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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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The infamous chatcontrole-law internet apocalypse in the EU has been postponed. It seems dead for now but these things tend to become like zombies rising from the grave.

Now lets discuss how to actually fix the pedo-problem.

The pedo-problem is a meat-space problem that is bleeding into the virtual world. So lasting solutions can only be found in meat-space.

We have to analyze the politics at play. I doubt the neo-liberal system allows for genuine collective well-being politics. So doing something that benefits all children will not be possible. All the available politics are zero-sum games, improving the lot of some children at the expense of others. This can be overcome by creating civil-society parent lobby groups, enabled to act on the part that benefits the child-interests they represent while blocking the detrimental actions towards other child-interests by locking that into a perpetual battle against each other to neutralize the "negative energy".

The main political energy that genuinely seeks to clean the internet from pedo-material is however, people trying to hide the problem, they don't care about children at all, they care about the appearance of a just society. They see their affluence threatened if the injustice of child-abuse is too visible. They are perhaps the worst bunch. Bending this political energy into a positive outcome is very hard. We might be able to turn this into a general child-privacy scheme. We could make an AI-filter that gets trained to recognize and blur all children. This filter system could be made entirely transparent including the entire source-training-database since regular pictures of children aren't crimes, making it harder to abuse and also minimally invasive by selectively blurring out only children, without censoring the entire material. AI filters are quite good at detecting age and the silhouette of people, and this scheme does not require AI to understand context, reducing false positives. It need not be made mandatory, because it's an easy non-threatening way to prevent having to deal with pedo-material. I feel confident that most websites would use this to make moderation easier. It uses very little compute resources, and the child-abuse is out of sight (which realistically is all that can be done on the computer side of things). On the ethical side we get better online child-privacy without needing heavy handed governmental top-down interference.

The next problem is the online pedo-police, they have to maintain a large catalog of all the pedo-material for technical reasons. That also means people have to look at this infernal crap. Normal people will get psychological burn-out very quickly and self-sort out. Over the long term this organization is going to fill up with pedos, because they're the only ones that can tolerate it and stick with the job. The result will be 2 fold. The sex-pests gaining control over a censorship institution, and they will be able to find and blackmail other sex-pests to control them. We risk creating some kind of powerful institution that unironically would become the "pedo-elite-cabal" the right-wingers keep screaming about. Besides the potential for institutional rot of the worst kind, there also is the contradiction, that by attempting to get rid of pedo-material one would inadvertently create the largest most enduring collection of it. In the long run such a organization would likely become riddled with scandals and fall out of favor politically, and then that large pedo-material-collection will get officially deleted but unofficially become the basis for a sex-crime mafia. I'm not a fan of Hegel, but this has dialectical energy of things turning into their opposite about it.

In order to catch the actual pedo-criminals in meat-space. There are 2 viable paths The first one is creating a field of scientific psychology that gains the diagnostic ability to reliably detect whether children are being abused, when that works it gets installed into schools to screen children, and relay potential leads to the police. The other path is setting up a scheme for specialized bounty hunters. If they catch one they alert the police and collect their bounty. I'm assuming most child-abuse happens in the format of Jeffry-Epstein type Pedo-islands, and there are plenty of maids, butlers, janitors and maintenance personal that know what's going on, but won't speak-out because they need the income. If they can get a bounty they have an incentive to speak out instead of keeping silent. And some of these people might gain special insights into the pedo-mind that allows them to find more pedos and collect bounties.

The last part is that these things also appear to contain a conspiracy to commit a "privacy holocaust" and a "free open software holocaust".
I don't really understand these aspects.

The social and economic dynamics about why so much efforts got put into mass-surveillance-terror eludes me. Panopticon-societies self-destruct through paralyzation.

I also don't understand why capitalism appears to be trying to destroy free and open source software. Selling software support contracts for FOSS is easier than maintaining artificial software scarcity for proprietary schemes. The only reason why end-user customers don't buy free-software support contracts is because it's impossible to track down the ~10 thousand maintainers and developer's of all the software packages the average person uses. There needs to be some kind of thing where end-users pay once per year and than that money auto-magically goes towards all the people whose packages you used, while privacy about software package use is maintained. People could still compile source code without paying, but then you pay with time instead of money. Normal market relations should have shifted business-model preference towards foss support contracts. Maybe it's got something to do with imperialism, can proprietary business-models extract more imperial super-profits or something ?

sorry for the textwall


People's inherent rights take precedence to everything else including your "protect muh children!" Rehtoric. You can never stop all of it. It's sad but it's true you can just meditate it and you mediate it criminally and mentally via forcing them into therapy and psychology. But it's naive and stupid to think you can ever get rid of it completely.


>People's inherent rights take precedence
I agree with that wholeheartedly. But i fear that this isn't how political mechanisms actually work.

I think they'll keep using the pedo-crap as pretext to try and fuck with the internet, as long as that pedo-crap persists.

We could probably lessen the threat against the internet, if we could find a offline mechanism that would allow them to capture pedos. This is why i'm proposing to create psychological abuse-diagnostics in schools and pedo bounty hunters. I reckon that unlike fucking with the internet, this would actually work, at least enough to reduce the problem below the threshold where it can become a political hot-potato.

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