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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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>clear example of how pedestrian politics has inverted

Here is a Twitter account, 'Wall Street Apes,' presumably ran by a literal who, posting a video where someone questions CNN 'journalist' about his connections to the CIA.

Meanwhile, supposed leftists spend their time reehing about the coof and transgender rights (to creep in children in the bathroom).

If it isn't obvious, much of the so called left is psyoped beyond belief while much of the so called right are challenging the narratives presented by the actually existing ruling class

How did this come to be? Materialist explanation?


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The left isn't controlled by CIA. It is a branch of CIA, and has been since CIA started up. The left has always been sheep to be herded to the slaughter - they had no idea, but were to be used and tossed aside if they didn't get what this was.

The left's base, that's real enough, but they are not allowed ideas of their own or any standard of comparison. Any independent expression in the left is systematically snuffed out the moment it touches on a single substantive thing, and those who aspire to join the ruling system have no reason to defend their flock ever. It's not politically sensical according to the philosophies the left is permitted to acknowledge as "real thought". That leaves a paranoid style left that is constantly retreating and left to wage a desperate struggle for life against the siege, always betrayed at any moment it appears the base will break out of the cage.

The right on the other hand, they're just natural slaves and enablers, who haven't met any depravity they don't like. It's so easy to get those retards to do anything.

In all cases - every idea inimical to the ruling ideas is not just defeated, but not even a thing that can be spoken without being tarred as crazy, retarded, or "fascist" in some vague sense. That's one of the worst psyops, the effort since 1945 to reverse entirely what everyone during the war understood fascism and Nazism to be, based on what they lived through and saw with their own eyes. If you understand what fascism really was, you understand something close to the real history of the world for the past century, which has nothing to do with anything people are told the world is. With that said, you wouldn't find any scientific explanation as if people were reacting to their environment, because the environment that is politically acceptable is completely controlled by ideology. The left, and really most people, should immediately cease to play along with any of this. So far as there is a material explanation, it is pure fear. The technology to lock down the world and enclose it for good was developed, and that is exactly what happened, basically without opposition or the idea that it could be any other way, for the past 100 years. On some level, humanity didn't want to be anything else. Anyone who mattered was obsessed with joining the ruling system in one way or another. No concept of society outside of that was allowed to exist as a relevant position, and one position became a super-ideology above all others that was sacrosanct and could not be mentioned as what it was. That, of course, is eugenics. That's the only thing the people who really rule the world ever believed in, and they got what they wanted. We're living through the result now.

If the reality is unmentionable and too horrible to face, why wouldn't the flock look for a distraction to think they can win something? They do it to themselves because they can't face their own impotence and failure where they let this happen. The right isn't oppositional because they've been enablers of the rot moreso than the left. It's amazing how easily the rightoids are cucked.


CIA's ownership of every notable name in the press, every influencer allowed to become big, is not secret. They brag that they do this to your face. The right is expert at jumping in front with their usual retarded explanations, and always falls in line with their gurus. They really do not think. Hilariously enough, they're just like the "Marxists" they rail against, which makes sense because neoconservatism has its origins in diseased Trots, and is very Germanic and Hegelian in its view of the world (hail Hank Kissinger lol).


Anderson Cooper - fucking blue blood aristocracy - isn't just connected to CIA, but is the face of CIA on the television, telling you what the ruling power is going to tell you. CIA is really big about "leaking" their real plans, as if they were prophets and make them come true. It gives people the sense that the power is just there, without explanation. Typical Masonic strat.


Oh, and all the chans, particularly pol and leftypol, are pure traps, staffed by cuckolds who run interference for free. The "new new left" trialed its narratives on leftypol before rolling them out to social media, and lo and behold, that is what happened. After COVID, leftypol became a wasteland, policed by jannies to steer EVERYTHING from anything meaningful.


internet is in general cia project


is was 'somewhat liberal' when boomers didn't care about it


>trots, liberals, hurrdurr

not sure if its relevant


I'm convinced 4chan is a honeypot. The things they allows vs the things they don't is sus


A honeypot would have honey.


>How did this come to be? Materialist explanation?

It could just be motivated by partisan bourgeois politics. The liberals were siding with the anti-war left when conservatives conducted wars. When their guys conduct wars the liberals cheer for it and scorn the anti-war left.


nah it just became commodified, it wasn't a 'psyop' until glowies decide to astroturf it


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Whatever you gotta tell yourself


What you call a psyop is in marxist terms called the ruling class imposing ruling ideology.

I agree with you that a pseudo-left is pushing identitarian stuff and is repressing class struggle. But i don't necessarily believe that these people have been tricked to act against their own interests. They might have no other goals than a career in the imperial machine.

