even when we're "just dropping a few bombs" (as in Syria, Iraq in the late '90s, and a fucktonne of other places under pretty much every president going back to the '60s except maybe Carter), the anti-war movement was usually pretty underwhelming.

In Ukraine's case, most of the anti-war movement is, naturally, in Russia itself. The amount of say that Americans have in this is pretty negligible - the idea of cutting off the weapons supply to the invaded country here just to slightly accelerate the slow grind of the total invasion isn't very appealing as an "anti-war" position. And what else could we do?
We could intervene directly, but that's even worse. If America tries to lead negotiations for a peace agreement, Russia will not trust it, and Ukraine will feel betrayed if it requires that they cede the land which Russia has already taken. To an American, the biggest direct shame of all this is that we are spending all this money on this foreign war when we could be spending it domestically on things like healthcare and housing - so I say we should spend that money domestically rather than on bombs, but I don't really have faith that this will stop bombs from being dropped. Like, from an anti-war angle, it's a disappointing outcome. Even Iraq (and especially Afghanistan) were disappointing outcomes, and in both of those cases people just wanted those wars to not happen and, once they happened anyway, for the military to withdraw. The military eventually pulled out of both, but it took a very long time to do it… and that was when Americans were petitioning their own government to stop two of its own active invasions. Trying to get foreign gov'ts to stop is even more difficult.

The best bet for peace in Ukraine is for China to negotiate it, and I forget if they've fudged it yet.

>The liberals were against the Afghan/Iraq war because Bush wasn't on their political team.

Nah. They cared more about those because those were invasions the US was performing itself.


The neocons demonize Russia as an external enemy to justify all their bullshitt, therefore Russia has to be rehabilitated.


>therefore Russia has to be rehabilitated.
your lazy nazoid shilling has the opposite effect


>So why have we done such a radical 180 when it comes to the war in Ukraine? What happened?
What happened is that the retarded russkies INVADED while having no plausible casus belli that average non-russkie-nazoid could buy (and russkie nazoids don't need any casus belli because they are retarded nazoid revanchists). So they've already shot themselves in the foot.

And second, the US and EU countries are not in a direct war with Russia, so it's silly to expect any widespread anti-war sentiment - it's just business as usual, we have our own lives and work to do, ukraine war is just a noise in the background.


You're fooling absolutely no one you know.


File: 1689187579718.jpg ( 138.36 KB , 1200x720 , floor is imperialism.jpg )

>You can critically analyse the situation with out overtly supporting the Russian federation which is not socialistic or politically motivated by socialism and you can also pin and point the blame on NATI with out doing so.

It's standard socialist policy to lend critical support to a weaker national bourgeoisie against a stronger imperialist bourgeoisie. The logic is relatively simple, a weaker national bourgeoisie is much more pliable to worker interests than a powerful imperial bourgeoisie.
The Ukraine war is clearly a conflict between the US and Russia. The US imperial bourgeoisie is trying to subjugate or depose the Russian national bourgeoisie. The US can't directly attack because Russia is militarily too powerful for that, therefore they vasalized the Ukrainian state to serve as a sacrificial proxy force.

The stakes are enormous, if the US imperialists were to succeed, it would validate the efficacy of the "Ukraine-model" of imperial domination. The US imperial bourgeoisie would use the same pattern elsewhere. The next place where they would apply this sacrificial proxy force model would obviously be Taiwan, where it would serve the purpose of undermining China. But it wouldn't stop there, they would repeat this over and over, the carnage would become immeasurable.

The Russians appear to be able to counter the "Ukraine-model" with a brute force method, it is very blunt, in-elegant and bloody, clearly a better solution ought to be devised. Whether a Russian victory will be entirely sufficient to dissuade the US imperialists from attempting to use the "Ukraine-model" elsewhere is not yet clear. The worry here is that since these events still provided for ample opportunity of war-profiteering, there is at least a section of the imperial bourgeoisie who will continue to lobby for this because it was profitable to them. However it has to be said that the slow attrition-war strategy that the Russians deployed does make the "Ukraine-model" unappealing as a weapon of imperial aggression because it's costly, slow, and it takes a long time to recharge the ability to use it again.

The optimal counter to the "Ukraine-model" obviously would be counter-intelligence that would foil the CIA and friends from vasalizing countries to serve as sacrificial proxy forces.


>It's standard socialist policy to lend critical support to a weaker national bourgeoisie against a stronger imperialist bourgeoisie. The logic is relatively simple, a weaker national bourgeoisie is much more pliable to worker interests than a powerful imperial

No this is not true. Eugene Debs and most other socialists in WW1 were vehemently against the war for the same very reasons I mentioned above.

Everything you said is true but your logic is incredibly insidious because, again, weather or not the US succeeds in balkanization of Russia has nothing really to do with the question: Should socialists support working class people picking up arms against one another and killing one another in the name of a war fought and waged between two capitalist interests.

Weather you support Russia or not specifically has nothing to do with weather or not the war will be won by Russia or NATO so why would you support the Russian federation?


File: 1689199808685.jpg ( 85.73 KB , 1032x963 , russiabad.jpg )

>Everything you said is true
i'll take it, thanks i guess
>but your logic is incredibly insidious
the world is incredibly insidious, it's filled with liberals that are convinced they have the moral high ground while chanting "we'll fight Russia to the last Ukrainian"

>working class people picking up arms against one another and killing one another in the name of a war

If we had an effective means of preventing that, imperialism would be defeated and we'd probably also be powerful enough to convert capitalism into socialism and end class society.

I think what you are looking for is called "effective pacifism"

There is a cyberpunk web-novel floating around somewhere where ruthlessly effective peace activists kidnap warmongers in high places and then force them to fight and kill each other in arena death-match, which they broad-cast like a cyber-punk version of illegal back-alley cockfighting. They use the earnings from a complementary betting scheme to fund the "peace-napping" activities.

Assange said that "If wars can be started by lies, maybe peace can be brought about by truth". Compared to making people like Nuland and Blinken peck each other to death in an arena, Assange certainly took the highroad. I sometimes wonder if Assange would have succeeded, of bringing about peace by spreading truth, if they had not been able to kidnap him.

Anyway there is a consent manufacturing narrative-battle going on that says "In the acceptable range of discourse all must agree that Russia le big bad"

The Russia-bad-premise has been used to manufacture consent for:

cock-blocking diplomacy
worsening the material conditions of workers
sending weapons to conflict-zones to fuel more killing
attacking civil liberties (with censorship and surveillance)
undermining journalism
fucking with the internet
interrupting fundamental democratic processes
giving funding to fascist paramilitary groups

You're out of your mind if you think i would ever agree with that premise after that.


>Glow jacketing your critics
This is something a glowie would do.


>It's standard socialist policy to lend critical support to a weaker national bourgeoisie against a stronger imperialist bourgeoisie. The logic is relatively simple, a weaker national bourgeoisie is much more pliable to worker interests than a powerful imperial bourgeoisie.
The Ukraine war is clearly a conflict between the US and Russia. The US imperial bourgeoisie is trying to subjugate or depose the Russian national bourgeoisie.

Why are you completely ignoring the ukranian bougeoise, which would be weaker than the russian one here? This is a retorical question clearly


File: 1689258894136.png ( 232.27 KB , 690x700 , 1689258881307.png )

>if you don't support the American narrative you're a glowie


File: 1689277667848.jpg ( 34.8 KB , 640x480 , 1688549439322027.jpg )

I never said Russia was bad in comparison to the US. Why are we keeping track between two capitalist governments? You didn't actually say much other than a bunch of limpwristed excuses for supporting the mass killing of working class people while supposedly supporting socialism. The truth is, wether you like it or not, your tacit support and glorification of death only further funnels profits into arms manufacturera and deaths onto the battlefields for the USG and Russian Federation.

I don't know if you are actually familiar with Eugene Debs but Debs said in a war between to capitalist nations the only people who win are the capitalist class.
Would you carry this same additude for world war 1? The left is so disgustingly amoral and ass backwards these days it's really fucking mind blowing.

You're not missing the bigger picture you're ignoring it completely.


that still includes Russia-bad
you are still granting the neocons their premise that allows them to argue for warmongering.
The war-industry requires justification-enemies, your position does not negate that.

Find a position where non of the possible interpretations grant the neocons "their enemies".


File: 1689326411782.jpg ( 60.46 KB , 600x365 , worthit.jpg )

dude, you can't reason with nazoids, nationalism is a mental disease

for them socialism is just a means to their nationalist spooks, just like it was for Mussolini in his early socialist days

they come to socialism with an already nationalist baggage, with their "national pride" already wounded by "the west", and they find convenient narratives in the leftist circles to validate their nationalist biases

they read their Hudsons about bad financial west and good industrial south (even tho majority of industry is still in the west if we take South Korea, Japan and Taiwan as "the west"), they read their Varoufakises about "neofeudalist west" (even tho China has the same SaaS shit), they look forward to the worst aspects of the Soviet Union such as the ethnic republics, they read their "unequal exchange" crap, they cherrypick books and articles that were written BEFORE THE SOVIET EXPERIENCE, about "progressive" national bourgeoisie and shit, completely ignoring how all the "progressive" national bourgeoisie that the soviets were giving gibs to, de facto sided with the west lol (because economic system doesn't care about nazoid sensibilities of some dumbfuck third-wold prolecuck)

in conclusion: they just want their special snowflake nation to be STRONK - everything else just flows down from this

and who promises to make the nation STRONK? national bourgeoisie of course lol, and so they will build theoretical multipolarist castles on the old tired second international sand - "SUPPORT YOUR NATION"

Fucking prolecuck dupes will never learn, not even in the moment as they blow their retarded brains out in the trench lol


disgusting retarded nazoid piece of shit, hope you'll get all your limbs blown off and spend the rest of your days sucking dicks on the streets for pennies


File: 1689326991628.jpg ( 43.44 KB , 640x640 , 1675887784129595.jpg )

The Russia federtion IS bad though retard. You have to do major mental gymnastics to justify supporting a country that imprisons and kills political dissonants (some of which are communists) and homosexuals.

dude, bro, lmao, weed bro dude; Ukrainians and Ukrain are not all nazis. Again this is just mental gymnastics to give very propagandist and vocal support for war. Both Ukrain supporting retards and Retard who support russia use nazis as a boogy man to justiyf the atrocities currently taking place by the military and government of both countries.

Again you people aren't ctually given any reason why you or I should support the mindless killing of workers by other workers over a war not initiated by them in the first place nore are you answering any of my questions adequately.
You just keep returning to your propaganda and ideology.


File: 1689327511781.jpeg ( 13.66 KB , 358x395 , show_me_one.jpeg )

Just imagine the sheer retardation: BOTH market socialist and central planning variants collapsed into nationalist conflicts - and retarded leftoids STILL cling to their "m-muh nation!"

that's why proletariat NEEDS to choke on THEIR OWN BLOOD first before we can even begin to speak about any international class movement
that's why I have ABSOLUTELY no pity for cannon fodder on either side - let them die, MORE DEATH, LET THE CORPSES PILE UP IN THE TRENCHES!


You have to be over the age of 18 to post here.


spam is against rules here

take your copy and pasted one liners back to 2ch


File: 1689328244226.jpeg ( 18.38 KB , 474x266 , lmao.jpeg )

>inb4: working hard?


>that's why proletariat NEEDS to choke on THEIR OWN BLOOD first before we can even begin to speak about any international class movement
that's also why I'm against any gibs for army vets - the fuckers should be begging on the streets so that I can throw them EXACTLY 1 penny with a smile on my face


Plenty of leftoids want Ukraine to enter negotiation table and declare ceasefire.


File: 1689353123223.jpg ( 45.97 KB , 644x520 , smushed face.jpg )

>hope you'll get all your limbs blown off
There is something wrong with you, why do you have so much gore on your mind ?

>The Russia federtion IS bad though
The Foreign policy of the Russian federation is a lot better than the US's foreign policy, since it's killing a order of magnitude fewer people.

The internal politics of countries can only be compared with their own past, you can't really compare different countries against each other, because they have different material conditions. If you wanted to talk about the internal conditions of Russia you would be comparing their past with their present, to see whether conditions have improved over time or deteriorated.

I don't know how to get detailed and reliable information about Russia atm, there is so much propaganda clogging up all the information ways that it's difficult to find out truth-full information. Maybe once the new coldwar dies down it'll be again possible to cut through the BS.

The material conditions in the west have deteriorated, so it's reasonable to conclude that the current political direction is wrong.

What you have to understand about the RUSSIA BAD narative is that it's not meant as a description of Russia. It's a political form of self-justification of political actions that can't otherwise be justified. Like for example the neocons do shit that is incredibly bad for people, like screwing up the economy with sanctions or sending weapons to war-zones. And then invoke RUSSIA BAD to make their immoral actions appear moral and they also invoke RUSSIA BAD to persecute their political opponents and their critics in civil society. The RUSSIA BAD narrative has to be rejected because of the anti democratic political effects in the west. The RUSSIA BAD narrative is not related in anyway to the actually existing Russia.

We have to distinguish between different types of discourse.
The neocon discourse is in their own words "perception management" they speak words to manipulate your perception of reality. That can't be conflated with a discourse that is motivated to approximate a objective description of reality.

As a rule of thumb, when the neocons speak you can only gain information about their intentions, not anything about the real world. Think about the RUSSIA BAD narrative to function like invoking demons in the middle ages, demons never existed, but the narrative about them had profound political effects. Like the demons, the imaginary Russia in the RUSSIA BAD narrative doesn't exist either. However unlike the demons in the middle ages, there is a Russia that does exist. The fact that we now have an imaginary Russia and a real Russia trying to occupy the same word makes it linguistically very frustrating, because it causes people using the same word to talk about different things.

