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File: 1691688956406.jpg ( 84.25 KB , 1200x875 , 20230809_162421.jpg )


Assuming a revolution occurred and America was ruled by a vanguard, how would the nation be redrawn? Would native Americans or African Americans get their own SSR? What about white Appalachians, Creole, or New England?


> native Americans or African Americans get their own SSR? What about white Appalachians, Creole, or New England?
naw uygha, ethnogenesis is the way. we'll create a turboburger race ala han chinese

the borders would be drawn based on geographical and populational features like the pacific northwest, the great lakes, mississippi basin and what not


Under ideal circumstances, you'd leave the states as is and give native Americans more land and more autonomy. Re-dividing beyond that would be a shitty idea. Black people descended from enslaved Africans should get land reparations if possible (and it probably is possible, just use land taken from absentee landlords and there will be more than enough valuable land free for some of it to go to reparations), but capitulating to black nationalism would be a serious mistake. Same with the rest - starting by reinforcing a bunch of separate ethnic and regional identities would be suicidal.


File: 1691693899077.png ( 109.08 KB , 800x952 , 1691693738168.png )

And here we have Idaho,
Winning her way to fame!
Silver and gold in the sunlights blaze and romance lies in her name.


File: 1691703699949.jpeg ( 60.66 KB , 540x792 , AF9E2456-64E8-4E93-8D05-1….jpeg )

>another stupid ass map redrawing larp thread
The literal goal of communist states is to unify regions that share a common history. Korea did it, Vietnam did it, china did it, USSR did it. Marxist Leninism is unionist not secessionist.


File: 1691706165344.png ( 383.89 KB , 1000x1000 , socisad.png )

shut up bitch, no mater how communist you think your future soyviet america will be, there will always be some nearly retarded korean-tier division especially since most americans are eager to kill each other as is


>Marxist Leninism is unionist not secessionist
What is the right of people's to self-determination


>most americans are eager to kill each other
A lie that I suspect is propagated by the ruling class who want to wring their hands of any complicity in a future government collapse. The group that's actually most likely to fight in a future civil conflict is not the American civilian population, it's the massive volunteer military force, full of poor people who have been promised career advancement.


File: 1691709467467.gif ( 3.53 MB , 256x188 , China.gif )

lenin was a fuckwad it was good he died before he became like mao-mao


File: 1691712016953-0.png ( 440.68 KB , 436x631 , 0j.png )

File: 1691712016953-1.png ( 373.08 KB , 376x645 , 8h.png )

File: 1691712016953-2.png ( 342.05 KB , 562x377 , 091.png )

File: 1691712016953-3.png ( 312.64 KB , 324x442 , 93.png )

File: 1691712016953-4.png ( 768.55 KB , 1234x541 , aw88.png )

>A lie that I suspect is propagated

stop being a shithead, americans really do hate each other, you can see this sentiment pervade much of their media and capped off and played on especially by the movie industry via survival/post-apocalypse movies. they pretty much salivate at the thought of exterminating each other


>when you have no argument


>their media
That a small handful of media empires control to feed them an endless stream of propaganda. Yes, "their" media.


No one is interested in this Balkanization faggotry. It would absorb Canada and Mexico, likely rule South America, and be one thing. The regional divisions in the former US are economic more than anything else - the South is defined by the dominance of slavery and its aftereffects, including the post-war occupation. Americans never got into race-consciousness in the Germanic sense - it is alien to our sense of ourselves and anything in our history. Geographically, there are no great divisions or interests that would actually divide the former US. Canada is basically the US but with fake friendliness, less guns, and more eugenics.

I suspect the "revolution" will be what we're experiencing now - the dissolution of the United States as a legal entity and the creation of a new state which isn't declared to be a state. The real world moved into a secret society. We live in a depopulation zone - an open air concentration camp. They're going to turn us into the Palestinian Territories and do the same thing, and have done so already to a large extent. That's why the Balkanization narrative is so alluring - it doesn't speak of any genuine division with purpose, but to the philosophy of enclosure and lockouts that dominate the former United States.

If there is a "communist" revolution amidst this transformation, or working against it, the result would still be the same. The ruling ideas can only allow there to be two different worlds - a world for those selected to live, and a world for those selected to die. This idea was implicit in what socialism became - any concept of socialism that would have prevented this was not allowed as a legitimate position. They decided a long time ago that most of us had no place in the world, and so the struggle for us concerns things alien to anything we would want. Such is the nature of revolution. The best that can happen is that we cling to life however we can, and make it impossible to pursue the maximal program of those who rule. That is where the communists would be able to win, if they so choose; but being communists, they will default to their old strategies and they decided a long time ago which side of the war they were really on. The position of democratic society is completely untenable, and even if it were "allowed", it couldn't really be allowed. The people have been degraded for far too long to be able to fend for themselves against this.


