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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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Isn't it funny that Cornel West runs third party but the best the mainstream parties can do is 2 rapists, a Guantanamo Bay torturer (so probably also a rapist), and a recovering dope fiend?


File: 1689404477380.jpeg ( 18.45 KB , 482x373 , adolph-reed-gettin-real-s….jpeg )

I've never been terribly impressed by Cornel West in all honesty. He's basically a court jester: he communicates and composes himself like an anachronistic clown from the abolition era. Affluent elites call upon his spectacle when they want to prop themselves up as virtuous by association, but they have no interest in pursuing the working class agenda that West might want. I say "might" because most often the words that come out of West's mouth are vague platitudes and emotional appeals. Adolph Reed nailed it decades ago in his essay "“What Are the Drums Saying, Booker?” Elites come to West and his ilk when they need the mysterious language of a demographic they don't understand translated for them, but West himself is utterly ineffective at actually mobilizing working-class movements. It's very telling that the only demographic he has meaningful popularity among is white middle class liberals.




He is like 70, though. I mean, I don't know, maybe this stuff Adolph's talking about was more apparent in 1995, but you put Cornel West next to a Trump or a Biden now, and the guy really doesn't look that old or garish by comparison. I think that's at least funny.

Lol'd at this line about Gates tho:
He has since secured his public intellectuality in a series of essays in the New Republic and elsewhere whose main point is to endorse the “vital center,” and he extols the lost Jim Crow world in Colored People, a memoir that could have been titled Up from Slavery on Lake Wobegon.


Which one of these is Robert Kennedy Jr? Recovering dope fiend?


>Cornel "The Blacks must get Vaxed" West
yikes and cringe




>Guarantee quality education, housing, a living wage, and paid leave to all. Curb inflation, support unions, and expand Social Security. Fix our infrastructure and forgive all student debt.
>Guarantee health care to all like every other major country on Earth.
>Bring our troops home and invest those trillions of war dollars into American communities. Support veterans, stop all foreign military aid, close the bases, disband NATO, and ban nuclear weapons globally.
>Guarantee equal rights to all Americans. Restore free speech, press freedoms, and net neutrality. End surveillance, the drug war, and mass incarceration. Protect choice, stop CBDCs, regulate AI, and break up Big Tech.
>Get money out of politics and ban corporate lobbying.

Oh no, but he said he likes vaccines. Doesn't he know they cause autism?


And Oprah's therapist = Guantanamo torturer?


>He still believes in the spectacle


He's a Tom who went out in public and said that his own people should be injected with deadly poison. There's no way he can recover from that.


no that's Rontanamo Bay Desantis


File: 1696740816899.gif ( 196.18 KB , 200x200 , popcorn.gif )

>hire notorious DNC operative responsible for smearing the left in previous elections as campaign manager
>leave Green primary to run as independent with a fraction of the ballot access… after joining the Green primary for their ballot access in the first place
This is one entertaining court jester. Nothing gives me more pleasure than watching people's misplaced respect in PMC "intellectuals" evaporate.

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