If you live in the west you should postpone your criticism about Russia until it no longer is enemy N°1 where it can benefit the neocon agenda. Once the Ukraine war is over and the Necons (if they politically survive that) move on to stirring up shit in ASIA, you can re-engage critical discourse about Russia. And of course by the same logic you should stop criticizing China once the CHINA-BAD narrative begins getting instrumentalised for doing immoral and anti-democratic shit.


File: 1689432410844.mp4 ( 28.17 MB , 640x358 , War and Revolution - the L….mp4 )

>There is something wrong with you, why do you have so much gore on your mind ?
Because nazoids asked for it? Because I want army to mutiny? Because I want mutual annihilation of both parties? I haven't started the bloodbath nazoid, but I welcome it. It was inevitable anyway. LET THE RIVERS OF BLOOD DROWN EVERY PETIT-BOURGEOIS NAZOID FUCK WHO WANTED THIS WAR IN THE FIRST PLACE!

Now tell me.. what's your opinion on Trotsky kek? What's your opinion on the doctrine of revolutionary defeatism?

Why don't YOU, as a russkie self-proclaimed communist, want a defeat of your own army in a war?

kek, don't fret, little nazoid, this is only a beginning, you better buckle up and get your petit-bougie ass ready for a ride


File: 1689434343749.jpg ( 63.06 KB , 1200x841 , meds.jpg )

>nazoids asked for it
Do you mean like ukro fascists like the Azov Battalion?

>I want mutual annihilation

>I welcome the bloodbath
mental illness

>what's your opinion on Trotsky

Trotsky was a decent war-journalist
Trotsky was an effective though overly brutal revolutionary
Trotsky was very briefly an impossibly stupid socialist politician
The theory of permanent revolution is ill-defined and profoundly unpopular with the masses.

>What's your opinion on the doctrine of revolutionary defeatism?

Standard ML doctrine, should probably be adopted by everybody in the imperial core.
Given how much the Neocons fucked up the Ukraine war, one wonders if we don't need a category of unwitting revolutionary defeatism

>I see Russkies everywhere

Apparently your mental illness also includes paranoia, .
There's probably no "Russkies" on leftychan, it's likely just people who disagree with you.


>Do you mean like ukro fascists like the Azov Battalion?
yes, ukrainian and russian nationalists

>mental illness

what's the matter little nazoid? why suddenly wrinkle your nose at the sight of blood? weren't you cheering for a multipolar world order at the beginning of the invasion? YOU WANTED THIS!


What's your opinion on the beef between Trotsky and Lenin regarding position on the defeat of the Russian army?

>Standard ML doctrine, should probably be adopted by everybody in the imperial core.

Core countries are not in a direct war, ie don't have boots on the ground. So your suggestion is idiotic.

>Given how much the Neocons fucked up the Ukraine war, one wonders if we don't need a category of unwitting revolutionary defeatism

yeah, we all know how they fucked up by getting Russia stuck in a forever war nazoid lol

remind me again, why did russkies withdrew from Kiev/Kharkov/Izyum/Kherson?

>There's probably no "Russkies" on leftychan, it's likely just people who disagree with you.

on .ogre there were russkies. I hope they all died.

If you're not even a russkie, then you're even more dumb than I have imagined lol.


It's always fascinating to me how supposed leftists try to erase the actual comrades in the Donbass in their discourse on this war. Guess they're the unworthy victims in all this.


You have the classical arms-dealer perspective of "I want both sides to loose" and your exuberant celebration of bloodshed is not hard-nosed real-politic it's just fucked up pathology.

>What's your opinion on the beef between Trotsky and Lenin regarding position on the defeat of the Russian army?

I did at some point read about the early history of the Soviet Union, but nowhere near in-depth enough to know much about Bolshevik internal political debates. I could look this up but i don't think it has much relevance to the present.

>Core countries are not in a direct war, ie don't have boots on the ground.

Ukraine is a proxy war in the name of imperialism. Also technically the US does have operatives and various other personal in Ukraine where they work with the Ukrainian military.

>yeah, we all know how the neocons fucked up by getting Russia stuck in a forever war

The west is running out of arms it can send to Ukraine, if they don't make a negotiated peace, the Ukrainian military will eventually crumble and Russia can take over however much they want of Ukraine. And lets not forget that the neocon game-plan was that the sanctions were going to destroy the Russian economy and deplete Russian military capacity to project power. The Russian economy is still growing while the EU economy has entered recession and the US's economy is about to follow. Also the Russian military has grown in numbers and equipment. The active deployment has forced them to iron out all the wrinkles in their logistics, strategy and tactics. If anything it appears that the Russian military capacity has increased somewhat, while the US and EU armories are low and reduce western power-projection. But wait there is more, the Ukraine-tussel has sped up de-dollarisation, it has reduced western diplomatic capital all over the world, and it has solidified ties between China and Russia. The neocons made a colossal fuck up for sure

>remind me again of battles that happen much earlier in the war

it's very telling that you aren't talking about the current battles because Ukraine isn't winning anything in the present

>on .ogre there were russkies.

I saw some cyrillic script there but you can't draw conclusions from that. It could as well have been larpers copy pasting computer translation text. You also are doing a: moving the goal-post fallacy, since leftychan.net isn't the same website as letfypol.org
>I hope they all died.
I hope you reconsider taking your meds.

>If you're not even a russkie

This is fascinating from a psychological point of view, how did they manage to trick you into suspecting the anti-war left as Russian.
Did you not learn about McCarthyism-type political persecution at some point ?

>the actual comrades in the Donbass
Since YT deleted Russel Bentley's channel i kinda lost track, do you know any good sources to get information about the socialists in LPR and DPR ?


>I think I will vote for democrats because it will be slightly less better for minotrities in the us


>Achually russia is good because they have a slightly better foreign policy than the united states so now I will do a bunch of mental magic to support bombing working people in a pointless war.

>I don't know how to get detailed and reliable information about Russia atm, there is so much propaganda clogging up all the information ways that it's difficult to find out truth-full information. Maybe once the new coldwar dies down it'll be again possible to cut through the BS.

it's historically documented. Putin has been in power since basically the USSR dissolved. It's well know and documented. You are deluding yourself.

>What you have to understand about the RUSSIA BAD narative is that it's not meant as a description of Russia. It's a political form of self-justification of political actions that can't otherwise be justified. Like for example the neocons do shit that is incredibly bad for people, like screwing up the economy with sanctions or sending weapons to war-zones. And then invoke RUSSIA BAD to make their immoral actions appear moral and they also invoke RUSSIA BAD to persecute their political opponents and their critics in civil society. The RUSSIA BAD narrative has to be rejected because of the anti democratic political effects in the west. The RUSSIA BAD narrative is not related in anyway to the actually existing Russia.

<We must reject reality because reality doesn't conform to my pre-existing ideology.

>We have to distinguish between different types of discourse.

The neocon discourse is in their own words "perception management" they speak words to manipulate your perception of reality. That can't be conflated with a discourse that is motivated to approximate a objective description of reality.

Propaganda works both ways. You think Russia isn't preforming a vast amount of propaganda to dupe clueless people exactly like you?

You're a complete fool


File: 1689459102375.jpg ( 15.48 KB , 474x320 , th-4268372948.jpg )

June 16, 1918

Comrades, friends and fellow-workers, for this very cordial greeting, this very hearty reception, I thank you all with the fullest appreciation of your interest in and your devotion to the cause for which I am to speak to you this afternoon.

To speak for labor; to plead the cause of the men and women and children who toil; to serve the working class, has always been to me a high privilege; a duty of love.

I have just returned from a visit over yonder, where three of our most loyal comrades are paying the penalty for their devotion to the cause of the working class. They have come to realize, as many of us have, that it is extremely dangerous to exercise the constitutional right of free speech in a country fighting to make democracy safe in the world.

I realize that, in speaking to you this afternoon, there are certain limitations placed upon the right of free speech. I must be exceedingly careful, prudent, as to what I say, and even more careful and prudent as to how I say it. I may not be able to say all I think; but I am not going to say anything that I do not think. I would rather a thousand times be a free soul in jail than to be a sycophant and coward in the streets. They may put those boys in jail—and some of the rest of us in jail—but they can not put the Socialist movement in jail. Those prison bars separate their bodies from ours, but their souls are here this afternoon. They are simply paying the penalty that all men have paid in all the ages of history for standing erect, and for seeking to pave the way to better conditions for mankind.

If it had not been for the men and women who, in the past, have had the moral courage to go to jail, we would still be in the jungles.

This assemblage is exceedingly good to look upon. I wish it were possible for me to give you what you are giving me this afternoon. What I say here amounts to but little; what I see here is exceedingly important. You workers in Ohio, enlisted in the greatest cause ever organized in the interest of your class, are making history today in the face of threatening opposition of all kinds—history that is going to be read with profound interest by coming generations.

There is but one thing you have to be concerned about, and that is that you keep foursquare with the principles of the international Socialist movement. It is only when you begin to compromise that trouble begins. So far as I am concerned, it does not matter what others may say, or think, or do, as long as I am sure that I am right with myself and the cause. There are so many who seek refuge in the popular side of a great question. As a Socialist, I have long since learned how to stand alone. For the last month I have been traveling over the Hoosier State; and, let me say to you, that, in all my connection with the Socialist movement, I have never seen such meetings, such enthusiasm, such unity of purpose; never have I seen such a promising outlook as there is today, notwithstanding the statement published repeatedly that our leaders have deserted us. Well, for myself, I never had much faith in leaders. I am willing to be charged with almost anything, rather than to be charged with being a leader. I am suspicious of leaders, and especially of the intellectual variety. Give me the rank and file every day in the week. If you go to the city of Washington, and you examine the pages of the Congressional Directory, you will find that almost all of those corporation lawyers and cowardly politicians, members of Congress, and misrepresentatives of the masses—you will find that almost all of them claim, in glowing terms, that they have risen from the ranks to places of eminence and distinction. I am very glad I cannot make that claim for myself. I would be ashamed to admit that I had risen from the ranks. When I rise it will be with the ranks, and not from the ranks.

When I came away from Indiana, the comrades said: “When you cross the line and get over into the Buckeye State, tell the comrades there that we are on duty and doing duty. Give them for us, a hearty greeting, and tell them that we are going to make a record this fall that will be read around the world.”

ŒThe Socialists of Ohio, it appears, are very much alive this year. The party has been killed recently, which, no doubt, accounts for its extraordinary activity. There is nothing that helps the Socialist Party so much as receiving an occasional deathblow. The oftener it is killed the more active, the more energetic, the more powerful it becomes.

They who have been reading the capitalist newspapers realize what a capacity they have for lying. We have been reading them lately. They know all about the Socialist Party—the Socialist movement, except what is true. Only the other day they took an article that I had written—and most of you have read it—most of you members of the party, at least—and they made it appear that I had undergone a marvelous transformation. I had suddenly become changed—had in fact come to my senses; I had ceased to be a wicked Socialist, and had become a respectable Socialist, a patriotic Socialist—as if I had ever been anything else.

What was the purpose of this deliberate misrepresentation? It is so self-evident that it suggests itself. The purpose was to sow the seeds of dissension in our ranks; to have it appear that we were divided among ourselves; that we were pitted against each other, to our mutual undoing. But Socialists were not born yesterday. They know how to read capitalist newspapers ; and to believe exactly the opposite of what they read.

Why should a Socialist be discouraged on the eve of the greatest triumph in all the history of the Socialist movement? It is true that these are anxious, trying days for us all—testing days for the women and men who are upholding the banner of labor in the struggle of the working class of all the world against the exploiters of all the world; a time in which the weak and cowardly will falter and fail and desert. They lack the fiber to endure the revolutionary test; they fall away; they disappear as if they had never been. On the other hand, they who are animated by the unconquerable spirit of the social revolution; they who have the moral courage to stand erect and assert their convictions; stand by them; fight for them; go to jail or to hell for them, if need be —they are writing their names, in this crucial hour—they are writing their names in faceless letters in the history of mankind.

Those boys over yonder—those comrades of ours—and how I love them! Aye, they are my younger brothers ; their very names throb in my heart, thrill in my veins, and surge in my soul. I am proud of them; they are there for us; and we are here for them. Their lips, though temporarily mute, are more eloquent than ever before; and their voice, though silent, is heard around the world.

Are we opposed to Prussian militarism? Why, we have been fighting it since the day the Socialist movement was born; and we are going to continue to fight it, day and night, until it is wiped from the face of the earth. Between us there is no truce—no compromise.

But, before I proceed along this line, let me recall a little history, in which I think we are all interested.

In 1869 that grand old warrior of the social revolution, the elder Liebknecht, was arrested and sentenced to prison for three months, because of his war, as a Socialist, on the Kaiser and on the Junkers that rule Germany. In the meantime the Franco-Prussian war broke out. Liebknecht and Bebel were the Socialist members in the Reichstag. They were the only two who had the courage to protest against taking Alsace-Lorraine from France and annexing it to Germany. And for this they were sentenced two years to a prison fortress charged with high treason; because, even in that early day, almost fifty years ago, these leaders, these forerunners of the international Socialist movement were fighting the Kaiser and fighting the Junkers of Germany. They have continued to fight them from that day to this. Multiplied thousands of Socialists have languished in the jails of Germany because of their heroic warfare upon the despotic ruling class of that country.