File: 1691726517435.png ( 327.57 KB , 483x415 , w.png )

propaganda doesnt work if it doesnt have a demographic to appeal to. in this case it is a majority of americunts i.e. the culture
fuck off and start a blog. better yet go back to ogre. post images or no ones is going to read your shitlicker essay


File: 1691727415909.png ( 1.75 MB , 2977x4210 , pasta snek.png )

a chin oinks in instead of moos. interesting


I did.
Thanks for reminding me to get to work on the next update.



You go back to ogre, dumbass. I don't necessarily agree with that anon on everything, but they've at least got a better grasp than you do.

Also, you're a fucking retard if you think propaganda requires a majority of people to agree with it before it's created. A majority don't even need to agree with it after it's created for it to be effective. You're stupid as shit, mass media isn't a democracy.


>hurr durr I saw it on da TV dat proves it's real



This kind of redrawing usually isn't actually that popular, though. Like even in regions which have stronger separatist movements like Cascadia, there aren't any numbers to disprove that it's just a vocal minority. It's a regional wonk thing, mostly.

Like even Zionism was a minority opinion among Jews until the British decided Israel was going to happen. Do you really want to put an Israel in your own country?


File: 1691745737102-0.jpg ( 45.74 KB , 368x595 , 01NW.jpg )

File: 1691745737102-1.png ( 401.93 KB , 470x488 , Screen Shot 2023-08-11 at ….png )

>hurr durr I saw it on da TV dat proves it's real
pretty much. american masses are reactionary and make prime npc material. your sarcasm doesnt land, you poor sad dumb cunt

still not posting images, ogres never learn. shreks have really made you the house bitch

post an image of a post-fed america then, fucktard
>Do you really want to put an Israel in your own country?

there already is, its called the american south, retard


>pretty much. american masses are reactionary and make prime npc material. your sarcasm doesnt land, you poor sad dumb cunt

This is a retard-tier take. You aren't even scratching the entire surface, like even the broadly available picture is bigger than the very limited amount of info you've chosen to hang your opinions on.

>still not posting images, ogres never learn. shreks have really made you the house bitch

You didn't ask me to post images, dumbass.

>post an image of a post-fed america then, fucktard


>there already is, its called the american south, retard

The CSA lost in 1865. Like you understand how retarded it would be to launch a successful socialist revolution and then declare a ton of farmland and a big chunk of the coasts now belongs to a failed secessionist nationstate from over 150 years ago, right?


File: 1691752710152.jpg ( 539.86 KB , 1298x900 , 162614854231641471.jpg )

no images no read shitlicker. anon is such a master propagandist, the faggot thinks text walls are the way to go


File: 1691769177572.jpeg ( 30.05 KB , 457x537 , EAFFDE2E-C99B-4D97-8CA5-6….jpeg )

>Marxism is actually when some weird form of night watch libertarianism in independent confederate states
Like the other anon mentioning Israel. You are just supporting factionalism and accelerating minority groups that want seceded state just so they can fulfill their ideals, contrary to their claims about being true cultural representatives. Nobody is saying that a unified country would have a unilateral identity. It would probably resemble China in which different regions have their cultural emphasis. So if anything a communist union would emphasize the different cultural regions of the USA. Also
>glowies are actually trying to push division ITT


File: 1691770798415-0.jpg ( 396.85 KB , 2048x946 , 1691219141289200.jpg )

File: 1691770798415-1.jpg ( 35.97 KB , 223x349 , 1691229528144253.jpg )

File: 1691770798415-2.gif ( 2.81 MB , 512x640 , 1691214956597483.gif )

The future american republics would resemble china….. in the one of the many warring states' periods lol. your future Soyviet america exists already. your welcome.


Stirner sucks bbc


File: 1691798740646.png ( 268.29 KB , 944x432 , 7hw7hz.png )

you know how i know you love bbc?


Because I’m currently reading stirner


The hilarious thing about propaganda is how few actually believe it has any rational power - when is the last time you were persuaded by an advertisement that wasn't directly "here is were to buy x service you didn't know about which is exactly what we say on the tin"? The purpose of advertisement isn't to create thoughts, but to bombard the people with fear and what is effectively state propaganda. Propaganda is handled by a small number of firms, all directed by people who know what this really is. The entire point is to assert ad nauseum that this works until it does, through brute force. That's why they need to push it as often as possible and leave no space unclaimed. If it didn't create that impression, none of the propaganda would work.


>Has never succeeded in sales/marketing


File: 1695593406714-0.jpg ( 35.11 KB , 474x266 , th-3591074862.jpg )

File: 1695593406714-1.png ( 431.31 KB , 1093x731 , 4aff5e631cb0974781b4302283….png )

File: 1695593406714-2.png ( 626.67 KB , 4684x2324 , b9XPajO.png )

File: 1695593406714-3.png ( 371.1 KB , 1024x533 , divided_america_scenario__….png )

File: 1695593406714-4.png ( 378.99 KB , 1200x630 , divided_states_of_america_….png )



If lakota was real would it be the only country in the world landlocked completely by one other country?


