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All right, so we've seen how oligarchies and dictatorships respond to pandemics. Some of them were effective, some were profoundly ineffective. The general theme was to deprive people of their civil liberties and violate bodily autonomy with coercive medical procedures. In some liberal oligarchies these measures were even used to permanently expand the powers of the unelected bureaucracy. Okay. That's something an undemocratic state can impose upon its population only by its undemocratic nature.

But what would a democratic response to an infectious public health crisis look like? In a complete democracy (i.e., communism), how would the populace quickly react to and decide to defend itself against a deadly contagion?


It wouldn't look like anything we saw in these exercises of social control. It would look like something a reasonable person would look at and say "yeah, well, uh, that makes sense". If you have to threaten people to believe "The Science", it's not a legitimate emergency. States do not use emergency powers uniformly for maximizing Nazi faggotry. It is only possible to do this because criminals stack the government and make everyone comply with it, and they only resort to unlimited violence and threats. Every time. Eugenics knows no other way.

Contrary to tbe belief of Nazi fags, you can have such things as a public record where these plans are described in advance and are always subject to reasoned inquiry. It does require that there is the potential for inquiry - and there were inquiries over COVID, and ordinary people told them of the atrocities committed by government officials and those who staffed the institutions. So many have gone on the record denouncing Fauci, but The Plan doesn't allow that to be publicized too much, and there was a concerted effort to grant to the state absolute impunity. Eugenics knows no other way. When a government mandates a vaccine for the fucking common cold and threatens mass termination, this is nothing more than a purge to ensure the government is filled with Nazis, so they can commit maximal faggotry and worse. What we have seen is just the start.

In light of what this did to humanity - I do not believe humanity will ever trust the institutions again, and so, communism in any sense you imagine it became an impossibility. It goes to show how the theories of communism are such a failure that so many communists act like this is nothing. Now, those who understood what communism meant, regardless of their ulterior motives or intents, knew that something like COVID was the end of them, and intended to be such. It goes to show the weakness of communism as an idea that today's "communists" are eager to cannibalize themselves and are afraid of their own shadow. That's what communism is now. Fear and stupidity.


As for the "civil liberties" and "individual freedom" talking points, those are irrelevant. The state in principle always holds emergency powers - that is not something you can invoke a law to technocratically stop, as if it were a natural process or a machine that worked 100% of the time. If you believe that is what institutions do, you've obviated the need for a court or any procedure, because any concept of "rights" or democracy would always be obligated to produce the same result like clockwork.

The real question, and the source of most objections, is that there wasn't a "pandemic", and that was obvious with everything that was done from the word go. Past medical interventions were always limited in scale to a single case or a local theater of operations. Nothing like this was done, and it was only possible because the world was couped. The democide began. There is no hope now. Satanic race. It doesn't matter what procedure you invoke - if you sell the idea that there's a "pandemic" and there is a critical mass of eugenists who will resort to unlimited torture, no institution will survive. That was the final battle, and humanity died without much pushback. All that remains is the last death throes, before eugenics rules and the nightmare truly begins. There is no "return to normal". This is Hell. I'll keep saying it for as long as I can, because I have no reason to ever shut up or believe there is any "return to normal". If there is anything good at all, I would be surprised. This is the end for most of us.


The criminality was so obvious based on everything that was done, and how immediately the Satanic Cycle behavior and rituals were conducted. The creed did what it always wanted - kill for the glorification of torture. It is done. Failed race.




In a democracy, people would vote each year on a minority of weak, unsavory people to expell from their society.

During pandemic, they'd skip that practice for a year or two since the pathogen accomplishes the same end.


Eugene would definitely be gone on year one


I love how the standard reactionary critiques of democracy just assume without any sort of justification that a modern democracy wouldn't have a bill of rights.


>In a democracy, people would vote each year on a minority of weak, unsavory people to expell from their society.
I somehow doubt you can bend a democracy to do this. Besides if you can establish a genuine and authentic democracy that actually serves the interests of the demos, the power of the ruling class will fade away, and you won't have to expel them from society.

>During pandemic, they'd skip that practice for a year or two since the pathogen accomplishes the same end.

Not sure you get how plagues work.

There are 2 lotteries in a plague.
Lottery 1: what kind of bug manages to hack the human organism.
Lottery 2: did you get a immune system that happens to know or find a counter, before the bug wrecks you.