Let us come down the line a little farther. You remember that, at the close of Theodore Roosevelt’s second term as President, he went over to Africa to make war on some of his ancestors. You remember that, at the close of his expedition, he visited the capitals of Europe; and that he was wined and dined, dignified and glorified by all the Kaisers and Czars and Emperors of the Old World. He visited Potsdam while the Kaiser was there; and, according to the accounts published in the American newspapers, he and the Kaiser were soon on the most familiar terms. They were hilariously intimate with each other, and slapped each other on the back. After Roosevelt had reviewed the Kaiser’s troops, according to the same accounts, he became enthusiastic over the Kaiser’s legions and said: “If I had that kind of an army, I could conquer the world.” He knew the Kaiser then just as well as he knows him now. He knew that he was the Kaiser, the Beast of Berlin. And yet, he permitted himself to be entertained by that Beast of Berlin; had his feet under the mahogany of the Beast of Berlin; was cheek by jowl with the Beast of Berlin. And, while Roosevelt was being entertained royally by the German Kaiser, that same Kaiser was putting the leaders of the Socialist Party in jail for fighting the Kaiser and the Junkers of Germany. Roosevelt was the guest of honor in the white house of the Kaiser, while the Socialists were in the jails of the Kaiser for fighting the Kaiser. Who then was fighting for democracy? Roosevelt? Roosevelt, who was honored by the Kaiser, or the Socialists who were in jail by order of the Kaiser?

“Birds of a feather flock together.”

When the newspapers reported that Kaiser Wilhelm and ax-President Theodore recognized each other at sight, were perfectly intimate with each other at the first touch, they made the admission that is fatal to the claim of Theodore Roosevelt, that he is the friend of the common people and the champion of democracy; they admitted that they were kith and kin; that they were very much alike; that their ideas and ideals were about the same. If Theodore Roosevelt is the great champion of democracy —the arch foe of autocracy, what business had he as the guest of honor of the Prussian Kaiser? And when he met the Kaiser, and did honor to the Kaiser, under the terms imputed to him, wasn’t it pretty strong proof that he himself was a Kaiser at heart? Now, after being the guest of Emperor Wilhelm, the Beast of Berlin, he comes back to this country, and wants you to send ten million men over there to kill the Kaiser; to murder his former friend and pal. Rather queer, isn’t it? And yet, he is the patriot, and we are the traitors. I challenge you to find a Socialist anywhere on the face of the earth who was ever the guest of the Beast of Berlin, except as an inmate of his prison—the elder Liebknecht and the younger Liebknecht, the heroic son of his immortal sire.

ŒA little more history along the same line. In 1902 Prince Henry paid a visit to this country. Do you remember him? I do, exceedingly well. Prince Henry is the brother of Emperor Wilhelm. Prince Henry is another Beast of Berlin, an autocrat, an aristocrat, a Junker of Junkers—very much despised by our American patriots. He came over here in 1902 as the representative of Kaiser Wilhelm; he was received by Congress and by several state legislatures—among others, by the state legislature of Massachusetts, then in session. He was invited there by the capitalist captains of that so-called commonwealth. And when Prince Henry arrived, there was one member of that body who kept his self-respect, put on his hat, and as Henry, the Prince, walked in, that member of the body walked out. And that was James F. Carey, the Socialist member of that body. All the rest—all the rest of the representatives in the Massachusetts legislature—all, all of them—joined in doing honor, in the most servile spirit, to the high representative of the autocracy of Europe. And the only man who left that body, was a Socialist. And yet, and yet they have the hardihood to claim that they are fighting autocracy and that we are in the service of the German government.

A little more history along the same line. I have a distinct recollection of it. It occurred fifteen years ago when Prince Henry came here. All of our plutocracy, all of the wealthy representatives living along Fifth Avenue—all, all of them—threw their palace doors wide open and received Prince Henry with open arms. But they were not satisfied with this; they got down and grovelled in the dust at his feet. Our plutocracy—women and men alike—vied with each other to lick the boots of Prince Henry, the brother and representative of the “Beast of Berlin.” And still our plutocracy, our Junkers, would have us believe that all the Junkers are confined to Germany. It is precisely because we refuse to believe this that they brand us as disloyalists. They want our eyes focused on the Junkers in Berlin so that we will not see those within our own borders.

I hate, I loathe, I despise Junkers and junkerdom. I have no earthly use for the Junkers of Germany, and not one particle more use for the Junkers in the United States.

They tell us that we live in a great free republic; that our institutions are democratic; that we are a free and self-governing people. This is too much, even for a joke. But it is not a subject for levity; it is an exceedingly serious matter.

To whom do the Wall Street Junkers in our country marry their daughters? After they have wrung their countless millions from your sweat, your agony and your life’s blood, in a time of war as in a time of peace, they invest these untold millions in the purchase of titles of broken-down aristocrats, such as princes, dukes, counts and other parasites and no-accounts. Would they be satisfied to wed their daughters to honest workingmen? To real democrats? Oh, no! They scour the markets of Europe for vampires who are titled and nothing else. And they swap their millions for the titles, so that matrimony with them becomes literally a matter of money.

These are the gentry who are today wrapped up in the American flag, who shout their claim from the housetops that they are the only patriots, and who have their magnifying glasses in hand, scanning the country for evidence of disloyalty, eager to apply the brand of treason to the men who dare to even whisper their opposition to Junker rule in the United Sates. No wonder Sam Johnson declared that “patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.” He must have had this Wall Street gentry in mind, or at least their prototypes, for in every age it has been the tyrant, the oppressor and the exploiter who has wrapped himself in the cloak of patriotism, or religion, or both to deceive and overawe the people.

They would have you believe that the Socialist Party consists in the main of disloyalists and traitors. It is true in a sense not at all to their discredit. We frankly admit that we are disloyalists and traitors to the real traitors of this nation; to the gang that on the Pacific coast are trying to hang Tom Mooney and Warren Billings in spite of their well-known innocence and the protest of practically the whole civilized world.

I know Tom Mooney intimately—as if he were my own brother. He is an absolutely honest man. He had no more to do with the crime with which he was charged and for which he was convicted than I had. And if he ought to go to the gallows, so ought I. If he is guilty every man who belongs to a labor organization or to the Socialist Party is likewise guilty.

What is Tom Mooney guilty of? I will tell you. I am familiar with his record. For years he has been fighting bravely and without compromise the battles of the working class out on the Pacific coast. He refused to be bribed and he could not be browbeaten. In spite of all attempts to intimidate him he continued loyally in the service of the organized workers, and for this he became a marked man. The henchmen of the powerful and corrupt corporations, concluding finally that he could not be bought or bribed or bullied, decided he must therefore be murdered. That is why Tom Mooney is today a life prisoner, and why he would have been hanged as a felon long ago but for the world-wide protest of the working class.

Let us review another bit of history. You remember Francis J. Heney, special investigator of the state of California, who was shot down in cold blood in the courtroom in San Francisco. You remember that dastardly crime, do you not? The United Railways, consisting of a lot of plutocrats and highbinders represented by the Chamber of Commerce, absolutely control the city of San Francisco. The city was and is their private reservation. Their will is the supreme law. Take your stand against them and question their authority, and you are doomed. They do not hesitate a moment to plot murder or any other crime to perpetuate their corrupt and enslaving regime. Tom Mooney was the chief representative of the working class they could not control. They own the railways; they control the great industries; they are the industrial masters and the political rulers of the people. From their decision there is no appeal. They are the autocrats of the Pacific coast—as cruel and infamous as any that ever ruled in Germany or any other country in the old world. When their rule became so corrupt that at last a grand jury indicted them and they were placed on trial, and Francis J. Heney was selected to assist in their prosecution, this gang, represented by the Chamber of Commerce; this gang of plutocrats, autocrats and highbinders, hired an assassin to shoot Heney down in the courtroom. Heney, however, happened to live through it. But that was not their fault. The same identical gang that hired the murderer to kill Heney also hired false witnesses to swear away the fife of Tom Mooney and, foiled in that, they have kept him in a foul prisonhole ever since.

Every solitary one of these aristocratic conspirators and would-be murderers claims to be an arch-patriot; every one of them insists that the war is being waged to make the world safe for democracy. What humbug! What rot! What false pretense! These autocrats, these tyrants, these red-handed robbers and murderers, the “patriots,” while the men who have the courage to stand face to face with them, speak the truth, and fight for their exploited victims—they are the disloyalists and traitors. If this be true, I want to take my place side by side with the traitors in this fight.

The other day they sentenced Kate Richards O’Hare to the penitentiary for five years. Think of sentencing a woman to the penitentiary simply for talking. The United States, under plutocratic rule, is the only country that would send a woman to prison for five years for exercising the right of free speech. If this be treason, let them make the most of it.

Let me review a bit of history in connection with this case. I have known Kate Richards O’Hare intimately for twenty years. I am familiar with her public record. Personally I know her as if she were my own sister. All who know Mrs. O’Hare know her to be a woman of unquestioned integrity.’ And they also know that she is a woman of unimpeachable loyalty to the Socialist movement. When she went out into North Dakota to make her speech, followed by plain-clothes men in the service of the government intent upon effecting her arrest and securing her prosecution and conviction—when she went out there, it was with the full knowledge on her part that sooner or later these detectives would accomplish their purpose. She made her speech, and that speech was deliberately misrepresented for the purpose of securing her conviction. The only testimony against her was that of a hired witness. And when the farmers, the men and women who were in the audience she addressed—when they went to Bismarck where the trial was held to testify in her favor, to swear that she had not used the language she was charged with having used, the judge refused to allow them to go upon the stand. This would seem incredible to me if I had not had some experience of my own with federal courts.

Who appoints our federal judges? The people? In all the history of the country, the working class have never named a federal judge. There are 121 of these judges and every solitary one holds his position, his tenure, through the influence and power of corporate capital. The corporations and trusts dictate their appointment. And when they go to the bench, they go, not to serve, the people, but to serve the interests that place them and keep them where they are.

Why, the other day, by a vote of five to four—a kind of craps game—come seven, come ‘leven —they declared the child labor law unconstitutional—a law secured after twenty years of education and agitation on the part of all kinds of people. And yet, by a majority of one, the Supreme Court a body of corporation lawyers, with just one exception, wiped that law from the statute books, and this in our so-called democracy, so that we may continue to grind the flesh and blood and bones of puny little children into profits for the Junkers of Wall Street. And this in a country that boasts of fighting to make the world safe for democracy! The history of this country is being written in the blood of the childhood the industrial lords have murdered.

These are not palatable truths to them. They do not like to hear them; and what is more they do not want you to hear them. And that is why they brand us as undesirable citizens, and as disloyalists and traitors. If we were actual traitors—traitors to the people and to their welfare and progress, we would be regarded as eminently respectable citizens of the republic; we would hold high office, have princely incomes, and ride in limousines; and we would be pointed out as the elect who have succeeded in life in honorable pursuit, and worthy of emulation by the youth of the land. It is precisely because we are disloyal to the traitors that we are loyal to the people of this nation.

Scott Nearing! You have heard of Scott Nearing. He is the greatest teacher in the United States. He was in the University of Pennsylvania until the Board of Trustees, consisting of great capitalists, captains of industry, found that he was teaching sound economics to the students in his classes. This sealed his fate in that institution. They sneeringly charged—just as the same usurers, money-changers, pharisees, hypocrites charged the Judean Carpenter some twenty centuries ago—that he was a false teacher and that he was stirring up the people.

The Man of Galilee, the Carpenter, the workingman who became the revolutionary agitator of his day soon found himself to be an undesirable citizen in the eyes of the ruling knaves and they had him crucified. And now their lineal descendants say of Scott Nearing, “He is preaching false economics. We cannot crucify him as we did his elder brother but we can deprive him of employment and so cut off his income and starve him to death or into submission. We will not only discharge him but place his name upon the blacklist and make it impossible for him to earn a living. He is a dangerous man for he is teaching the truth and opening the eyes of the people.” And the truth, oh, the truth has always been unpalatable and intolerable to the class who live out of the sweat and misery of the working class.

Max Eastman has been indicted and his paper suppressed, just as the papers with which I have been connected have all been suppressed. What a wonderful compliment they pay us! They are afraid that we may mislead and contaminate you. You are their wards; they are your guardians and they know what is best for you to read and hear and know. They are bound to see to it that our vicious doctrines do not reach your ears. And so in our great democracy, under our free institutions, they flatter our press by suppression; and they ignorantly imagine that they have silenced revolutionary propaganda in the United States. What an awful mistake they make for our benefit! As a matter of justice to them we should respond with resolutions of thanks and gratitude. Thousands of people who had never before heard of our papers are now inquiring for and insisting upon seeing them. They have succeeded only in arousing curiosity in our literature and propaganda. And woe to him who reads Socialist literature from curiosity! He is surely a goner. I have known of a thousand experiments but never one that failed.

John M. Work! You know John, now on the editorial staff of the Milwaukee Leader! When I first knew him he was a lawyer out in Iowa. The capitalists out there became alarmed because of the rapid growth of the Socialist movement. So they said: “We have to find some able fellow to fight this menace.” They concluded that John Work was the man for the job and they said to him: “John, you are a bright young lawyer; you have a brilliant future before you. We want to engage you to find out all you can about socialism and then proceed to counteract its baneful effects and check its further growth.”

John at once provided himself with Socialist literature and began his study of the red menace, with the result that after he had read and digested a few volumes he was a full-fledged Socialist and has been fighting for socialism ever since.