The thing that has to be explained is why class-struggle isn't pushing through this more easily ?

Another way to describe a psyop is "means of control". My pet theory is that most of the means of control are funded via imperial super-profits. Once the imperial periphery frees it self from imperial subjugation, there will be less funds for means of control, and these shenanigans will probably attenuate somewhat.


I generally refer to psyops in regards focal issues. The coof laid bare just how susceptible to psyops the left is.
>I criticize capitalism in the abstract but tow the line on every major issue pressed forward by the actually existing ruling class
<Lol, ok sure
Empires collapse when they decay from within. They're never overthrown by the periphery. Nice fanfic narrative though, one that seems to mainly attract western Marxists


>I generally refer to psyops in regards focal issues.
what's a focal issue ?

>The coof laid bare just how susceptible to psyops the left is.

We agree that "the coof crisis" was used to install very draconian control mechanisms and conformity enforcement terror.

However where we likely disagree on, is about the civilizational immune system. I think that in addition to the biological immune system that we evolved, we should also build an artificial immune system on the civilizational level. We should try to extinct harmful viruses with technological means, including the common flue. If we wipe out all pathogens in our environment that means that we have to create inert training-pathogens to stimulate the development of immune function during childhood, but that is likely a worth-while trade off.

During the covid stuff the masks became ineffective once the virus mutated towards higher rates of infectiousness. I don't know if wearable filters can be improved enough to keep up with this, we might look towards installing ubiquitous fixed air-filtration systems that blow air past harsh short-wave UV-lights that roast the virus particles.

The covid vaccines ended up having considerable side effects in 1 out of 800 people. That is a comparably bad side-effect rate. Most previous vaccines had rates ranging from 1/10k to 1/100k. That's about 1 to 2 orders off magnitudes worse in preventing side effects. And then there was the hole deal with the vaccines being leaky and not stopping the spread of infections, only reducing disease symptoms. I don't know what's to be done here, but we definitely want vaccines with low side effects and the ability to stop the spread of infections.

There was a German research institute that predicted corona fairly accurate 5 or 7 years in advance, they even predicted shortages for lung ventilation machines. I think we should view it as a conspiracy that the people with the plague-crystal ball haven't been elevated into the lime-light and given like their own institution or something. Being able to prepare for a plague in advance would be better than having to react to it.

The next conspiracy is that none other than Bill Gates lobbied really hard against open sourcing vaccines.

I know that covid wasn't a apocalyptic plague like the Spanish flue or the black death, but maybe we just got lucky this time. We have to somehow detach the ability to have a civilizational immune system, from giving the ruling class an opportunity to assert control over the masses. Otherwise we'll continue to be trapped in a political stale-mate between people who do not want to do anything against plagues and people that want use biological crisis as an opportunity to create a society of control.


>Empires collapse when they decay from within.
First of all we have to clarify that not all empires are the same. The roman empire was a slave society and that was a different type of empire than what you find in the imperial stage of capitalism. Also while it's true that empires have internal decay, that's not really the cause for imperial decline or collapse. The internal decay is probably more of a symptom that ends up contributing to the downfall of empire.

Take for a moment the US empire. It is declining because it has managed to capture all the parts of earth that it possibly can. And that means any additional investment into further imperial expansion is likely going to end up being a bad investment that doesn't bring enough returns to be profitable. This imperial-deficit is what's killing the US empire. The US also has internal decay and this is also contributing to it's decline. The US imperial managers are not as cunning as they used to be. For example the people like Henry Kissinger were a lot more competent strategists, compared to people like Victory Nuland that are currently running the show.

>They're never overthrown by the periphery.

Sure empires rarely get over-powered by the periphery. However if the periphery can free it self from imperial subjugation, for capitalism that means, in the imperial core the imperial bourgeoisie looses economic and political power. A lot of the proto-fascistic political stuff that is degrading the west at present, that is basically when the logic of imperial subjugation comes home. If the imperial bourgeoisie looses power, because they loose their grip on the periphery they'll also loose the ability to apply imperial logic at home.


what will happen with the eu ? is it really part of america ? the uk is already disjoined


>what will happen with the eu ?
After WW2 Europe got pulled into the US's orbit because US industrial power could help rebuild Europe.

Hard to say what will exert the greatest pull next. For the moment it looks like a source of cheap energy is on top of the list.

>the uk

Certainly is deeper in the US's orbit than the rest of Europe.


Trump derangement syndrome. Essentially the left fell for the media hysterics surrounding the nothingburger of controlled opposition that is Trump. The underlying logic is a strange sort of lesser-evilism where the liberal, globalist, capitalist hegemony is seen as protecting us from some imminent fascist takeover.


This is the most accurate thing ever posted on Leftychan

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