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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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What can the left learn from 'compliance and behavior experts' (salesmen, marketers, recruiters, advertisers, etc)?


Maybe, however most marketing psychology type stuff is geared towards making people behave irrationally. The general direction of this is to take away agency from people by pushing subconscious buttons and pulling instinctual strings. Basically stimulus that invokes predictable reactions.

The classical left (not the pseudo left) in many ways is trying to do the opposite by appealing to the pre-frontal cortex where higher cognitive functions live. To enable people to reason and use agency to make decisions.

All that manipulation stuff only works up to a point, we can know that because they are increasing censorship, they wouldn't do that if their manipulation powers weren't reaching the limits of effectiveness.

It might be worth analyzing their stuff, in a way you analyze a hostile environment. If you can figure out how to switch people from having their buttons pushed to using reason, you could start small and try doing inverted-advertisement promoting rational consumption. If you can hack that you can move on to bigger things.


>tfw theorycel that can't get laid but thinks they can organize a revolution


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argument not found


My basic argument is that you're full of shit and fronting as an intellectual to cope


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You have to actually criticize something that i wrote.


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You're a dork


Refusing to utilize people's emotional nature because you want to feel superior is fundamentally illogical



How is wanting to motivate people honestly in terms they understand an attempt to feel superior and deliberately manipulating people because you know some psychological tricks isn't?


How has that worked out for you?


In marketing they see the consumer as the "enemy" they want to "wage information war-fare" against, and their goal is manipulating consumers to buy overpriced products with consumer-hostile features , like subscription scams that attack personal property, privacy-violating anti-features, non-standard-compliant design, modification/repair-hostile design , planned obsolescence, etc.

On the classical left we don't see the masses as the enemy. What are we supposed to do with those "emotion-manipulation-weapons"
Are we supposed to try to screw over the capitalist class, should we all turn into con-men that sell investor scams ?

Is your revolutionary strategy to trick the capitalists into abolishing their class-privilege ?
Can you explain how that's supposed to work in praxis ?

Usually socialists want a organized proletariat that gains the power to remake society to serve it's interests. How would we get from scamming capitalist to that ?


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Lol. Far leftists are too dim witted to use info like pic related to their benefit. They'd rather pat themselves on the back for being above it all while constantly losing.


>during the COVID-19 outbreak of 2020

What's the next page say?


Basically, the most effective message to ensure cucks wear a cuckmask is showing them other cucks wearing a cuckmask.

This is probably why …they… are always trying to censor and cancel dissenting voices and opinions. Gotta keep up the appearance of social proof.

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