ŒHow stupid and shortsighted the ruling class really is! Cupidity is stone blind. It has no vision. The greedy, profit-seeking exploiter cannot see beyond the end of his nose. He can see a chance for an “opening”; he is cunning enough to know what graft is and where it is, and how it can be secured, but vision he has none—not the slightest. He knows nothing of the great throbbing world that spreads out in all directions. He has no capacity for literature; no appreciation of art; no soul for beauty. That is the penalty the parasites pay for the violation of the laws of life. The Rockefellers are blind. Every move they make in their game of greed but hastens their own doom. Every blow they strike at the Socialist movement reacts upon themselves. Every time they strike at us they hit themselves. It never fails. Every time they strangle a Socialist paper they add a thousand voices proclaiming the truth of the principles of socialism and the ideals of the Socialist movement. They help us in spite of themselves.

Socialism is a growing idea; an expanding philosophy. It is spreading over the entire face of the earth: It is as vain to resist it as it would be to arrest the sunrise on the morrow. It is coming, coming, coming all along the line. Can you not see it? If not, I advise you to consult an oculist. There is certainly something the matter with your vision. It is the mightiest movement in the history of mankind. What a privilege to serve it! I have regretted a thousand times that I can do so little for the movement that has done so much for me. The little that I am, the little that I am hoping to be, I owe to the Socialist movement. It has given me my ideas and ideals; my principles and convictions, and I would not exchange one of them for all of Rockefeller’s bloodstained dollars. It has taught me how to serve—a lesson to me of priceless value. It has taught me the ecstasy in the handclasp of a comrade. It has enabled me to hold high communion with you, and made it possible for me to take my place side by side with you in the great struggle for the better day; to multiply myself over and over again, to thrill with a fresh-born manhood; to feel life truly worthwhile; to open new avenues of vision; to spread out glorious vistas; to know that I am kin to all that throbs; to be class-conscious, and to realize that, regardless of nationality, race, creed, color or sex, every man, every woman who toils, who renders useful service, every member of the working class without an exception, is my comrade, my brother and sister—and that to serve them and their cause is the highest duty of my life.

And in their service I can feel myself expand; I can rise to the stature of a man and claim the right to a place on earth—a place where I can stand and strive to speed the day of industrial freedom and social justice.

Yes, my comrades, my heart is attuned to yours. Aye, all our hearts now throb as one great heart responsive to the battle cry of the social revolution. Here, in this alert and inspiring assemblage our hearts are with the Bolsheviki of Russia. Those heroic men and women, those unconquerable comrades have by their incomparable valor and sacrifice added fresh luster to the fame of the international movement. Those Russian comrades of ours have made greater sacrifices, have suffered more, and have shed more heroic blood than any like number of men and women anywhere on earth; they have laid the foundation of the first real democracy that ever drew the breath of life in this world. And the very first act of the triumphant Russian revolution was to proclaim a state of peace with all mankind, coupled with a fervent moral appeal, not to kings, not to emperors, rulers or diplomats but to the people of all nations. Here we have the very breath of democracy, the quintessence of the dawning freedom. The Russian revolution proclaimed its glorious triumph in its ringing and inspiring appeal to the peoples of all the earth. In a humane and fraternal spirit new Russia, emancipated at last from the curse of the centuries, called upon all nations engaged in the frightful war, the Central Powers as well as the Allies, to send representatives to a conference to lay down terms of peace that should be just and lasting. Here was the supreme opportunity to strike the blow to make the world safe for democracy. Was there any response to that noble appeal that in some day to come will be written in letters of gold in the history of the world? Was there any response whatever to that appeal for universal peace? No, not the slightest attention was paid to it by the Christian nations engaged in the terrible slaughter.

It has been charged that Lenin and Trotsky and the leaders of the revolution were treacherous, that they made a traitorous peace with Germany. Let us consider that proposition briefly. At the time of the revolution Russia had been three years in the war. Under the Czar she had lost more than four million of her ill-clad, poorly-equipped, half-starved soldiers, slain outright or disabled on the field of battle. She was absolutely bankrupt. Her soldiers were mainly without arms. This was what was bequeathed to the revolution by the Czar and his regime; and for this condition Lenin and Trotsky were not responsible, nor the Bolsheviki. For this appalling state of affairs the Czar and his rotten bureaucracy were solely responsible. When the Bolsheviki came into power and went through the archives they found and exposed the secret treaties—the treaties that were made between the Czar and the French government, the British government and the Italian government, proposing, after the victory was achieved, to dismember the German Empire and destroy the Central Powers. These treaties have never been denied nor repudiated. Very little has been said about them in the American press. I have a copy of these treaties, showing that the purpose of the Allies is exactly the purpose of the Central Powers, and that is the conquest and spoilation of the weaker nations that has always been the purpose of war.

Wars throughout history have been waged for conquest and plunder. In the Middle Ages when the feudal lords who inhabited the castles whose towers may still be seen along the Rhine concluded to enlarge their domains, to increase their power, their prestige and their wealth they declared war upon one another. But they themselves did not go to war any more than the modern feudal lords, the barons of Wall Street go to war. The feudal barons of the Middle Ages, the economic predecessors of the capitalists of our day, declared all wars. And their miserable serfs fought all the battles. The poor, ignorant serfs had been taught to revere their masters; to believe that when their masters declared war upon one another, it was their patriotic duty to fall upon one another and to cut one another’s throats for the profit and glory of the lords and barons who held them in contempt. And that is war in a nutshell. The master class has always declared the wars; the subject class has always fought the battles. The master class has had all to gain and nothing to lose, while the subject class has had nothing to gain and all to lose—especially their lives.

They have always taught and trained you to believe it to be your patriotic duty to go to war and to have yourselves slaughtered at their command. But in all the history of the world you, the people, have never had a voice in declaring war, and strange as it certainly appears, no war by any nation in any age has ever been declared by the people.

And here let me emphasize the fact—and it cannot be repeated too often—that the working class who fight all the battles, the working class who make the supreme sacrifices, the working class who freely shed their blood and furnish the corpses, have never yet had a voice in either declaring war or making peace. It is the ruling class that invariably does both. They alone declare war and they alone make peace.

Yours not to reason why;
Yours but to do and die.

That is their motto and we object on the part of the awakening workers of this nation.

If war is right let it be declared by the people. You who have your lives to lose, you certainly above all others have the right to decide the momentous issue of war or peace.

Rose Pastor Stokes! And when I mention her name I take off my hat. Here we have another heroic and inspiring comrade. She had her millions of dollars at command. Did her wealth restrain her an instant? On the contrary her supreme devotion to the cause outweighed all considerations of a financial or social nature. She went out boldly to plead the cause of the working class and they rewarded her high courage with a ten years’ sentence to the penitentiary. Think of it! Ten years! What atrocious crime had she committed? What frightful things had she said? Let me answer candidly. She said nothing more than I have said here this afternoon. I want to admit—I want to admit without reservation that if Rose Pastor Stokes is guilty of crime, so am I. If she is guilty for the brave part she has taken in this testing time of human souls I would not be cowardly enough to plead my innocence. And if she ought to be sent to the penitentiary for ten years, so ought I without a doubt.

What did Rose Pastor Stokes say? Why, she said that a government could not at the same time serve both the profiteers and the victims of the profiteers. Is it not true? Certainly it is and no one can successfully dispute it.

Roosevelt said a thousand times more in the very same paper, the Kansas City Star. Roosevelt said vauntingly the other day that he would be heard if he went to jail. He knows very well that he is taking no risk of going to jail. He is shrewdly laying his wires for the Republican nomination in 1920 and he is an adept in making the appeal of the demagogue. He would do anything to discredit the Wilson administration that he may give himself and his party all credit. That is the only rivalry there is between the two old capitalist parties—the Republican Party and the Democratic Party—the political twins of the master class. They are not going to have any friction between them this fall. They are all patriots in this campaign, and they are going to combine to prevent the election of any disloyal Socialist. I have never heard anyone tell of any difference between these corrupt capitalist parties. Do you know of any? I certainly do not. The situation is that one is in and the other trying to break in, and that is substantially the only difference between them.

Rose Pastor Stokes never uttered a word she did not have a legal, constitutional right to utter. But her message to the people, the message that stirred their thoughts and opened their eyes—that must be suppressed; her voice must be silenced. And so she was promptly subjected to a mock trial and sentenced to the penitentiary for ten years. Her conviction was a foregone conclusion. The trial of a Socialist in a capitalist court is at best a farcical affair. What ghost of a chance had she in a court with a packed jury and a corporation tool on the bench? Not the least in the world. And so she goes to the penitentiary for ten years if they carry out their brutal and disgraceful graceful program. For my part I do not think they will. In fact I feel sure they will not. If the war were over tomorrow the prison doors would open to our people. They simply mean to silence the voice of protest during the war.

What a compliment it is to the Socialist movement to be thus persecuted for the sake of the truth! The truth alone will make the people free. And for this reason the truth must not be permitted to reach the people. The truth has always been dangerous to the rule of the rogue, the exploiter, the robber. So the truth must be ruthlessly suppressed. That is why they are trying to destroy the Socialist movement; and every time they strike a blow they add a thousand new voices to the hosts proclaiming that socialism is the hope of humanity and has come to emancipate the people from their final form of servitude.

How good this sip of cool water from the hand of a comrade! It is as refreshing as if it were out on the desert waste. And how good it is to look into your glowing faces this afternoon! You are really good looking to me, I assure you. And I am glad there are so many of you. Your tribe has increased amazingly since first I came here. You used to be so few and far between. A few years ago when you struck a town the first thing you had to do was to see if you could locate a Socialist; and you were pretty lucky if you struck the trail of one before you left town. If he happened to be the only one and he is still living, he is now regarded as a pioneer and pathfinder; he holds a place of honor in your esteem, and he has lodgment in the hearts of all who have come after him. It is far different now. You can hardly throw a stone in the dark without hitting a Socialist. They are everywhere in increasing numbers; and what marvelous changes are taking place in the people!

Some years ago I was to speak at Warren in this state. It happened to be at the time that President McKinley was assassinated. In common with all others I deplored that tragic event. There is not a Socialist who would have been guilty of that crime. We do not attack individuals. We do not seek to avenge ourselves upon those opposed to our faith. We have no fight with individuals as such. We are capable of pitying those who hate us. We do not hate them; we know better; we would freely give them a cup of water if they needed it. There is no room in our hearts for hate, except for the system, the social system in which it is possible for one man to amass a stupendous fortune doing nothing, while millions of others suffer and struggle and agonize and die for the bare necessities of existence.

President McKinley, as I have said, had been assassinated. I was first to speak at Portsmouth, having been booked there some time before the assassination. Promptly the Christian ministers of Portsmouth met in special session and passed a resolution declaring that “Debs, more than any other person, was responsible for the assassination of our beloved President.” It was due to the doctrine that Debs was preaching that this crime was committed, according to these patriotic parsons, and so this pious gentry, the followers of the meek and lowly Nazarene, concluded that I must not be permitted to enter the city. And they had the mayor issue an order to that effect. I went there soon after, however. I was to speak at Warren, where President McKinley’s double-cousin was postmaster. I went there and registered. I was soon afterward invited to leave the hotel. I was exceedingly undesirable that day. I was served with notice that the hall would not be opened and that I would not be permitted to speak. I sent back word to the mayor by the only Socialist left in town—and he only remained because they did not know he was there—I sent word to the mayor that I would speak in Warren that night, according to schedule, or I would leave there in a box for the return turn trip.

The Grand Army of the Republic called a special meeting and then marched to the hall in full uniform and occupied the front seats in order to silence me if my speech did not suit them. I went to the hall, however, found it open, and made my speech. There was no interruption. I told the audience frankly who was responsible for the President’s assassination. I said: “As long as there is misery caused by robbery at the bottom there will be assassination at the top.” I showed them, evidently to their satisfaction, that it was their own capitalist system that was responsible; the system that had impoverished and brutalized the ancestors of the poor witless boy who had murdered the President. Yes, I made my speech that night and it was well received but when I left there I was still an “undesirable citizen.”

Some years later I returned to Warren. It seemed that the whole population was out for the occasion. I was received with open arms. I was no longer a demagogue; no longer a fanatic or an undesirable citizen. I had become exceedingly respectable simply because the Socialists had increased in numbers and socialism had grown in influence and power. If ever I become entirely respectable I shall be quite sure that I have outlived myself.

It is the minorities who have made the history of this world. It is the few who have had the courage to take their places at the front; who have been true enough to themselves to speak the truth that was in them; who have dared oppose the established order of things; who have espoused the cause of the suffering, struggling poor; who have upheld without regard to personal consequences the cause of freedom and righteousness. It is they, the heroic, self-sacrificing few who have made the history of the race and who have paved the way from barbarism to civilization. The many prefer to remain upon the popular side. They lack the courage and vision to join a despised minority that stands for a principle; they have not the moral fiber that withstands, endures and finally conquers. They are to be pitied and not treated with contempt for they cannot help their cowardice. But, thank God, in every age and in every nation there have been the brave and self-reliant few, and they have been sufficient to their historic task; and we, who are here today, are under infinite obligations to them because they suffered, they sacrificed, they went to jail, they had their bones broken upon the wheel, they were burned at the stake and their ashes scattered to the winds by the hands of hate and revenge in their struggle to leave the world better for us than they found it for themselves. We are under eternal obligations to them because of what they did and what they suffered for us and the only way we can discharge that obligation is by doing the best we can for those who are to come after us. And this is the high purpose of every Socialist on earth. Everywhere they are animated by the same lofty principles; everywhere they have the same noble ideals; everywhere they are clasping hands across national boundary lines; everywhere they are calling one another Comrade, the blessed word that springs from the heart of unity and bursts into blossom upon the lips. Each passing day they are getting into closer touch all along the battle line, waging the holy war of the working class of the world against the ruling and exploiting class of the world. They make many mistakes and they profit by them all. They encounter numerous defeats, and grow stronger through them all. They never take a backward step. Œ

The heart of the international Socialist never beats a retreat.