It wouldn't. Soviet style government is garbage.


What do soviets have to do with anything> lol.


>Would native Americans or African Americans get their own SSR
It's right in the op, dipshit.


That isn't what I asked.


>Op asks about vanguard
>Op asks about ssr
>Thinks this is a meaningful question to ask about a country that buried the USSR
You might as well ask how Nazism would have worked if Germans weren't Nazis.


You realize that imageboards allow for more than just a liner progression from the original OP correct?


And you're aware that my post was responding to OP, when you stupidly asked what the soviets had to do with it, right, shit-for-brains?


>Soviet style government
ML style governments used leadership-democracy. That means politicians have to work their way through the ranks, they start out as public servants in a town or city district, and when they move up the ranks they become eligible to be electoral candidates for higher political offices.

The upside is that people actually learn how the entire shit works before they reach important political stations. It's very robust against subversion from the outside. The kind of color revolutions the CIA does, have little chance at succeeding against this political structure. There are downsides too. While this system is very democratic for the lower offices, the higher political offices can have democratic deficits. The system is also somewhat prone to purges. It's not a terrible system, the Soviets were very effective at organizing every-day society.

>What do soviets have to do with anything
Obviously the Soviet Union was extremely influential, if people begin building a new socialist model, people will look at the Soviet system for lessons that can be learned, both from their successes and failures.


>Blah blah blah
I don't care. It's shit and wouldn't work in the US (or anywhere, kek)


All I said was "would this be the only thing in existence if it was real" Take your meds, christ.


I think you're quoting th wrong post, then because I haven't responded to a post that said that.


Oh shit, my bad anon, lmao. I did in fact do that. I read (You) Where your initial post say (Op) Dyslexia sucks.


File: 1696576690377-0.png ( 243.06 KB , 453x270 , 098.png )

File: 1696576690377-1.png ( 195.58 KB , 312x428 , 2345.png )

File: 1696576690377-2.png ( 702.15 KB , 902x640 , 12345.png )



>full of poor people who have been promised career advancement.

shooting for hamburger isn't a good idea


>the Soviets were very effective at organizing every-day society.

boomers weren't very effective because they were boomers
>the Soviets were very effective at organizing every-day society.


File: 1696708705358.png ( 910.89 KB , 3296x1650 , 99.png )

In contemplating this hypothetical scenario of an American revolution leading to a new system of governance and potential territorial changes, one must recognize the audacious simplicity in assuming that complex issues of sovereignty, cultural diversity, and regional identity could be neatly resolved through broad strokes of redrawing lines on a map. The nuanced realities of recognizing Indigenous nations, addressing the aspirations of diverse communities, and redefining constitutional foundations would undoubtedly require far more than speculative musings to achieve meaningful solutions. The complexities of such a scenario, whether achieved through peaceful negotiation or not, underscore the depth of understanding needed to navigate the intricate tapestry of American identity and governance.


File: 1696723732110.jpg ( 566.42 KB , 1080x2400 , Screenshot_2023-10-08-07-0….jpg )



Interesting thread, but wouldn't a hypothetical USSA immediately annex Canada ?

The Canadian bourgeoisie would feel threatened by an immensely powerful socialist country next door, even just the example of it existing. They'd try to make all kinds of military arrangement with other capitalist powers, which would set off an escalation chain where the USSA probably would conclude it had to conquer Canada before other capitalist powers could turn it into a battering-ram.


What is a Canada?


File: 1696754426581-0.png ( 20.07 KB , 655x420 , 1696721327026843 fun-us-ci….png )

File: 1696754426581-1.png ( 22.5 KB , 180x200 , 1696721347694515 139863180….png )

File: 1696754426581-2.png ( 6.69 KB , 273x312 , 1696722479543120 FAG.png )

File: 1696754426581-3.png ( 749.89 KB , 782x894 , 1696722494947303 dsgfdsfgf….png )

File: 1696754426581-4.png ( 440.23 KB , 640x606 , 1696722511292039 ahhxwthsu….png )

let us not forget their inevitable quest for military alliances with fellow capitalist nations. One can almost hear the frantic phone calls: "Hello, America? It's Canada. We've got some pesky socialism next door. Fancy teaming up for a bit of anti-communist camaraderie?" Diplomacy at its finest, I'm sure.


File: 1698964077518-0.jpeg ( 32.39 KB , 512x512 , 19854433i81.jpeg )

File: 1698964077518-1.jpeg ( 28.42 KB , 512x512 , 19854433i82.jpeg )

File: 1698964077518-2.jpeg ( 35.26 KB , 512x512 , 19854433i83.jpeg )

File: 1698964077518-3.jpeg ( 33.38 KB , 512x512 , 19854433i84.jpeg )

File: 1698964077518-4.jpeg ( 25.1 KB , 512x512 , 19854433i85.jpeg )

assuming the OP came true this would be the result: a whole continent of caramel babes

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