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I just heard about the resume of the newly named CEO of NPR, and it has to be seen to be believed. I've never seen someone with a resume that glowed this bright.

>2002-2003: The American University in Cairo, Arabic Language Institute, Arabic Language Intensive Program (ALIN)

<2004: Intensive Arabic Program at the Institut français (Ifpo) in Damascus, Syria, a university funded by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs
>2004-2005: Council on Foreign Relations
<2005: Eurasia Group, whose leadership include Gerald Butts of the WWF and Cliff Kupchan, who worked in the State Department during the Clinton administration as deputy coordinator of US assistance to Eurasia
>2005-2007: HSBC, International Manager in London, Germany, and Canada
<2007-2010: Founding member of UNICEF "Innovation and Communication Officer" in communication, advocacy, and youth organizing
>2010-2011: "Information and communications technology (ICT)" Program Officer at National Democratic Institute (NDI) in Washington, DC
<2012: Security Fellow at Truman National Security Project
>2011-2013: "ICT" specialist at The World Bank in Washington, DC
<2012-2013: THINK school of leadership, a school for "developing creative leaders to solve global challenges", funded as a partnership of the Dutch government, Vodafone, McKinsey & Company, KLM Airlines, and other private entities. Its leadership includes Esther Wojcicki of Creative Commons. Esther Wojcicki is the mother of Susan Wojcicki, former husband of Google founder Sergey Brin and owner of DNA company 23andme, whose stated mission is to harness personal genetic information to advance research.
>2013-2014: Advocacy Director at Access Now, an organization discussed below
<2014-2022: Wikimedia Foundation
>2020: Council on Foreign Relations
<2021: Atlantic Council
>2022-present: U.S. Department of State Foreign Affairs Policy Board (FAPB), set up by Hillary Clinton in 2011 to advise officials
<2023: Global Leadership and Public Policy for the 21st Century, Harvard Kennedy School Executive Education
>2023-present: Advisor to Frame, news startup with an unclear source of funds that somehow manages to employ five people without any revenue. Its editor was videographer at the World Bank and attended American University, where she worked at the local NPR (WAMU). (NPR buddies with Katherine!). She worked at Foreign Policy Magazine, covering mostly Afghanistan and Lebanon, as well as Japan.

Some other positions she's held.

>2015-2019: Board of Open Technology Fund of the U.S. Agency for Global Media, a US propaganda agency that broadcasts Voice of America, Radio Free Asia, and Middle East Broadcasting Networks

<2018-2020: Board of Sunlight Foundation, nonprofit founded by Michael R. Klein, owner of Costar Group, a digital real estate firm. Other board members include Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikimedia, Lawrence Lessig, and Charles Lewis at the American University School of Communication in D.C.
>2022-present: Board of Center for Technology and Democracy, Washington-based think tank concerned primarily with laws that affect surveillance and censorship
<Board of the Digital Public Library of America, a nonprofit founded by the John Palfrey of the Roosevelt dynasty
>Board of Consumer Reports
<2023-present: Board of Adventure Scientists, a nonprofit led by Gregg Treinish, interestingly, also a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum
>2023: CEO at Web Summit, after old CEO was fired for making anti-Israel statements
<2023-present: Board of Signal, encrypted messaging app promoted by Snowden and targeted by intelligence services
>Trustee of the American University of Beirut

Particularly disturbing is how this obvious CIA and/or state department employee is connected to Wikipedia and Signal, and now NPR.


OP here, I copy-pasted most of this and forgot to add the part about Access Now.

>Access Now: An Innovator in the Digital Media Landscape

<One of her most interesting experiences is at Access Now. Access Now was funded by Facebook, Global Affairs Canada, a propaganda arm of the Canadian government, the Dutch Foreign Affairs Ministry, and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency. It was started during the 2009 Iranian election and shared video footage critical of the regime. Harvard's Berkman Klein noted: "The ability of social and digital media to play a crucial role in helping mass social movements coordinate and communicate effectively has been highlighted by the recent post-election unrest in Iran. Due to the borderless nature of digital communications, the resources available to many activists can now be global in scale and supported by virtually instantaneous communication…"


Yeah, this is really creepy. Who was the previous one?


So is this like deep-state stuff ?


Yes, by the actual definition, not the opportunistic Republican one.


Reading that resume reminds me how sad it is that wikipedia is completely pozzed. There should be a fork (but I bet it will get sued or something).


Right wingers also say the same


>wikipedia is completely pozzed
>There should be a fork
>I bet it will get sued or something
The problem probably isn't legal risk, the problem is that if you try to do the same thing as a forkpedia , it will also get infiltrated by the glows the same way.

You have to analyze what went wrong with Wikipedia so you don't repeat the same mistake.


rofl, they seriously put the spook in charge of Wikimedia Foundation in charge of NPR now? How poetic. I thought the former head of Radio Free Europe and Voice of America was hilarious enough. Grayzone had a decent piece of on her a while back, though like always journalists only scrape the surface dirt on top of Wikipedia's massive corruption latrine.





No they don't they use it as a source to back up all their arguments.


I've seen a number of right wingers use Wikipedia over and over to justify their bullshit Ukraine-NATO proxy war.


Only using infographics to justify their contempt for women and brown people.

Otherwose, they whine about Wikipedia being " 'lefty' by nature".
(You know how rightists confuse leftism woth liberalism)


Wikipedia feels like something ripe for replacement by a federated alternative. There are already independent, specialized Wikis which can often be better than Wikipedias articles on the subject.


The question of who owns and controls the servers doesn't really address why Wikipedia is so bad. Wikipedia's biggest problems all stem from its fundamentally broken governance structure and contribution rules, which strongly favor corporate media stances over facts and evidence and give factions with the resources to employ large numbers of occupational users (state actors, corporate PR departments, etc.) the ability to control articles and topic areas by overwhelming non-occupational contributors.


look its literally npr, USA state media. yes its propaganda and its run by propagandists. thanks for pointing out the obvious.


What I had in mind was something more akin to a non-centrally owned Fandom. Get rid of Wikipedia as a singular repository of knowledge and embrace a decebtralized, well-networked, diverse, and even redundant wikisphere.

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