They are pressing forward, here, there and everywhere, in all the zones that girdle the globe. Everywhere these awakening workers, these class-conscious proletarians, these hardy sons and daughters of honest toil are proclaiming the glad tidings of the coming emancipation, everywhere their hearts are attuned to the most sacred cause that ever challenged men and women to action in all the history of the world. Everywhere they are moving toward democracy and the dawn; marching toward the sunrise, their faces all aglow with the light of the coming day. These are the Socialists, the most zealous and enthusiastic crusaders the world has ever known. They are making history that will light up the horizon of coming generations, for their mission is the emancipation of the human race. They have been reviled; they have been ridiculed, persecuted, imprisoned and have suffered death, but they have been sufficient to themselves and their cause, and their final triumph is but a question of time.

Do you wish to hasten the day of victory? Join the Socialist Party! Don’t wait for the morrow. Join now! Enroll your name without fear and take your place where you belong. You cannot do your duty by proxy. You have got to do it yourself and do it squarely and then as you look yourself in the face you will have no occasion to blush. You will know what it is to be a real man or woman. You will lose nothing; you will gain everything. Not only will you lose nothing but you will find something of infinite value, and that something will be yourself. And that is your supreme need—to find yourself—to really know yourself and your purpose in life.

You need at this time especially to know that you are fit for something better than slavery and cannon fodder. You need to know that you were not created to work and produce and impoverish yourself to enrich an idle exploiter. You need to know that you have a mind to improve, a soul to develop, and a manhood to sustain.

You need to know that it is your duty to rise above the animal plane of existence. You need to know that it is for you to know something about literature and science and art. You need to know that you are verging on the edge of a great new world. You need to get in touch with your comrades and fellow workers and to become conscious of your interests, your powers and your possibilities as a class. You need to know that you belong to the great majority of mankind. You need to know that as long as you are ignorant, as long as you are indifferent, as long as you are apathetic, unorganized and content, you will remain exactly where you are. You will be exploited; you will be degraded, and you will have to beg for a job. You will get just enough for your slavish toil to keep you in working order, and you will be looked down upon with scorn and contempt by the very parasites that live and luxuriate out of your sweat and unpaid labor.

If you would be respected you have got to begin by respecting yourself. Stand up squarely and look yourself in the face and see a man! Do not allow yourself to fall into the predicament of the poor fellow who, after he had heard a Socialist speech concluded that he too ought to be a Socialist. The argument he had heard was unanswerable. “Yes,” he said to himself, “all the speaker said was true and I certainly ought to join the party.” But after a while he allowed his ardor to cool and he soberly concluded that by joining the party he might anger his boss and lose his job. He then concluded: “I can’t take the chance.” That night he slept alone. There was something on his conscience and it resulted in a dreadful dream. Men always have such dreams when they betray themselves. A Socialist is free to go to bed with a clear conscience. He goes to sleep with his manhood and he awakens and walks forth in the morning with his self-respect. He is unafraid and he can look the whole world in the face, without a tremor and without a blush. But this poor weakling who lacked the courage to do the bidding of his reason and conscience was haunted by a startling dream and at midnight he awoke in terror, bounded from his bed and exclaimed: “My God, there is nobody in this room.” He was absolutely right. There was nobody in that room.

How would you like to sleep in a room that had nobody in it? It is an awful thing to be nobody. That is certainly a state of mind to get out of, the sooner the better.

There is a great deal of hope for Baker, Ruthenberg and Wagenknecht who are in jail for their convictions; but for the fellow that is nobody there is no pardoning power. He is “in” for life. Anybody can be nobody; but it takes a man to be somebody.

To turn your back on the corrupt Republican Party and the still more corrupt Democratic Party—the gold-dust lackeys of the ruling class counts for still more after you have stepped out of those popular and corrupt capitalist parties to join a minority party that has an ideal, that stands for a principle, and fights for a cause. This will be the most important change you have ever made and the time will come when you will thank me for having made the suggestion. It was the day of days for me. I remember it well. It was like passing from midnight darkness to the noontide light of day. It came almost like a flash and found me ready. It must have been in such a flash that great, seething, throbbing Russia, prepared by centuries of slavery and tears and martyrdom, was transformed from a dark continent to a land of living light.

There is something splendid, something sustaining and inspiring in the prompting of the heart to be true to yourself and to the best you know, especially in a crucial hour of your life. You are in the crucible today, my Socialist comrades! You are going to be tried by fire, to what extent no one knows. If you are weak-fibered and fainthearted you will be lost to the Socialist movement. We will have to bid you goodbye. You are not the stuff of which revolutions are made. We are sorry for you unless you chance to be an “intellectual.” The “intellectuals,” many of them, are already gone. No loss on our side nor gain on the other.

I am always amused in the discussion of the “intellectual” phase of this question. It is the same old standard under which the rank and file are judged. What would become of the sheep if they had no shepherd to lead them out of the wilderness into the land of milk and honey?

Oh, yes, “I am your shepherd and ye are my mutton.”

They would have us believe that if we had no “intellectuals” we would have no movement. They would have our party, the rank and file, controlled by the “intellectual” bosses as the Republican and Democratic parties are controlled. These capitalist parties are managed by “intellectual” leaders and the rank and file are sheep that follow the bellwether to the shambles.

In the Republican and Democratic parties you of the common herd are not expected to think. That is not only unnecessary but might lead you astray. That is what the “intellectual” leaders are for. They do the thinking and you do the voting. They ride in carriages at the front where the band plays and you tramp in the mud, bringing up the rear with great enthusiasm.

The capitalist system affects to have great regard and reward for intellect, and the capitalists give themselves full credit for having superior brains. When we have ventured to say that the time would come when the working class would rule they have bluntly answered “Never! it requires brains to rule.” The workers of course have none. And they certainly try hard to prove it by proudly supporting the political parties of their masters under whose administration they are kept in poverty and servitude.


File: 1689459164018.jpg ( 124.52 KB , 1440x907 , eugene_debs_loc_img-391440….jpg )


…The government is now operating its railroads for the more effective prosecution of the war. Private ownership has broken down utterly and the government has had to come to the rescue. We have always said that the people ought to own the railroads and operate them for the benefit of the people. We advocated that twenty years ago. But the capitalists and their henchmen emphatically objected. “You have got to have brains to run the railroads,” they tauntingly retorted. Well, the other day McAdoo, the governor-general of the railroads under government operation; discharged all the high-salaried presidents and other supernumeraries. In other words, he fired the “brains” bodily and yet all the trains have been coming and going on schedule time. Have you noticed any change for the worse since the “brains” are gone? It is a brainless system now, being operated by “hands.” But a good deal more efficiently than it had been operated by so-called “brains” before. And this determines infallibly the quality of their vaunted, high-priced capitalist “brains.” It is the kind you can get at a reasonable figure at the market place. They have always given themselves credit for having superior brains and given this as the reason for the supremacy of their class. It is true that they have the brains that indicates the cunning of the fox, the wolf, but as for brains denoting real intelligence and the measure of intellectual capacity they are the most woefully ignorant people on earth. Give me a hundred capitalists just as you find them here in Ohio and let me ask them a dozen simple questions about the history of their own country and I will prove to you that they are as ignorant and unlettered as any you may find in the so-called lower class. They know little of history; they are strangers to science; they are ignorant of sociology and blind to art but they know how to exploit, how to gouge, how to rob, and do it with legal sanction. They always proceed legally for the reason that the class which has the power to rob upon a large scale has also the power to control the government and legalize their robbery. I regret that lack of time prevents me from discussing this phase of the question more at length.

They are continually talking about your patriotic duty. It is not their but your patriotic duty that they are concerned about. There is a decided difference. Their patriotic duty never takes them to the firing line or chucks them into the trenches.

And now among other things they are urging you to “cultivate” war gardens, while at the same time a government war report just issued shows that practically 52 percent of the arable, tillable soil is held out of use by the landlords, speculators and profiteers. They themselves do not cultivate the soil. They could not if they would. Nor do they allow others to cultivate it. They keep it idle to enrich themselves, to pocket the millions of dollars of unearned increment. Who is it that makes this land valuable while it is fenced in and kept out of use? It is the people. Who pockets this tremendous accumulation of value? The landlords. And these landlords who toil not and spin not are supreme among American “patriots.”

In passing I suggest that we stop a moment to think about the term “landlord.” “LANDLORD!” Lord of the Land! The lord of the land is indeed a superpatriot. This lord who practically owns the earth tells you that we are fighting this war to make the world safe for democracy—he who shuts out all humanity from his private domain; he who profiteers at the expense of the people who have been slain and mutilated by multiplied thousands, under pretense of being the great American patriot. It is he, this identical patriot who is in fact the archenemy of the people; it is he that you need to wipe from power. It is he who is a far greater menace to your liberty and your well-being than the Prussian Junkers on the other side of the Atlantic ocean.

Fifty-two percent of the land kept out of use, according to their own figures! They tell you that there is an alarming shortage of flour and that you need to produce more. They tell you further that you have got to save wheat so that more can be exported for the soldiers who are fighting on the other side, while half of your tillable soil is held out of use by the landlords and profiteers. What do you think of that?

Again, they tell you there is a coal famine now in the state of Ohio. The state of Indiana, where I live, is largely underlaid with coal. There is practically an inexhaustible supply. The coal is banked beneath our very feet. It is within touch all about us—all we can possibly use and more. And here are the miners, ready to enter the mines. Here is the machinery ready to be put into operation to increase the output to any desired capacity. And three weeks ago a national officer of the United Mine Workers issued and published a statement to the Labor Department of the United States government to the effect that the 600,000 coal miners in the United States at this time, when they talk about a coal famine, are not permitted to work more than half time. I have been around over Indiana for many years. I have often been in the coal fields; again and again I have seen the miners idle while at the same time there was a scarcity of coal.

They tell you that you ought to buy your coal right away; that you may freeze next winter if you do not. At the same time they charge you three prices for your coat Oh, yes, this ought to suit you perfectly if you vote the Republican or Democratic ticket and believe in the private ownership of the coal mines and their operation for private profit.

The coal mines now being privately owned, the operators want a scarcity of coal so they can boost their prices and enrich themselves accordingly. If an abundance of coal were mined there would be lower prices and this would not suit the mine owners. Prices soar and profits increase when there is a scarcity of coal.

It is also apparent that there is collusion between the mine owners and the railroads. The mine owners declare there are no cars while the railroad men insist that there is no coal. And between them they delude, defraud and rob the people.

Let us illustrate a vital point. Here is the coal in great deposits all about us; here are the miners and the machinery of production. Why should there be a coal famine upon the one hand and an army of idle and hungry miners on the other hand? Is it not an incredibly stupid situation, an almost idiotic if not criminal state of affairs?

We Socialists say: “Take possession of the mines in the name of the people.” Set the miners at work and give every miner the equivalent of all the coal he produces. Reduce the work day in proportion to the development of productive machinery. That would at once settle the matter of a coal famine and of idle miners. But that is too simple a proposition and the people will have none of it. The time will come, however, when the people will be driven to take such action for there is no other efficient and permanent solution of the problem.

In the present system the miner, a wage slave, gets down into a pit 300 or 400 feet deep. He works hard and produces a ton of coal. But he does not own an ounce of it. That coal belongs to some mine-owning plutocrat who may be in New York or sailing the high seas in his private yacht; or he may be hobnobbing with royalty in the capitals of Europe, and that is where most of them were before the war was declared. The industrial captain, so-called, who lives in Paris, London, Vienna or some other center of gaiety does not have to work to revel in luxury. He owns the mines and he might as well own the miners.

That is where you workers are and where you will remain as long as you give your support to the political parties of your masters and exploiters. You vote these miners out of a job and reduce them to corporation vassals and paupers.

We Socialists say: “Take possession of the mines; call the miner to work and return to him the equivalent of the value of his product.” He can then build himself a comfortable home; live in it; enjoy it with his family. He can provide himself and his wife and children with clothes—good clothes—not shoddy; wholesome food in abundance, education for the children, and the chance to live the lives of civilized human beings, while at the same time the people will get coal at just what it costs to mine it.

Of course that would be socialism as far as it goes. But you are not in favor of that program. It is too visionary because it is so simple and practical. So you will have to continue to wait until winter is upon you before you get your coal and then pay three prices for it because you insist upon voting a capitalist ticket and giving your support to the present wage-slave system. The trouble with you is that you are still in a capitalist state of mind.

Lincoln said: “If you want that thing that is the thing you want”; and you will get it to your heart’s content. But some good day you will wake up and realize that a change is needed and wonder why you did not know it long before. Yes, a change is certainly needed, not merely a change of party but a change of system; a change from slavery to freedom and from despotism to democracy, wide as the world. When this change comes at last, we shall rise from brutehood to brotherhood, and to accomplish it we have to educate and organize the workers industrially and politically, but not along the zigzag craft lines laid down by Gompers, who through all of his career has favored the master class. You never hear the capitalist press speak of him nowadays except in praise and adulation. He has recently come into great prominence as a patriot. You never find him on the unpopular side of a great issue. He is always conservative, satisfied to leave the labor problem to be settled finally at the banqueting board with Elihu Root, Andrew Carnegie and the rest of the plutocratic civic federationists. When they drink wine and smoke scab cigars together the labor question is settled so far as they are concerned.

