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If a society isn't eugenic

Then it is dysgenic.


>The (true) left needs to stand for the advancement of the collective organism, not celebrate the right of the individual to live gracelessly and die pathetically under the decadence of oligarchal security-finance stage capitalism.

Under the strong bureaucratic post secular socialism of the alt left, free public gyms - both outdoor and indoor - will be build in every neighborhood and community. Walkable cities, strength, and vitality will be promoted. Physical slacking will be discouraged. Fatties will be placed in exercise reform camps.

The revolutionary Marxism of the left is a form of self love. We don't tolerate fattie deviations because we hate fatties. Rather, we love our community and the bright future we're all building. This impels us to strict discipline. Thus, excellence in mind and body - the cultivation of a higher, prize stock - becomes a paramount virtue.


If this is your idea of socialism then I wont be a socialist.


File: 1697003119294.jpg ( 32.33 KB , 400x400 , waQPjOTS_400x400.jpg )

>If this is your idea of socialism then I wont be a socialist.


>Forcing people to do shit they don't want is socialism

I forget where any socialist ever said anything about this. You just want the state to be your daddy not a workers state.


Sorry sweetie.

Socialism is not the continuation of living rent free, but with the state substituted for your faggy, spineless parents

In the words of Mao, it's a hammer than will shape you from a blob of malformed steel into a sword in service of society at large.


File: 1697007068875.png ( 3.74 MB , 2048x1536 , getinthecube.png )



File: 1697042851070.jpg ( 49.92 KB , 681x805 , dear diary today OP posted….jpg )

>free public gyms - both outdoor and indoor
>Walkable cities
That's a good idea.

>The state will bother people about their appearance.

>The state will intrude into people's personal life and attempt to micro-manage it.
Good grief NO, that's a terrible idea, that will tremendously backfire.

Besides controlling individuals is ruling ideology. Neo-liberalism doesn't want to regulate capitalism, that means it tries to regulate individual people instead. If you care about people having a healthy-life-style, that can be arranged by simply making sure that the vast majority of the available life-style choices are healthy, and you'll have no need to regulate individual people by bothering them.

The Socialist way is to leave individuals be and fix social problems by creating a beneficial environment. Regulate the environment, not the people. the environment won't be mad at you for doing that, but if you pester people too much they'll bite your head off

>excellence in mind and body

If you create a good environment people will do that on their own.


You will NOT have man tits under socialism


File: 1697043362051.png ( 222.63 KB , 630x327 , 9999.png )

The notion that socialism is akin to living rent-free with the state replacing one's parents is a captivating oversimplification. In reality, it is the hard-earned capital of the productive that sustains these socialist ideals, not some ethereal state entity. Resources don't materialize out of thin air; they come from the industrious sweat of those who dare to create wealth. Socialism, in its attempt to distribute this wealth, often ends up stifling innovation .Mao's Misguided Hammer:
To quote Mao in glorifying socialism is a dubious choice, my dear interlocutor. Mao's Great Leap Forward was a catastrophic experiment in collectivism that led to the death of millions and a cataclysmic economic disaster. While the idea of molding individuals into servants of society may seem noble, in practice, it often suppresses individuality and personal ambition, which are the very engines that drive progress and innovation.


File: 1697044594900.gif ( 111.5 KB , 282x300 , chimpout.gif )

<personal insult was attempted
If you want that society where the people have exelent minds, you'll need to actually learn how to reason and formulate congruent responses. That means that if you want to talk to somebody, you have to engage with what they say. Examine their premises, the logic of their arguments and the consequences of their conclusions.

Your pathetic attempt at changing the topic by seeking to elicit an emotional response via personal speculation, is nothing but bait for low-cognitivie tribalistic verbal shit-flying.


<vaush fan detected


sounds like crypto reactionary takes

In socialism the state will bail out people, not wallstreet.
The workers will be the ones that earn the resources, capital, industry and wealth they produced.
The capitalist wealth re-distribution from the workers to a ruling class will not be permitted, instead it will be used for the well being of people and for research and development of more advanced productive forces. The problem of stifling innovation through wealth-concentration will be solved.


youre talking to a chatbot. jannies are too busy/incompetent to do anything about it


>youre talking to a chatbot.
It appears like it could be AI-generated to me as well, but the AI-detector qualified it as "human-generated" . So i gave it a reply just in case.


and mcdonalds is just so innovate


File: 1701460017627.jpg ( 47.42 KB , 750x705 , 20231201_221345.jpg )

Any questions?


his eyes, eyebrows and nose look completely different than what you can see in his grampa pics.


I don’t support racial eugenics, but every down syndrome fetus should probably be aborted


There might be a treatment that fixes the chromosome "misplacement" that causes down-syndrome, in that case you don't have to throw away the entire fetus.

It's harder to argue that a person doesn't have a right to exist because they are a genetic fuckup. There are after-all people that live good lives despite their bad genetic lot. Granted that is probably rare for downs. It's much easier to argue for altering the biological makeup a little bit to fix a flaw that makes their lives painful and difficult.

