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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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>Is literally becoming petty bourgeois based?
>What about PMC?

It sucks working for other people, mostly because it's monotonous, you lack autonomy and anybsense that youre building something (alienation). Therefore, is it based to start a small business, do some sort of start up, or become a 'soloprenure.' Insofar, as revolution isn't on the table this week, is it a suitable and morally permissible personal alternative in the meantime.

What about something like PMC? Is it ok to become a social worker, teacher, marketer, graphic designer, security guard, or direct manager? It doesn't provide the same level of autonomy or freedom, but maybe that way I can make a difference and actually use my liberal arts degree and not be a barista my whole life.

How do these two options compare on different levels


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Don't become a PMC anon.
You basically become the little bitch for whatever job you are workin for. There's nothing wrong with becoming self employed or some shit and it's a good escape away from the systems of capitalism if you manage to pull it off, but, personally I think that remaining a working class joe is more important due to the need to spread awareness and solidarity among the working class. Working for the government is fine too, I don't see anything wrong with that.


There's no such thing as a PMC. They're just people that organize production but they still don't own the MoP so they're still proles.


this but they also might not have any of their surplus extracted. in this position it is not likely that they will side with the broader working class. this isn't to say that most people in imperial countries aren't exploited just some aren't despite not controlling the mop or owning capital excluding fictitious capital


Why is constantly making that point so important to you?


Nobody disagreed, anon.


Because people keep trying to smear managers as like a petite booj. A lot of them yes have absolutely abhorrent labor politics but that doesn't mean they're a different class.
You'd still need people like this organizing production in socialism. Fucking nurses are considered PMCs for god's sake.


You have to produce a surplus for it to be extracted. These people, whether they be cops, journalists, teachers, marketers, psychologists, etc, facilitate and perpetuate the conditions under which surplus extraction can occur

Don't listen to the mouth breathing leftists who have nothing to show for their decades old interest in Marxist politics (or rather, a superficial reading of such). The PMC effectively exists as a useful category for understanding society and how it functions on a macro level.


this is true but would we say that someone in transportation like a trucker or forklift driver wouldn't ally with the broader working class just because they don't produce surplus? What about the impoverished people employed by the government to do bullshit jobs? Mao teaches us to find alliances between classes and the character of the highly financialized US necessitates a broad movement that encompasses some people who don't work in a productive field. This isn't to say that students should be allowed to lead a workers party. I agree that they are more often than not retards.


This is a reactionary take, leading people down the rabbit-hole of failure through hyper-individualism, you can not hope to deal with capitalism on a individual basis, seek strength in numbers. Organize the proletariat, do not spread this ideological co-optation crap.

You can attempt to do harm reduction via ethical capitalism, doing stuff similar to fair trade coffee, or starting a cooperative. If you understand finance stuff create a bank that invests in coops.

>What about something like PMC?

Avoid the corporate sector and especially the managerial strata, it's filled with psychotic corporate-ladder-climbers. Go for old school firms that, aren't publicly traded and do not have stuff like an HR department, and instead have an instructor-apprentice model.

If you are one of those people that are a force of nature, screw over the big capitalists, and use it to fund a revolution. You know like Stalin and the Bolsheviks robbing banks to fund the October-revolution (Not sure if that story is true).


The first essay in Mao's collected works is 'an analysis of classes in Chinese Society.' It's detailed an nuanced. He never says, 'lol, theyre just working class.'

Try again


>There's no such thing as a PMC.
We know that the managerial strata and the technical intelligentsia is a real thing. When the Soviet system was getting dissolved these people did not side with the proletariat.


>someone in transportation like a trucker or forklift driver wouldn't ally with the broader working class just because they don't produce surplus?
Are you sure they don't produce economic surplus ?
The production of a commodity tends to be spread over many factories that have transport in-between.


Exactly. This is literally the universal petty bourg experience


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