And while they are praising Gompers they are denouncing the I.W.W. There are few men who have the courage to say a word in favor of the I.W.W. I have. Let me say here that I have great respect for the I.W.W. Far greater than I have for their infamous detractors.

Listen! There has just been published a pamphlet called “The Truth About the I.W.W.” It has been issued after long and thorough investigation by five men of unquestioned standing in the capitalist world. At the head of these investigators was Professor John Graham Brooks of Harvard University, and next to him John A. Fish of the Survey of the Religious Organizations of Pittsburgh, and Mr. Bruere, the government investigator. Five of these prominent men conducted an impartial examination of the I.W.W. To quote their own words they “followed its trail.” They examined into its doings beginning at Bisbee where the “patriots,” the cowardly business men, the arch-criminals, made up the mob that deported 1,200 workingmen under the most brutal conditions, charging them with being members of the I.W.W. when they knew it to be false.

It is only necessary to label a man “I.W.W.” to have him lynched as they did Praeger, an absolutely innocent man. He was a Socialist and bore a German name, and that was his crime. A rumor was started that he was disloyal and he was promptly seized and lynched by the cowardly mob of so-called “patriots.”

War makes possible all such crimes and outrages. And war comes in spite of the people. When Wall Street says war the press says war and the pulpit promptly follows with its Amen. In every age the pulpit has been on the side of the rulers and not on the side of the people. That is one reason why the preachers so fiercely denounce the I.W.W.

Take the time to read this pamphlet about the I.W.W. Don’t take the word of Wall Street and its press as final. Read this report by five impartial and highly reputable men who made their investigation to know the truth, and that they might tell the truth to the American people. They declare that the I.W.W. in all its career never committed as much violence against the ruling class as the ruling class has committed against the I.W.W.

You are not now reading any reports in the daily press about the trial at Chicago, are you? They used to publish extensive reports when the trial first began, and to prate about what they proposed to prove against the I.W.W. as a gigantic conspiracy against the government. The trial has continued until they have exhausted all their testimony and they have not yet proven violence in a single instance. No, not one! They are utterly without incriminating testimony and yet 112 men are in the dock after lying in jail for months without the shadow of a crime upon them save that of belonging to the I.W.W. That is enough it would seem to convict any man of any crime and send his body to prison and his soul to hell. Just whisper the name of the I.W.W. and you are branded as a disloyalist. And the reason for this is wholly to the credit of the I.W.W., for whatever may be charged against it the I.W.W. has always fought for the bottom dog. And that is why Haywood is despised and prosecuted while Gompers is lauded and glorified by the same gang.

Now what you workers need is to organize, not along craft lines but along revolutionary industrial lines. All of you workers in a given industry, regardless of your trade or occupation, should belong to one and the same union.

Political action and industrial action must supplement and sustain each other. You will never vote the Socialist republic into existence. You will have to lay its foundations in industrial organization. The industrial union is the forerunner of industrial democracy. In the shop where the workers are associated is where industrial democracy has its beginning. Organize according to your industries! Get together in every department of industrial service! United and acting together for the common good your power is invincible.

When you have organized industrially you will soon learn that you can manage as well as operate industry. You will soon realize that you do not need the idle masters and exploiters. They are simply parasites. They do not employ you as you imagine but you employ them to take from you what you produce, and that is how they function in industry. You can certainly dispense with them in that capacity. You do not need them to depend upon for your jobs. You can never be free while you work and live by their sufferance. You must own your own tools and then you will control your own jobs, enjoy the products of your own labor and be free men instead of industrial slaves.

Organize industrially and make your organization complete. Then unite in the Socialist Party. Vote as you strike and strike as you vote.

Your union and your party embrace the working class. The Socialist Party expresses the interests, hopes and aspirations of the toilers of all the world.

Get your fellow workers into the industrial union and the political party to which they rightly belong, especially this year, this historic year in which the forces of labor will assert themselves as they never have before. This is the year that calls for men and women who have courage, the manhood and womanhood to do their duty.

Get into the Socialist Party and take your place in its ranks; help to inspire the weak and strengthen the faltering, and do your share to speed the coming of the brighter and better day for us all.

When we unite and act together on the industrial field and when we vote together on election day we shall develop the supreme power of the one class that can and will bring permanent peace to the world. We shall then have the intelligence, the courage and the power for our great task. In due time industry will be organized on a cooperative basis. We shall conquer the public power. We shall then transfer the title deeds of the railroads, the telegraph lines, the mines, mills and great industries to the people in their collective capacity; we shall take possession of all these social utilities in the name of the people. We shall then have industrial democracy. We shall be a free nation whose government is of and by and for the people.

And now for all of us to do our duty! The clarion call is ringing in our ears and we cannot falter without being convicted of treason to ourselves and to our great cause.

Do not worry over the charge of treason to your masters, but be concerned about the treason that involves yourselves. Be true to yourself and you cannot be a traitor to any good cause on earth.

Yes, in good time we are going to sweep into power in this nation and throughout the world. We are going to destroy all enslaving and degrading capitalist institutions and re-create them as free and humanizing institutions. The world is daily changing before our eyes. The sun of capitalism is setting; the sun of socialism is rising. It is our duty to build the new nation and the free republic. We need industrial and social builders. We Socialists are the builders of the beautiful world that is to be. We are all pledged to do our part. We are inviting—aye challenging you this afternoon in the name of your own manhood and womanhood to join us and do your part.

In due time the hour will strike and this great cause triumphant—the greatest in history—will proclaim the emancipation of the working class and the brotherhood of all mankind.


the recent grayzone stream had a segment on the Donbass, so they're not forgotten by the actually existing anti-war left.
They dug up a nugget of information about the Ukro fascists shooting cluster munition at civilians in Donetsk, during the civil war phase.



File: 1689529189846.jpg ( 143.63 KB , 490x335 , ClipboardImage.jpg )

>The anti war movent was extremely vocal in 2001 - 2010 it seems.
& it achieved absolutely nothing. Turns out that screeching "IT'S NOT OKAY!1" won't stop the caps from raping & genociding the living fuck out of anybody if they know that your words don't have any political weight behind them. People have lost their class consciousness due to the failure of the New Left & the sheer psychological onslaught of neo-fascism mk. Thatchgan, so the public opinion has been free real estate for porks since then.
But like everything, it's changing.

>>47zero949 (shill)

>t-t-the anti-imperialist left™®©–
aka lefty-bullshit talking bourgeoisie cocksuckers aka socdems aka stalinists aka 50cents aka good old national "socialists" working on the non-Washington payroll, justifying ANY rape & pillage brought upon any populace by their clientele with "leftist" (= sovkovian) rhetoric.
>"They ain't in the first row of foodchain!!!!!!!11111 tis doezint count!!!!1111111"

Instead of critically supporting your owners' actions why don't you go & critically support their dicks with your mouth? It's gonna be more profitable for you anyway! Oh wait, that position was already occupied so you have to work there, LMAO. How pathetic.

>p**teen has been in power
mr. p**teen's highest point of political career was carrying that Sobchak fuck's briefcases. & all he was doing since then is citing what's written in the pieces of paper that are brought to him by the investors of the political stability in r*shian federation. Imagine believing in the "enterpreneurs"'s tv simulacras so much you start to think that they actually exist & have an effect on the real world LMAO.


File: 1689534427995.png ( 219.75 KB , 512x512 , Lenni wants mop.png )

>People have lost their class consciousness due to the failure of the New Left & the sheer psychological onslaught
That sounds true

>aka socdems aka stalinists aka 50cents akathe non-Washington payroll

<hello everybody today i'm going to explain why everybody is a tankie except me
The anti-imperialist left has largely been proven correct tho.

There are the leftists who thought that all these conflicts were merely inter-imperialist rivalry between capitalist powers and they could grow socialism in the space between feuding capitalist powers. All of those failed.

The anti-imperialist leftists who thought that these conflict where the result of a global imperial system, that tried too bully anybody who resisted it, did not fail. Many anti-imperialist countries did successfully block the imperial impositions.

The end-goal is always the m.o.p. and if the imperialists manage to pillage a country, the mop usually ends up evaporating.

>mr. p**teen's

You have to give Vlad some credit he did bring back some soviet planning elements recently, and a bunch of Russian porkies got squeezed out in the process. I know that it was only done for the sake of an efficient war-economy, but compare that with the ideological rigidity of many Neo-lib-governments that would rather suffer defeats.


>Your words have no "weight behind them"

<Some how magically sucking off capitalist super powers do.

Rope yourself you retard.


based grillpill

nazoids be seething

The fuck you're blabbering on about dipshitoid? We've been over the Puppet Republics in the Ukraine war thread multiple times.
Literally goldfish memory span kek. As expected from nazoids.

What happened in Donbass was a bunch of """former""" russkie FSB agents with some hobos trying to start an ethnic conflict in Ukraine because Ukraine was drifting out of the Russian sphere of influence.

The ONLY somewhat left-leaning field commander there was Mozgovoy. And even then he was a confused theorylet retard, whose only role in all of this was being a useful idiot for nazoids, to be disposed of afterwards. Which is exactly what has happened. And good riddance, that's what you should get for tailing nazoids.

So yea, fuck such """comrades"""
Nazoid fucking cumsocks. Absolute disgrace.


>Nazoid fucking cumsocks. Absolute disgrace.
oh yea, and that's EXACTLY why any of you fags is not a comrade of mine

I would put a bullet in your dumb fucking heads the first chance I would get

even if you're just a dumbfuck dupe like Mozgovoy - it's better to be on the safe side and just kill you off


>You have to give Vlad some credit he did bring back some soviet planning elements recently
what elements retardoid? if you're talking about war planning then you should give some credit to Hitler too retardoid kek


>and a bunch of Russian porkies got squeezed out in the process.

>I know that it was only done for the sake of an efficient war-economy, but compare that with the ideological rigidity of many Neo-lib-governments that would rather suffer defeats.

listen here you nazoid bitch

I don't care about """neo-libs""", just as I don't care about """jews""", """judeo-bolsheviks""", """anglo-saxons""" and other groups of people that nazoids tend to blame for the defects of capitalism

"""neo-libs""" can fucking assrape your proper """progressive""" capitalists that you invented in your retarded nazoid mind - I COULDN'T GIVE A SHIT!



File: 1689595222259.jpg ( 7.69 KB , 250x250 , hmm.jpg )

seriously, you just CANNOT not a be a paid russkie shill

ты ведь сука русская, не так ли? Я точно помню русскую националистическую сучару которая так-же спамила ленина

Чего шифруемся, чморина? Три дня и будем праздновать на майдане? А?
Пошел в траншеи хуи сосать, БЫСТРО!


File: 1689596913462.png ( 42.11 KB , 660x509 , neo-McCarthyism-is-glow.png )

the nafo glowy is trying to use McCarthyist tactics to slander the anti-imperialist left and the anti-war left.

the neocons can't argue for shit and that's why they try to use personal-attacks to paint their critics as enemy spies.


It's hard to find much info on this, because search results have gone to shit, but it does seem like Russia did bring back the State Planning Committee. Tho in a limited capacity for the defense sector.

<The Russian economy could be bolstered by bringing back the so-called State Planning Committee – a Soviet-era body that formed mandatory programs for the development of the country’s economy, Senator Andrey Kutepov has suggested. The Trade Ministry didn’t rule out the idea, but said it could be limited to the state security and defense sector.

<As reported by Vedomosti on Tuesday, the official – who chairs the Federation Council committee on Economic Policies – voiced the idea in a proposal to First Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Vasily Osmakov. That followed Monday’s roundtable discussion of the “GosPlan 2.0” (Government Plan 2.0) which is intended to be a mechanism for boosting Russia’s economic development.

<Osmakov rejected the idea of implementing this measure in its full capacity, citing the Russian constitution, under which the country’s economy must adhere to market principles. The deputy minister, however, stated it could be possible to limit this Gosplan 2.0 to only apply to the defense sector in order to help meet long-term state security needs as well as assist in the ongoing military conflict



>could be
yeah, blah-blah

how are you gonna implement soviet gosplan in defense industry when the defense contractors are all private entities producing for profit, nazoid?

and you didn't answer my question, russkie
why haven't you given some credit to Hitler yet? He even eliminated unemployment in the mids of the Great Depression with his rearmament program

what a shining example of multipolarist gommunism kek


File: 1689602870449.jpg ( Spoiler Image, 88.88 KB , 604x444 , 247777_original.jpg )

Жопу уже приготовил к повестке? Разработал очко? Будешь работать у нас ротной сосалкой - пацаны все стрессованные, понимаешь ли. Особенно когда они прямо с зоны на передок попали лол.


File: 1689604434255.jpg ( 168.92 KB , 2490x1000 , triglow.jpg )

<when the buttmad nafo glowy starts posting in funny letters and forgets to spoiler his nsfw picture collection.


So we have a russkie shill on a mod team. It keeps happening lol. Funny how that works..


>spoilering gay porn means the mods are anti-nafo
what did he mean by this?


File: 1689605744826.jpeg ( 14.41 KB , 474x266 , please explain.jpeg )

I'm preeeeetty sure that russkie jannie is the same jannie from org - posts the same soyjacks and lenin, gets butthurt at transhumanists, gays, and the "degenerate" west in general, "the victory is just around the corner", etc-etc

typical russian nationalist, change only "anglo-saxons and jews" for "neo-cons"

this, or they make them in a lab or something..