The point being that yes it is reasonable to do a medical intervention to correct Down-syndrom, but i wouldn't prescribe a specific treatment.


Wouldn't accomplish "eugenics" since Down Syndrome is a mutation. It will keep re-appearing.

Eugenics is holding on to Down's because it was the one "proof" they had of their genetic theories, except… it isn't. And, there are Downs people who write and tell you about their life, if such things are admissible. They're not mindless retards, and many of them will write about as well as anyone else, given the low standards we have from this failed education system. Usually they're going to be highly sensitive and visibly different. The overwrought humiliation and torture is an early example of eugenist sadism that is completely unwarranted compared to the scale of their "crime of Being". If you really are afraid of them "contaminating you", sterilize them, say how it is, then let them live their life. That's no worse than anything that already happens. But, any iota of relaxation of eugenist screaming is a retreat that their religion cannot abide. They never, ever accept limits when eugenics is on the line. Eugenics knows no other way.

Want to know something more horrifying? Many times "autism" could be treated, if there weren't a Satanic cycle ritual sacrifice. It will never be perfect - nothing overcomes Satanic cycle once it starts - but so many of these people learn to read, speak, sometimes do productive work. Why they should feed a Satanic society, I do not know. But, because it doesn't conform to this demonic, Germanic education regime, it's just "retarded, autism score 0". Autism is currently the "crown jewel" they will defend. They will go to war to defend it - literally. That's how much they believe in eugenics. They would fight a world war, a total war, for nothing more than their sentimental thrill of making others suffer. No one deserves that.

It has gone on for too long to change now. Humans are cursed. I don't bother prescribing "the way out", because humans simply refuse that and will never back down even when their actions are clearly ruinous. Three world wars are enough.


I think you assholes should have figured out by now that the actual MENSA geniuses think all of you are retards, unless you're acting dumber than you are. They laugh that you marching morons will keep doing their work for them while they have their orgies and get sinecures. They will never have to work a day in their life, unless they break ranks or offend eugenics.


I want to make it clear - this is not the result of eugenist ignorance. They know exactly what they are doing and why they really do it. They're Satanics - this is the world they wanted, and they made sure they made as many people like them as they can, then intend to kill anyone who will tell them no. That's all it ever was.

If you want actual measures of intelligence - measures that would be measured against something objective and real - those exist, and have always been used by actually competent psychologists, when they actually give a shit. Intelligence doesn't mean what eugenists need it to me - that belief is pure ideology. But, if you were going to select for hereditary intelligence, you would not rely on a relative scaled metric with obvious methodological errors at a basic level. Statistical quackery is not a theory of knowledge. It's a retarded ideology.


>measures that would be measured against something objective and real - those exist, and have always been used by actually competent psychologists, when they actually give a shit
eugenicskun, what tests are these?


There are no objective tests for intelligence, he's just full of it.

The only objective test you can do to your brain is stuff like measuring brain-waves, where they stick a bunch of electrodes to your head. Or FMRI scans, that really noisy machine in hospitals where they stick patients into a techno-tunnel to measure what part of the brain metabolizes oxygen. None of these have enough resolution to say something about intelligence.

None of the intelligence tests that involve you filling out a test can be considered objective. Because if you fill out a test it requires at minimum interpretation on your part. Which means it's biased, hence not objective.

There is a type of brain scan that is very detailed and can map out the entire brain connectome (a neural wiring diagram). But that requires slicing brains in super-fine slices and then destructively scanning it with a laser. That might have enough resolution to do something objective with regard to intelligence. But it takes almost a month to scan an insect brain, and it destroys the brain in the process. So that's not very practical, since you can't use it on living people.


Military shrinks have been chopping up brains for all manner of purposes, for one. Plenty of people who pass through the service will mention them.

You would always speak of intelligence as something pertaining to problem solving generally. >>477488 is a fag - this is not rocket science. Shows my point about how middling intellects are comfortable in their stupidity as long as they have someone to kick down. They're smug and confident in their failed system.


If there is no "objective intelligence", then computability and any metric is impossible. Reality itself is impossible.

He knows exactly what he is saying. Just substitute everything he wrote with "you are retarded, hahaha". Satanics have a familiar script.


You can tell he's just recapitulating the eugenic claims about "inborn intelligence", and then states in the same post that "intelligence is a black box" - which is never how anyone believed intelligence or consciousness worked. This is purely a political and legal thinking that protects his favorite institutions, makes them sacrosanct and unmentionable. Eugenics relies on this controlled insanity. It's all so Satanic.


If you wanted to defend a failed theory that gives you a knife at the throat of everyone in the world, you would lie about everything and anything regarding intelligence, and claim "intelligence is subjective". It's the usual Germanic horseshit. He is only thinking "I am strong, he is weak, I push the button I was trained to press so I win, win, win". The idea that this turns on itself is inadmissible in his world-system. Like I said, it's all so Satanic.


>this is not rocket science.
Because it's brain science. Btw. brains might be more complicated than rockets.
>about how middling intellects are comfortable in their stupidity as long as they have someone to kick down
Ironically enough that might be the primary application of EYE-Q tests these days.


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