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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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File: 1691208222378.jpg ( 2.75 MB , 1494x8488 , memeticconspiracy2.jpg )


There is a global fascist conspiracy involving Russia, the U.S. Republican party, and many other players, such as Musk that is engaging in a "memetic engineering" project in an attempt to take over the world by monopolizing the most stupid, hateful minds on the internet, uniting all the most gullible dumbfucks under a single fascist flag.

This image provides key evidence and only the evidence.


File: 1691208415367.jpg ( 390.93 KB , 644x1535 , muskxplan.jpg )

Here is Musk's connection.
He's trying to recreate 4chan and /pol/ on a massive scale.
That was his entire purpose in buying twitter.
He's so arrogant that he described his plan like a dumb movie villain.


File: 1691208481576.jpg ( 268.71 KB , 1017x523 , memeticpandemic.jpg )



File: 1691208716811.png ( 974.28 KB , 1511x2226 , autonym3.png )


Virus 23 and Autonym are models that represent two fundamental strategies of informational reproduction: parasitism or mutualism.

Memetic parasites are symbiotic with social parasites, a.k.a. the rich and their conservative enforcer class.

Class struggle goes down to the informational and metaphysical levels.


File: 1691208783289.jpg ( 2.99 MB , 4362x3004 , OldWorldOrderPyramidScheme….jpg )



OP I think you're partially right but Musk is not some puppet master, he is a puppet, and his conspiracy is one big marionette show nested inside the larger marionette show of the british empire. Itself nested in the larger marionette show of the succession of civilizations that have sustained themselves and expanded themselves by forming a theory of mind that allowed them to govern large masses of people like they were livestock through combinations of rewards and punishments, bribes and threats, assurance and intimidation, declarations of sanity and insanity ("the woke mind virus" What a flagrantly meaningless diagnosis! Not even trying.).

Human livestock who resist them intelligently and who they cannot contain or exploit forever, who resist and hate their captors, and who form complex and insightful theories of mind of their own, in attempts to govern themselves democratically.



As a further more technical than a general ideological critique.
The "autonym" part of the first image is cut off and you can't read the rightmost parts of it. I guess it's in the pastebin you post in >>471656 though.
It's basically impossible to parse what you're trying to say beyond the OP, and the image is just confusing and the materials you provide are overly long without saying much of anything. The OP image also seems to me to uncritically recapitulates the "russian hacker" narrative which is clearly a limited hangout.

You should say something yourself and make it succinct and coherent or else only the very patient and intellectually generous will assign any meaning to the points you're trying to make. You can refer to the materials you've provided as you do this but they, on their own, are not evidence until you use them as evidence in a dialogue with another person, until then they are just random images.


File: 1691255272209.jpg ( 3.45 MB , 1494x9736 , ConspiracyofMemes.jpg )

Here is an updated image with cut-off text problem fixed and the information from the other pictures integrated into it.

My goal is quality and depth of information for people who care about quality and depth. I have no interesting in convincing the intellectually lazy to buhleeve.


Russia engaged in a massive online propaganda campaign using troll farms to influence the 2016 election. This is a fact, I'm sorry for you if your memes and ideology disagrees. All of the media discourse is about Russia influencing normie social media. I show beyond any reasonable doubt how they were extremely active on 4chan and extremely effective in assisting /pol/ meme culture in such a way that it would eventually completely infect "mainstream" conservative culture.

>There are paragraphs on how Russia might insert “media viruses” into American public life, which could become self-sustaining and self-replicating. These would alter mass consciousness, especially in certain groups, it says.

>While too conceptual to be of any transformative value to the public at large, this idea goes to the heart of today’s viral efforts, and is certainly understood by those who consider themselves soldiers in the meme wars. Biological viruses are only successful when they are able to turn their host cells into manufacturing plants for more viruses. The virus interpolates its genetic material into the DNA code of the cell, so that the cell will begin reproducing the virus. Eventually the cell divides or explodes, releasing many copies of the infected code. This is how a whole organism can become infected with a single virus; the code has iterated millions of times. The strategy of these Internet viral manifestos is to use the iterative potential of the computer nets to spread memes about viruses housed within units that are themselves viruses. The virus 23 strain even makes reference to chaos math and the predictions of some fractal influenced observers that the world itself will reach a critical mathematical moment of “singularity” near the turn of the millennium. The virus writer exploits a chaotic device—the computer-generated media virus—to spread the conceptual and spiritual implications of chaos mathematics.