Comatoast, you have some explanations to do…


what's wrong with gay porn russkie?


>how are you gonna implement soviet gosplan in defense industry when the defense contractors are all private entities producing for profit,
Not sure, the Porkies take the L, i guess.


projection, after all the neocons tried to rehabilitated Azov nazis as "democracy fighters" to manufacture consent for their nazi-collaborationism.


othering your critic's as the "enemy" = not having an argument, and raises suspicions that you might be a glow-poster.
If you attack the anti war left and anti imperialist left in that way, you are kind off discredited by default.

Given the sheer volume of anti-democratic praxis by neocons of slandering smearing and sometime even persecuting the anti-war and the anti-imperialist left, it now has to be considered above suspicion. There are only so many false accusations you can make until your accusations are void. There is a certain similarity between the early vilification phase of Jews by the early Nazi-regime before WW2 with the ideological extremism that the neocons regime is currently putting on display. You probably should avoid participating, while the neocons might be slippery bastards that are skilled at avoiding the blame for their crimes, their crusade is failing hard and the rulers don't like to loose and that will catch up with them. They will fall from grace and it would behoove you to keep a wide birth of ideological distance from them lest you wish to get dragged down with them.

>why haven't you given some credit to Hitler yet?

Hitler's economic policy was to privatize almost the entire economy, the German fascists even invented the word privatization, which is the opposite of soviet planning. The economic ideology of fascism is economically closer to neo-liberalism, after-all both fascism and neoliberalism, privatized a lot and now even share to a limited extend a correlation between excessive military spending and inflation

>He even eliminated unemployment in the mids of the Great Depression with his rearmament program

Technically all the jews, gibsies, … , and communists that were deported into labor camps were doing slave labor, which is not the same as employment, you know since those were not payed a wage, and technically still count as unemployed because of that. So the Nazis did not have full employment.

>what a shining example of multipolarist gommunism kek

At present Russia is state capitalist, which is progressive compared to 1990s neo-liberal shock-doctrine capitalism.
Multipolarity is the result of the US and EU de-industrializing from 1970s onwards, and has very little to do with Russia.


Leftypol is an SFW board tho.


File: 1689608556523.png ( 36.42 KB , 682x530 , maximumkek.png )

>So we have a russkie shill on a mod team.
>I'm preeeeetty sure that russkie jannie
retarded paranoid fucks, I'm neither

is le russkie in the your room right now ?


What happened to the anti war left?

Here is an interesting article about that.

<This was a new and progressive face for Nato, the same one it has since used to seduce much of the European Left. Previously, in the Nordic countries, Atlanticists have had to sell war and militarism to largely pacifist publics. This was achieved in part by presenting Nato not as a rapacious, pro-war military alliance, but as an enlightened, “progressive” peace alliance. As Timothy Garton Ash effused in the Guardian in 2002, “NATO has become a European peace movement” where one could watch “John Lennon meet George Bush”.

<No political party in Europe better exemplifies the shift from militant pacifism to ardent pro-war Atlanticism than the German Greens. Most of the original Greens had been radicals during the student protests of 1968; many had demonstrated against American wars. The early Greens advocated for West Germany’s withdrawal from Nato.



>What happened to the anti war movent?
The anti war movent was extremely vocal in 2001 - 2010 it seems.
They achieved their goals and got Obama elected in 2008. The whole anti-war movement was a psyop to get rid of Bush and make Obama president. Nobody seemed to care Obama was tomahawking children.


A bit disingenuous to assert that getting Obama elected was the goal of the anti-war movement.


File: 1691513731240.png ( 377.99 KB , 640x640 , ClipboardImage.png )

The Personal and Political Agendas of Tokyo Rose and Other World War III Alarmists


File: 1691524520239.png ( 74.02 KB , 600x600 , pseud.png )

Attacking anti war activists is a low blow even for that pseud.


File: 1691543595026.jpeg ( 53.56 KB , 631x900 , pendulum.jpeg )

>Overtly on the side of Ukraine and NATO but the "antithesis" to this on the left is to turn to supporting Russia. What happened?
The Pendulum of History happened, idiot.
Look at the state of the left in the decades directly preceding ww1. The same shit.

You better buckle up, because we're heading for a ww3 between USA and China with their aligned bitch-states. Third time is a charm. But billions will die.


>You better buckle up, because we're heading for a ww3 between USA and China with their aligned bitch-states. Third time is a charm. But billions will die.


believe what you want to believe nazoid

there is a 99% chance you will die in the next 10 years anyway


>You better buckle up, because we're heading for a ww3 between USA and China with their aligned bitch-states. Third time is a charm. But billions will die.
Yeah the risks of WW3 is increasing somewhat. The China-Taiwan-USA Triangle could spark major shit. But that's not the only thing. The Niger thing looks dangerous as well, it will draw in lots of the neighboring countries, who are all-ready mobilizing their military forces, and lets not forget that the US has a giant military base in Niger. I can't imagine that the US wouldn't get militarily involved. There are lots of resources in that African region that may be about to turn into a war-zone, which might draw opportunistic "contributions" from other vectors as well. Lets not forget that the Ukraine-war is at the strategical level, a conflict between the US and Russia, and when super-powers are involved the escalation potential always includes global-war.

The good news are that India-Pakistan tensions seem to have eased off a little, and the middle east seemes to have cooled as well. But those trends not withstanding, the conflict-potential in the world has overall increased. We are definitely heading down a path where a third world war is somewhat likely. There still are a few exit ramps along the way, but probably not very many, and we ought to take the next one that presents it self.


Your pizza bites are ready, Brian


File: 1692200415484-0.png ( 1.03 MB , 625x800 , ClipboardImage.png )

File: 1692200415484-1.png ( 1.04 MB , 800x628 , ClipboardImage.png )

File: 1692200415484-2.png ( 661.95 KB , 600x382 , ClipboardImage.png )

From Lenin to Bourgeois Pacifism
>The party, which has moved on from Lenin, basks these days in the warm embrace of bourgeois pacifism and proposals whose effect in saving the world from another global conflagration would be largely meaningless.


>Eliminating atomic bombs alone won’t eliminate the massive destructive power of conventional warfare.
>It is not nuclear weapons that need to be eliminated, but war fought on an industrial scale.
So Gowans turned into a low key shill for nuclear arms porkies. I wonder if that had something to do with Nato getting pwned in an industrial artillery war.

>It campaigns against NATO alone, insisting that as a Canadian party it must deal only with Canada’s capitalist class.

They are correct, complaining about Russia is at best yelling into the void, because the Russian government gives zero fucks what people living in the west think, and at worst the muh-both-siders get counted as partial support for the neocon agenda.

Why do you keep posting this ?


File: 1692577249566.png ( 1.95 MB , 1038x1270 , ClipboardImage.png )



The “anti-war left” got co-opted during the Jane Fonda hippy era days and things like Operation Midnight Climax were used to seduce the population and placate them, to the point where they couldn’t genuinely resist to the Vietnam war and furthermore form real Marxist movements that weren’t voyeuristic criminals. It’s actually more accurate to say there was no anti-war left because of how thoroughly infiltrated it became. Even anything moderately left of demsoc in America is full of rightoid opportunists and Larouchites. There’s just no serious ‘resistance’ in the U.S. and never will be. Any group that wants Marxism in America and is even noticed by glowies will be shut down or infiltrated and people will be arrested. This also happens on the right, with a ton of cartoonishly racist white nationalists and Nazis being either federal informants or outright working for the agency.

Left/right ‘dissident’ groups in the U.S. are about 70% normal people, 15% grifters with podcasts, 5% legitimately psychotic criminals who for some reason are always pedophiles on hard drugs, and the rest is FBI agents.


Maybe it's an information problem.

If the anti-war left got infiltrated by the fbi, does that mean that the way for effective anti-war organization would be to operate from inside the FBI. Because that's were all the information about the agents are that undermine anti-war organizing efforts.


>It's standard socialist policy to lend critical support to a weaker national bourgeoisie against a stronger imperialist bourgeoisie.
Lmao that shit couldn't be further from the truth
"Lesser evilism" isn't a leftist position, it's a position of radical liberals and retarded tankies (who are really just very edgy radlibs)

"Support le lesser capitalist!" isn't the leftist position, it's just what tanks convinced themselves of to add a dull red gloss to their usual reactionary opportunist dogshit


>If you don't support the Russian narrative you're a glowie
Literally you, glowing Russian zigger


>Retarded paranoid fucks
t. Mentally ill .ogre zigger who regularly rants about "CIA and NATO glowing shills!" on his dogshit fringe imageboard of less than 1,000 users


File: 1692652620658.png ( 42.32 KB , 391x416 , powerlenin.png )

You're not very clever, ML doctrine is about recursively supporting the weaker evil until it becomes impotent evil.

The neo-lib doctrine of lesser evilism is doing the exact opposite, after every iteration of "lesser evil", the options get worse and the "evil" gets stronger.


File: 1692653991866.jpeg ( 17.02 KB , 800x459 , glow.jpeg )

McCarthite neocons falsely accuse everybody, who disagrees with their political line, of being a Russian spy.
Obviously that invalidates what the neocons say, because it's either unhinged paranoia or a bad faith position.

The question: why are you pushing the neocon line ?

"glowie" just means somebody who propagates the official narrative, you don't have to be literally employed by a 3 letter agency or propaganda click-farm. In simpler terms, look at who the mainstream media presents as the boogie-man, everybody chasing the same boogie-man is glow.


File: 1692807377093.png ( 219.3 KB , 567x295 , ClipboardImage.png )

Many do not have an answer as to why Putin has taken upon himself to start this war in Ukraine .Observers say that Putin did not have to venture and carry on this vicious endeavor . An endeavor that is not successful and dragging endlessly according to them even though many expected Kyiv to be taken in 2 days . So why did he do it ? The answer given is that Putin wanted to create a pole to the world order and that is the motive behind the invasion of Ukraine . As to why Putin wants to create a pole to the world order they say that he wants to empower himself by having China and Iran and other countries align on his side. Although this is not happening the way it should .These observers wonder also why and how Russia is still able to make it economically despite the sanctions and the cost of the war, and they reached the conclusion that the sanctions on Russia are neither heavy nor drastic, and the cost of the war is only 3% of the national income which is not much even though Russia is trying to keep up with the expenses, and is suffering some shortage in weapons which is being compensated by putting in use weapons that were originally ordered to be delivered to this or that country as part of a contract deal, and that Russia is using now in the battlefield along with the Iranian drones that it got through a barter deal with the Iranians who got some Russian airplanes in return . All in all, everything looks as if Russia is surviving this war in a way that allows this war to last as long as desired, until the conflict is resolved by a settlement of some sort after the battlefield fails in showing a winner . No one knows when this will occur, but certainly it will not occur right away . So there is plenty of time to cause as much displacement and destruction as wished by the world powers . Certainly, this war is expected to draw a new map of the world. What the observers do not seem to know is that the US and Russia are together in this endeavor, and that Russia got engaged in this war despite its reluctance. This war was forced on Russia; not because it was unavoidable but because Putin yielded to the US request of entering the war . Adequate circumstances were provided that will allow this war to last; and this explains why Russia was allowed to manage economically , and has multiplied its oil exports whether to China or India which helped it maintain its economic status until it is called to the negotiations table where it will be given its due share from the war of partition on condition that Ukraine will no more be its backyard .This is the world powers wish and the NATO wish that Putin is willing to execute . At the same time , the pole called Russia , even though deficient and far from the expectations of the masses that used to delight in the Russian bear strength , will be part of a large front that include not only China but also Iran and Syria and other countries like the BRICS countries, and no doubt that the US will be pleased to see a strong ally of israel align with countries that belong to the Axis of the Resistance like Iran and Syria .The impact on Syria is already visible and further destabilization is being witnessed, together with the reactivation of ISIS , and the empowering of NATO Turkey at the expense of the Kurds and the SDF, and the escalation in the north east after Syria has placed itself on the Russian side, and transferred to Syria the conflict over Ukraine. On top of all this, come the Russian coordinated israeli attacks on Syria that have become a sort of a routine and a right that israel claims over Syria . This is not all because Russia is being given access to Africa as well, and after Libya and Sudan , the Russian flag is fluttering in Niger together with the national flag where the Africans are rebelling against the French colonialist and finding solace in Russia that might become partner in the war against the colonialist. This will compensate for the loss of Ukraine, and will serve the interests of the world powers to have Putin maneuver in Africa like he maneuvered in Syria making sure that US and NATO are not defeated nor their tool -ISIS -or terror – annihilated


File: 1692807759947.png ( 403 KB , 946x535 , ClipboardImage.png )

When the USSR was a pole to the USA the polarity was founded on something real , on the difference between capitalism and communism . After the USSR collapsed, the polarity became with Iran . It was Iran that stood in the face of the US and the world powers . The Islamic Revolution carried the principles of justice and steadfastness in defense of peoples’ rights, and was a real challenge to the world powers and the USA . It was also a successful endeavor that toppled the shah and promoted the Palestinian cause at the expense of israel and reorganized the whole society and institutions around the principles of the Revolution . This was a real challenge to the world powers much more so than the USSR or China .The world powers were not comfortable with this new enemy that threatened to awaken the people to their causes and come out winners . The World Powers thought to create another pole with which they can deal . They resuscitated the USSR in the form of Russia to create a polarity that they can master and control to replace the real polarity with Iran and the Axis of the Resistance to which they are not up to . Thus, they hope they can infiltrate the peoples’ causes everywhere by creating an irrelevant, artificial polarity where peoples’ causes will be lost and wasted, and creating wars and conflicts that are destructive and draining like the war in Ukraine and now in Sudan and soon in Niger . Wars that do no lead anywhere and last forever and drain the countries resources as is happening in Syria. This is on the way of becoming generalized unfortunately to curb the peoples longing for autonomy and independence . And Putin is the ideal tool to carry on this scheme .


