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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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Haz Retardation Appreciation General

Post your best highlights from the most insightful midwit in Amerikwa


bumping for support


Bro, nobody cares about this literally who.


I can't hear you over the glorious sound of approaching MAGACommunism


Horseshoe theory confirmed.


>horse-shit ideology

they wanna get rid of the haute bourgeoisie, that on it's own won't abolish capitalism, but its still an improvement.


balding swarthy manlet


leftcom theory of leninism devolving into state capitalism makes more and more sense why bolshevism can appeal to people like Haz


I used to alog this sperg on twitter and amassed hundreds of followers, but I got tired of it fast and admit I wasted my time on a nothingburger. The truth is even a retard like yankee tankie knows his “movement” has no bearing on reality.

I checked up on him out of curiosity, same paypigs throwing him gifted subs and I saw yankee tankie literally cry on VC with Haz. Apparently there will be a financial incentive for people to join his new org, so I suspect he’s trying to create an MLM.

Destiny was right, everyone just has to ignore him.

Haz if you’re reading this, I respect you grifting off your retard audience, but your girlfriend Lavy Shwan is still a prostitute lol.


Take it from me (the guy who made Haz believe a single guy was coordinating acts on him 24/7) Haz isn’t worth your time.


Haz wants to make wifi money off retard paypigs, it’s not that deep dude.


Destiny is a faggot cuck with blue hair who literally shills for capitalism with rainbow flag characteristics.




Good point


Honestly you could spend all day picking him apart and criticizing him. But at the end of the day his class position is literally some kind of bourg (he has literally confirmed this and him having the carelessness to drop out of law school confirms this) and now his class position is that of a lumpen grifter. That’s all you need to know. He hasn’t tried removing himself from his class position by either Getting a job or touring the nation and deeply analyzing the classes and working conditions like Lenin did.


You uyghurs are beyond autistic. You can take one look at Haz and his social media and tell he's a retarded broken clock


Okay retard you didn’t even read my post


Haz is trying to hard to be based which is the antithesis of based

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