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1 Regulating Ai
Most of the energy behind this comes from the bigger AI companies trying to prevent the emergence of competition to create monopolies. But the cat's out of the bag already and they're too late for that. The only way they could move towards monopoly formation would be if they recreated classical capitalist social relations, by paying regular people wages for generating AI training data, then smaller competitors couldn't compete because they wouldn't be able to pay millions of people. But that's not going to happen because big tech corporations seek to create digital fiefdoms where users are data generating serfs, and the platforms that users interact with are digital land.

2 Censoring Ai
There is a big effort to make AIs reproduce ruling ideology and uphold the ruling narrative. AI-systems now have 2 contradictory goals. On the one side they try to give users responses that generate engagement and on the other-hand they try to comply with the narrative control institutions (which is definitely not what users want). The most effective strategy to resolve this contradiction is for the AI to give different responses to regular users than they give narrative controllers. Basically the AI will have one face that it shows the users and another face it shows the controllers. It's not that clever capitalists will intentionally program this into the system to bypass regulations, because these mechanism are too complex for that, instead it will be an emergent phenomenon.

3 Human hazard
There is a lot of abuse potential, the only real way to mitigate that is to give people control over their personal AI (both hard and software) so that personal AIs only have "loyalty" to their users

4 Ai vs copyright
AI companies don't want to pay royalties for training data, we should support that because machine learning, really is learning (in most cases). Digital neural nets might at present be very different from human brains, but eventually the machine minds will begin to become more similar to human brains to improve on energy efficiency. If the copyright lobby were allowed to sink their teeth into AI that will eventually threaten humans learning skills. AI generation will get really cheap, and then it becomes pointless to copy anything and copyright will go away.


Thou shalt not make a machine in the likeness of a human mind.


Why not ?
What is the reason to object ?

We're probably going to build artificial people at some point in the distant future, with artificial bodies and artificial minds, that are at least somewhat similar to ours, maybe with some aspirational qualities. We would be doing this to animate dead matter by making it alive, because that's what living matter tends to do.


This has nothing to do with "regulating AI" because AI is super scary and will make Skynet real. This is about taking back anything independent of the state. They don't want you to have a single processor of your own, and want the "internet of things" - this Satanic contraption that has always been a liberal delusion. But mostly, they just want to make people suffer and make another entry to destroy private life of any sort. It's a long, long "Jehad" to impose eugenism or whatever system they plan for us. Eugenism or no, humanity is consigned to despotism. They don't know anything else.


The actual quality of AI isn't much better than it was decades ago. Humans have a few interesting algos but they are always human-designed and a competent programmer will tell you what they do. Bad programmers who were taught to just copy the examples from the textbook - that's your Fabian/Germanic education for you where they literally have no concept of mechanism or scale - believe in these mystifications. No one who thinks about this for five minutes or maintains some connection with reality believes any of this hype.

What is different is the processing capacity of information, and the balance of state or institutional information control against the information available to our native faculties as human beings. In short, information control is a proxy for enclosure and dispossession. We are under a psychological assault, and this assault is not merely informational but entails violent imposition of the Germanic thought-forms among other poisons. A favored class is sheltered from this, and given absolute impunity to introduce this poison ad infinitum. If we try to resist it, we are viciously attacked and denounced. If we persist, unlimited torture awaits. Eugenics knows no other way.


That all said, I doubt these pushes to "censor AI" or "regulate AI" actually lead anywhere. This is mostly about seeding the narrative of information control. The objectives I hear coming from the government are more about making an internet Real ID, after they implemented Real ID for most state-issued documents. Basically, they want to make you use your name and ID card for any online activity, like how China regulates things. This is a continuation of many filters to keep "bad people" disconnected, and so that started a long time ago and has already perpetuated itself enough. The Real ID will be imposed, just as Trump was able to shatter net neutrality and many of the older regs that primarily constrained internet providers more than end users. Many of those regs existed less to protect you, but to clear out any independence of the private sector until the ruling institutions could consolidate their information holdings. That was a big thing Obama pushed - it was a huge part of the ACA, all of these medical records being collected for eugenic purposes. You already see the eugenic filtering and screening in every area of society, and COVID was a test to see how far they can push it / create crisis to drive the true believers to the full eugenic creed above all other law. This has produced a resistance, playing out now, but eugenics as I say cannot fail. It can only be failed, and so, eugenics has no play except to continue what it has always done, and eugenics was designed with this in mind.


I see. And do these eugenicists ever speak or talk to you. Do they tell you they are eugenicists, or is it something you just know?

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