File: 1692807849526.png ( 878.4 KB , 961x694 , ClipboardImage.png )

Russia is not Russia , or is no more Russia so to speak. It has become something else, and looks more like a cheap version of some unknown country ; and instead of Dostoyevsky and Tolstoi we have Putin and Prigozhin , and instead of the letters and music and art we have the Wagner Group. And as much as people in general hate security companies and loath them even, and are ready to write pages about their crimes and transgressions, we see them much more tolerant when it comes to the Wagner Group . They hate Black Water but not the Wagner Group headed by an ex convict who is Putin’s caterer also which means that he joins catering to killing in a very odd mix . Prigozhin himself says that the Wagner Group is working wonders in Africa, and that these wonders bear the Russian marks , and they consist -in truth- in warfare and smuggling gold and minerals, and creating conflicts as in Sudan right now in the destructive war happening between the Army and the Forces of Rapid Support, and soon Niger is to face the same lot.
The world powers seem to have prepared the ground in Niger for the Russian intervention, and some say that the coup that deposed the elected president Mohamed Bazoum was US operated , and the goal is to have Russia on the ground- in Niger – to replace the old colonialist and be on the side of the people so to speak . Even if the coup was not US operated, the Russian presence in Niger or anywhere else will call for the US intervention in these countries in order to create the desired balance between the 2 “poles” and will work as an invitation .
In Syria, the US troops who once expressed their desire to leave Syria -especially under Trump’s rule- are now strengthening their presence and bringing more soldiers and equipment to the north and north east of the country to counter balance the Russian presence . They have reactivated ISIS, and are recruiting among Arab Tribes a new faction that will confront the Popular Resistance created by the Syrian rule whose purpose -so far- seems to drag Syria into the conflict over Ukraine, and this by targeting the US military bases of al Tanf and others .
After Syria, Ukraine, and next Africa , and Russia itself will not be spared for long . This is Putin’s Russia, and it is a new Russia that does not look like the old one for Russia is no more a communist country or a country distinguished by its Revolution or its culture , it has become like Putin wanted it : a Kleptocracy. As if this term was especially designed for Russia . The reason is that what Putin is after is amassing wealth, and this is how he started his career by stealing the money destined to the exchange program of foods against minerals . He made millions from this deal , and he never stopped stealing after this . And he has a whole team whose purpose -like his- is to steal, and this is what infuriated Prigozhin who maybe was not receiving his share from the dough which made him threaten to take revenge on Putin . The popularity that some assume Putin has among his people is simply an aberrance. And when Prigozhin of the Wagner Group was heading to Moscow with his forces to depose Putin people started throwing flowers at him, and he is a certified criminal like Putin and no better, but they saw in him the possibility of getting rid of Putin who has been usurping power in his country for the last 20 years. The killings , the repression, the silencing by various means of all of those who oppose Putin do not leave any room for showing support to the ruling kleptocrat who is also a certified criminal allowed by the world powers to eliminate his enemies one by one using ugly means .
This is the Russia that the world powers want, and you have only to watch the Russian movies to know the degeneration that the country is going through . The general movie topic is how for a woman to get a rich husband, as if this was all what life is about ; and as if the various misfortunes and hardships Russia went through could be solved by getting the rich husband . But this is what Putin inspires, and the country that produced the master piece called” the Battleship Potemkin” when other countries had hardly any movie production, is know focusing on the rich husband in movies where mediocrity pervades- whether in the performance or direction – and where Russian women are visibly degraded .
,What we are witnessing is a real destruction of a country and a culture, and Russia is in a state that makes it very difficult for it to rise from this quagmire where the world powers want it to remain with Putin in charge of keeping it in this deplorable state.


File: 1692811509904.jpg ( 30.8 KB , 800x533 , mudman.jpg )

>Russia and the USA are in cahoots
Quality schizo-posting


File: 1692912215001.png ( 883.31 KB , 1182x664 , ClipboardImage.png )

“He could see a child being tortured without being moved .” This is how an acquaintance of Putin described him . And now, Putin is presenting his condolences to Prigozhin’s family as if he is beyond accusation, and praising the victim completely unmoved .He made sure to meet the victim before the accident to deny any future accusation. While the leftist progressive journalists attributed the crime to Putin and justified this crime by saying that Putin is facing US and the world powers, and cannot afford to be challenged this way by Prigozhin, and that Prigozhin got what he deserved for causing trouble to Putin who is busy facing US, and should not be disturbed. So we notice a double standard story : one for the law that absolves Putin and the other for the supporters who attribute the accident to him . Such unbelievable statements coming from leftists who forget that in case Prighozhin had committed an infraction or is guilty of betrayal, he could have been arrested and tried and sentenced. There is something called law and justice that these people who belong to the elite, and they are academicians and writers, ignore, justifying killing people that are traitors so to speak without trial, and executing them the way they say Prigozhin was executed, and licensing this kind of killing under the pretext that the killer is fighting USA . This is extremely dangerous and is a covering for breaking the law, and will give license for the people to kill under the pretext that they are facing challenges that have priorities.
Certainly, Putin is master in exploiting the anti US feelings, and using these feelings to justify the crimes and violations he is known for committing to the point that people are even ready to forget and forgive Putin’s coordination with the israelis in Syria who are bombing Syria continuously and causing destruction and victims . Previously, Putin had exploited the negative feelings that many Russians had against Muslims, and had invested in these negative feelings the same way he is investing now in the anti US feelings . He had accused the Muslim Chechens of the Apartments Bombings of Moscow that happened in 1999, and caused victims by hundreds. Bombings that were probably the work of the Russian FSB that Putin himself presided before becoming Prime minister .
Putin is master in these games and can get away with anything he does, and after he had mobilized and rallied against Muslims, his popularity increased, and he allowed himself to crush Chechnya and the Chechens crowning himself as a hero on the remains of his own people .
Siding with Putin is siding with crime and impunity, and is not very different from siding with USA : both extremes are faulty and do not lead to the truth . The rule that no one should forget is the Golden Mean , neither western nor eastern . Imam Khomeini had warned against this tendency and proved a real clairvoyance when he said that people should side with neither this nor that but with the truth itself, otherwise we are liable to support criminals like Putin thinking that we are siding against injustice and unrighteousness.


File: 1692912276065.png ( 471.42 KB , 906x682 , ClipboardImage.png )

What we learned from this mess is that Wagner is everywhere together with the imperialists and colonialists and terrorists .It is in Syria , In Sudan and Libya, in Niger and in many other places . Like abu bakr al Baghdadi the head of ISIS, Prigozhin- the head of the Wagner Group is an ex convict that was released from prison . And like ISIS are detainees that were recruited mainly in Saudi and Iraqi prisons and set free on condition they fight along ISIS, so are the mercenaries of the Wagner Group , prisoners that were released on condition they join the Wagner group . And like terror is everywhere so is Wagner everywhere. It is the Russian ISIS .


File: 1693157975917.png ( 72.98 KB , 275x183 , ClipboardImage.png )

More about the Wagner Group : It is the terrorist extension of the Russian regime . There is no need to dwell extensively on the Wagner Group practices wherever they are happening . It is mainly theft that the security company is practicing in these various places, in Central Africa, in Mali and Niger, and in Libya and Sudan and you name it . It is involved in acts of smuggling and stealing and money laundering and in various other crimes, and they cooperate with governments and states and local mafias . Certainly this money that is being collected from these illicit activities has a destination, and this destination is well known and it is to increase Putin’s wealth .The Wagner group operates like a real mafia . And the question is : If the US in Syria is accused of stealing oil and if the Wagner Group is operating in Syria and is in charge of guarding the oil fields and of other things as well , this means that the US is not the only party committing theft but surely the Wagner Group must have in Syria the same evil practices; but no one speaks about those . There is a total Black Out on what the Wagner Group is doing in Syria, but the assumption is that it is doing the same thing that it does everywhere. But it is getting away with it like it is everywhere else . This license given to Putin, and this support by the general leftist progressive audience to commit various crimes and usurp power in his own country and violate the laws of the constitution is due to the fact that this audience considers rogue Putin and the rogue Russian regime as a continuation of what was before known as the USSR . The reason they do this even though the USSR has collapsed in the early nineties, and was dismantled, is besides shortsightedness and defeat their rejection of Iran as a pole to the world powers because of various reasons. Not to forget that -Putin- the ex KGB thug who used to deliver his defecting classmates to his KGB seniors- has claimed to represent the USSR legacy and started working along this line assuming the role of a legal heir to the Soviets . Like the USSR had a presence in Africa , so Putin sent the Wagner Group thugs to the Black Continent, not in order to help and gain ground before the the US and its NATO colonialist allies like the USSR used to do in various African countries, but in order to steal and smuggle and wash money and secure Putin’s share in all this illicit activity . So Putin is in no way a political competitor to the US or to imperialism , he has no political project of his own, and his aim is just to steel and secure his share of the loot . This secret claiming of the Soviet identity that might have been inspired by the western powers, accommodated quite well the US, and the NATO allies who could continue to deal with Russia as a pole to the World Order , a pole unlike the USSR that they can control and manipulate at leisure, and send in various places to interfere and infiltrate as in Syria, or force to engage in destructive genocidal wars as in Ukraine. This is how the leftist progressives of the world have invested in what they believe to be the natural inheritor of the Soviets and who is non other than a kleptocrat manipulated by the world powers .


File: 1694670761133.png ( 1.02 MB , 768x1024 , ClipboardImage.png )

Colonizing Others to Pre-Empt Your Own Colonization
On the difference between Hitlerite and Marxist perspectives on war and the relevance for the current conflict in Ukraine.


File: 1694670917001-0.png ( 270.78 KB , 520x390 , ClipboardImage.png )

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The War in Ukraine Didn’t Split the Left—It Exposed Pre-Existing Divisions
There is no coherent international communist movement, except the one that comprises parties that have kept faith with Lenin. As to the others, they have willingly become (to borrow Lenin's phrase) playthings in the hands of belligerent powers.


gowans is the pro-imperialist pseudo-left, attacking the Marxist anti-imperialists left.


Russia is imperialist with fascist tendencies tho.

I'm glad about the split - multipolaroid nazoids should just fuck off and form their own movement. Fucking leeches.


>except the one that comprises parties that have kept faith with Lenin.
>LARPing in the accoutrements of along dead state is keeping the faith.
Tankies are more cringe than people that cosplay as gundam pilots.


>Russia is imperialist
Russia is not in the imperialist stage of capitalism
The pseudo-left can't read theory
is the word liberals say to socialists, Marxists, anti-imperialists and sometimes people opposed to war in general.


>Russia is not in the imperialist stage of capitalism
It is.
The nazoid pseudo-left can't read theory.


is the word used by leftists to describe left-rightoids


Shills working overtime


record being stuck


>Omg you don't want America to send Ukraine billions of dollar which then gets recycled into Raytheon. You aren't are real leftist (tm)
Get fucked


>"Nooo, stop giving aid to that homeless group. Can't you see Nestle is making a profit?"
Kill yourself.




>I can't read theory.
Well Duh.
Russia is not in the imperialist stage of capitalism. It's not an imperialist country by Marxist standards

>Tankies is the word

the pseudo-left uses to attack anti-imperialists.


i think the ruling ideology tendency to conflate socialists with the bourgeois-right has to be seen as the same type of democracy-hostile proto-fascistic political extremism as antisemitism.

>used by leftists

You're not on the left if you shill for imperialism, like sending weapons to fascist collaborator regimes like the one in Ukraine that bans political parties and attacks critical media that dissents against the mainstream narrative. The left position is returning to detente politics about prioritizing the use of diplomacy over firepower.


The war is now against Putler or the nazis of Ukraine or the colonial state of Israel or the evil Hamas. Choose whichever you like and mock the others.

As a consequence, everyone have a smug sense of moral superiority and war is now moral. Which make being against war being immoral.

Propaganda work.


>a country that imprisons and kills political dissonants (some of which are communists) and homosexuals.
Good, they should kill more. Kill their families. Go abroad and kill even more with as much polonium as they can. Kill their extended family and friends, and friends' families. And there has not been a single communist worth shit that was killed by the RF. All of the based ones are tied to the KPRF in some way, I don't care if glowfeds, westernized transhumanists and traitors to their nation like Navalny would call themselves "communist".
You are lower than the scum on my shoe. If dissidents were the bottom of the barrel of society, then you would belong in a secret compartment underneath that, swimming in shit and garbage


Nations are concrete and objective. Read marx. Read stalin. And kill yourself westoid. You can easily spot who's a closet anarchist or if someone used to be an anarchist in the past based on their aversion to nationalism - something on an equal level of importance as class.


If that were true we wouldn't be having this conversation right now retard, lmao. Just because nations developed along historical and material influence doesn't make them anymore "objective" than money or your collection of lolicon. This is delusional cope from desperate faggots.


If nations weren't important, no one would care about Ukraine being annexed.

Russia haven't changed much since the Tsarists area. Aristocrats, communists and now autocrats keep driving the same train on the same roads.
I don't see you condemning the murder of political opponents and the decriminalization of homosexuals in the USSR, tankie.


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>If nations weren't important, no one would care about Ukraine being annexed.

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