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Tech tycoon who spends $2 million per year to retain youth uses teen son as blood boy
<An anti-aging zealot who spends $2 million a year in a quest to turn back time has dragged his teenage son into being his personal “blood boy.”
<Bryan Johnson, the 45-year-old tech tycoon who wants to keep his internal organs, including his penis and rectum, functioning youthfully — enlisted 17-year-old Talmage to provide blood
<Using plasma as an anti-aging technique caught the attention of wellness junkies when scientists literally stitched young and old mice together so they shared a circulatory system, Bloomberg reported.
<“We have not learned enough to suggest this is a viable human treatment for anything,” Charles Brenner, a biochemist at City of Hope National Medical Center in Los Angeles, told Bloomberg. “To me, it’s gross, evidence-free and relatively dangerous.”
<Johnson told Bloomberg that he has a team of 30 doctors


Anybody can look up the statistic on risk-factors for blood-transfusions. It's not nothing, there is potential for health complications. While it's worth it for people who suffered blood-loss from injuries, it ain't worth it for healthy people. There also is a cumulative risk from repeated medical treatments. At least on of his 30 doctors must have explained this.

Why are they like that ?
Why are these people such memes ?




People have been looking for a way to prolong youth and vitality forever.

I find it weird that this seems alien to you
Video by a literal who criticizing someone of noteworthiness. I can't imagine spending this much time focusing on someone I don't like.bYou fags are allergic to any kind of success


>People have been looking for a way to prolong youth and vitality forever.
Sure, but why is there such a tendency to do crazy things. Why would you look at a study done on rats and conclude that's the ticket: I'm going to copy the rat-experiment, that'll make me live forever. The scientist who did that study just tried to gather data-points on biological systems, they didn't try to make the rat live longer. They just wanted to see what would happen, if they joined the vascular systems of 2 rats.

Step 1 Experiments generates data.
Step 2 Data generates scientific models.
Step 3 Scientific models generate practical applications.

If you want to benefit off scientific advancements you want what comes out of Step 3 not Step 1.

That guy is just going to generate a bunch of data replicating the rat-experiment on him self. Even if this had some truth to it, (which it probably doesn't), you'd still want to wait until you get a medical treatment option. Which has been properly researched and tested to make sure it's safe and optimized for maximal effectiveness with minimal side effects. Virtually every disease known to medicine has been cured in lab-rats at least 10 times, however most of these cures have terrible side effects that make em non-viable for medical applications.

>I find it weird that this seems alien to you

Recreational blood-transfusions, as in unnecessary medical treatments, yes that seems alien to me. Because it makes no fucking sense.

This isn't normal, this is obsessive behavior and certainly not goal oriented striving. Why aren't all those rich guys, who care about ageing, pooling their fortunes and create a large research institution dedicated to biological research related to ageing. Why are they blowing their money on this type of quackery ? Why not do it properly ? Start out with phase 1 fundamental research that helps determining the research framework and scope. Once that's done there will likely emerge several potential path-ways for phase 2 subsequent research. That leads to phase 3 the process of eliminating a large matrix of potential application candidates and boiling it down to test treatments that can go into clinical trials.

What makes organisms age is a rise in internal entropy. So if you want to slow aging the first thing you want to do is look at how cells generate energy. That would be the citrus cycle making ATP molecules. Maybe you can find something that increases the efficiency of that process. The other avenues might be adding genetic code to your genome that grants you more or better adaptations to compensate better for adverse environmental factors. Maybe you could add various artificial bio-chemical-pumps to keep your bio-chemistry closer to homeostasis. If you want to be really radical about it you could try to install a brainstem-pacemaker that prevent your neural systems from sending erroneous fight or flight signals to your body.

Trying to understand how the machinery works and how to reduce wear and tear is hard. Funding a research institution means that you might not be the one that benefits from it. Because real science can be slow, or get stuck until scientific breakthroughs in other areas enable advancement. I guess that to these guys it seems easier to try to steal the youthfulness from a younger person or something.


>Recreational blood-transfusions, as in unnecessary medical treatments, yes that seems alien to me. Because it makes no fucking sense.

No one will remember your name


>No one will remember your name
That guy might end up being remembered as a crazy fuck larping as a vampire. And potentially as a cautionary tail, if he kicks the bucket due to medical complications associated with excessive blood-transfusions. TBH that seems worse than being forgotten.

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