Pathogens can attack every group in society, there are no people who are exempt. This can be very un-intuitive, check out H1N1 (birdflue) for example, that was very deadly to children and healthy young adults while it affected old and sickly people much less.

Pandemics are just a bio-hazard, they have no purpose, any society retarded enough to think it can somehow gain utility from having the cells of their citizens be invaded by hostile micro-organisms will get destroyed. While it appears to be possible to make reasonable predictions that could massively help with mitigation, it is not possible to control rapidly evolving micro-organisms. The Rona didn't evolve into the black death, because we got lucky, this time. Remember that extinct by a plague, is a common way for a species to disappear, so there is no guaranties that some people will always survive.

Either we level up and invent super effective scifi medicine that puts humanity above the bio-hazard lottery before too long, or we're just going to roll the dice until we loose.


I imagine your are either sickly thin or verging on obese. Either way, probably pasty white too


You didn't respond to the topics in the post, but jumped straight to speculation about the person who said it. That means you probably disagree but can't counter what was said. You are trying to hide that by changing the focus from the topic to the author. In a honest debate, you just lost an argument.

The kind of remarks you made about body-shapes are conceptually related to something called somatic theory of politics. Where people are grouped in 3 groups: mesomorph, endomorph and ectomorph. It's a defunct political model that failed to make correct predictions, but for some reason many people are still getting enthralled by it.

People have political views based on materiel interests. Sometimes their perception of material interests are skewed by false consciousness. That's it. If you don't have that in the foundation of your political model, it won't work.

I'll give you some good advice, don't bother with bio-politics: You suck at the guesswork, but also bio-politics is retarded. Keep in mind that i do understand the linguistic associations you are making with body types. If you read descent books by clever writers who are excellent at character creation, you can pick up the patterns. Anybody who reads good fiction, knows how to fool you.

Anyway, feel free to talk about democracy and plagues now.

The true alpha-chad move to deal with plagues isn't to catch it and hope for a good immune response. That's cowering in a trench hoping the artillery spread doesn't flatten you. The best strategy is to get to the microbes before they reach you. That means inventing efficient and cost effective air-purification. And then making it absolutely ubiquitous. Making it a physical barrier, the microbes can't evolve a bypass to.

Lets also touch on democracy again. If your society reaches a sufficient level of democracy, it'll become a well organized society that isn't being robbed by a ruling class. Hence it won't have a need for dealing out a short stick or making somebody the scape-goat. If your society generates the good life for the majority, the obsession for being a minority will go away.



You are the definition of a leftist wordcel


I didn't even read that shit btw

Not gonna either

Go the fuck outside


You fucking fags. Fags.


The main problem I see is democratic decision making having a time lag before action can be taken. How can we address this in the context of a public health emergency?


>The main problem I see is democratic decision making having a time lag before action can be taken.
Lets look at the human brain first. It has a fast and a slow decision making system. The fast one is necessary for survival, but it's also what usually gets "hacked" by scams. The slow decision making system is almost impervious to getting tricked, but you know it's also slow. Civilizations aren't analogous to a person and usually don't need to make fast decisions. Civilizations have a different trick for that, they can prepare for almost any crisis in advance, and have well thought out pre-made decisions ready to go, which get accessed when ever the need arises.

>How can we address this in the context of a public health emergency?

We had all of this figured out already and we build decent institutions to handle this. The problem we have now isn't a matter of speed, the problem we have is corruption. Decision making positions in institutions get captured by power-brokers that ignore the best scientific advice, and instead base decisions on what influential industry wants them to do. After that they usually exit their role in these institutions and then go through "the revolving door" and get a lucrative gig in the industry (on whose behalf they screwed over society) as their bribe/reward.


To add to this: one of the top priorities of society in communism will be removing all of the poisons that the bourgeoisie have deliberately put in our water, land, air, food, and medicine. In communism, people's nutrition and physical exercise will also improve dramatically. As a result, all of these so-called contagious diseases as well as non-contagious such as cancer will be eradicated.


File: 1702163591028.pdf ( 710.96 KB , 232x300 , pemic_report.pdf )



Honestly shocked the ACLU wrote something like this, given their failure to fight for the things they stood for during the pandemic.


This was published in 08 before the ACLU was turned into a fully biofash govt mouthpiece.

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