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What american historical figures were leftists and did something major? First people that come to mind are Oppenheimer and Helen Keller. Anyone else?


Albert Einstein.


Oppenheimer was kind of a piece of shit (Bravo Nolan's recent movie valorizes him a bit) tbh, and he doesn't seem to have been a very faithful leftist.

Smedley Butler exposed a fascist coup and was registered with the Socialist Party during the Depression. Several major figures involved in the field of macroevolution during the '70s and '80s were Marxists, including Stephen Jay Gould. Henry George has largely been erased from American history even though his book Poverty and Progress was one of the most popular books in history (only eclipsed by the Bible in its time). Marx considered him a right winger, though.


Dalton Trumbo wrote Johnny Got His Gun and the screenplay to Spartacus.


Yeah, I thought about mentioning George too but hesitated because I think of him as a centrist… which is funny now, because economic centrism is so far removed from what people pass of as centrism today.


thats true




what made him a centrist?


He wasn't interested in getting rid of capitalism, he just thought most of society's problems stemmed from land rent, which could be eliminated by taxing the value of land.


File: 1708175251355.jpg ( 288.15 KB , 1170x1552 , 20240217_130512.jpg )

Dasha Nekrasova


>Dasha Nekrasova
what did she do ?


File: 1708176952042.jpg ( 496.06 KB , 1536x2048 , 20240217_133541.jpg )

She played a minor role in the HBO TV series Succession and co-hosts the Red Scare podcast with Anna Khachiyan.


>the Red Scare podcast
Do you listen to it ?
Would you recommend it ?


File: 1708177907093.jpg ( 91.6 KB , 749x1081 , 20240217_135103.jpg )

>Do you listen to it ?
I listened to a few episodes before it got boring and repetitive.
>Would you recommend it ?
If you are a woman or have some kind of mental impairment you would probably enjoy it. It seems to be very popular among those groups.


File: 1708178526024-0.jpg ( 29.24 KB , 382x358 , qd73qgqt7yw71.jpg )

File: 1708178526024-1.jpg ( 828.37 KB , 2400x2400 , Tout.jpg )

She also went viral as Sailor Socialism when she defended socialism in a InfoWars interview


Sex with Dasha Nekrasova while she is wearing the sailor socialism outfit.


better than nothing. tbh i dont even want socialism. i want cooperative capitalism that specifically gives the most consideration to the median worker. i think people being rich is not directly a problem, its just that we need to tax heavily things that just screw the average person over. many people consider themselves contributing to society because they have a ton of cash from the family trust fund and buy out all the medium priced homes and apartments in in demand areas but it just leads to destroying the housing market for the working class. Still, being more moderate than the average person on this forum, I think SOME landlords are okay, like the ones that build apartments in the first place, but I think it would be interesting if we legislated a law that taxed 80% of the profit of landlords who don't just build or own high density housing for hundreds but just keeps buying out single family homes or individual apartments/condos. maybe the max they can own is five per corporation/person? i would like that idea


File: 1708218877732.jpg ( 125.22 KB , 640x799 , Dwight_D._Eisenhower,_offi….jpg )



how was Eisenhower a leftist?


idk chuds in the 50s said he was an agent of the kremlin


By containing the spread of state capitalism of course.


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