I lived this connection, as shown in this 2014 post on 4chan: https://archive.4plebs.org/x/thread/13969858/#13971350

I am Aminom, on June 2, 2015 I published a video titled "Special Blend 4: Meme Wars I: Memetic Entities"

This was before Trump, meme magic, and Kek. Trump announced his presidential bid 14 days after I made this video.


File: 1691257613236.jpg ( 65.01 KB , 800x533 , a jar of glow.jpg )

>Russia engaged in a massive online propaganda campaign using troll farms to influence the 2016 election.
The Russia-gate conspiracy theory was debunked conclusively, stop glow posting. Even the mainstream media has admitted this.

The 2016 US elections ought to be remembered for the Democratic party killing off the economic-left soc-dem reformers around Bernie Sanders.

Bourgeois politics in the US are extremely reactionary and completely subsumed by the spectacle and authentic democratic political discussion about policy has been all but neutralized.

If you want to count your self on the right side of history focus on:
organizing labor
organizing the parts of civil society that seeks to uphold civil liberties and social security nets
organizing a cross-political-spectrum anti-war movement that opposes the warmongering in both mainstream parties.

If you want to meaningfully oppose corporate social media giants you're much better off advocating for host it your-self federated alternative social media.


Fuck off moron, can't believe you think you can get away with this horseshit here of all places.




You didn't even read the OP.
I know you are referencing The Society of The Spectacle by Guy Debord.


Your statement that Russia didn't try to influence the 2016 U.S. election and have a huge propaganda campaign to push disinformation on social media is a lie.
Whether or not you are aware that it is a lie is inconsequential.


File: 1691275854727.jpg ( 257.57 KB , 1826x1021 , guy debord btfos disinform….jpg )

Russia-gate was a crazy conspiracy theory that has been refuted a million times, you're outing yourself as a colossal moron for falling for that nonsense. You're a crazy conspiracy theorist for spreading this BS.

The completely debunked Russia-gate narrative was also used for criminal slander against leftist anti-war groups that refused to participate in totalitarian neocon warmongering. That means you are also spreading politically repressive narratives.

>the 2016 U.S. election

That was the election where the Democratic party sabotaged the presidential bid of Bernie Sanders and as a result caused Donald Trumps election.


Buy the way here is what Guy Debord said about """disinformation"""
It's a dog-whistle for censorship.
There is hardly a faster way to loose all credibility than namedroping that abomination unironically.


There is not a shred of your insane Russiagate hoax that has held up to scrutiny at this point.


File: 1691277928604.gif ( 43.33 KB , 150x120 , ytmndinternet.gif )

Again you didn't even read the OP and you refuse to read it. Instead you play the role of anonymous internet bully.

I know a troll when I meet one, I have been a power user of computers and the internet since 1997.

I know where I am. The question is, do you know who I really am?





File: 1691282777338.jpg ( 109.99 KB , 1200x800 , power user of 1997.jpg )

>Again you didn't even read the OP
you mean that massive 3MB picture with the ridiculously huge vertical resolution, no.

>I have been a power user of computers and the internet since 1997.

>I know where I am. The question is, do you know who I really am?

You're fucking with me, right ?


File: 1691282912385.jpg ( 301.27 KB , 1600x1200 , Aminom (2).jpg )



File: 1691283320996.png ( 107.65 KB , 970x1344 , Universal_Creativity.png )

This will be the ethos that will lead humanity into the new era.


File: 1691283575985-0.jpg ( 3.92 MB , 4000x3000 , IMG_20230805_164115930.jpg )

File: 1691283575985-3.jpg ( 1.85 MB , 3031x1700 , cosmiccreationstory.jpg )

Here are the major influences. Whitehead was particularly influential.

Process-relational metaphysics is leftist metaphysics.


>In other words, process metaphysics facilitates the advancement of human freedom through the improvement of the quality of relationships. Mechanistic materialism destroys human freedom by facilitating deterioration in the quality of relationships. The challenge for Process Philosophy is not just to recognize this danger, but to unify against it.


File: 1691583168671-0.jpg ( 91.57 KB , 1080x941 , 1.jpg )

File: 1691583168671-1.jpg ( 118.15 KB , 994x1280 , 2.jpg )

File: 1691583168671-2.jpg ( 24.05 KB , 1080x428 , 3.jpg )

This is a fed thred but just in case

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