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In the Marxist sense, what class do people who work in the diversity and equity field belong to? Proletariat? Petty-bourgeoisie? PMC? Something else?

I'm a retard. Help me figure it out.


salaried management

which is a strata, not a class


>which is a strata, not a class
the difference being: they are marginal in numbers, and not necessarily exploited

in general strata is any social group in-between the main class antagonism of the mode of production


PMC if you like, but they're a subsumed class: they exist to make the process of exploitation and property holding easier to manage.


>Diversity and equity ideologically functions to make capital accumulation run smoother
Based take


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Idol sisters… I don't feel so good..


labor aristocracy


PMC is not a class. It's a meme from reactionary settler angry that capitalism isn't working FOR THEM.
Nurses are considered PMCs for God's sake.




>PMC is not a class
The PMC acronym used to mean professional military contractor.
It would have been better to say PMS - Professional Managerial Strata, to avoid the overlap
But it appears that the PMC label stuck, so the next best choice is PMC - Professional Managerial Cast


Settlerism is almost extinct, it still exists in a few places like in Palestine where Zionists are trying to displace Palestinians. The attempt at turning this into a cultural identity is ruling class divide and conquer idpol. It's super reactionary.

>angry that capitalism isn't working for them

Most opposition to capitalism tends to be motivated by self-interest.

>Nurses are considered

Service workers, and repairing people is considered productive work.

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